Regressive Polls Reaction

May 31, 2013

Regressive Polls Reaction

by P. Gunasegaram, Founder Editor, KiniBiz

“UMNO needs to free itself from those who will destroy it to protect their own narrow interests by race baiting.” –Gunasegaram

QUESTION TIME: The reactions to the elections by Barisan Nasional and UMNOUMNO in particular and related organisations is nothing short of shocking. It reflects an alarming and regressive move towards hardline stances which are blatantly racist and with complete disregard to what the election results themselves indicate the electorate wants.

Considering that the majority of voters were against BN and by implication UMNO, the stance towards needless toughness and the callous appeal to base racial hatred will only alienate the BN from the public who have clearly indicated they want change for the better and which have by and large rejected race itself as an issue.

apa_lagi_cina_mahuIt reflects a belligerent, biased, boorish and childish response to election results by influential quarters, including ministers, a former prominent judge, Utusan Malaysia editors and others who have successfully drowned out a few reasonable voices within UMNO and hijacked the so-called reconciliation process post-elections.

Persisting with these actions has not only put paid to the reconciliation process but unnecessarily raised tensions among all people. This may have been the intention of those who raised these issues in such a manner in the hope of keeping themselves and their ilk in power by perpetuating fear.

But in the end, those who play with fire are likely to burn themselves. Malaysians are already aware that the race card is repeatedly played to trump all manner of ills facing Malaysia, and especially UMNO and BN patronage, corruption and cronyism which lead to a plethora of social ills.

If UMNO goes on along this line and if the government machinery, including the police, continue to selectively prosecute only those opposed to them, they can expect a severe backlash from the electorate five or less years down the line.

If anyone was taken in by the promises of moderation, change, and concernNajib A Razak for the electorate that were a constant refrain of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s pre-election campaigning, they would now think more than twice before voting BN.

Ironically it was Najib himself who set the ball rolling on election night, or rather early morning the next day, when he blamed the Chinese tsunami for the downturn in BN’s fortunes.

While more Chinese may have voted Opposition, it was more than abundantly clear that all urban voters turned away from Barisan, while voters in significant rural Malay areas such as Terengganu and Pahang as well as the Malay heartland areas in Selangor turned towards Pakatan Rakyat.

Even DAP’s Lim Kit Siang could not have won in Gelang Patah against former Johor Chief Minister Abdul Ghani Othman with such a large majority without Malay support.

That BN’s fortunes turned down only because of the Chinese swing is a blatant lie which has been perpetrated over and and over again by the usual string of suspects. There was a broad swing against BN and UMNO in many areas. Najib never retracted or clarified his position over the Chinese tsunami statement.

Closet and not-so-closeted radicals come out

mohd-noor-abdullahEncouraged by this, the closet and not-so-closeted radicals came out, and unfortunately included a former top judge. Malaysikini reported that former Court of Appeal Judge Mohd Noor Abdullah (left) warned that the Chinese Malaysians must be prepared for a backlash from the Malay community for their “betrayal” in the recently concluded 13th general election.

“The Chinese betrayal towards the Malay’s hand of friendship – that is true. Because they plotted to seize political power even though they already have economic power,” he said to raucous applause at a forum in Kuala Lumpur.

How can voting for one party or the other be termed “betrayal”? In this case the Chinese voted for PAS and PKR which are also Malay-based parties. Must the Chinese always vote for BN-based Malay parties; UMNO in other words? And how could a community which forms just 28 percent of the electorate seize power without Malay participation and concurrence?

That a former Court of Appeal judge should make such racist comments and propagate lies in the process, aimed at inciting and inflaming the emotions of the majority community, is unbelievable. Most Malays, however, are not likely to buy such arguments.

And that newspaper, Utusan Malaysia, which publicly proclaims itself as the defender of Malay rights, published an incendiary, provocative article titled ‘Apa lagi Cina mahu?’ as if the Chinese were solely responsible for BN’s poorer fortunes in the election. Even if they were – and they were not the only reason – so what? Is it not up to BN to ask itself why it alienated the Chinese community so much?

Didn’t the Indian community, a previous strong supporter, reject BN in 2008 because it felt that the government did not do enough for the Indian community and could not even prevent the very violent deaths of Indians in police detention?

In fact days after the election, yet another Indian was violently killed in a police lock-up. The suspects – Policemen – have merely been transferred to desk duties, instead of being subjected to intensive questioning after being detained which is the normal procedure for murder.

Utusan Malaysia went on to write an incredibly racist series of articles on the election. When AirAsia X’s CEO Azran Osman Rani twittered his private objections, the newspaper launched a tirade against him and the airline.

New IGPThe authorities remained silent. The new Inspector-General of Police, Khalid Abu Bakar, cautioned all parties not to make seditious statements in the wake of the general election, but ignored Utusan Malaysia’s reports.

Somewhere along the way, the new Home Minister, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, callously called on those who were unhappy with election procedures to migrate and when police arrested speakers who had spoken earlier at a forum on May 13 against racism, disavowed any responsibility.

