Congratulations to Dr Johan Saravanamuttu and Dr Farish Ahmad Noor

May 26, 2013

Congratulations to Dr Johan Saravanamuttu and Dr Farish Ahmad Noor

Farish A NoorI congratulate my good friends, Dr Johan Saravanamuttu of ISEAS, and Dr. Farish Ahmad Noor of The Rajaratnam School, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore for making the ICAS Book Prize 2013 Shortlist. 

Dr. Saravanamuttu’s excellent book is on Malaysia’s Foreign Policy while Dr Farish Noor deals with Political Islam in his book, Islam on the Move: The Tablighi Jama’at in Southeast Asia. He also wrote a two volume study on PAS–Din Merican

ICAS Book Prize 2013 Shortlists

The Reading Committees for the ICAS Book Prize (IBP) and the Reading Committee for the Best Ph.D have decided on the short lists with 5 books and 3 Ph.Ds in each category.


Julia F. Andrews and Kuiyi Chen, The Art of Modern China. University of California Press: Berkeley/Los Angeles/ London 2012.

Jeffrey W. Cody, Nancy S. Steinhardt, and Tony Atkin, Chinese Architecture and the Beaux-Arts. University of Hawai’i Press / Hong Kong University Press: Honolulu / Hong Kong 2011.

Michael Dillon, China. A Modern History. I.B.Tauris: London / New York 2010.

Paul A. Van Dyke, Merchants of Canton and Macao. Politics and Strategies in Eighteenth-Century Chinese Trade. Hong Kong University Press: Hong Kong 2011.

James McHugh, Sandalwood and Carrion. Smell in Indian Religion and  Culture. Oxford University press: Oxford / New York 2012.

 Best Ph.D Humanities

Song Chen, Managing the Territories from Afar: The Imperial State and the Elites in Sichuan, 755-1279 (2011).

Ayeski Irani, Sacred Biography, Translation, and Conversion: The Nabivamsa of Saiyad Sultan and the Making of Bengali Islam, 1600-present (2011).

Birgit Magdalena Tremml, When Political Economies Meet: Spain, China and Japan in Manila, 1517-1644 (2012).

 Social Sciences

C. Fred Blake, Burning Money: The Material Spirit of the Chinese Lifeworld. University of Hawai’i Press: Honolulu 2011.

Dan Breznitz and Michael Murphree, Run of the Red Queen: Government, Innovation, Globalization, and Economic Growth in China. Yale University Press: New Haven / London 2011.

Miriam Kahn, Tahiti. Beyond the Postcard. Power, Place, and Everyday Life. University of Washington Press: Seattle / London 2011.

Farish A. Noor, Islam on the Move: The Tablighi Jama’at in ISEAS' Dr Johan SaravanamuttuSoutheast Asia. Amsterdam University Press: Amsterdam 2012.

Johan Saravanamuttu, Malaysia’s Foreign Policy, the First Fifty Years: Alignment, Neutralism, Islamism. ISEAS Publishing: Singapore 2010.

 Best Ph.D Social Sciences

Roberto Benedicto, Bright Lights, Gay Globality. Mobility, Class, and Gay Life in Twenty-first Century Manila (2010)

Thomas Cliff,  Oil and Water Experiences of Being Han in 21st-Century Korla, Xinjiang (2012)

Aaron Mulvany, Flood of Memories. Narratives of Flood and Loss in Tamil South India (2011)

 The IBP Reading Committee Accolades

In view of the overwhelming response to the competition (250 books and 100 Ph.Ds) we have decided to institute a new category: The Reading Committee Accolades. These Reading Committee Accolades are entirely separate from the established Prizes, and it is thus quite possible that there will be works receiving these accolades that are not included in the Long or Short lists in each Prize category. No work in any category will receive more than one award (Prize/Accolade). The authors whose works are selected for these Accolades will receive three books from the IBP list at choice.

