PKR reveals Proof of Phantom Voters

May 20, 2013

COMMENT: When I went to the polling station at SMK Seafield, Subang Jaya with my wife, Dr. Kamsiah on May 5, I thought I was an isolated case of a voter whose name had been inadvertently deleted during the updating of the electoral roll. I had voted there in 2004 and 2008. I had known in advance that my name was not in the roll, but some friends told me that I should go there early and appeal to the officer in charge so that I could be granted my democratic right to vote. But still my right to vote was denied. So I could not have the pleasure of having the infamous indelible ink on my forefinger!

I also discovered that I was not alone. 20 eligible voters before me had suffered the same fate. I left the polling station disappointed. Later that election night, I consoled myself that DAP’s Hannah Yeoh and her colleague for the Parliamentary constituency had won convincingly. –Din Merican

PKR reveals proof of phantom voters

In a series of exposes on electoral fraud, PKR today revealed a case where eight individuals in various constituencies were denied the right to vote as someone else had cast the ballots using their identities.

I was of those victims who can't vote , here standing at the polling station I had been voting all these while.

I was of those victims who could not vote , here standing at the polling station in SMK Seafield, Subang Jaya where I had voted in 2004 and 2008

Speaking at a press conference today, PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli said that the individuals affected had lodged police reports on the matter and are still waiting for action from the authorities.

“This shows that the existence of identical MyKads given to various individuals so that they can become phantom voters,” he alleged.

Pakatan Rakyat had alleged that the recent general election was marred with irregularities and had embarked on a series of rallies to inform the public of the matter.

The opposition pact also added that they would file election petitions for about 30 parliamentary seats.

Discredits electoral process

The parliamentary constituencies based on Rafizi’s list were Sungai Petani, Rembau, Kuala Selangor, Serdang, Kemaman, Tumpat and Shah Alam.

Rafizi, who is also Pandan MP, said that although the opposition had won in some places mentioned, the alleged phantom voters were widespread in other areas while many have yet to lodge police reports on the matter.

“Nevertheless, the moment you have phantom voters, it discredits the entire electoral process.

Why were they so happy? They should be ashamed of themselves, the moment you have phantom voters, it discredits the entire electoral process.

Why are they so happy? They think they had done the duty. They should be ashamed of themselves, the moment you have phantom voters, it discredits the entire electoral process.

“But the issue is also bigger than phantom voters. It also shows that there is something wrong with how MyKads are being given out by the National Registration Department (NRD),” he said.

Rafizi urged the Election Commission (EC) and the NRD to explain the matter so that they could be judged in the court of public opinion.

“Let them come up with another foolish statement like the ones they gave on the indelible ink fiasco. I also urge Khairy Jamaluddin, our newly appointed [Youth and Sports] minister, to explain this as it also involves his Rembau constituency,” he said.

On his next course of action, Rafizi said that he would try to get the eight individuals to also sign statutory declarations (SD) on the matter to take it up when filing the election petitions.

He added that the EC and NRD should at least issue a statement to address the anomaly rather than keeping mum. “They need to be held accountable. At least acknowledge the problems instead of being in denial,” said Rafizi who vowed to reveal more findings on electoral irregularities soon.

19 thoughts on “PKR reveals Proof of Phantom Voters

  1. Nothing will happen, my dearRafizi.
    And yet they have come down like a ton of bricks on that Adli Adam.

    For the BN and their police accomplices they do things not because it is the right or intelligent thing to do but because they can do it. And what they do best is bully and beat up the weak and the defenceless.

    And then you have that prince from Perak preaching security to the world. Do such folk ever step out of their comfort zones. For that matter do they believe what is written for them to read?

  2. Din, sorry about your misfortune on being denied your voting rights by these UMNO stooges in the EC. At your age ( you coming to 74 soon in a few days– ? Right?) to be treated this way is cruel.

