The Coming Clash of Class

June 5, 2013

The Coming Clash of Class

by Dato’ Ariff Sabri, MP for Raub

June 4, 2013 @

MP for RaubTo answer the other side, as to why I continue to write about UMNO this and that, the answer is- It’s because I can. UMNO can self-destruct if it chooses to and that will not be a skin off my nose. It only bothers me when UMNO thinks it continues to speak for Malays as a whole. UMNO has no capacity and standing to do such a thing.

The majority of Malays rejected them. The fact stays that way despite all the fanciful regression and statistical analyses one can muster. UMNO remains in power simply because of gerrymandering and its success in fabricating lies and fear.

madeyI will say this again. UMNO got 3.2 million votes. I am being charitable by saying that 85% of those came from Malay voters. That would be 2.72 million Malay votes. How many Malay voters came out on the 5th of May? 70% of the 11.2 million because they wanted to defend UMNO and the Malay government at all cost? That would give us a figure of 7.84 million. If UMNO got 2.72 million, that means more Malays did not vote for UMNO.

We are indeed moving on beyond GE13. That is why we must continue to expose BN’s hypocrisy, deceit and outright lies to the people. Our agenda isn’t finished until this corrupt government is finished off. BN won because it is corrupt and contemptible. A corrupt regime will use anything legal and illegal to stay on in power.

Najib A RazakEach corrupt element at each level of BN organisational structure will dig in to protect its own turf. Otherwise the whole game is given away-that BN has its every finger in the kitty and robbing Malaysia to the bone. Corruption has already become a cultural thing. Each BN politician is wired up that way. Each UMNO operative right up to their minions at the village level.

We will continue to expose the hypocrisy of UMNO which is claiming that it is the vanguard which protects King, religion, race and country. Not in that order of course. It rearranges its priorities. UMNO was once at the forefront in the assault against the Malay monarchy. Now, it is playing the role of a pit-bull body-guarding the Malay Monarchy because such a stand is of strategic importance.

In an earlier article, I have illustrated the fallacy of UMNO’s success by using a common denominator- i.e. the total number of votes won over the number of seats each party actually won. If we had used uncommon denominators like the number of votes won over the number of seats each party contested (i.e. including seats each lost), the success claimed by UMNO will even be hollower.

Think Again

So in order to disguise and hide its own shortcomings especially of the abject failure of the UMNO President, BN blamed the Chinese. BN should be asking, what have they done or not done, which made the Malaysian Chinese reject them? BN hasn’t given them a trustworthy and honest government. The Chinese fortunately recognises this. The Malays unfortunately have not.

The Chinese as a result of their economic independence have been able to exercise freedom of choice; The Malays because of their dependent mentality have been mentally enslaved. It’s easy to manufacture and fabricate the perception and fallacy that continued Malay deprivation is the result of an increasingly independent and rapacious Malaysian Chinese population.

Where is that clash that will eventually destroy UMNO coming from? It will come from the burgeoning downtrodden masses of Malays- the urban and rural poor, hemmed in and flattened by all sorts of injustices and economic deprivations.

The clash between Malays and Chinese is a myth. Such a scenario is illogical. The Chinese form 24% of Malaysia’s population. The Malays 65% of the population. The civil service is almost entirely Malay. The army and the police, legal owners of the instruments of suppression are also dominated by the Malays.

The important pillars of governance, the civil service, ministerial positions and the respective ministries, the executive, the legislature and the judiciary are all dominated by Malays. Village organizations are permeated by Malay institutions. We have the various village development and welfare committees and we have the indoctrinating army of KEMAS employees programming the Malay Mind. The monarchy is of course wholly Malay.

So how can the Chinese rebel against such a formidable fortress of institutionalised controlling agents of social regimentation and conformity? They simply can’t.

The coming clash will not be between a Malay dominated government and the what else do the Chinese want community; rather the coming clash will be between the unholy partnership of the Malay pseudo aristocrats and the Malay bourgeoisie with the burgeoning class of marginalised and disillusioned Malays. It will be clash between feudalistic UMNO more interested in preserving an aristocratic way of life and the Malay ‘proletariat’ bursting at the seams with notions of every kind of imaginable social injustices. Injustices that have been inflicted on them by the feudalistic and aristocratic UMNO.

