Racist Ex-Court of Appeal Judge speaks of Malay Backlash

May 12, 2013

Racist Ex-Court of Appeal Judge  speaks of Malay Backlash against the Chinese

by Nigel Aw@http://www.malaysiakini.com

Mohd Noor AbdullahFormer Court of Appeal Judge Mohd Noor Abdullah (left) today warned that the Chinese Malaysians must be prepared for a backlash from the Malay community for their “betrayal” in the recently concluded 13th general election.

“The Chinese betrayal towards the Malay’s hand of friendship – that is true. Because they plotted to seize political power even though they have already have economic power,” he said to raucous applause at a forum in Kuala Lumpur today.

The  forum, titled “GE13 post-mortem: Muslim leadership and survival”, was organised by UiTM Malaysia Alumni Association and Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung and held at the Premiera Hotel.

Mohd Noor said some had defended the Chinese community by saying they were supposedly misled by certain leaders but this was done in order not to hurt their feelings.

“For the Malays, the pantang larang (taboo) is to be betrayed, because when they are betrayed, they will react and when they react, their dendam kesumat tidak tersudah-sudah (wrath will be endless).

“When Malays are betrayed, there is a backlash and the Chinese must bear the consequences of a Malay backlash,” he said.

The constitutional expert said that Malays had thus far been defensive and if they were to go on the offensive, they should demand for the creation of more Malay reserve lands, including in the cities.

“The nice term would be called ‘re-organising society’ but the crude term would be for Malays to emigrate into the cities so that we will own the houses together with others and not only be able to just look at them,” he said.

He added that the Malay reserve lands can be allocated in such a way that would ensure Malay majorities which would be a “green zone” during the next general election.

‘Two-thirds in everything’

He also called for the presence of two-thirds Malay presence in key sectors by ensuring there is 67 percent share for Malays and bumiputera in education, civil services and businesses.

“Arrange it in such away, that from today on, every businesses would have a 67 percent share ready for Malays to be taken up at any time,” he said.

Mohd Noor also called for the abolition of the term “Chinese” and “Indian” which would be replaced by “Malays” and Non-Malays” or “Bumiputera” and “non-Bumiputera”.

“The orang asli are our cousins, the Sabah and Sarawak Bumiputeras are our relatives, everyone else are just our neighbours because they came to menumpang (stay) here before.

“We gave them recognition and protection and eventually citizenship until they became rich,” he said.

However, when approach by reporters later, Mohd Noor appear to soften his stance and said he and other speakers were only conveying the mood of the Malay community.

“There may be a counter-backlash from the Chinese but let us all be sober and try to understand each other’s feelings. Come and sit at the round table and find a solution.

“The law must be implemented tooth and nail and anybody who talks about racial disharmony, creating friction among each other – last time there was ISA – now, charge them because sedition law says anybody who create ill-will among the communities, you can be charged, you can be convicted,” he said.

Currently, Mohd Noor sits on the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) complaints committee and formerly sat on UMNO’s disciplinary committee appeals board.

51 thoughts on “Racist Ex-Court of Appeal Judge speaks of Malay Backlash

  1. How did this guy rise up in the judicial service? I know, by becoming an UMNO sympathiser. He should be questioned by the Police for his racist remarks and then charged for sedition.

  2. This is ex-judge, very sorry Malaysian. Whether what race you are, the court is only entertain umno. Not mca, not mic or gerakan or ppp. Now i understand why every high court case favor PR, will over turn by court of appeal…..shit.

  3. This fella appears to be an ‘escapee’ from Tanjong Rambutan. Let’s not waste time on this seditious maggot.

  4. Did not learn from GE12 in 2008. Still refusing to learn from GE13.

    You cannot govern multi-ethnic and multicultural Malaysia without the support of all the ethnic groups.

    The smarter right-wingers from the “National Council of Professors)” (i.e. pro UMNO Baru-BN professors in the public universities) have urged UMNO Baru to try to win back middle class Malay support. Instead, UMNO Baru-BN continue to spend their time playing racial and racist games.

