There is no Alternative but Najib, says DR. Mahathir

May 26, 2013

imageCOMMENT: Yes, we are not divided. We are united in our dislike of politicians who use racism for their own ends. In the last election, sensible Malaysians rejected  Malay-centric politicians like Ibrahim Ali and Zul Nordin who were supported by UMNO. Even the man who once led our country for 22 years and who talked about Bangsa Malaysia played the race card to rally the Malays to support UMNO.

How forgetful and he goes abroad, this time to Tokyo, to say that  it is an uphill battle to promote national unity. In fact, we have come a long way towards national unity, despite our race-based politics. Nearly 54% of Malaysian voters rejected UMNO-led Barisan Nasional, thereby saying NO to RACISM and discriminatory policies.–Din Merican

There is no Alternative but Najib, says DR. Mahathir

by Chisaki Watanabe@ Bloomberg,8:30AM May 26, 2013

Najib A RazakBN has no choice but to continue supporting Prime Minister Najib Razak, even after losing a majority of the popular vote in May 5 elections, said Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the nation’s former leader.

“I think the party will support him because of a lack of an alternative,” Mahathir, 87, said in Tokyo yesterday, speaking at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan.

Najib’s governing coalition extended its 55-year rule, winning 133 seats in the 222-member parliament as support for ethnic Chinese component parties in the ruling alliance dwindled.

Ethnic Chinese parties in the government won nine seats compared with 23 in the 2008 election. Najib attributed his coalition’s loss in Selangor state assembly vote, where the opposition took 44 out of 56 seats, to a “Chinese tsunami” against the government.

Chinese make up about a quarter of Malaysia’s 29 million people, while about 60 percent are Malays and indigenous groups together known as bumiputera, or “sons of the soil,” who get preferential treatment in areas like business and education through affirmative action.

The Opposition rejected Najib’s analysis of the poll outcome in racial terms, a sensitive topic in a country where hundreds were killed in Sino-Malay riots in 1969 after an election.

Dr Mahathir.The results of the election show Malaysia has become more divided than unified, Mahathir said. “We are still striving to bring the races together,” he said, calling unity an “uphill task.” “Because of this racial polarisation” Najib couldn’t get Chinese votes, he said.

Contesting results

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, a former finance minister under BN, has protested the result, holding a series of rallies around the country to allege electoral fraud. He has pledged to contest the results in as many as 30 seats, enough to swing the overall result.

The Institute for Democracy and Economic affairs, an official election observer, described the poll as “only partially free and not fair” in a May 8 report. Candidates have 21 days from May 23 to file protests. Election Commission chief Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof said May 5 he was “satisfied” with the voting process.

The margin of victory was even narrower than the 2008 election, after which Abdullah Ahmad Badawi stood down as Prime Minister to take responsibility. Najib, who took over mid-term four years ago, could face a leadership challenge when his party, UMNO, holds its annual assembly later this year. Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is potentially next in line.

 A Weakening Economy burdened by  National Debt

Besides an ethnic divide, Najib’s administration faces a weakening economy, burdened by a huge national debt, with growth slowing to less than 5 percent for the first time in seven quarters. Gross domestic product rose 4.1 percent in the three months through March from a year earlier, after a revised 6.5 percent gain in the previous quarter, the central bank said on May 15.

Mahathir was Malaysia’s longest-running Prime Minister, winning five straight election victories before retiring in 2003 after 22 years in power. The medical doctor sacked Anwar, his heir apparent, at the height of the Asian financial crisis in 1998 after clashing over economic policy.


20 thoughts on “There is no Alternative but Najib, says DR. Mahathir

  1. Beware of the mamak magician! We do not no which hand is creating the insensitive remarks and slander. But for sure that kakak is capable to stand against the formidable UMNO males. For Najib must hang on and create the necessary balance for steering the country out of danger in these challenging times. Kak Ros stand by .

  2. For 5 years we got all dressed up for the ‘wedding’. When the veil was lifted passed midnight, the bride turned into an ugly witchy old hag. Foul we cried.

    Yes, we are ‘pegged’ to the Yuan. That common denominator is our nemesis for both economics components have diverged; reserves, GDP, domestic consumption, jobs, inflation, growth, savings etc. We still go bragging about high-income society. For so many years the FMM led NGOs into wanting a low fx for export. With low export, domestic demand for electricity and oil will reduce these inventories. Jobs will be affected while government spending cannot go further due to weak savings and deficit policy.

