Najib is feeling the heat from Certain UMNO Factions

May 30, 2013

Najib is feeling the heat from Certain UMNO Factions (05-29-13)

BN KEDAHPrime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is getting heat from certain factions in UMNO, with the latest public flogging coming from former Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin.

In his blog ‘Zamkata’, he said Najib’s attempts to show that he is a popular   leader have only exposed him as an “imitator”, rather than a statesman. He also said the mooting of a single multi-racial BN party shows that UMNO leaders are “panicking”.

“Serious proposals should be mooted in calm situations, not (when there is a) storm … Now is not the time to test the ground,” said Zam, as he is widely known.

He was scathing of the ‘I Love PM’ banners distributed during the 13th general election campaign, likely the brainchild of Najib’s advisers. Zam said these had only served to “hypnotise” Najib into thinking he had support especially from the Chinese Malaysian community.

Attempts to portray Najib as one of the rakyat, by placing him at hawker stalls and roadside cafes, appeared “odd” to the people as the “elitist aristocratic” PM had never been spotted at these places before, he said.

“It was even more odd because he was flanked by bodyguards and personal assistants. It looks fake. Former Finance Minister Daim Zainuddin (right)Daim Zainuddin said he acted like a clown, but I say Najib is an imitator. His advisers have their heads in the clouds and should be sacked.”

The septuagenarian said that he has also received text-messages from friends saying the ‘I Love PM’ banners are “disgusting” and that the PM should stop acting like a student leader.

Also on the attack is UMNO supreme council member and Kampung Gajah assemblyperson Dr Wan Norashikin Wan Noordin who has sent out several tweets that the BN needs to remove those who failed to deliver in the last polls.

“BN needs courage to zero-in on those among us who promise wins or big wins but results say otherwise and remove them before people remove us,” she said on Twitter.

She said that and honest review will show that the 13th general election did not bear good results for the BN, with a wider defeat in Selangor as well as narrowly won states.

“States that were won with a narrow majority are inherently weak and in constant danger of collapse. BN needs to examine closely what happened,” she said.

Halal then, haram now?

Zam also said Najib should realise that the country is still not out of the political woods, with challenges from “the head jester and Chinese chauvinist” whom he did not name.

“Our security is threatened by communist surrogates, every day Chinese people in black smear a legitimate election, all sorts of false police reports are lodged; blackouts and indelible ink removed,” he said.

The former Utusan Malaysia editor-in-chief, who was named Tokoh Wartawan in 2006, further took a swipe at the standard of reporting by the mainstream media and questioned the seizure of opposition organs.

“The Star dramatis(ed) news that the lights went out during the Black 505 rally in Tapah for 10 minutes, as if it had truly happened, despite getting confirmation only from the opposition. Journalism, by Star,” he mused.

“A blackout at a school in Sedim, Kedah on the same day also lasted 10 minutes. The more reports are made, the more people will believe. This is their strategy.”

He said that the seizure of Opposition mouthpieces by the Home Ministry is “funny, odd and magical”.

It seems that something could be “halal” under ex-Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein but “haram” under new Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, he noted.

“Could there be those who were pro-opposition who closed their eyes (on the selling of these newspapers to non-party members) or was it really that difficult to control?

“Such actions convince the people that there are flaws in our democracy, as they have for so long been free to buy something which is banned.”

19 thoughts on “Najib is feeling the heat from Certain UMNO Factions

  1. All these factions will fall in line once Dr. Mahathir decides that Najib should be given a chance to remain as UMNO President and Prime Minister. So Dr. Mahathir is the kingmaker, like it or not. The question remains. What will Dr. Mahathir do? Replace Najib? With whom? How? When?–Din Merican

  2. Dato Din, as I posted yesterday in another article in your blog, Najib will survive simply because his interests and Dr Mahathir’s interests have met in a convergence! He has made the latter’s son MB of Kedah and that should save his position from a possible challenge from Muhyiddin or anyone else…..

  3. Dr Mahathir thinks he heads the Malaysian equal of the Guardian Council that oversees Iran. In Iran , the Guardian Council is headed by the Ayatollah Kohmani . Himself a very conservative cleric, he presides over a team of conservative clerics . This lot is UNELECTED but wields immense power. And as expected , this Guardian Council is supposed to know better – the interests of the Iranian nation – then the people at large who vote regularly during their elections. Infact, this Guardian Council recently decided who can and cannot stand for the job as President of Iran.

    But this is Malaysia . The ” ground ” is different . The circumstances too is different. Hoodlums don’t sit on the Iranian Guardian Council. Neither do the corrupt , money laundering and traitorous scoundrels .

    So how can Malaysia have a semblance of a guardian council made up of unelected crooks? If Malaysia does at all have one , then they must be embolden by UMNO’s sinful win, and accordingly must be planning their next heist!

  4. Yup, may we live in interesting times.

    The future lies with the youngsters and doddering old fools should stay out of the way. But then who are we to make ‘suggestions’? There are those who wish Octo gone, but he certainly won’t disappear, as his legacy is in peril. He has a habit of doing the Obvious, while Jibs is Devious. To me the latter is damaged goods – acting out a dream that is not his own. He neither knows whether he’s coming or going.. Swamp thing.

    Unfortunately, UMNO is devoid of talent and imagination among their second tier. The upper echelons are so steeped in Elitism, Rent-Seeking, Corruption, Nepotism blah, blah.. that they will soon bite the dust. SIL-KJ can’t possibly hold the center – as even within the Youth, there are factions galore.