  5. The minority chinese malaysians are not rejecting the malays; hand of friendship, unless to this ex judge, the malays in PAS , PKR and DAP are deemed to be a lesser malay? How ridiculous can we go? If one needs to say something, please say something that is more logical.

    Everyone has a right to vote whoever appeals to him/her. If people feel so strongly about how the rakyat cast their votes, then take away our rights to vote. I personally have no qualms at all if we do not have any chinese or indian malaysian in the cabinet/government or civil service.

  6. Nutty UMNO judge who got to the Appeal Court by being an ampu bodek. How can he make such statement! The Police should question him. No comment so far from the Malaysian Bar Council.

  7. Send a shrink from Harley Street to examine the inner workings of this idiotic former Appeal Court Judge’s mind. Tak malu punya orang. Mr Bean, do you have someone in Harlem who can treat this UMNO mad cap? Lok1, this is a real oouch!

  8. Shallow and ignorant thinking coming from a “judicial” officer. Now we know why the judiciary is in the gutter. This goon has tarnished the judiciary and now is trying his hand at the politics of the nation. Mr goon, please get your voting figures right and you will know that you are spewing s..t from your mouth. Suggest that you have a roll of toilet paper roll and use it accordingly, (in your case use a flexible bidet-Malays do not use toilet paper). UMAA ,you must be desperate to invite this clown to speak. No surprise why the MACC is where it is. UMNO is where it is, why? no prizes for guessing.

  9. And all this not from just a judge but chief judge from the court of appeal. And with the intellect of a peasant. And can I say a disciple of Dr Mahathir. Tells you just how low some in the country have come. But here is the challenge not just for the MCA,MIC,Gerakan but also from all the parties in Sabah and Sarawak. Join Anwar Ibrahim, PAS and the DAP now and make for a new Malaysia before these people destroy the country.
    Hey bro. Don’t look down on peasants. Without them, you won’t get your food.–Din Merican

  10. It has been 44 years after 513. It would be so nice if he and Ibrahim Ali and TDM BRING ON this fascist rhetoric for the world to watch. Let the new generation judge for themselves if they want to be part of Malaysia.

    Many who have immigrated would sigh in relief at this utter refusal to grow up.
    The backlash to those who believe in a better political future; How worst can it be from now?

    This definitely exceeds serious sickening.

  11. Here you go, kick me when I am down, and when I recover, ask for my hand in friendship?

    What ever happened to the dignity, pride and humanity in these kind of people? And he is a high ranking judge too. Who is asking me and other Malaysians to wait for another five years?

  12. This is a real shokku. I least expected this from a former Appeal Court Judge. He should apologise to the Malaysian public for his racist comments. Bodoh punya bekas Hakim.

  13. This bullshit ex judge is afraid of criticizing Nik Aziz and Anuar Ibrahim but he only picked on the Chinese. PR has a majority of Malay leaders and supporters. Why is this numbskull picking only on the Chinese who have extended their hands of friendship to another Malay ?.

  14. Exactly the reason why the Chinese voted for PAS. UMNO is Bangsa, Agama & Negara. PAS is for all. I can be a saudara baru anytime i want to but i will never be a Malay! I may even enjoy receiving zakat. What say you Yang Ariff (Bersara)

  15. If he is saying this thinking the Chinese will be fearful and so will support the MCA and Gerakan, oh well, very soon these two will be wiped off the Malaysian political map.

    Anyone notice, the PAS party in the past never preach racism? PAS preach islamic governance and PRACTICED it. Ask any non-Malay in Kelantan. They favor PAS.

    Well, jolly good for BeEnd idiots fascisting racial rhetoric; god-send points to PAS.

    I have much more friends in PAS than BeEnd. The difference between them is like white and black.