24 thoughts on “The Coming Clash of Class

  1. I am not a Malaysian. Every visitor to Malaysia realizes within the first week, the private sector is dominated by the Chinese and the government departments are manned almost exclusively by Malays. Seldom does one find such sharp contrast and dichotomy in any society. It is not healthy at all.

  2. Frankie,

    The NEP was supposed to eliminate the identification of race with economic function. Obviously, it has failed. The Malays have little choice but to be in government; only cronies of UMNO succeed in business. You need to be associated with some UMNO warlord to get ahead.–Din Merican

  3. Dato’ Ariff,

    LKS said this long long ago is his banned book time-bomb. Perhaps its time to lift the ban of this book?

    However, have the malays wonder why only few malays are truly independent unlike most who prefer to stay boxed in the safely net? We do know of Malays who survived independently like Chinese and took pride in non-affirmative action. Some Chinese on the other hand are also despicable to team up with Malays to take benefits away from ra’ayat in land matters, AP etc. True team work of experience and knowledge transfer never did happen, instead it was Ali Baba’ing all the way.

    For many reasons, it is either survival under oppression or in-born that the Chinese developed a venturing spirit. Most seemed very capable of surviving in foreign lands and doing well. In part, it might be because they are born that way, never to take for granted.

    The malays can be the same but most take for granted because born take way or politicized that way? No need to look far. Across the causeway, the Malays are different, born that way? No, developed that way to survive and being proud of it.

    Fortunately we found oil again. Had we not, there would be less to corrupt and less to spend.

    As it is right now, the blaming going to the Chinese for no reason had only gotten them fedup. The MCA is useless and hopeless and therefore made irrelevant like Gerakan. Suddenly, Gerakan seems to be history and very soon MCA as well. BN might as well become just UMNO.

    UMNO-B still is in a stupor that had it not for malay votes, it would have perished. But all stats are telling most malays didn’t vote for Umno. Just that Umno cannot accept this fact. Another 5 years will be new voters who knows what to do like those first time voters in GE13.

    All up to Najib. He unfortunately has not gave any sign of exemplified leadership. Next few till UmnoB GA, there will be much telling. Stay tune on this blog.

  4. This paragraph from YB Sakmongkol AK47 – “The coming clash will not be between a Malay dominated government and the what else do the Chinese want community; rather the coming clash will be between the unholy partnership of the Malay pseudo aristocrats and the Malay bourgeoisie with the burgeoning class of marginalised and disillusioned Malays” – is something most of my buddies and I predict and spoke about all the time during our Teh-O / Kopi-O sessions… the question we always ask is not will it ever happen but rather “WHEN” will it happen? And what will be the spark that will start the fire….

    Whatever it will be, we all also agree the spark that will start a wildfire uncontrollable will actually be from within UMNO itself…. something somewhere will happen / a kind of expose that will piss off the proletariat so much, they will “storm the Bastille”….

  5. The UMNO warlords are no better than Fascist thugs reminiscent of Nazi Germany who ruled with intimidation through their rascist agendas and twisted social engineering.
    Democracy is dead in Malaysia. As long as the status quo remains unchanged and with a non independent EC and gerrymandering, the incumbents will remain in power forever.
    Even President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has to step down after 2 terms in office unlike in Malaysia, the self proclaimed, most democratic country in the world.

  6. Frankie,
    There are many Malaysians with Pan Asian looks. Hard to differentiate whether they are Malays or Chinese. If you see me you can never guess my race.
    Orang Malaya, you are an Americanised Malaysian with Latin looks.-Din Merican

  7. Back to the same race baiting style of the old senile old wily fox, his action and future intentions are in my back pocket, if you study him carefully, since the beginning, it’s alway about the Malay race and how he can solved it, his way, well he can Fork his way coz that’s the way of the the Lenin and stalin, full Dictatorship, and he thinks we are idiots like him, same old mamak, you’re dead meat this time,you n your family, I vow to end this Bumi charade that you’ve so carefully crafted, I used to have high regards for you as a Statesman, but alas, you too are the cowdunk pretending to be the feast of the neolithic Malay, so humble and yet so stupid to believe you, so now you wanna find another leader to lead Umno out of this quagmire that you yourself have created, hey stupid Mamak, I can see right thru your sandiwara and it ain’t pretty at all. So I suggest you pack up n ready to go meet your maker which according to my calculations will be in 2 years time,anyone wanna bet, RM 50 bucks says I’m right…Oouch!!!

