Digest this and think about it: Who won GE-13?

May 14, 2013

Digest this and think about it: Who won GE-13?

Aziz-EC Chair

It could have  gone Pakatan’ Rakyat’s way in the last General Elections. Can someone out in cyberspace explain this to me since I am wondering what the Election Commission did between 11.00 pm on May 5 and around 1 am on May 6 when the EC Chairman announced the results that the Barisan Nasional was the first to obtain 112 seats in Parliament. I watched him on NTV7 and his body language gave him away. Obviously he had done a good job for Barisan Nasional.–Din Merican

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21 thoughts on “Digest this and think about it: Who won GE-13?

  1. Richard Nixon once famously said; politics is election, election and election. If you are not elected, you can’t do much. That is one way of looking at democracy. That’s why incumbents are not easy to be defeated, especially if those have power use the country’s resources to beef themselves up for holding on to power. However, the last election opens a vista that viable and sizeable opposition is building. Those who get elected must respect their opponents. The opposition keep you on the toes. That means progress is in sight.

  2. The method to spoil enough votes for a BeEnd win is simple.
    After counting, a hand with smudged ink just have to ramble among votes counted for Pakatan baskets.
    Then in the recount, reject smudged ballots.

    But of course, this cannot be done across but only for selective seats.

  3. Somewhere on YouTube, here or others, lights out were reported at certain center. When lights return, extra ballot boxes were found. Oh! we forgot to count those.

    This and above method of cheating wins are MUCH MUCH efficient and effective than flying in phantoms, issue fake IC, pay off etc etc. so is the motive of stamps for food, petrol et. al. dubious effort to patch pockets?

    The catch is a more daring corruptible EC is needed.

  4. We were following the GE13 results on real-time on several public channels in addition to various online news agencies with our devices. Yes, the body language of the RTM announcers on-site as the results were collated up till 11pm or so were a dead give-away.

    They KNEW Umno/BN had lost GE13, dammit!

  5. Who lost the elections? The people. For allowing it to happen. Can the fight spill over into the country’s courts? That is the idea. It will test the judicial integrity of the country’s justice system.

  6. That is why Anwar and all Malaysians must not give up their constitutional rights to cheats and thieves.

  7. Now Malaysia is even behind Pakistan in the way public institutions are run.
    Their recent elections were conducted with much greater semblance of decency bar the occasional Taliban attacks and upsets in certain constituencies, and the EC commissioner there knew that his job was to serve the people and run a fair and clean elections as far as the difficult conditions there permit, and not to wipe and save the asses of the ruling politicians as his bolehland counterpart so unashamedly does.

  8. Between 11pm, May 5th 2013 and 1 am May 6th 2013, the election commission cheated wholesale. There is no two ways about this . Like Biro Tata Negara , MACC and other agencies – the election commission too must be buried in an INdah Water Oxidation pond.

  9. Sir,
    SPR officals has been well trained in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Chad , Egypt (under Mubarak) Iraq (under Sadam) and in Philippines on various clandestine
    craft on how to conduct a free and fair election.

  10. Now that deep inside BN knows that they actually lost the election, perhaps in the next GE, they might fly down the entire population of Bangladash, give them blue ICs and eligibility to vote.

  11. At around 9.30pm to 10pm, on FMT, saw PR leading by 12 parlimentary seats. After that blackout until past 12.30midnight; I am totally convinced PR won GE13 bcuz when tambah votes during re-counting, that is outright cheating. On 1st count, results released unofficially showed PR is leading. I wish I had snapped those pages – bcos even with Sabah & Sarawak results in, BN was losing!

  12. Based on my personal experience as presiding officer in GE 2004 and 2008, I’d say the whole election process would be free and fair IF the officers manning the voting station are impartial. But when come to question of “spoiled vote”, the presiding officer will have the final say based on certain guidelines.

    What I did notice was there were VERY FEW spoiled votes THEN unlike this election where in many constituencies there were MORE spoiled voted than majorities won, which in my humble opinion is rather unusual, after all this the 13th election we are holding and our national literary rate is on the higher 90’s!

    Seemed like during the recent GE, some members of the contesting parties managed to get appointed as election officers,especially Presiding Officers, as claimed by the candidate who lost in Labis. Did this happen before? Seriously I don’t have the answer and is this very wide spread? Frankly I don’t know too.

    Maybe all the candidates who were not satisfied with the results should verify the political status of all the election officers, and not forgetting clarification from the EC will be most helpful.


    How many spoilt votes were there in Sarawak the last 13GE ?

  13. Assuming that after 12 past GEs and many by-elections in between, our voters are more literate in voting, is it possible that the many spoilt votes were actually protest votes cast by those voters disgusted with the whole election process tainted by the many yet-to-be-proven allegations of cheating & irregularities even before the election date? For them to merely stay at home without voting would be a less effective way of displaying their disgust. Or, were they really still undecided till that final moment?

  14. Oh my god, here comes the spin by alie…….Ok la…..lets not have election, BN rule in perpeituity, ok

  15. As you look deeper into the outcome of GE13, stunning and perplexing results emerge. Many of these have been aired before by various commenters here. I would just like to add one more…in particular the “blackouts” that seem to haunt vote counting nights, apparently only, in BOLEHland.

    Refer to an attached graphic in your article “GE-13: A pyrrhic victory for Najib Abdul Razak” on May 8.

    The number of blackouts listed during that 3 hour period – 13 of them. I am just trying to estimate the probability of such an event occurring. Shall we say the likelihood of a blackout at a certain location on any particular day is 1 in 10. So the equivalent likelihood in any 3 hour interval would be 1 in 80. Now let’s be generous and say blackouts may be quite frequent especially on such a night when electricity consumption is expectedly higher than any other night – and make it 4 times more likely – hence, say, 1 in 20. With this probability, then for blackouts to occur in 13 independently located counting centres within the same 3-hour period is a staggering 1 in …….TEN THOUSAND TRILLION…..!!!

    And considering that only at the counting centre there was blackout but not at nearby areas – that makes it even more spooky. But the icing on the cake surely must be – after the blackouts BLACK MAGIC had ensured results go only one way.

  16. The present government is a minority government and has authority but no legitimacy… in fact there should be a re-election in 35 seats, but knowing Najib, he won’t dare….. anyway I don’t recognize him as my Prime Minister and I will not attend any of his functions nor support any of his initiatives….

  17. quote ” The people who cast the votes do not decide an election,
    people who count the votes do.” – – Adolf Hitler.

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