  16. This joker was a court interpreter in Negeri Sembilan before he passed his Bar in later life. We were surprised that he got into the judiciary and was elevated to Appeal Court just before he retired to enable him to earn his pension as ex Appeal Ct judge. He is a racist and was a disgrace to the judiciary. Best to ignore him completely.
    No wonder he has the pedestrian mindset. Sorry, I disagree. We have to expose this kind of character.Now the Police must call him up for questioning. He is not above the law and as someone who was a senior judge, he should know that he can be charged for sedition.–Din Merican

  17. No need to wonder anymore why our judiciary is in the state that it is. With such a blackhearted and evil-thinking person on the Bench before, forget about justice for the oppressed. Add on our present like-thinking AG and MACC, God help Malaysia!

  18. Currently, Mohd Noor shits on the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) complaints committee and formerly shat on UMNO’s disciplinary committee appeals board. no wonder malaysian politics stinks sky high.

    I also join the call of Bernard Phillips;- MCA, MIC, Gerakan and all the parties in East Malaysia, join Anwar Ibrahim and bring down umNO now. put umNo out of misery, let it have a quick death. the sooner the better.
    if we give them time until GE14 there would be nothing more to save in Malaysia.

    indelible ink – the marker pen ink described as permanent is indelible in the same way as described by the voters. this ‘indelible ink’ is sold in small bottles for filling up rubber-stamp pads. this has cost the taxpayers 10million RM?? daylight robbery!

    you can fool some people sometimes
    but you can’t fool all the people all the time……

  19. Of course it was a Chinese tsunami rejecting the hand of friendship from Umno not the Malays.It appears now only Umno have Malays. Sorry, PAS and PKR Malays you are all no more Malay because the Chinese voted for you. You are replaced by the newly minted Malays – the ex Banglas, ex-Pakistanis, ex Mamaks etc.

  20. Ex-Court of Appeal Judge and now a member of MACC complaints committee?
    Fuyoh.., terror la! I urge the goons take action and send him to Kamunting for sedition or what PRC calls ‘corrective education’. Also close down UiTM for chlorine gas sterilization and sanitation, with all those kangkong ‘morning-glory’ MKA professors locked up inside. The grads from there are hopeless, anyway.

    How many of these fascist-supremacist sickos running around? Plenty. Perhaps we should invite Andres Brevik – the Norwegian sociopath, who shot up Oslo as a consultant to deal with this..

  21. type of judiciary and the judges like him we have mind bogging. Worst still, he sits in MACC. How did such people become judges with such low mentality? Oh My God, please help the nation!

  22. Uncle Din
    How did a mentally disturbed or retarded person could be a Court of Appeal Judge. This must be the work of Lingam with endorsement of devilish Mahathir.
    It think Malaysia is sinking fast.

  23. THE ENTIRE APPEALS COURT HAS BEEN DISCREDITED by Mohd Noor. Mohd Noor statement shows that LONG AGO, the appeals court was DISEASED intellectually and integrity wise..GOD KNOWS HOW MANY JUDGES IN THE APPEALS COURT IS LIKE HIM..

    There should be an RCI on APPEALS COURT to review ALL APPTS to weed out such CORRUPT THINKING. and ALL JUDGES LIKE HIM SHOULD BE FIRED..

  24. We have plenty more of this type of mentally sick moron and devils in PDRM, SPR, IPTA, Public Services emerging in this country after 25 years UMNO Baru- Mahathirs “party setan” that we know.

  25. One day, Najib said, “Chinese tsunami” – a few days later he wants to unite all Msians. Behind the scene, they get his half-past six asswipe to issue a statement to incite racial hatred, then this Jaafar guy from nst suggests “reconciliation”, concurrently, that Maidin fler offered DAP to join BN, over the Main Range, this PAS fler talked abt PAS joining Umno, you see what Umno is doing? This is a psychological game on the masses, screwing with your state of mind.

  26. Dear Datuk

    How did this guy become an Appeals Court judge in the past? It is my sincere hope that he belongs to a (tiny) minority. God save the country!