    Time is around for recession, cut backs, staff cut, retrenchment and rgt depreciation. Small monkey deficit economy wanna play the same swing with a super power gorilla economic power? Have we not forgotten those down cycles when we saw long slump in our commodities? RE dropped, etc. Many lived long enough to known what those meant. Our youth are up in education debt. They have not experience those bad times. When good times are propped up, bad times last longer. Hey Mr. Transparency Minister, you lived through those time huh? Those cards are next on the deck. What you gonna do, Najib? More mega projects to stimulate the economy? Real Debt/GNP ratio is 80+%. Good that we have discovered more oil.

    Japan has gone on QE. Should we buy a faster printer to print more rgt for high income society? And HIGH inflation society? High inflation and low export demand will bad governance made worst with mega projects that depend on borrowings because we are in deficit and low savings.

    Yes, the bride that was promised be UmnoB (as BeEnd has only UmnoB) is a barren old hag who bribed her way to get passed mid-night. Suddenly the bridal chamber feels dark and cold; a long night awaits.

  3. More drivel from Dr M.

    While saying this, he and his followers are sharpening their
    political knives for the upcoming UMNO Baru General Assembly.

  4. Bring the races together ? Wake up TDM ! The races are already together. Maybe you have cataracts. The races are together in PAKATAN. That is what pissed you off ya? Now you go ranting rubbish all over the world.

    Had we have a PAKATAN government, we would have said our races have solidified. You are the real true racist. You had fooled the malays for 22 years keeping them in our backyard rural but not any longer.

    Would you be around for next GE? Chances are you might with your ultra high live prolonging injections. Stay around to watch a prudent Pakatan government. Obama took over a debt ridden US that spend on mega projects called war. Yes, the $ had turned around from 71. Now passed 83.44 towards next stop; 87 then 90. FOMC is hinting QE might end. Obama has set up a stage for next Democrats government: 2016.

    We will have a sad story to tell our children. DSAI will inherit a debt ridden Malaysia that spend mega projects to line their pockets. We still ride on Yuan’s strength? How much longer? Technical indicators say, our Bursa, RE, CPO are in for a correction, not pull back. It is said that good times don’t last, bad times don’t stay; bad times can last longer when good times were eye washed. Sad times will find us soon.

  5. Amazing what USD 44billions can do. if it still stands at 44 that is! He got what he wanted by arm-twisting Najib to second his fool of ason as Kedah MB, only right he’d be sing like a Canary!
    He came from solid nonentity in Kedah, had to sell fritters to augment his mother income. His father was an Indian Muslim immigrant thus he was classified an Indian, when studying for his MBBS in Singapore! But he was lucky to be classified a Malay enabling him to be an UMNO!
    But after being sacked by Tunku for his critical letter to the former, he was fortunate Najib’s father, who replaced Tunku after the bloody Sino – Malay bloody post Election riots, gave him a fresh lease as an UMNO again! So when TR died in 1975 he got to Deputy under THO!
    In 1982, he became PM with the demise of THO! For the next 22 years of his tenure, he made manifold history among which was a Law to remove the Royals’ Immunity from Prosecution (ISA according to the late Sultan Johor)!
    He has lived Putrajaya, in burgeoise splendour and granduer, amassed fortunes making the Forbes List in all putting the nine Sultans to shame! A classic rags to riches tale! Not for this avaricious opportunist!
    Now he is giving Tuanku Abdul Halim another lesson in his life! His son who LOST the support of the UMNO Youth but was yet elected a Deputy Trade Minister is now the Kedah MB!
    Najib arm-twisted for this? Anybody’s guess! `Melopong’ Kedah MB wannabes! What are Mukhriz Mahathir’s credentials exactly? Since Najib made this happen, `Oh, burung kenari, peet, peet, peet!…sing canary sing!’

  6. The audience would have clapped politely at tge end of his speech. He would believe he has said something profound. He probably even thought his lies about why the BN nearly got buried would be bought by the audience. And he would have flown back comfortable with his sense of relevancy to the nation he has hurt so much.

    Of course there will be the usual flock bending and kissing his hands wherever he goes adding to his sense of grandeur and contempt for the sycophants at the same time.

    So, its business as usual but come GA, the blood will be there for all to see.

