May 12, 2013


DJohanMr Jaafar,  you call for Reconciliation; in so doing you ape the Prime Minister. But tell me, who started the racial stuff? Who chose Zul Noordin and Ibrahim Ali to stand under BN banner when we know these politicians were pushing their so-called Malay First agenda to the ridiculous extreme?

Why did Tun Dr. Mahathir use the race card in his campaign speeches? Who threatened us with another May 13, if not the Wanita UMNO chief?  Which government that denied opposition states their share of the national revenues? Who blamed  the failure to gain a strong mandate on the “Chinese Tsunami”? Why the coalition that won the popular vote could not take Putrajaya?

You mean there were no blackouts at various critical vote counting centres?  Now what about the indelible ink that was not indelible?Who is responsible for this cock up, if not the Election Commission Chairman and his Deputy? But these characters are members of UMNO and will be protected.

These are some questions that need answers quickly.The Government and the Election Commission must come clean on these irregularities. Who is in a state of denial? Us Malaysians or the powers that be? We have to deal with real issues since the burden of policy failures and fiscal irresponsibility rests on us, the Malaysian people.


Yes, I have heard this slogan Rakyat Didahulukan. Pencapaian Diutamakan some four years ago. It sounds hollow to me now in 2013. GE-13 is about TRUST in Government and we have spoken loudly that we have doubts about the government and must now judge our new government by their deeds, not words. Days of glitz, public relations campaigns, sloganeering and money squandering schemes are over. Accountability first and now. That should be the new catch phrase.--Din Merican

RECONCILIATION: It’s time to set aside allegations of blackouts and phantom voters

by Johan Jaffar (o5-11-13)@

I WAS saddened by what I saw on election day. An eager crowd of Chinese voters made their choices loud and clear as they were queuing at a polling station. So, too, a group of Malay voters at another. Both had their preferences.

I have seen many elections. I was too young to understand what happened in 1969. But there have been 10 elections since then. I have never seen the people so divided and the race issues so pronounced as this one. I have travelled to Sabah and the entire length of the peninsula but I have never seen such intensity in campaigning and such ferocity in character assassination and dissemination of lies.

I was at a dinner hosted by local Chinese in one of the constituencies in Perak. The candidate was feted, lots of good words said about him, yet he got a handful of votes from the area.

The story of Chinese rejecting Barisan Nasional candidates was heard everywhere. Almost every BN candidate was affected. The truth is while the Malays were divided, the Chinese votes were the determining factor.

The Prime Minister used the term “Chinese tsunami”. Many disagreed, but many more believed it was the case. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the Chinese have rejected “friendship” from the Malays. The concept kongsi kuasa has been severely affected. Let’s pray he is wrong.

But what worries me most is the social media’s role in highlighting lies, half-truths and desecration of decorum and goodwill. Malaysians have become so gullible in believing almost everything in cyberspace.

There were stories about 40,000 Bangladeshis brought in to vote. Outrageous to think that was possible logistically, yet it became a hot subject.

What about blackouts during the counting process? There was no power outage at any counting centre, according to TNB. Even a DAP assemblyman from Ketari slammed social network users for posting that issue at his counting centre. But the story persists. The supposedly indelible ink? That is another story.

Take the case of outstation voters. Responsible Malaysians did come back to their respective towns and villages to vote. In droves. They came from Kuala Lumpur, even Singapore and other places. They were exercising their rights as citizens.

In some areas, they even affected the outcome. Yet, stories about phantom voters persisted. Ironically, in places where BN candidates won, the issue surfaced.

Teresa Kok won by a majority of 51,552 votes, the highest ever in the history of Malaysian election, yet no one is blaming phantom voters from China, Singapore or elsewhere. She is quietly enjoying her good fortune.

Social media is supposed to make us more mature politically. We are supposed to be more informed. Yet, it has become a tool to divide and to hate.

Rumour mongers and racial provocateurs were given a free hand. Social media is a double-edged sword that enlivens out lives and, at the same time, in the wrong hands, destroys those values that we have hold dear for so long.

 DAP and Pas while making the usual noises accepted the verdict of the people. In fact, Lim Guan Eng and Datuk Ahmad Yakob were sworn in quickly as Chief Minister of Penang and Menteri Besar of Kelantan respectively. The one complaining the most is understandably Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

PKR did not fare too well this time. And more importantly, he failed to be the Prime Minister, an obsession that has inflicted him since he joined politics. As for resigning if he fails to head the government, as he promised, oh, that can wait.