    Search me! Only in Malaysia where some of our judges are idiots like this fella. How to be a developed country when our intellectual capital is of low quality.–Din Merican

  27. “The law must be implemented tooth and nail “…..
    Kind of a mixed metaphor, isn’t it? You can talk of “fighting tooth and nail”. Perhaps what he meant was, the law should be implemented without fear or favour .
    “…and anybody who talks about racial disharmony, creating friction among each other – last time there was ISA – now, charge them because sedition law says anybody who create ill-will among the communities, you can be charged, you can be convicted,”
    Was he referring to himself? Is this what the psychologists call “projection” i.e. you see in the other the defect that lies within you.
    Someone said that UMNO is ” the disease that pretends to be the cure for itself”
    We live in interesting times.

  28. Thinking further about this Judge, the use of ” law must be implemented tooth and nail” suggests that he thinks of our legal system as a weapon, to clobber opponents of, in this case, BN/UMNO. Isn’t this most unbecoming of an Appeals Court Judge, whom we are bound to honour and show deference to? Isn’t any Judge or Magistrate supposed to display absolute detachment and impartiality in determining the merit or otherwise of every case that came before them? Not this kind of bigoted, racist, practically frothing in the mouth frenzy by a very senior Judge. In an ideal world, he would be subjected to due process of law in facing a charge of sedition. If found guilty, he would be punished,at least a non-custodial sentence and his pension rights revoked. Imagine the full weight of a Tribunal held in 1988 for the suspended 6 Judges of the infamous Salleh Abas case who had merely written a letter to DYMM about his concern. It took 16 years for Abdullah Badawi to restore their pensions and make some restitution. But we do not as yet, live inn ideal world.We’re getting there, bit by bit, thank God.

  29. Mohd Noor Abdullah was a learned judge in the Court of Appeal.

    After leaving the judiciary, he turned back into one of those ‘confused Malays’ which Perkasa and JAKIM always alluded to.

  30. Loner @ 9:14pm.
    It’s not they are playing a psychological game. It’s just that they are thoroughly confused, bewildered and terrified. So for now, the fascist-racist-supremacist worms are crawling out baying for blood, while the moderates, who have some gray matter and smarts are trying to make placating noises. They have lost the moral and ethical legitimacy to rule, especially in the peninsula.

    Jibs, the Lembek, is ‘straddling’ the breach as his deputy gravitates to the former Octo-ists (sacred Nazi-Malay supremacy) – while KJ Jantan remains with Dopey’s Hadhari herd. It’s gonna be a wild ride, and is what Anwar, Kit and Hadi had predicted. That’s why the added pressure, to facilitate implosion.

    Jibs is having a tremendous headache (sans hard-on) trying to cobble together the Cabinet. Bikmama is telling the rest to eat cake!

  31. Dear Din,

    If this is the mentality of an Ex Learned Judge what hopes do Malaysia have?

    He incites racial hatred playing to the audience and back paddles out of focus of the audience. Aren’t his words seditious in his own words?? And if he sits on the MACC Complaints Committee, what does it tell us of the MACC?

    I pray his softening stance is his true psychic or we will All plunge into medieval times.

    A Malaysian.

    Sent from my iPad

  32. What learned Judge. By the way he present himself its as if he got his law degree through dubious means. No learned and right thinking judge would have such a skewed view on race issue in Malaysia.
    Only in Malaysia we get such a judge. –Din Merican

