UMNO Baru’s Hidden Agenda: Mass Immigration

May 25, 2013

UMNO Baru’s Hidden Agenda: Mass Immigration

by Mariam Mokhtar (05-20-13)@

Dr AZ HamidiWhen Ahmad Zahid Hamidi – the new Home Minister – told disgruntled Opposition supporters that they should migrate if they were unhappy with the results of GE13, he had unwittingly confessed that UMNO Baru has a hidden agenda.

This little-known plan is UMNO Baru’s mass immigration policy and is a deliberate ploy fueled by political self-interests. Asking people to emigrate will ensure that Malaysia is populated largely by UMNO Baru-putras and selected foreigners.

Zahid reluctantly acknowledged that the rakyat was disappointed with the rigging of the polls, but at the same time, he revealed the fears of UMNO Baru leaders. The cheating did not go as smoothly and secretly as they had intended.

Zahid possesses neither charisma nor intellect. His oft repeated line is for people to shape up or ship out. With each new political appointment, he stuns us with his ability to set new standards for boorish behaviour.

In 2008, he was appointed a minister in the Prime Minister’s Department of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi with a portfolio which included religious affairs and agencies like the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim). He caused controversy when he warned officers that they had to support the government’s policies, or leave.

When Abdullah resigned and Najib Abdul Razak took over in 2009, Zahid was made the Defence Minister. He invited criticism when he said that the low percentage of non-Malays in the armed forces showed that they lacked patriotism.

Last week, Zahid could not resist baiting the public, telling the people who opposed the results of GE13 to “migrate elsewhere”. Now, one out of every seven people in the country is a foreigner. If we were to follow Zahid’s advice, this would increase to one in five. This is based upon a population of 28 million, however, none of the rakyat knows the true population of the country. The census figures are another of UMNO Baru’s dirty little secrets, which they use to exert control over the rakyat.

Zahid has the ability to make remarks without thinking of the consequences. Perhaps his mouth works faster than his brain. On the other hand, his boss, Najib prefers to keep mum when ministers make provocative statements.

A history with Najib and Anwar

The two men – Zahid and Najib – share a long history which started when Zahid became Najib’s political secretary in 1986, but Zahid has also been closely linked with Anwar.

In 1998, Zahid supported calls for the then Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to curb cronyism and nepotism. After a brief period of incarceration, Zahid claimed that he had been duped by Anwar to challenge Mahathir.

After a much publicised apology to Mahathir, Zahid returned to UMNO Baru, presumably with more than just his reputation bolstered. Malaysia’s youth are not as easily fooled by UMNO Baru’s tactics, social networking sites keep them informed and in GE13, they demanded fairness and change.

niknazmi1Influential people like student activist Adam Adli have been threatened with sedition; Seri Setia assemblyperson Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad (left) has been charged with organising a mass rally, and Anwar Ibrahim has predicted that the authorities will be arresting him soon.

Most of us are shaped by our experiences in youth. Friends who grew up with Mahathir claim that the young Mahathir saw a lot of poverty on his rounds as a doctor. He would have known about the economic disparities between the various races, and to be fair, he treated many people without charge.

When he became a politician, Mahathir probably realised that his affirmative action policies could not remain in perpetuity. He knew that as Malays became better educated and more affluent, they would not return to the rural areas.

He understood that as people became increasingly exposed to global changes and opened their minds to different experiences, his affirmative action polices would lose their appeal.

Mahathir (right) knew that if ordinary Malaysians refused to vote for Mahathir 2013UMNO Baru, he would have to bring people in from overseas to address the shortfall.

Our poorer neighbours – Indonesia, the Philippines, Burma, Bangladesh and Pakistan – have several million people who would willingly work for longer hours and less money. By giving them jobs and promising them citizenship, they became indebted to Mahathir.

Only Malays may join UMNO Baru, and hence only Malays are likely to vote for UMNO Baru, so only Muslims who could become ‘instant Malays’ were imported.

Mahathir used these people, in a most evil fashion, to provide short-term economic benefits at the expense of ordinary Malaysians. His desire to give UMNO Baru (and BN) long-term political and electoral advantages was even more pernicious.

The difficulty of introducing a Malaysian minimum working wage is widely known. Why would the authorities and employers approve this policy, when laws exist to import cheap labour to depress wages and control the people, the economy and future votes?