IBP Reading Committee Accolades for the Humanities and Social Sciences will be given in each of the following categories but the Reading Committee has to consider whether these should be in each category. [1] Publishers Accolade for outstanding production values. [2] Most accessible and captivating work for the non-specialist reader Accolade. [3] Specialist publication Accolade. [4] Teaching tool Accolade. [5] Ground-breaking subject matter Accolade. [6] Edited volume Accolade.

IBP Reading Committee Accolades for the Ph.D theses’s will be given in the following categories: [1] Most accessible and captivating work for the non-specialist reader Accolade. [2] Specialist publication Accolade. [3]Ground-breaking subject matter Accolade.

8 thoughts on “Congratulations to Dr Johan Saravanamuttu and Dr Farish Ahmad Noor

  1. Congrats to all authors. The pen is mightier than the sword !
    GWBush Decision Point is sold at a discount on Amazon. Low demand goes to show less want to read his rubbish excuse to take Iraq. Obama books sold like hot cakes before he had the WH. Goes to show the hopes of Americans.

  2. Burning money is a compelling title. I can imagine its metaphysical contents to engage subconsciousness.

    For youth, sadly, there isn’t a title that addresses today’s youth outcry for career relevancy to educational debts. Nor is there a book condemning mismanaged economics of education. Its a whole new generation of youth out there: Generation Z. Do we know them?

  3. PhD thesis are valid for shorter times these days in a fast confluence world where producing compelling brains is imminent to enrich competing nations. For that the focus by US, PRC, Russia and Japan has skewed towards space sciences; believing the truth of reaching resources is up there. PRC now ranked second in citations; ranking first is mandated else academia head will roll.

  4. “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles with it”- Sir Winston Churchill
    Knowledge sharpens knowledge just as iron sharpens iron.

    Long ago my English teachers wore white robes. There is an ever ready cane in all classes. Later on, my English teachers wore Turban, some were Malays and some Indians. Soon Senior Cambridge got replaced. Much later, the politicians made all subjects to BM. Then we started to retrograde. Today most of our univ academic cannot write proper English sentences, least to mention books. Not one but two generation of good teachers gone. Most of our univ students cannot understand outright from internet. With the path to knowledge being English, we became uncompetitive; capable with street English only.

    Now that English is no longer our 1st language but third, we now have to import English teachers from India and Philippines. Within ASEAN, we are a far second to Sg in terms of good literacy. Had we been our old selves, we might compete with NUS whose world ranking is top 30. Within Asia, we only got to rank within top 200 while NUS is always within top 5 producing world class like Dr Johan Saravanamuttu and Dr Farish Ahmad Noor.

    Blame who? If not short sighted racist Politicians who played up malay language sentiments, then who?

  5. It is difficult to attrat world attention for small nations’ foreign policy research. The academic world is dominated by researchers whose areas are like China or USA or even Japan. Malaysia hardly gets mentioned. Singapore is Lee Kuan Yew and him only.

  6. We know Dr Farish A. Noor from amongst the up coming generation of brilliant Malaysians whose minds need be tapped, but funny though, Malays are so besotted with politics like there’s nothing else greater than this culture of Gossip, that good brains are often ignored. Heartiest congrats to both Dr Farish & Dr Johan Saravanamuttu, who are acclaimed elsewhere than in their own homeland.
    Today, we see Dr Farish’s great write up in the NST , 27th May, entitled ” Ending the Legacy of Sunni-Shia Violence ” – the divide has always been political rather than theological…..he says. A great pity because its the Muslims slaughtering Muslims that has become the norm . How to say it, is it deliberate or Ignorance ?
    But wait a minute, looks like Bishop Paul Tan, or even HRH Raja Nazrin are saying the same thing in their own DIFFERENT ways…..( HRH Raja Nazrin’s dated May 20, and Bishop Paul Tan more recent , are very good read ), personally I would wish to expand my comments in HRH’ s thread more, b’coz the material is voluminous , and the space constraint….)
    Blessings & Good luck to the young and upcoming generations… in you the hope lies for Seekers of Truth….

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