  7. This matkutty is the most evil of all, and he is the last one that yiu can trust in this world. What he said this minute can be well forgotten the next minute. He is worried that the PR is able to unite semua bangsa, and his divide n rule strategy will fall apart. So he has to play his cards well n change it as n when it has to, wicked n evil he is.

  8. APANAMA is truly an evil man like a king cobra speaking of racial clashes should DAP Lim Kit Siang win in the Gelang Patah parliamentary election against former Menteri Besar of Johor. The trurh reveals that APANAMA is simply pushing out poisonous statement to put fear on voters without knowing that people did not take his words for it. Finally, LKS won handsomely against BN For all that we know, old tricks don’t work with the people today

  9. That’s the exact Double Talk Mahathir is famous for and not forgetting his memory lapse, I believe the tongue has lots of muscle, they way he uses it is just astounding, twisting and turning it like no one I’ve seen or heard speaking before, a true human achievement…Malaysia Boleh 1Kerala….Oouch!!!

  10. It’s not that we have no alternative. Whose fault? BN never promote leaders with good integrity. What BN has is adulterer, murderer, corrupter, racist and all type of sins you name them BN has them. BN killed all alternatives.
    Our Tun has in his 23 years created a batch of crooks that plunder Malaysia till today and will continue to do so for another 5 long years. Now, he has the cheek to say Malaysia has no alternative. Malaysia is really BOLEH.

  11. Suprised even took him this long to come out from the pretense of impartiality..

    So Muhiyiddin is unqualified then? So we should now call Muhiyiddin the unqualified-to-be PM? and everyone else also?

  12. Nak cakap apa lagi. Kan ke Najib dah menang. UMNO dah close ranks. Pakatan bila lagi? Dah timbul war of words antara PAS dan Keadilan tentang unfairness in some constituencies.

  13. Makchik,
    Dulu Tajol Rosli kalah di Perak apa macam? Menangis di rumah MB lebih dari 1 minggu apa macam? Lepas macam macam cara nak menggulingkan kerajaan Pakatan Perak. Oh BN buat apa, semua pun boleh, yang lain tak boleh
    Suka tak kalau BN rogol anak perempuan kau, then you say…..everything is ok

  14. The Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan invited this lying ,corrupt ex prime minister who is also a traitor to speak at their forum?

    This club has no class . Inviting Anwar Ibrahim instead would have been a beter choice lah.

  15. Octo can say whatever he wants, it doesn’t really matter.

    Whether we’re talking about BN, UMNO or a single individual called JIbs, Malaysia’s political scenario can never be the same. More of the Same won’t succeed. Delay by the Same is definitely doomed to failure. However Denial that there is Failure, is the typical response of Hubris.

    Denial, censorship. persistent racial-religious divisive, fascist, feudal and authoritarian-despotic based politics will no longer be able to withstand the huge reservoir of pent-up need for human dignity and liberty. I subscribe to the physical theories of ‘Critical mass’; ‘Tipping points’, ‘Threshold models’ and ‘Cascading failure’ in modern socio-economics-politics. I quote this for your edification:

    “Regime transitions belong to that paradoxical class of events which are inevitable but not predictable. Other examples are bank runs, currency inflations, strikes, migrations, riots, and revolutions. In retrospect, such events are explainable, even overdetermined. In prospect, however, their timing and character are impossible to anticipate. Such events seem to come closer and closer but do not occur, even when all the conditions are ripe—until suddenly they do.”

    Taken from here:

  16. Its so predictable he was going to back Najib post-GE. Muhiyiddin never had a chance and will never do..Najib knew it and so the curious thing is why then Zul Nordin and Ibrahim Ali despite knowing they were vote losers – because its what Mahathir wants and also because Najib really don’t think them all that wrong because he IS ONE OF THEM…

  17. I just stumble across these political broadcast prior to 1997 UK GE. How so very true about Tory then? Even now. Reminds us of Jibby & the club

  18. Dr.Mahathir spoke differently when speaking overseas that it had even gone further apart to get the races together when speaking at a club in Japan. He was branded as father of racism in Malaysia for twenty two years as former prime Minister of Malaysia. During the election campaign in Gelang Patah in Johor, he put fear on the voters that another 513 would happen should DAP Lim Kit Siang win in that constituency. The voters there did not take a single word from him and nothing happened when DAP won the parliamentary seat.

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