    Just look at the photo of Wan Ahmad and his boss. That photo alone speaks a thousand words. Obviously they chose to ignore the Election Offences Act 1954 —“An Act to prevent electoral offences and corrupt and illegal practices at elections…”

  3. This person I know flew back to Sabah to vote and this her story. At the polling centre, after her finger was inked, she was handed her ballot papers together with two fifty-ringgit notes. Well, she is one smart woman who took the money and voted for the Opposition.
    She said she also saw a registration official cutting a few hundred identity cards. Yes, destroying them.

  4. Indeed the bigger issue is exploitation of MyKad for dubious purpose like loans applications, credit card frauds, marriage registration, impersonation etc.etc.

    Hey, Homes Affair minister, Transparency Minister, and other ministers directly related to security and corruption, what are YOU going to do about it that we can have some basic security?

  5. Dato,

    You tell us you were there with your missus. But where is her picture?

    She must be the one taking the picture Mr. Bean !

  6. The caption below the photo reads:
    “Why are they so happy? They think they had done the duty-Wrong, see the dollar (RM) sign over that tan. sri’s and his ball licker assistant’s faces. Notice only these two are smiling from ear to ear, the others? well no payout lah!!

  7. Regimes that have lost their legitimacy in the eyes of the vast majority of their own citizens can only rule through propaganda, police state-style repression and ultimately, violence.

    Best (i.e. worst) examples : North Korea, Iran, Zimbabwe

    UMNO Baru-BN, instead of moving toward the political centre to win back votes (especially from the middle class), is moving more and more to the far right (i.e. ultranationalist fascism). These people don’t seem to learn from history!

  8. I,like Tpg2Dg would strongly request RAFIZI to check the Tan Sri’s assets and you will not be surprised. Knowing how devious Najib and Tan Sri are, you must make a check on his Swiss A/C.

  9. aliefalfa, bring this to the court of law? Do you even know how the court of law operates here in “bolehland”?? In the beginning I also thought, bring it to the court of law, then I realized that there is NO court of law here, but only the court of umno where everything wrong umno does is ruled as legal and correct.

    I also wondered why should Anwar continue to fight the fraudulent GE results, why not just accept the results and get on. Then I realized that this is exactly what we and the opposition have been doing when the ruling coalition cheats ever election year. We bitch about it and then everything subsides. Isn’t that exactly what BN wants? And every election year they become more and more daring in cheating/rigging the election and they know they will get away with it because all we do is bitch about it and DO nothing. But this has gone too far. And now I understand why Anwar takes this to the ‘street’ and I do support his move. Because now, it’s the only way, perhaps, to ‘fight’ this out with umno. Otherwise, in the next GE, the cheating is going to get even more daring and they expect us to just simply voice out our disappointment while they continue to rule. This is NOT what I want. I want a change of government and if we want ‘true’ (well almost true) democracy, we have to literally fight for it.

  10. Wasn’t there a 21 days rule to have all these reported. But after report there is no rule on when it must be resolved so it means the court can drag on and on. Another lope hole with no deadline to close case.

  11. Eh, kenapa ya penyokong Pakatan yang ada masalah tentang mengundi. Makchik takde masalahpun sebagai pengundi baru Kelana Jaya. Heran sebab masa singgah kad khemah DAP di situ, ada yag tanya can you vote?
    I said why not. I am a registered voter.
    Kenapa Din tak check dulu dengan EC sebelum hari mengundi. Salah sendirilah. Jangan salahkan EC.
    Ya ke Din cakap benar ni. Nampak happy je dalam gambar.

  12. Matthew,
    With BN man man lai skill, it’s already 5 years from now. Such brilliant skill is perfected since the british time

  13. Someone is calling to bring to “court ” of Law….we have seen many of the result from these “courts of law” in this part of the world…frankly I don’t have that trust that these so called “courts” will be fair.

  14. Do you trust the court of law when you have ‘just retired’ appeal court judge proudly making jaguh kampong racist and rightwinger asset seizure remark?

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