Finalise the State Exco for Selangor quickly

May 20, 2013

Finalise the State Exco for Selangor quickly

COMMENT: It is indeed unfortunate that Selangor Menteri Besar, Tan Sri MB Khalid IbrahimKhalid Ibrahim, has not able to form his own “Cabinet”for more than 2 weeks since GE-13. This is due to wrangling for seats by component parties within Pakatan Rakyat.

The DAP should agree to three seats with a Speaker’s post rather than belabour over allocation of seats in the State Exco.

Let the Menteri Besar run the state as soon as possible. That requires cooperation among the coalition partners, DAP, PAS and PKR. Cooperation means compromise in the overall interest of the state. Penang and Kelantan have done so smoothly. And why not Selangor? –Din Merican

Weathering one tempest, Khalid saunters into another

by Terence Netto@

After coolly weathering the tempest caused by Azmin Ali’s challenge to his chief ministership, Khalid Ibrahim, who took his oath for a second term as Menteri Besar of Selangor last Tuesday, has had almost immediately afterwards to deal with another potentially tricky situation.

The quandary may well cause him to reflect that the tantrum thrown by Azmin was a storm in a teacup compared to what he is presently faced with.
This concerns the composition of the state executive council.

Last Thursday, at a brief meeting of the top Selangor Pakatan Rakyat leaders, the composition of the state exco was set for a four-seat allocation to DAP, with three seats each going to PKR and PAS, the latter enjoying the prerogative of nominating the speaker of the state assembly.

However, matters took an awkward turn after Khalid had a meeting with the Sultan of Selangor on Friday which caused Khalid to change tack.

On Saturday, he tweeted that the DAP has been allocated three exco seats together with the speaker’s post. This meant that four exco seats were to go to PAS and three to PKR.

NONEDAP’s Tony Pua (left), who attended last Thursday’s meeting, promptly remonstrated that the new arrangement was out of sync with the agreement reached at the Selangor Pakatan discussion.

Yesterday, Khalid tamped down the nascent contretemps by letting the DAP know that the discord would be resolved in two days.

How that was going to be possible was hard to envisage given the nature of the problem that had caused Khalid to apparently renege on the the formula for the allocation of state cabinet seats drawn up at the Selangor Pakatan meeting last Thursday.

Khalid’s backtracking was attributed to the Selangor palace’s desire to see seven of the state exco seats occupied by Malay legislators, with four seats reserved to non-Malay reps.

Acquiescing to this behest meant that Khalid would have to restrict DAP to three seats instead of the four agreed to last Thursday, with the speaker-ship thrown it as sweetener.

That approach would have allowed him to include one non-Malay in PKR’s allocation of three seats, what with the DAP’s allotment of three seats guaranteed to be occupied by its Chinese reps which would then bring the non-Malay total in the state cabinet to four, as per the Selangor palace’s wishes.

Faced with a dilemma

But if the DAP were unwilling to accede to the allocation of three seats to it plus the speakership, Khalid would be faced with a dilemma with respect to the palace-requested racial division of seven Malays to four non-Malays in the state cabinet.

The seven ‘Malay’ seats in the exco would then be occupied by legislators composed of four PAS reps, certain to be all Malay, and three PKR ones, who would necessarily be Malay in contradistinction to its multi-racial image as a party.

If Khalid cannot persuade the DAP to be satisfied with three exco seats, with the speakership thrown in, then he has to revert to the last Thursday’s arrangement whereby the DAP would be allocated four seats, and PAS three, with the speaker’s post thrown in for good measure, while PKR gets three seats.

Needless to say, this formula would not be in keeping with PKR’s multi-racial image. If this were all the problems Khalid faced with respect to the composition of the state cabinet, matters would not be comparably daunting.

There is also the matter of the ‘Aku Janji’ pledge that the Selangor palace would want exco members to make after taking the oath of office as members of the state cabinet.