  He wants to galvanise his troops to cast aspersion on the election process. Luckily he won, albeit a much reduced majority at Permatang Pauh. He did not raise a finger about discrepancies there though. Had he lost, he would have shown busloads of phantom voters from Thailand.

 I thought the election is over. The people have decided. This is about time to move on with our lives. Shall we say, enough politics for a while? There are unfinished work to be done. Together, we must make this place a better one.  Calm down! We are Malaysians!

 Heed the PM when he talks about reconciliation. We cannot have it any other way. This is a multiracial country and diversity is not only our trademark but our strength. He is after all the prime minister of all people, not just BN supporters. National unity is paramount in his mind. Knowing him, he will reject all calls to be vengeful or to punish anyone. He will stick to his mantra, 1Malaysia: People First, Performance Now.

The people have given him the mandate he wanted to make amends. Trust him.

25 thoughts on “RECONCILIATION, Mr Jaafar?

  1. Sorry Dato Din, I have no respect whatsoever for Johan jaafar, he has sold his soul to the devil of materialistic world, to be known as a person of integrity , my foot, in my short life on this Earth, the things he said of Umno/Bn is like licking on to the honey pot, so come Judgement day, I hope he has a good enough reason to explain to Allah SWT his misdeeds and intentions and may Allah SWT has mercy
    on hi soul coz I ain’t got non, a wanna be and a social climber does not register in my vocab, form where I come from, that’s not even a started, try living from young with the late Sultan of Johore, which I had, no one else scares me, not even the great Mamak, I’ve seen it all, those idiotic Umno/Bn politicians scampering, licking Kebawah Duli’s footsteps. I survived him, and I can survive anyone….Oouch !! and it’s for real.

  2. The PM who talked about reconcilation has continually tried to pin it on one race, meanwhile the level of inclusion his wonderful deputy went to was to help urban malay come into the party, get them to be inclusive, Even today he talked about Dap Chinese Racism and they caused BN Votes. Reconcilation My Foot. There were i regularities, even though not a big fan of protest, i think just filing in election petitions alone would make authorities to treat the case with respect.

    I think BN biggest mantra is cakap tak serupa bikin! They are getting their own back big time

  3. Mr Chairman, Media Prima, reconciliation? Please get your lieutenants and your soldiers in Media Prima to learn ethics in reporting, broadcasting. Then you can write about reconciliation.

  4. Johan Jaafar, haven’t you spare a thought for the fact that while Najib was courting the Chinese, Mahathir was doing his best to sabotage Najib ?. What is Mahathir’s agenda ?.

    Mahathir continued to use Perkasa Ibrahim and Zul Nordin to taunt the Chinese while himself derogating the Chinese everwhere he goes to give his talk.

    To enable a genuine reconciliation, Mahathir has to go, yet get him out of Umno politics. He is the cause of the diaffection for Umno/BN.

    Why would many fence sitters want to vote for Umno when they know that Mahathir is the defacto Maharaja in Umno ?.

  5. Dear Dato Din, your opening comment struck a chord. But will such candid opinion ever be shared and published by the govt controlled media? Will the ‘leaders’ stop being so blatantly hypocritical? Many Chinese will/might grudgingly ‘accept’ and they will die in this land but they will not forget…their wealth with their children will leave this land for sure. This is too sad a topic for a beautiful Sunday. Cest la vie and thank you Sir.

  6. Mr. Jaafar, stop your rantings on reconciliation. Comparative evidences between 2008 and 2013 simply suggest people are unforgiving. In 2008 we lost and we accept and worked hard, very hard for GE13. We accept because our national treasure were not robbed and Pak Lah didn’t bribed like never before though secret ballots boxes have been known to be god-send.

    We cannot reconcile because we have been OVER ROBBED to our bones. What kind of human are we when what is done to us against our will?

    Reconciliation is a doomed effort; go on preaching and watch how people’s power might react. More BRIM will destroy BN. Everything is for Pakatan, popularity cannot be denied regardless of how constituencies are carved.