  8. The chinese are more business minded, able to persevere and work hard. Majority of them are into small businesses with no assistance from the gov. The malays are generally more contented, especially the kampung folks. Since the mamak kutty took over the helm in the 80s, he has started his digging under the disguise of nep, and this corruption, cronysm, nepotism have persisted thereon the umno b, with no return. I am seeing this country moving into deeper problem with the current administration.

  9. I agree with the writer.. In 1999, majority of the malays rejected UMNO. There were saved by the chinese who were affraid of PAS at that time. If I remember correctly, the injustice towards DSAI is the main factor for the rejection. Malays are quite sensitive and can be very emotional. The moment their heart was touch by the percieve injustice, they will react. In todays environment, more malays become aware of the social disparity between the elites and the poor.

  10. Yeah, Umno warlords who will milk you dry and still have the gall to say that it’s not enough. Yet they go around claiming that they are the protectors of the Malay race and the dignity of its sultans. This is the worse kind of tyranny ever seen on this side of the globe.

  11. Being an ex-UMNO member, Ariff Sabri perhaps knows well the weaknesses & faults of the party. If his forecast about the future clash between the “proletariat” and the “bourgeoisie” Malays (and Bumiputras in general) is true then UMNO should be better prepared by taking a side from now that is the side of the proletariats who are easily the majority residing in the rural heartland. It should not waste too much time diluting its effort & resources trying uselessly to win back the urbanised bourgeoisies. Nothing wrong with that – in the USA the Republicans are known to be pro-Big Business and the Democrats pro- relatively less wealthy (though not exclusively so).

  12. It does not matter if you are Malay or anyone else, the basic simple logic is true for ANY RACE..ITS SIMPLY WRONG FOR PUBLIC SERVANTS TO BECOME OBCENELY RICH..Public office is a trust, a duty, not an entitlement for ANY RACE..All races understand that it simply UNTENABLE IN THE LONG RUN for people to get rich from govt power and the realization is increasing is that the longer public officials ACT IN THEIR OWN SELF-INTEREST, the longer everyone else remain enslaved, entrapped and helpless to their limited opportunity and role in an increasing unstoppable global and borderless world..

  13. For us to WIN over the loyal and taksub and Kampung Melayus, WE MUST show them the maths! If we ramble and explain till the cows come home, they are blind and dumb to all our enunciations of how Mahathir and his family, cronies became filthy rich in just 1 generation!

    How Rosmah born in a kampung from small-fry origins latched to a MB and help her Deputy Minister hubby clean out the Defence budget and now the Treasury to support her life burgeoise lifestyle! In short how Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu (UMNO) set their upper echelons up to be sinfully rich when those who are their fixed

    Deposits are given lip services and BR1Med this and that..So for our success and future attraction and trust by the 5.6 million, we must get the other 5.3 million to JOIN us throw this Minority GOM into oblivion!.

    1. We deliver all the pedges in our GE13 Manifestos;

    2. Ensure the Parliament will be the beginning of what will be in store towards clean and fair elections and REMOVAL of FPTP and gerrymandering, before the end of 2013!

    We must work and fund ourselves because the Najib-Muhyi Regime will again throttle all allocations to their party members to squander and pilfer! The RNC mode of ursurping by using NI’s allocations must be brought down to its knees!

    No money, raise money! We have many friendly Funds Pool! When constituents developed and pledges fulfilled WE will continue to be in Business!

    After looking at the election result, the king makers in this country are no longer the rural folks. It is the EC. Their counting officers and bosses must be accountable for allowing all these cheating to happen. Just read Rafizi’s statement yesterday :

  14. @aliefalfa

    Your prescription for UMNO to divert its guns and resources to rural heartlands and uplift the Malay proletariat there is wishful thinking. How can you expect wolves to oversee and bring about the progress and wellbeing of the sheep? What will happen is the induction of more grassroots folks into party machinery and make them UMNO functionaries and acolytes and for them, in turn, to dispense largesse to the rural Malays with a view to get them en masse to support UMNO. The consequent result will be the extension of the party’s same insidious corrupt culture to countryside. It is not progress but regress and it is an outcome that should not be welcome.