There is a provision on the ‘Aku Janji’ list that requires the state ministers to pledge to abide by all the directives issued by the ruler.  This is tricky because of the dilemma exco members would be in when faced with issues where directives are perceived to be in conflict with the interests of people whom they have been elected to represent.

The ‘Aku Janji’ pledge is a legacy of the days of UMNO-BN rule, devised by a mindset that is apt to identify their survival with the interests of the people.  That it is being recycled and foisted on a Pakatan administration that has been re-endorsed by a Selangor electorate by a bigger margin than when it was first elected at the 2008 polls can be taken to be a validation of the Shakespearean insight that the bad humans do lives on after them whereas the good is often interred with their bones.

Khalid Ibrahim, by all accounts a good manager in his role as state CEO, may have felt that successfully fending off the challenge of his PKR rival Azmin Ali to his continued occupation of the Selangor MB’s post was cool; he’s just now confronted with a challenge to his mettle as a democratically elected leader of a multi-racial component of a coalition that is wont to deemphasise race in preference to national identity.

How he gets the salience of those democratic facts across to people who can be a little forgetful about the nature of our polity where the monarchy is constitutional – and not peremptory – constitutes the bigger test of his calibre as a leader.

35 thoughts on “Finalise the State Exco for Selangor quickly

  1. Small matter that will be amicably resolved if PKR and DAP had merged to demonstrate unity. We are now back to race?

  2. How can anyone imagine the DAP could compromise when it has won the biggest within the PR lot? The DAP has no qualm about putting up all-Chinese ADUNs despite its claim of being a multi-racial party, so why is there reluctance for the PKR to put up all-Malay appointees?

  3. Din.
    As far as i knew the state exco line is finalised.The distrubution of exco as follow.3;3;4.
    PAS will get 4 exco,DAP three with the speker post and PKR three with MB post.

    The constrain with the distribution was because the Sultan request 6 Malay exco and four chinese and Indian.

    The PKR will have two Malay exco and one Indian and. DAP three Chinese Exco.

    The name had been submitted to Sultan for approval.The delay of announcing the exco was because the MB Khalid was in Munich,Germany for his madical treatment.

    It should be announce latest by 25 May .

  4. Alie,
    It’s because PAS & PKR has prevented DAP from fielding malays for some obvious reason. Would that make you happy. DAP can field melayus such as Aspan Alias that would definitely win any selangor seat hands down. Sorry, he should be focus on NS.

    I am not sure why DAP should merge with PKR when PKR has the element of UMNOism in its party.

    Guys & Gals,
    There are nothing wrong squabling over seats especially all 3 political parties are made equal. Well, why would you expect DAP to be satisfied with 3 excos? Take a look at how many seats each political party won

    PKR (14), PAS (15) & DAP (15)

    If PAS can have 4, why not DAP? It’s a simple aritmetic number. Frankly, I don’t care what the heck HRH thinks or says because he’s a constitutional monarch. Ah so, if HRH so clamouring for at least 5 or 6 melayu excos. Simple! PAS (3) & PKR (3) + 1 cina…….case close

    Sorry, I don’t buy this kinda BS. Guess what was the composition of 2008 Perak Exco
    3PKR+2 PAS+ 8 DAP
    4 melayus & 7 cinas & 2 Indians…..Perak sultan can accept it……why selangor sultan can’t

  5. The dilemma is quite analogous to the chemistry of natural substances. Most chemical compound are formed by the bonding of two or more atoms. The strength of the bond varies – there are strong bonds and weak bonds. In general strong chemical bonding is associated with the sharing of electrons between the participating atoms. This chemistry facts could well describe the nature of bonding in PR especially with regard to the weak inter-molecular bonding holding the 3 entities involved. As such, we can infer that the stability of PR is quite uncertain due to the highly disruptive nature of the bonding. Being disruptive, there is a strong probablity that the whole PR molecule may undergo prolong systemic evaporation of trust & this in turn could produce highly volatile vapors & may result in explosion. Things like these is not condusive for sustaining stability of organizational ecosystem. RD5