    The Scots are known to be straight people. During the BritEmpire, those sent out to govern colonies were plentiful of Scots because they were ‘2nd class’ in Britain and so that the English can enjoy in London and England. Well, many Scots bear with the English continuation to divide for retaining Scotland. In the early 80s the Scots tried to separate and some were bought by English. Today, they are again trying in higher dimension and gaining traction after Thatcherism has died. The Scots accepted their weakness in fairness and strive further as they took pride in loosing.

    OTOH had, we fought hard against UNFAIRNESS and you want us to swallow our pride in being robbed. Come on, Jaafar, unplug get your head off the ground.

  7. Hello Johan Jaafar, so whats wrong if its a chinese tsunami? You mean, the chinese cannot choose who they want to support/vote? Its called a democracy, dude. Look it up when you are not so busy ampu-ing your Masters in Umno.

  8. Times again the nons have been openly ostracized,scapegoated,humiliated,abused by the UMNO and it’s bigots.Shameful to hear the PM and his cohorts stoop so low to pin the blame for GE13 outcome on the Chinese.All these are from the years of racism that they have propagated- the art and crafts of racism that they have mastered.Thus all the talks of reconciliation sound empty and hollow to us.Another red herring:-(

  9. I have no respect whatsoever for this Johan (Pengampu ).He is nothing more an “ar..” licker of those in power. He has been licking Badawi and Anuar ” se” when they were in power.

    So what if it is a Chinese Tsunami. It least it shows that the Chinese cannot be easily fooled by his TV3, TV9 and Straits Times.

  10. They want reconciliation BUT their first condition is for the other side to accept a lie or a wrong on their part. Its not reconciliation they seek, its assimiliation and eventual subjugation. Its remarkable how they are unshaken about the fundamental flaws of their old ways..

  11. Its hypocrites and balls lickers like Johan Jaafar who help prop up racist PMs in Malaysia. Even people like Rocky Bru of Malay Mail is the same. This morning, he was pointed out by a twitterer @LittleHantu as a racist for helping fan the flame that a twit in Chinese shows the person is ra-alif-sin-ya-sin. Really sad to see such so-called editors in such low-down roles just to try to keep their lucrative positions in the media! Does that mean, Dato Din, twitter accounts esp like US Embassy KL and US Embassy Singapore and US Embassy Jakarta are racists as well because these twitter accounts twi in English, Malay, Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia!

    We must rid our system of people like Johan Jaafar and Athiruddin Atan (Rocky Bru) of such racists themselves!

  12. Reconciliation? Haha.. betul, betul. Kaki botol ni! Hangat la.

    These spinners are Drunk on Jibs enormously expensive ‘wooing’ which ended up with a radish shafted down their nether os – without lubricant. First was the physical shock, reflexive screams and petulant blame game. But the discomfort remains and the reality of intractable constipation and bloating persists. Psychologically traumatic. So now the mewing of ‘reconciliation’ while the symptoms get worse. Drunken suggestive prose and pleabings take over.

    Perhaps, we should sum up the FUBAR as an UMNO SNAFU in Hegelian terms. But then the weather is too hot and humid. The CO2 levels have reached 0.4% of the atmospheric content, and global warming is now a reality. No politics you say?

  13. Oh, btw, a small step for the goons is to stop the harassment, persecution and prosecution of their detractors. No One is talking about an Arab Spring or violent demonstrations.- unless the goons provoke it. What we have is a ‘Malaysian Swing- – it’s a new dance phenomenon which require judicial appeal. The Opposition doesn’t expect much to come outta it, but heck the youngsters are gonna have lotsa fun.

    Btw, didja hear the lap-dog lackey high comm is Singapore was incensed that the Ombak Hitam broke in Authoritarian Singapore? As a diplomatic representative of the country – who is supposed to help Malaysians, doesn’t he realize that he should instead ease their travails? What crap is this? UMNO is not Malaysia la.. Like that also tak faham..! KJ-SIL, put your mulut into good use – do something about it!

  14. Let us leave the words “reconciliation” and “healing” aside. friends. What the country needs (and needed right after 2008) is a proper voice for PR in sharing the running of our affairs at the national level…. because they have half the country’s popular vote. To give them a voice would be a reaffirmation of our founding formula of sharing political power.

    If political power is shared fairly, reconciliation and healing can and will follow. It might even be the start of a new form of our original Alliance system.