If these don’t represent a firm return to the bad old days, accompanied with total silence on these issues by Najib, what else is? But if UMNO thinks that this is what will save them, they are sadly, badly mistaken.

If they carry on this way they will find out for themselves that they will lose the next election – phantom voters or no phantom voters. UMNO needs to free itself from those who will destroy it to protect their own narrow interests by race baiting.

12 thoughts on “Regressive Polls Reaction

  1. It is SO BLATANTLY WONTON clear that for all the Chinese have done for the economy, the malays in BN never understood about appreciation.

    The Chinese are versatile people. They see the world as their footstool. Malaysia is too small and petty so they took their business off shore, trading and wheeling.

    There are no less than a thousand Msian owned SME in Guangzhou alone not to mention the whole of CHINA. Our embassies have the statistics.

    Remarks by najib and his cohorts have done themselves evil.

    For simple statistics: TDM has once said if one chinese consume one table spoon of palm oil a day, Malaysia would not be able to meet its demand. The AROWANA cooking oil has 40% of China market. Go find out who controls that and why that person is allowed and the rest of the story linked to this person is history. There are a few more persons quite like him. They are not kingmaker but KINGPINS

  2. We can keep asking UMNO to change or to reinvent itself until the cows (including those in the condos) come home. That may never, never happen, simply because there are far too many UMNO leaders and so-called war lords who will stand to lose the most. Every UMNO member aspires for position in the Party for obvious reasons – to amass wealth. The only reason for the status quo is that they are confident that their party will win and continue to form the government after every GE. After all electoral constituencies are demarcated to ensure such victory. It’s total arrogance of power. The sad part is the people who display such arrogance, do in the same breath talk about Islam and all the values expected of Muslims – justice, trust, humility, honesty and so on. Sad, sad state of governance.

  3. Don’t expect UMNO to change in view of their desire to rule the country with full force of the newly elected mafia style people to head their respective departments.In view of their becoming an unpopular status as a minority government after election with thousands of protesters in various rallies held in several states wearing black to signify various forms of cheating conducted by election commission. The best form is to file those complaints in court like Thailand where the election heads are put in jail for four years for biased voting systems in their country.

  4. I disagree. UMNO need and will do NOTHING but what they have always done – because its their nature. Believing a scorpion’s promise not to sting is foolhardy..

    UMNO WILL sefl-destruct. There is no question about it. The question is just the price they MAKE US ALL PAY. Like it or not Mahathir did one over the Malays too far and they will never be be the same ever again, what Tunku called ‘my beautiful Malay’..That glory was flushed down the toilet by Mahathir somewhere a while back – and the rest of us let it happen.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with UMNO self-destructing and that we have to pay a terrible price when it happens is basically our character, or lack of..Malays will still rule this country, changed, some opportunities lost but since when are we not a wasteful and prodigal country and people?

    Face, it glory is lost, all that remain is practicality and practicality says that eventually UMNO rule ends and none of the terrible-scenario willl happen but so will much fantasy and dreams will never happen..

  5. In this, please give PM Najib the Credit that is due. He was conscious and fully aware on the plights of the Indian-Malaysians Community who, among the three major communities, were the most marginalised or neglected since the time of his noble father, who had envisioned a different legacy for Malaysians. He tried his best in the short stint of 4 years to rectify the imbalance….although he had tough times facing the broader issues of nation-building and/or the lack of it.
    We all should say ” move on ” but with a caveat : There is no right without obligation, and conversely no obligation without right. It cannot be ONE SIDED all the time, because both are mutual and reciprocal….That is the big trouble for so-called Malaysians !

  6. PS – all without exception are racially or ethnically biased and indeed Selfish, wanting to take all the time…..taking and taking….without honestly and seriously wanting to give. So it is not easy to forge ahead to be Malaysians. Sorry, I don’t think how can we EVEN begin to think of this Grand Scheme to make BN one-party ? Why not try what learned Dr Chandra Muzaffar has proposed recently on the formation of The PPTN (Pertubunhan Perunindangan Perpaduan Negara ) AS THE FIRST STEP to iron out some basic Agreements in terms of Mutuality and Reciprocity, otherwise forget it !

  7. No sensible person would imagine that a former Appeal Judge could utter such heinous poloitical statement that created such strong racial issue on the election results. All is lost for his integrity and reputation with such kind of character after his retirement and needless to say that he belongs to Ibrahim Ali and Zul Noordin group that disappeared into thin air after the election.

  8. Well, Najib is a reactive person, he is, most certainly, not a visionary person. His reaction to the swing in urban results is without thought. He still thinks that the Malays live in the kampongs. So it’s not surprising that he used the Chinese as a scapegoat for his battered ego (after all the BR1Ms he dished out).

    Umno members’ retrogressive reactions are reflective of their backward mentality anyway, so such reactions are typical of their repertoire of regressive behaviours. I don’t think umno members understand the meaning of ‘progress’.

  9. It has been the same story for the past 3-4 decades. So will this end? Rightfully it should, but how and when?

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