  6. So what’s new, PKR is after all RACED BASED, BN was right after all. All this B/S about we are Malaysian does not hold water. It is annoying that 150,000 Selangorians ( of all races???) can agree but 3 can’t. What is this constitutional monarchy thing. PKR was voted in by the people, or were they? “Very Confusion”!!!
    BN is laughing to the bank. When the chips are down BN, PKR “no-diff”

  7. Rosas,
    What’s the conclusion then? BN is better because UMNO is in charge & dictating every parties move. Oh I have forgotten PRS has rejected the ministerialship. Nong nong time ago, PBS decided to go alone in 1990 GE. In fact, PBS is not part of BN Sabah state level before 1990.

    Din’s message should be directed to PAS & PKR. Stop all these nonsense. Honour your agreement. Stop all these nonsense racial composition. It’s 21st century. Remember, AKU ANAK MALAYSIA

    Malacca Governor was designated to be a cina if the chief minister is a melayu. Hence, Leong Yew Koh was appointed as Governor. But then when Leong moved on, Tunku Abdul Rahman reneged the promise by appointing both melayus as governor as well as chief minister. I am not sure by then even the president of the municipal of Bandar Malacca has reverted to melayu. So much for honouring agreement

  8. Dear Din,   The Palace should stay out of politics. In this way the US system is betterPresident has the right to make the choice after vetting by the Congress.

  9. Crap! Imagine this squabble in putrajaya plus possible mindless ‘interference’ from constitutional paper monarch…(just be anak jantan here, follow apanamas style). Btw, ‘aku janji’ to rape and plunder the state wealth is a pledge to abide to the palace’s???? Where was the palace displeasure then???

  10. The palace wants to be in the loop for obvious reason lah. Who wants to lose out on the millions to be gained from contracts, joint ventures and what not. It was the same scenario in Perak when PK formed the government in 2008. The delay-dallying was worrying and it was only defused when PR acceded to the sultan’s demands.

    Selangoreans have given their mandate just go about doing your job lah.

  11. Hurricane,
    The keyword is mindless interference. If it’s really the case. But then just to remind them what happen 20 years when Madhater decided to reduce the monarchy’s power. Do take note the legislature controls the purse which also controls the purse of the sultan. One wonder if this is the case PKR/PAS playing to punk.
    Again what about my solution : 4 melayu PAS, 2 melayu PKR = 6 melayus. Simply takdak faham 6 melayus > 5 non melayus. Apa dia mau? Need to fulfill 2/3. Must be 7 or 8 melayus

    Doing the right thing means follow the simple aritmetic convention :

    DAP (15), PAS (15) & PKR (14)

    Exco compositions :

    DAP (4), PAS (4), PKR (3)

    Logical! Fair decision! PKR can put an yindian deputy speaker (Xavier) if they want to. If PAS doesn’t like, make speaker non partisan. Case close

  12. It’s not that simple when selecting ADUN. It also cannot be done by the number of seats secured by the component parties. Otherwise you’ll end up like BN, every component party President becomes a Minister whether he’s qualified or not. That’s why the Federal Cabinet is ineffective. For over 20 years a draftsman has been a Minister and become the butt of jokes. Another towkay was made a Minister and often foaming at the mouth. A third party President became a Minister despite being clearly implicated in a video scandal. Its a dysfunctional Cabinet. So do you want the Selangor Exco to follow suit? The MB must select the right man (woman) for the job. Selangoreans have elected an MB, let him pick his team. Remember the last Selangor Exco include people like Hasan s/o Ali who later became a thorn in the flesh. Lets not have a repeat performance.

  13. If DAP cannot compromise, then PAS also should ask for 4 exco, no need for speaker post! give that post to PKR. So, DAP (4), PAS (4), PKR (2 + 1 MB).