    Despite the sometimes crazy pre-election frenzy, we have kept our peace… that’s a big plus.

  15. What a piece of self-serving shit!!!
    Nobody and that includes all non-UMNO people owes UMNO a living.
    Have Putusan heard of Meritocracy? It is very clear UMNO did not perform, not fit to govern and rule, not fit to handle the finance of this country, not fit to administer. It gets only 49% of popular vote, yet it end up with 133/222 seats. The results show that BN should rule only East Malaysia while Pakatan should be ruling Peninsula Malaysia.
    The day we reconcile- whatever that means is the day UMNO vanishes from this earth!!!

  16. Dato, why is that you Muslims must always wish all wrong doers be punished in the next world.Can’t God punish people like Najib,Mahafiraun and the likes in this world itself? We the rakyaat would jump in joy if God does that.
    We would not know if God really punishes them in the next world.What if God forgives them without a single punishment.Just curious !

  17. CNN breaking News……Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheik Hasina said that she is not worried if she is forced to step down for being responsible for the tragedy of the factory that collapsed in Bangladesh killing more than 500 people. Even if they expel me from the country, I am still not worried. She alleged that she can migrate to Malaysia, a friendly country to Muslims and easily get the citizenship there for many of her supporters working in Malaysia already got it. “Insya Allah, I will contest for premiership of Malaysia in 2018 and I am sure the 2 million Malaysian Bangladeshi will vote for me.”

  18. Did we forget “i help you, you help me,” made famous by none other than our dear PM. So, would we forget this, Chinese the ungrateful? No.

  19. You call receiving only 48% of the popular votes a mandate from the people? Is blaming the ‘Chinese Tsunami’ for BN’s losses an act of reconcilliation? How twisted can you be?? The result of this election sends a message to BN that the rakyat do not accept corruption, racism and an outright rejection of the mamak kutty and his poisonous rantings. Perhaps if the elections has been as clean as it could have been, PR would be in Putrajaya now!!
    But all is not lost. Those who felt they lost unfairly, seek recourse peacefully. Do not waste time organizing rallies all over the country. Let’s get down to work for a better Malaysia for all Malaysians. There’s always a GE14. Malaysia Boleh! Rakyat Hidup!

  20. Whatever people say. Good governance , transparency, and accountability. Were the main reasons for the swing to pakatan. Utusan and umno analyst must know that BN only got 30pc of indian votes a lot of Malay votes went to pakatan . The Umno supporters must stop the double talk. MIC, MCA, n Gerakan must talk sense to the people a lot voters a huge no people feel very embarrass when they open their mouth.

  21. Mr J,
    I haven’t found the most appropriate word to describe ppl like you as a category, but you are pathetic. In reality Chinese voting trends are no longer abt race. Millions of us wl not vote MCA – why? Bcos MCA is Chinese? Dunno whether to laugh or to scream. You, umno, mca, think the general pop. are fools, braindead – don’t u see ppl are waking up like never before?
    How do u propose we reconcile (whatever that specifically means) when serious ongoing corruption is not addressed or nipped in the bud? There is no sincere effort to attack corruption. Umno-bn will NEVER address this issue – how could a serial thief admit he is a criminal & allocute to decades of extortion, robbery & stealing?
    If we want to go at length into detail abt what is wrong in this country, it would take a billion words, but if u r blind to reality, it’s just too bad.
    Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise Anwar doesn’t become PM – he has no idea how much cleaning up there is to tackle. Clean-up ICAC style is dangerous & those involved would need 24-hour protection by armed guards, incl. their families. Maybe we wl live to see this country deteriorate to the point where destruction is complete and irreversible. Did u see the thousands of foreigners in our towns & cities? Why do you turn a blind eye to this? Bn-umno is turning Msia into a dumping ground by importing these 3rd world poverty-stricken populace & giving them ICs.
    After 55 yrs, we still don’t enjoy clean tap water, our streets & longkangs are filthy, clogged & dusty, the same potholes I saw in the early 80s are still there, but bigger.
    Don’t pin these infrastructure problems on Pakatan R, all infra budget are at federal level, not state. Writing this is a sheer waste of time. I wl stop here.

  22. Hey Jo,

    The apple is already shining. So stop polishing it. You have no credibility as a political pundit, let alone one of the calibre that educated, thoughtful Malaysians should take seriously.

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