BERSIH’s Ambiga at Oslo Freedom Forum 2013

June 6, 2013

BERSIH’s Ambiga at Oslo Freedom Forum 2013

ambigaListen to this brave and committed lady and lawyer on the need for free and fair elections in our country. GE-13 is neither free nor fair. The legitimacy of the present government is being questioned and there will be a major People’s Protest on June 15. I have been informed that this event is being organised not by BERSIH but by a young generation of Malaysian leaders and activists. –Din Merican

12 thoughts on “BERSIH’s Ambiga at Oslo Freedom Forum 2013

  1. No, no, no, stop talking about revoking her citizenship. She is doing every Malaysian a favour in fighting for “Bersih” election which we must have at least once in 5 years. Ambiga might well be the first Malaysian to win the Peace Nobel Prize in the near future. The more the government appears to victimise her, the earlier that Prize will materialize.

  2. Oh dear , there goes her passport! Kidding aside, really hope it has generated a small awareness of our plight internationally that can gather momentum, screws applied from inside and outside the country on GOMEN will hopefully have the desired result we desperately seek in our homeland.

  3. Hello even the Burmese Junta changed because of pressure and labelling like the term pariah. Some recalcitrants wont but most will lean towards change for the better. Be positive and persuasive and changes will appear albeit slowly. Regards and good luck for this brave and nationalistic lady. We pray for Gods blessings.

  4. Out of over 20 million Malaysians we have only one that dares to bare all for BERSIH and UBAH.

    Our gratitude to Ambiga.

    To those who cheat beware your time is up.

  5. Malaysia bersih ? come off it lahhh.. bersih is like the Scandinavian nations. We have to see if our own backyard is bersih first, whether proponents or opponents no difference.

    Nothing to be melodious about, the Larks sing the meloncally songs that laments day and night. Be the Nightingale which sings the melodious tune, it yearns and makes haunting calls to seek the ‘ higher purpose ‘ for enrichment of the soul, and not sing praises for the lowly ones…..

  6. Gender equality. More good ladies like Ambiga will get us a lady PM one day. Then we men can relax.

    The bersih governance is reflected in Pakatan states. Guan Eng and Khalid have gotten more than dead serious on their reps’ performance. They will sack non-performing reps. A kind of balance scorecard must be in place. Also they both must work somethg to get PAS up to their level too. Not forgetting other Pakatan service centers in non-Pakatan states.

    MCA and Gerakan are wiped off Msian map. They are just opportunists wanting to gang up with UmnoB people to find land opportunities.


    Hadi pressed for EC reform as did all Pakatan.
    So what if the EC team resign as they are passed their used-by-date (a term Diam used so often) and be replace by another set of equally incompetent set for GE14. If the EC is one sided, whatever replacement there be, it is useless. Only a joint team of equal empowerment endorsed by both sides can be acceptable.

  8. Ambiga,

    I wish you well and be careful the Home Minister does not cancel your passport while transiting. This is what happened exactly to Waythamoorthy, now a favoured son of the UMNO and no longer a champion for human rights, while returning to London after addressing te EC Human Rights Congress. At the London airport he was formally informed of the passport cancellation and he was made a “stateless” person instantly. I was one of them who advised him how to apply for restricted travel document from the British Home Ministry and referred him to some source of community based legal assistance in the UK. He did get his “stateless travel ” document which he used to travel different parts of the world to announce the racist, unconstitutional governance, the violation of human rights by the UMON dominated Malaysian Government , the abuse of the Indian community by the UMNO government and whole works. He confronted Samy Velu at the indian Parliamentary delegation. To his credit with a crispy legal mind he articulated well to the international community about the disgraceful abuse of the constitutional powers by the UMNO government.

    The 8 trillion sterling pound claim he has lodged on behalf of the Malaysian Indians against the British Government and implicitly against the Malaysian government stands as a valid claim to be settled by the UK courts. I have the set of claims . Now we have asked Waytha, the favoured son of UMNO and a esteemed Senator in company of people eminent people like Datok Nallakarupan, and Deputy Minister, sworn to loyalty to the Malaysian government’s style of governance, to clarify what would be the fate or the veracity of these claims against the two governments he has asserted in the Courts of the UK. I understand he has informed a Blogger journalist he will make a statement on this very soon.

    We are waiting for his clarifications.

    The point is the same fate , I mean the first part, may befall the the good lady, but the strength of her character and principle will decline any inducement from Najib.

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