  14. Guys,listen to Hamid.The writer should’ve verify the story before publishing it unless he has ulterior motives

  15. Safia,
    I wouldn’t mind PAS ask for 4 excos. Just take a look at this composition :

    4 PAS, 4 DAP, 3 PKR

    It’s a win win win all the way. The only thing is PKR bickering because it’s a large drop from last time which is 5 excos + 1 deputy speaker. This has something to do with Azmin Ali. Just as Bean say, do the right thing

    4 PAS (presumably melayus), 4 DAP ( presumably 3 cina + 1 yindian) & 3 PKR (1MB who happens to be a melayu, 1 melayu + 1 non melayu)

    Let us calculate again how many melayus & non melayus in the exco composition :

    4 campur 2 jadi 6 melayu
    4 campur 1 jadi 5 bukan melayu

    WTF HRH wanna complain about? What’s there to complain? Actually really HRH complaining meh. Or is it PKR or PAS or Azmin Ali

    Let us look at the racial composition of 2008 exco members

    PKR = 3 Melayu + 1 cina + 1 yindian
    PAS = 3 melayu
    DAP = 3 CINA

    Lets us do our sum again : Wait a minute! It’s 6 melayu & 5 bukan melayu. HRH is beep beep happy then. Why would for the love of god, HRH not be happy with this proposal this time?

  16. Tok Cik,
    It’s the arrogance of PKR & PAS that causes PAS to lost Kedah to Mukhriz. Still can’t get back Terengganu although I admit that electoral fraud plays a part. PKR & PAS instead clamouring over who becomes MB NS, bickering over which candidates to contest where in NS making Mohammad Hassan very happy man
    Seriously, I am giving PAS too much honour of proposing them to get 4. They should stick to 3 plus 1 speaker. While DAP labouring over getting votes plus kenna denied melayu seats so as to project their real multiracial image……You know the obvious reason.
    If DAP were to be given 21 seats in Penang, Anwar can focus in Perak instead to capture Perak state government. If DAP were to be given Lunas, Gurun & perhaps Bakar Bata, I guarantee with my beep beep, Kedah shall never fall. But what to do……When you have a stubborn Azizan with equally stubborn PKR Kedah who drops 3 of their elected men, namely Manikumar, Lim Soo Nee & Tan Chow Kang at last minute.
    You see! Allah has favoured DAP with 38 seats not just for nothing, you know! Perak was a very interesting case. HRH Perak there wanna screwed up Pakatan by appointing Nizar. With all the hoo hahing going on including the then PKR deputy President, Syed Husin who step in & screw up the arrangement once PAS has settled with DAP with the appointment of Nizar as MB that the exco racial composition must reflect Perak racial composition……..Stop for a while……Lets do our sum hey

    PAS got 6 aduns……get 1 MB + 1 melayu
    DAP got 18 aduns……get 5 cina + 1 yindian
    PKR got 7 aduns…….get 2 melayu + 1 cina (Tai Sing Ng, who was unceremoniously dropped…..under who’s order……hahahaha)

    But wait a minute……..That means 7 non melayu & 4 melayu…….Bring me one to few things :

    What bullshit PKR says about racial composition? Betul Betul takdak faham. Did Azlan Shah make noise thereafter? Zilch!

  17. Lets go to Northern Ireland. Take a look at 2011 Northern Ireland election,_2011

    While folks over here have been propagandised over the incompatablility of PAS & DAP. What about DUP & Sinn Fein? DUP ( presumably protestants, loyal to the crown) & Sinn Fein ( presumably catholics, wanted to merge with Republic of Ireland). Sinn Fein has never set foot in British House of Common.

    Come! Come! Boys & gals, take a look at who’s who in Northern Ireland Cabinet

    Surprise! Surprise! Sinn Fein & DUP are part of the cabinet. Peter Robinson (DUP) – First Minister & Martin Mcguiness (Deputy First Minister, Sinn Fein). Take note that First Minister & Deputy First Minister has the same power. Just like what happen in Cambodia long long time ago…..(Ask Din)

    Lagi closer look ( forget about 2 junior ministers)

    DUP got 5 ministers
    Sinn Fein got 4 ministers
    Alliance got 2 ministers
    Unionist got 1 minister
    SDLP got 1 minister

    Don’t seem to have fighting there. Why so big fuss over here? I betul betul tak faham. Please explain

  18. Hmmm, Excopun susah pilih sebab bergaduh tentang kerusi. Macam mana agaknya kalau menang dan dapat tawan PutraJaya. Dah tentu bergaduh antara Anwar, LGE dan Ustaz Hadi.