    I don’t think, at the rate things are going that UMNO can ever hope to ‘lure’ back the Chinese – not when hacks like this Zam et al, tries to use his magical insults to zam-zam them. The problem is that they seem unaffected and continue spewing racist drivel, due to their sense of invincibility.

    The action is actually in Sabah-Sarawak, but nobody seems to notice. There the Chinapek who are less ‘hog-tied’ will soon be using their markers and financial clout. Patience is their virtue and they can already glimpse the beginnings of Endumno. Didn’t i say they will vote en bloc, and that Jibs is in deep trouble?

  5. This disgraceful performer on Aljazeera TV is trying to make a comeback. He forgot he was a bigger fool and an absolute idiot when he was the Information Minister.

    If he had stood in GE 13 in any of the urban seats, he would have lost his deposit.

  6. According to Kadir Jasin,Daim had a meeting immediatly after May 5 election.Tun Mahathir told Daim,to help Najib strenghten UMNO and BN.

    Daim said susah punya kerja.

    Tun ask.Have you talk to Mahayuddin.

    Daim said Yes.But Mahayuddin said he will not make a move to topple Najib.

    mahathir make a statement while he was in Japan,Najib will have to continue to lead sebab tak ada orang untok mengantinya.

    Mahayuddin said to many of his supporters who went to see him.If Najib resign i will take over from him.Meaning you have to pressure Najib to resign.Period

  7. Two old filthy rich men decide the fate of who will be the leader of Malaysia? What kind of democracy does Malaysia practice ?This is feudalism

  8. Maybe replace Najib with Mahathir. Get Najib to appoint Apanama as Senator, then make him Minister in PM’s Dept in charge of PM and Parliament or better still make him DPM 1 and Moo be DPM 2. If Apanama wants it who is there to say no. 2X5 and 5X2

  9. I thought it’d be Moohyidin but since Madhater’s son become MB……no thanks to Azizan, then Madhater is contented now

  10. Orang malaya,
    Minister in Prime Minister department? This is beep beep insulting to Madhater. Madhater should be SUPER DUPER SENIOR MINISTER MENTOR 1st Class Madhater.

    Madhater & Daim can look at creating 2 post….Minister Mentor & Senior Minister

  11. Dato Din had done the ONE line summary. NO need ONE PAGE. Business as usual in every Umno GA: KINGMAKER.

    So fellas, all the talk about mahathirsm, mamakutty, octo, etc., will they be repeated inside UmnoB.

    The politics of our nation has just begun.

  12. HJebat.

    If you were TDM and you find a horizon for your son to be the PM before you expire, would you go all out with the mountains of ammunition you have? Blood is thicker than water esp when its you own blood.

  13. OrangM

    ‘We have no better alternative….” he have not completed his remark with “……except me”………….. so yes the return of Mahathirm is a possibility. Would UmnoB want someone close to 90 become PM second round?

    Its Malaysia and its possible.

    Well put it this way. If he wants it he gets it. In doing so, he can quickly appoint DPM2 i.e. Mukriz. Who will go against that sort of Nepotism? The industry will support that as they see continuity as they have seen in his administration before. The rural Malays might also support that. The urban Malays might be split on that.

    Its just one possibility. How good it looks we know over next few months.

  14. OrangM,

    It might come true because the nation as a whole has a love-hate relationship with him and in chaotic times, he might be pushed back into his old seat. He will say he is only interim till a better replacement is found.

    He is definitely unhappy to settle for just an insignificant Kedah MB seat. So an avenue to trade that for a key ministerial would be better.

    In the new delegate voting system, anyone can bid for the President post if one has 3 yrs UmnoB membership; Morzani and Mirzan as well. Daim also. They might just to gauge their own popularity.

    Najib is under much decision risk which he deserves.

  15. Najib is going to hold on because Mahathir backs him. But it also means that UMNO/BN has a problem because it also means that Mukhriz is one step away from stepping over him..

    While I don’t have a high regard of Muhiyiddin, and call me an optimist but I dont’t think Muhiyiddin is not going to be play wet-nurse even if the last name is Mahathir..

  16. DR M is the ayahtollah and Zainuddin …etc are the red guards of Malaysia……haha we are turning into “Communist Iran”…..where Dr M issuing absolute fatwa and red guard responsible to spread out propaganda ….

  17. HJebat.

    If you were TDM and you find a horizon for your son to be the PM before you expire, would you go all out with the mountains of ammunition you have? Blood is thicker than water esp when its you own blood.
    Matthew Goldman,

    No, I won’t if my son is not qualified or the best person for the job. And he would make me prouder if he achieves higher positions in life on his own than for me to plant him there – there is no pride in that.

    I might love my son but I will not break basic principles of life because of that. One has to do the right thing.

  18. ” Dr Mahathir thinks he heads the Malaysian equal of the Guardian Council that oversees Iran “., that’s exactly the same deal he made with T.Razaleigh, but Ku Li is still smarter,council behind the PM, what the Fork does that Oil skin salesman thinks he’s dealing with, stupid ,senile, Forking , dying Old man, pituuui..

  19. Wow, mamak believes we don’t even have “the best among the worst” to pick to be PM, except himself. And if mamak jr becomes our PM, then we truly will have a “puppet on a string” PM. Well, once the puppet master goes, down falls the puppet!

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