    Change can only come with changes from within. Aspiring and forward thinking young Turks within the party like Khairy Jamaluddin and Mukhriz Mahathir (how far different can he be from his sister Marina, a respected social reformist?) should team up and work the ground to get rid of the corrupt top UMNO leadership and for a slate of new leaders under their command to take over the party.

  15. Methinks, alie has got his basic definitions of proletariat and bourgeoisie wrong. If you can’t define a premise and what it actually means, what is there to ‘discourse’?

    As time goes on the racial-religious tone favored by Octoism – will be over-written by an educational-economic dissonance. In fact, Dopey saw this coming for all his somnolence and in hindsight, was instrumental in opening up discussions – not that he had much choice in it. The dismantling of Octoism during his tenure, sure has riled up some of the ethnocentric fascists weevils out of the woodwork. His undoing was SIL and excesses of the Fourth Floor who were assuredly Ali-Baba’ism to the fullest extent.

    Any questions?

  16. Hawking Eye, Mukhriz forward thinking?? I didn’t believe he was capable of thinking at all. I suspect he was the least smart among the siblings, ergo, easy for the Mamak to ‘manipulate’ him to achieve his ends.

    Hang Jebat, I’ve had that same discussion you had over your kopi-Os too with my peers even before GE12. I think the clash is imminent. Perhaps, Umno thinks it can avert the clash and divert it to the Chinese. But they underestimated the ‘awakening’ of the huge middle class Malays.

  17. Ariff Sabri was dumped by Umno and became a ‘turncoat’ for PKR. A kind of selfish ungratitude Malay in similar fashion following the footsteps of Anwar who’d willing to disgrace his own kind without consideration at the aftermath of ‘bigotry politics’ to satisfy own lust for power…

    Jangan eksen lah!…kau menang di Raub pun atas pertolongan undi Cina…! Orang Melayu di Pahang bukannya bodoh dan masih kuat dengan semangat ‘Dato Bahaman’ mempertahankan jatidiri bangsa, agama dan tanahair tercinta.

  18. And another thing, in our Malaysian society of class, I don’t believe there are many ‘aristocrats’. I wouldn’t link the term ‘aristocrats’ (despite the adjective ‘pseudo’), with our umno politicians. What they are is basically a class of retrograde pseudo bourgeoisie. Don’t forget that the titles of Tan Sris and Datuks no longer carry much weight in Malaysia, especially now, considering that these can be bought or are usually conferred upon people who don’t deserve such noble titles.

  19. Agreed, no class at all….these retrograde pseudo bourgeoisie are mere ‘ crawlers’ …..they crawl to be enlisted as cronies in the hierarchy to , of course, Carma for having no ability or business acumen at all, but merely to be ‘ orang tengah ‘ for big time contractors – who themselves are the biggest Cronies of top UMNO elites….
    In that role, for being the pseudo cheap-skates, they are rewarded on that strings of honorific titles, harder to pronounce than what it really is : Tun-seris, Ton-seris, Tok-seris but rarely Kak-series kind of conferments……go fly-kite or fly the flags like “layang-layang terbang melayang….”, putus tali nya !

  20. @Zacko

    A turncoat (and all supposed evil attached to it) can be a term defined by one’s own perception. Why box in Inche Ariff Sabri only to a single pathway to follow “the footsteps of Anwar”? Why can’t he be following the footsteps of Dato Onn bin Ja’afar and Dr Mahathir, who were also in a broad sense frustrated with and dumped by UMNO at one time? Dato Onn even started a party of his own, which failed to succeed. Yet both returned to the parent fold and rose to become Prime Ministers. It is worth noting that it was Dato Onn who chose Mahathir as his deputy when he was the PM. Judge a man for his social conscience, articulations and values he holds and not necessarily on how many doors he passes through.

  21. How about Malays who speak Chinese? Difference class?
    Malays who read and write Chinese? Further different class?

    Of course different class because their thinking are NOT boxed into Malaysia and they make themselves regional considering next year PRC might begin to take over US as the world economic power.

    So Najib sent his son to further studies in Beijing. Different class of course. Outside Msia who wants to know our B.M. or B.Indonesia or Hindi or Arabic.

    English is world #1. Next is Mandarin. Malays who has English skill is of course dif class.

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