Rural Folk made vulnerable

Mahathir abused people in the rural areas, as they were more vulnerable. He continued to neglect the rural communities by not providing job opportunities or by depriving them of infrastructure and services.

Many children of FELDA settlers are graduates, but they are hampered by a lack of suitable jobs back in their communities and cannot make a valuable contribution to society.

Friends have complained of large numbers of FELDA graduates who are unemployed. Some hold degrees in aeronautical engineering which cannot benefit their community, whilst others have complained that some graduates have skills which are not put to good use in their areas.

In the end, the disheartened youth gravitate to the cities, to be followed shortly by the older generation. Then, the rural areas become depopulated, and to sustain the economy, more foreign workers are smuggled in by the authorities.

With more foreigners, both legal and illegal being imported, the UMNO Baru vote bank is endless. The migrants provide UMNO Baru with votes, they generate production on the estates and boost the economy.

UMNO Baru does not care that the urban areas are bursting with displaced Malaysians from the surrounding countryside.

felda8Recently, parts of some cities are also being populated by foreigners. Malaysians have complained about a decline in services provided by hospitals, schools and community housing. The worst places record high rates of crime.

We know that from the 1980s onwards, Indians were displaced from the estates when plantations took over large tracts of land, perhaps, to satisfy Mahathir.

If the import of foreigners is not properly managed in the near future, the remaining FELDA settlers and rural Malays will complete the exodus to the cities. When that happens, and the Malays finally realise that UMNO Baru has duped them, the recriminations will begin in earnest and UMNO Baru will face a severe backlash from a cynical Malay community.

Then, politicians like Ahmad Zahid will wish that they had acceded to the relatively mild demands of free and fair elections from genuine Malaysians, rather than tell them to migrate.

30 thoughts on “UMNO Baru’s Hidden Agenda: Mass Immigration

  1. ” Zahid possesses neither charisma nor intellect “.- Ms. Mariam

    I agree but UMNO BARU seems to be grooming him for something big lah!

  2. Evil knows no boundaries. The rural Malays are taking a long time to realise that they have been duped many times over. If their realization is fast, then umno baru will face a severe backlash, as you have pointed out. And then it will be people like Ahmad Zahid who will leave the country. But if they continue to open their eyes very slowly, like what they have been doing for the past 55 years, umno baru will come up with new evil plans to counter this. That’s what umno is good for, devising demonic plans so that they can stay in power forever.

    But you are right, the rural population is dwindling as many of the young have migrated to the cities. And those who remain in the kampongs can and may be influenced by their children who have learnt the truth about umno. So, it will be a matter of time before the ‘entire’ Malay’ community will realise how much their cultural values have been abandoned for money and greed.

  3. Most of us like Mariam’s writing style. Whenever I read her, it’s as it my sister is next to me complaining about the rots that are deepening.

    Urbanization brings changes to the mind. Most people’s need are challenged by influences of what goes around them. The path TDM took has inferior strategic element for UmnoB survival as we now see from increased urban percentage that prefer ABU. A good bell weather is Kg Baru; a kg within a federal city. Soon this kg will have to reluctantly make way for urban development. Bit by bit it’s kg facade has eroded. It has no Unesco like heritage plan. It is said that cities’ intellectuals lack soul compare with kg’s ability to preserve tradition.The same is said of PRC fast urbanization plan to increase domestic consumption.

    Unknowingly to TDM, young Malays are stressed as they adapt to city lives unlike their Chinese city kids friends. When people’s needs are stressed, their minds challenge the status quo. Despite Msia rank as having the largest civil svc, the government cannot just keep producing jobs and effort to encourage Malays to move into private sector failed to spread employment objective; most Malay graduates think a government job awaits them. This is not the case of Sg. Malay whose minds are trained from youth to be self-reliance, self-awareness and self-confidence.

    If the difference between Malays here and Sg, is telling; whose fault is it that the Malays here are different? When a child is badly broad up, bad parenting is the cause. So, blame the government all because of selfish intention to contain their status at the expense of inappropriate social transformation strategy else why would non-rural electorate vote otherwise?