  19. In the end, Azmin Ali will have to explain wtf is happening! I just think its way too petty and short-sighted. Typical UMNO culture being brought into Pakatan…..

  20. I don’t think it has anything to do with Azmin Ali. It has something to do with PKR culture. I am saying that DAP doesn’t have the same problem but DAP seems to possess organisation discipline. Thanks to Rajaratnam, Toh Chin Chye & Devan Nair. Such system can be found in any democratic socialist parties including Labour (UK) & Labour (Australia)

    I believe that Khalid Samad & Khalid Ibrahim should come to their senses & accept Tony Pua’s proposal. In fact, my proposal lagi better

    DAP (4) PAS (4) PKR (3)

    To assuage PKR, they can always have deputy speaker. Plus to make everybdoy extremely happy…..Just make Speaker non partisan, independent of any political parties. Case close.

    PKR not entitled to have speaker because they have already got MB. They can ask for more Exco simply because they got lesser aduns than PAS & DAP

    PAS on the other hand screwed up Kedah & terengganu big time.

    Hence, best keep it with DAP

  21. Pada penglihatan saya, pandangan Rosas tepat sekali ia itu berdasar ‘ Chemistry ‘ . Jangan banyak bertelaggah jika mahu Exco itu tegoh. Dan ke-teggohan itu di-junjung selaku budi bicara oleh Chief Executive nya, Mentri Besar.
    Nampak gaya, pihak DAP tidak mahu bertolak ansor sebab ‘ muslihat-nya’ untok membendung kuasa MB pada masa hadapan jika tidak mengikut telunjuk DAP dalam kepentingan politik nya. Mithalan, MB ‘ jangan cuba di=beri penekanan oleh DYMM Sultan….dll. ‘ – sepatut nya memberi ruang pada MB untuk budibicara ?

  22. Perhaps he has to deliberate how his new gang will support his surplus of 2.2b for Selangor development ! Bid for Syabas or buat Univ Selangor or develop high-tech retirement village (like in Melbourne) or something better for us Selangorians. If he doesn’t spend on us Selangorian, the guy after him will have a bonanza time.

  23. Ibnu,
    Nak teguh macam mana. Kenna ingat ini kerajaan campuran. Bukan kerajaan cap botol besar UMNO. Menteri Besar hanya merupakan chief facilatator, bukan kepala besar. Kita mengamalkan prinsip kabinet ala britain. Collective cabinet responsibility.Di AS, Obama mau lantik dia punya menteri pun kenna kutuk sampai kepala dia kalau dia pilih menteri yang tak berwibawa oleh senator2 AS.

    Guys & Gals,
    This is not whether to compromise or not. This has reached the bottom line. PAS & PKR has objected to releasing their share of melayu seats to DAP. Tell me how many DAP contested in this election. 51. How many parliamentary seats in total? 222? So tell me why seats such as Balik Pulau, Kuala Pilah, Bera or better still Bagan Serai not given to DAP? Just tell me how PKR Fauzi jackhead has “chopped” the damak seat. Ask that PKR Pahang……berapa undi kamu dapat ya?
    I have stopped at how PKR screwed up big time in NS. Supposedly boleh menang punya? Apa macam boleh kalah? Electroral fraud…..One of the reason. I tell you the truth……It’s pure greed…….Allah has punished PAS by letting Mukriz, the pemegang botol besar take over Kedah. One simple tenet of Islam……fairness……Adakah? Sudah kenna makankah?
    The bottomline is DAP got 15 seats…..It has 1/3 of all PR Selangor seats. It has been forced to give up MB post. Now, some of you guys wanna tell DAP……For the fking solidarity……kindly give up your deservedly exco composition seat for what…..Peace
    Let ask that bed ridden no good SOB Azizan……Why he didn’t give up one exco to DAP? Wait a minute? One Deputy Speaker to DAP? Plus the rivalry going on between PAS & PKR seeing them clashes in 7 – 8 seats…….PKR & PAS won lesser seats……i say padan muka.
    Back to the real issue. Actually who isn’t compromising? DAP or is it PKR?
    WTF we are talking about being multiracial here? So DAP got to sacrifice lor? Why not ask PAS? Just like CJM who jilted for 2 weeks after it’s been decided that LKS was to stand in Gelang Patah. Why whacking DAP for giving up seats? How many state seats DAP contesting in Johor? 15…..some more wanna cut…….Mind DAP bukan MCA hor!
    If you wanna solve problem, let me reiterate the PERFECT SOLUTION TO KHALID IBRAHIM

