No Compassion, only Ambition in search of Power

May 24, 2013

No Compassion, only Ambition in search of Power

In browsing through my wife Dr.Kamsiah’s Facebook, I found this picture (below) by an Iraqi artist.

NO Compassion only ambition

It is painful to think what is life about without one’s mother. Her mother could have been killed leaving behind a little girl who has no one to turn to in her journey of life. Leaders like George W. Bush have no compassion; they are consummate egoists whose quest for power knows no bounds.–Din Merican

19 thoughts on “No Compassion, only Ambition in search of Power

  1. What can an old woman say to a beautiful dentist who shared this art on her FB ?

    When I was her age I was attractive. Long hair and a good body. Also had a husband the abused me. My two wonderful children were my achievient in life. After 14 yrs we divorced. First marriage was for 14 yrs and two children. So what did I do, I got married again, Nice kind man who didn’t know how to love or be loved. I am now 71 and I missed out on so much.

    Please, don’t do the same. Life is short. I wish you all the best.

  2. Rumsfeld cooked up a story for GWB ever readiness to believe any excuse to take Iraq for its oil. Saddam was just an excuse pawn. At the end he simply said his information of WMD was incorrect after shattering basic human lives. The world knew his agenda but stood aside. If it was to take Saddam, a few SEALS could have gotten the job done; case of Osama.

    Black gold was the reason for similar happenings elsewhere. For that children and women bore the brunt of wickedness. I remembered reading somewhere that GWB said God told him to attack Iraq. What a baloney of lies from a Methodist. I would have believe him if he had said God told him to take Saddam then just send in the SEALS and leave Iraq’s sovereignty to themselves.

  3. A picture like that Tugs at our heart strings.
    It does look a bit staged though, although the message is eternally relevant.
    I basically won’t condescend to blame anyone in particular for the evil, pain and suffering that is being wrought to this day. Unless we understand and see the potential of our own violence, cruelty and decay, this world will struggle on. What is reality?

    One of my staff’s husband died suddenly from a massive heart attack last night. He was 41. There are no words sufficient to console a young widow who has 4 kids, the youngest being 2. Is there? Platitudes hurt more. So it’s our duty as friends to stay by her side in silence.. And the first question she asked me was: ‘Boss, can i take a couple of weeks off?’ I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. To her, that’s reality in micro form and takes her from the pain, if only a few seconds.

    What about the British soldier who was decapitated by Muslim fundamentalists in the heart of London yesterday? Does he deserve it? Was there a cause and effect?

    It is easy to cast stones, my friends – ultimately you will all be casting stones at God and yourselves. What is, will be.

    So for ever beautiful Dr Kamsiah and my forever patient buddy, Din, this about hope – because we cannot change the past, but can always look forward to undo the damage:

  4. We have in Malaysia, just born child being left behind, we are really Monsters, the most of us, it’s just that we haven’t been forced in a situation to revealed our true selves, sometimes I ponder the reason why I’m here, born on this earth with so much hate around and I could cry for a thousand years, it will still go on,seeing all these and hearing them makes me so tired of living, there’s only so much sadness that I can take, consoling myself that tmrw will be a better day, but deep inside I know that it’s hopeless…just a disjointed thought of mine…..siigh..

  5. I make sure I wake up early whenever I am in Jakarta (usually I stay at a small, clean hotel known as Harris Hotel in Tebet, Jakarta Timur) and walk to the food stalls for my bakso and indomie goring and my usual half-boiled eggs and teh tawar.. (which is teh-O kosong here). And I always buy breakfast for about 10-15 homeless kids whom I invite as I walk towards the food stalls. It brings tears to my eyes to see them gorge down roti bakar or indomie goring from an entire night of hunger on the streets…. then I will give them their 2 bars of Kit Kat each…

    I always ask them what do you want me to bring from KL on my next trip and I am always surprised at the things they ask. Its not food or money or anything materialistic.

    One little boy of about 11 or 12, his name is Agoes… he asked me if they do sell spare strings for his ukulele (small guitar) coz his ukelele’s strings are all broken and he can’t make any music to earn money from passers by….

    A girl asked me for colour pencils and art paper… And the one that touched me deep was when an 8-year-old boy handed me a rusty old broken harmonica and asked if I could take it to KL to have it repaired? Of course I bought him a new one but he still kept the old broken one……

  6. Jebat, you’re a good man. Yes you get it all in Jakarta or for that matter anywhere in Indonesia. Little kids selling you stuff at Gambir, Tangkuban Perahu and many other tourist attractions. If you travel by road there will always be collection boxes for some mosque or other along the way.
    Don’t you wish you can grant each and everyone their wishes?