  4. When the inevitable happens they will be the ones who will be immigrating with the loot leaving patriotic Malaysians destitute and penniless

  5. Hence the frequent “balik cina”. I think the Grand Plan is to create a society where a very small ‘elite’ becomes enormously wealthy while beneath them are slaves or working class struggling & poor continues to live in poverty. There is one group of Malaysians who hvn’t awaken up to this but could make a difference. Umno members. If the truth really sink into their skulls, they wl rise up too. We must all unite to fight this migration mass fr 3rd world countries. Once they plant their roots, they will inevitably replace the real bumiputras. Do u want that?

  6. Zahid is one of those who cannot handle a proper discourse especially one which challenges one to think on his feet. Even at Bank Simpanan, he is known to waved off questions to another senior staff and asked for “further analysis and let me know the full details” instead of properly discussing it on the spot, even if they are simple-enough questions. These were signs of “tin kosong” which many of us have pinned on him in his days at BSN.

  7. And now we are on the spot. Just the other day some one said, I do not know who, that if we increase the minimum wage for local citizens then the foreign workers will be offended or something to that effect.

  8. Some of us are the 10th or 11th Generation here so why should we bow out to the likes of similar migrants as Mahathir or Zahid! Bring on bUMNO agenda, their relevance to the Malay race is well nigh ending!

    Some Indians and Pakis migrants think they will have an easy displacement of us Malays in time! This is true with the influx of such people in bUMNO, we are seeing at each UGA, from the time of Mahathir’s Premiership! The Malays are already slowly displaced as it is by men like Mukriz Mahathir and Zambry Kadir as MBs! Why, if DSAI had been the PM it would be two DKKs as GOM supreme Power!

    Yet can this be stopped! With nearly 2.0 million already part of the 28million population, the agenda and sneaky plans initiated by Mahathir has gone undetected until 2008 GE13!

    Now only one thing left for all Bangsa Malaysia to do! Look to the right and left and identify who are the new Instant Citizens army of UMNOb! As Haris Ibrahim, himself of mixed descent has said, and vowed `STOP THEM FROM VOTING,at all cost!’

  9. I live by the beach here in Batu Ferringhi and even here the local Malay boys who used to run the ais kacang, jet ski and mountain bike rentals and parasailing are all gone… they have been replaced by Banglas, Myanmaris and Indonesian…. and these people are not friendly to tourists at all…. and giving Malaysia a bad name…

  10. Frankly, Najib had done a serious miscalculation to replace Hisham with this joker. Hisham has more brains; just that his hands are so tied. This joker thinks he can be like TDM; ha! not even in his next life!

    How we got so to qualify these morons into the cabinet reflects our competence in governing.

    We are near DOOM.

  11. UmnoB has hidden agenda that may go haywire later just as Ben seemed to have got things twisted.

    3 implications by FED:
    1) Acknowledged that QE causes inflation expectations to rise
    2) QE efficacy is divied
    3) Uncommitted to employ QE till infinity despite its public declarations it seemed so.

    Ben has run out of options like UmnoB.

  12. Well looes74, I said before that in GE13, PR did win the election despite the gerrymandering. PR did manage to win some rural seats. But I will agree with you that as long as we remain in status quo, where all rural Malays vote for BN, then the gerrymandering will always be to BN’s advantage. But the Malays are no longer wearing blinkers. I believe many of them have begun to see what’s happening. Remember, the old die and the young become eligible voters and they have embraced the changes that are happening in the cities.

    The only areas where I see that very little will change will be in rural EM. Too vast and too little development to effect and influence the natives there.

    As far as the EC is concerned, whatever he says or does will be biased towards umno. He has to be kicked out. He’s just a puppet, he’s just doing what umno tells him to do. HE’s basically not an effective EC person.

  13. Only Malays may join UMNO Baru, and hence only Malays are likely to vote for UMNO Baru, so only Muslims who could become ‘instant Malays’ were imported.


    I believe it is more than that. If one reads what Mahathir has said in his books and his interviews, , he sees the original pre Merdeka Malay stock as largely inferior. Hence its his desire to build a new Malay stock comprising of Celup Malays – Bengla Malays, Indonesian- Malays, Pakistani- Malays etc etc.

    If one were to look at the photos of pre Merdeka Malays and that of present day Malays, one can see the glaring difference in their looks. Now we also have African looking Malays.