    PKR – 1 MB (MELAYU) + 1 melayu + 1 non melayu
    PAS – 4 melayu
    DAP – 4 non melayu

    There are 6 melayu excos & 5 non melayu excos. I pun takdak faham MB itu alien kah, sultan kah or what? MB is also part of exco composition what?
    What are the seat composition in state assembly?

    PKR – 14, DAP – 15, PAS -15

    Kindly tell me which Quran, Hadith, Sejarah Melayu, Your Otak……Tell me my solution not the BEST. Guarantee HRH Selangor won’t murka. If he does, I dare to guarantee that ALLAH will be extremely murka…….Because it violates one thing called fairness.

    Guys & Gals,
    If like this also takdak faham, go vote for Mahathir & UMNO. I rest my case

  24. This is the most popular thread with 30 posts. It shows pressing concern that we should get on fast with governing esp the 2.2b ringgit.

  25. Matthew,
    Right! What plan Khalid’s team plan to use in order to make selangor better? It’s time Khalid comes up with a 5 year plan. DAP has the best credentials. Why not just give them 4 posts? Selangor would be better. Just like what PAP did in 1959

  26. Tornado in a teacup.
    Despite what the anxieties and obsessions, que sera, sera.
    Just like compulsive chickens, hypnotized by delusions of self grandeur.
    Khalid is a micro-manager and is trying very hard to reconcile the factions.
    Race still plays an integral part of the feudalistic hubris that is written into the constitution. Those who can’t understand this, need to take cognizance that our unique or quaint situation and migrate to a REPUBLIC!
    See.., i do better that that peanut and tempe’ infused H.M.

  27. loose74,

    So far I have not known of any state CEO tabling white paper of 5 year plan that we can track. A white paper of 5 year fiscal budget would be great for us and investors. We know Khalid more as a CEO than a politician and that is great for Selangor. Perhaps his problem is how to be a politician without hating being one.

    I hope he will model Selangor into Selangor Inc. He might just do that as natural progression. Trouble is his exco gang are not all corporate people else his dedication would be empowerable. He had seen too much of corporate failures due to political interference and he won’t go down that path. For that DSAI trusted him over others. I heard from source close to Palace, our sultan darn please with him but there are palace tradition. Khalid has many variables to juggle from within Pakatan and beyond, not to mention the buayas in BeEnd. Pg and Kelantan has less of his variables.

    Let’s hope Selangor and Pg would model a Selangor Inc. and Penang Inc.for others to follow. Having said that I am less confident politicians at large are interested; slicing the cake had been their interests to retain grassroot support.

    But, grassroots profile varies among states. Another 5 years, would we have matured towards the Inc. concept?

  28. CLF,
    Ah so, it means ado to nothing. But wait a minute, why somebody so itchy backside to put worms into the beep beep.
    It’s very easy to hehehehe the HRH, just do it during the budget day. It’s the MB who controls the money.

    Did Khalid come up with the fantastic 5 year plan? Furthermore, I kinda like technocrats such like those 2nd generation singapore leaders which include Jeyakumar & Tony Tan.

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