  7. You see little kids selling stuff almost everywhere in this part of the world except Singapore and Malaysia. Yes, even in Malaysia you don’t see Malaysian kids selling stuff to support the family anymore. Aren’t we lucky? But if one does see any kids here selling stuff, they tend to be from (illegal) immigrants. With all the mass immigration that may be happening (or not), we could regress to what we used to be.

  8. Yes OM, Jebat (Greenbug) is truly a compassionate person. While we get upset and rail against the world, each of us will experience an awakening only when we are among the poor, destitute, disenfranchised and the suffering. They are the microcosm of the world in throes of agony. Many of us have dealt with the chronically ill, refugees, orphans, widows and displaced. The empathy runs deep – and each will do the needful, if only for a while and in our limited way. It would seem that there is never enough.

    Some focus their efforts. A majority blindly donate to corporate sponsors, mainly because of time and space constrains – even when they know a large chunk of it goes to administrative costs. Well don’t, if you can help it.

    Charity is very Personal – it cannot be a Business. Go to the nearest Poorhouse (which means different things, to different people) and do what you can. It’s better than sitting on our buts and feeling ‘sorry’. We should be thankful for what the Almighty has granted us.

  9. In The Holy Bible, if I may please paraphrase- “it is GOD who puts up leaders or puts them out. Tragically the Iraq war was an error, but why has the World Court not charged former Pres Bush? If Saddam Hussein had died in office as a dictator, would not have sectarian violence ensued? Some times should a great evil be overcome by a greater crime. The loss of Iraq lives is staggering. Though those were brought about by Iraqis against Iraqis. Something to ponder.

  10. dramonovich, please don’t tell me that God put Hitler on power!!! The war in Iraq was not just an error, it was a horrible massacre! More than 1 million Iraqis were killed because of the US intervention, many of them were innocent children, their mothers, their grandparents, … civilians! Of which evil are you talking about? Those who tortured Iraqis savagely in Abughoraib or those who broke into a house and raped a 14 years old Iraqi girl and killed her and all her family members? Who can say which evil is greater? Saddam was evil, but why western countries supported him until so late? Isn’t that evil is finally defined “evil” only when there are great interests in uprooting it?

  11. The same goes for you CLF from what I’ve heard. I guess each of us are affected by the sight of poverty which by the way is not affecting the folks in BN. Like you said they’d rather do a grandstanding charity work with lots of pomp and publicity but the net results is zilch.

    I remember one “feed the homeless” program organizer approaching a wealthy person. The person wanted to give him $ 1,000. The organizer said no thanks, I just would like you to come with me and help hand out the food. On the appointed morning the wealthy man came and helped hand out the food. Imagine 1500 people thanking him for the food. He felt so touched that he gave the organizer $ 10,000 and often come out early morning to hand out the food.

  12. We should respect sovereignty; case of Libya resolve themselves. A consensus was good not to act alone.
    Now Syria issue on Chem Weapon. Hope Obama would repeat GWB error. He need not as US economy has sharped up. At risk is Turkey. Intervention has to be consensus. Who is to be blamed when Syrians kill among themselves as Libyans did. If need to, then send in the drones to take out Assad instead of SEALS.
    For Iraq, it was a not a grave error but pure GREED. For that GWB still has the conscience to do church. His father has a better conscience just to drive Saddam out of Kuwait. Perhaps he should have taken his out but that time Saddam wasn’t too evil yet till power corrupted further.
    The US cannot afford more spending on another war to derail its economy.

  13. The picture gives my heart feeling of sadness and compassion when a little orphan does not have a motherly love. She assumes that the picture is her mother cuddling her while she is sleeping. Why must human beings killing each other over different political idelogies over divide and rule. Usually, the poor suffer such calamities where they have no way to move only to wait for death should a war break out in their area.


    Taking out Saddam the way it happened to Osama would have spared innocent lives. It might even be easier. The sole reason why it did not happened was the real reason was not Saddam nor WMD but the yanks just want Iraq’s Oil

    The stupidest thing is now the US isn’t hungry for oil as Octopus Fracking would make US world #1 net exporter next year onwards after hundred of thousands have died in Iraq and millions misplaced.

    All the GW Bush could do was say he had the wrong information but he also said God told him to wage war with Iraq. So God gave him the wrong information? Blady fool, this idiot had been listening to Satan; definitely he had gotten Americans fooled.

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