  14. It is s a known fact that in the past 40 years thousands of citizens of the countries who were our peers in the 60s and 70s have found quality jobs at home and abroad. If you cannot accept that then just think of how China has advanced in that period.

    Malaya and later Malaysia in the 60s and 70s had many things going for it. All we had to do was to fine tune the engine the British had left us with and build on what we had at that time. we are a young country and the youthful population is increasing at the rate of 500,000 a year. We have to find good and well paying jobs for all of them. That means that those of us who have to do the dangerous, dirty and difficult jobs must be able to earn a decent wage and to uphold the dignity of manual labour. We cannot deny that what we have achieved to date was because of the youthful population that worked hard in the 60s and 70s.

    Wages in Malaysia have remained depressed because of policies such as “zero inflation” and ” if we increase the wages to meet the inflation the traders will put up the prices and we will be back to where we were” coupled with the free flow of immigrant workers form depressed areas in Asia. Nevertheless, we maintained an impressive saving rate in the 70s and 80s which to some extent strengthened our financial system. Despite these sacrifices made we are now told that if we do not like the manner in which elections are conducted we can migrate. Migration is an option only opened to about 5% of the populations. The rest of us would be tempted to say that if the election process is not free and fair then those opposed to it are the ones who will have to make the decision to migrate.

    The reforms that we need are indeed clear. The citizens want better schools, better health and social welfare services, improved civil liberties, and above all a transparent tender system for government contracts so that we get value for more. In short we need a government that will make ourRM1.00 work like RM2.00. Policies related to the betterment of our livelihood should be given some thought before they are implemented. Not the sudden announcement to get university lecturers to teach English in our schools. Such reforms would benefit all Malaysians in rural and urban areas.

    To build a stable workforce we need to think clearly on the merits of allowing management to outsource its workforce at all levels. Initially such a policy will mean that wages will be low because most of the workers will be sourced from depressed areas. Bringing in low paid workforce is a good umbrella but makes a poor roof.

    The government may wonder why are the youth are so angry. In the rural areas we have bought social peace by hand outs and subsidies. While in the urban areas the youth are concerned over issues such as civil liberties, cost of education, and the lack of action over cost overruns of government projects and corruption in general.

    This is not to warn government of the future of Malaysia if these issues are not addressed. It is to convey how close we are to that future. Malaysia becoming a high income developed nation is not inevitable. But if we do not get our policies right the first time we are in danger of allowing the Asian Century by pass us.

  15. “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles with it”- Sir Winston Churchill

    If you have knowledge of UmnoB agenda, light it for the world – members of Din Merican blog

  16. This all reflects one and one thing – human greed…. God will destroy us all… yes all of us… even before we can all make it to the main gate, trust me!

  17. Hang Jebat,

    A poor man who lost everything in a flood asked the local priest why God also punished him. The priest replied that because he and other like him stood by as wrongdoings were being carried out by those in power.

  18. Mariom Mokthar did it again . Thinking out of the box and giving new dimentions to kuttys plots. He believes that more DKK type of people will give credences to his people and rule the true Malays . Very similar to what the Aussies have done to the Abos . Can you imagine immigrant instant new Malays ruling and chiding the real Malays in this country. It is happening in Sabah , were the Kadazans are ursurped by the Suluks and DKKs. No more instant muslim citizens please . We all must stand against this nonsense. Thanks Mariom.

  19. Keres,
    Come on la! There are suluks who are local too. We are against anybody who become instant citizens so as to vote for BN.

    Wishful dream of having the rate as singaporeans enjoyed nong nong time ago. 25% salary credited by employers into your CPF/EPF. Of course, follow by 25% of your own money. Those are in the past now.

    Surely but very slowly. It would be another 20 to maybe 50 years. We don’t have so many 50 years.

  20. Yes looes74, we don’t have that kind of time. But if you want ‘quick’ results, the only way I see is to take to the streets. To get the kind of democracy and justice we all ‘dream’ of may require some violence and bloodshed, God forbid, especially when dealing with umno. It’s no silver platter with umno, most probably with “krises” all the way.

    I’m not sure how many of us, baby boomers, will take to the streets to fight for our country’s democracy and justice and for our future generations. We are good at fighting with our mouths, but when it comes to the real crunch, can and will we do what we believe in? I know I shall.

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