  33. Dear Din,   I think this judge is STUPID to say the Chinese betrayal to the Malay hands of friendship. He got the same mentality as Mahathir.   First, this silly Judge must respect the right of choice by voters by LAW Must the Chinese vote for UMNO/MCA/MIC? Why can’t the Chinese vote for PAS/PKR/DAP??? UMNO-led BN does NOT have monopoly to power.   The Chinese (24%) cannot bring about CHANGE if the Malays (60%) do not want. There are all kinds of Malays. UMNO does not represent all the Malays. PAS and PKR also represent the Malays, just as MCA, DAP, SUPP, GERAKAN etc represent the Chinese The Chinese prefer the Malay hands of friendship from PAS and PKR UMNO soldiers had killed Chinese on May 13, 1969. PAS has not killed the Chinese. The STAR daily publication of PAS Islamic views by MCA did NOT work.   Under Mahathir as PM for 22 years, UMNO had intimidated & humiliated other races/religions. Who wants to vote for you if you threaten them??? Blame yourself for your racist ideas & big mouth Mahathir is the Father of All Racism (Mohamad Nazri Abdul Aziz) No wonder many including the Malays have ask Mahathir to get lost.   I wonder if Mohd Noor Abdullah is a FAIR JUDGE. He may be an UMNO JUDGE. He show his stupidity by opening his big mouth.   Let me educate this Judge Putrajaya has about 15,000 voters & Kapar has about 144,000 voters.Is this a FAIR Election? EC can create 10 seats in Kapar by taking Putrajaya (Admin Capital) as the standard. To form the government, one must get 112 Parliament seats out of the total 222. One can be in power by winning the 112 of least voters constituencies & the % of voters needed to win power is only 36%. To have legitimacy, one must have at least 50%.   Quotation by H. C. Chan “Unfair laws are a form of Tyranny”  I now realise that Malaysia has stupid Judges who will decide some of the major issues in the country. Did Mohd Noor Abdullah get share options, license, cheap land, timber concessions, directorship of PLC, awards like Dato/Tan Sri???   Please e mail to this Judge and I will like to meet him for a discussion.   Robert Chan     Criticisms welcome  


  34. Did the learned judge unlearn everything since retirement?

    Did he miss the Datoship or was this an editorial error?

    Anyway methinks he has brought more unnecessary discredit to a community already besieged by lots of unsavoury opinions and comments.

    Sad, very sad as we face the encroaching darkness at noon.

  35. Shocking!
    Idiots like this an ex Apellate Court judge!
    God help us.
    The urbanites of ALL races rejected BN.
    I think PAS were cheated a lot of seats.
    It is not true that the Malay vote have ‘returned’ to UMNO.

  36. To suggest the abolition of Chinese and Indians and calling them non-malays is like calling all women non-men. Isn’t it silly? Using the USA as an example, when somebody from the powerful majority makes comments which could be interpreted as racial in content, he has to bear in mind the consequences. Of course, I don’t mean to ask him to stop making assertions according to his belief. If he thinks that the Chinese in Malaysia have got economic power and hence they should be contented and not to gain political power, what kind of nonsense is that. Without political power, wealth and every thing else can be deprived over night. The learned Judge must have had no knowledge of politics.

  37. Does he even realize that he is embarrassing and degrading the Melayus ,and Malaysians in general, with this kind of talk? Perhaps, his position makes him think he is very intellectual!

  38. Well, he’s not the only one there are plenty more in the Police, military and civil service. And not forgetting the EC and MACC. At the rate we are going we’ll be in the pits soon enough. Opps! We’re in there already.

  39. Apa ini Gopal Raj Kumar cakap ah?
    If anybody has read the dissertation, kindly summarize – reeper, the Teutonic non-Nazi – kindly do needful.. Haha, whaddya tell you guys about the Brahmin Sami from Andhra Pradesh?

    The only backlash is the fact that Chinapek were never duped. They don’t care anymore, understand? They’ll survive, as they always have – and they take along those Malays, Indians, Iban, KDM, Orang Asal friends with them, led by a MALAY leadership.

  40. Aiyoo Gopal Raj Kumar, don’t be a bigot. Please remove the blinkers from your eyes. CLF is right, the Chinese are basically survivors. I believe it is YOU who believe that the Chinese are superior to the Indians and you’re just plain envious of this. If you believe that the Chinese are superior, it’s only because they work hard for their money and for their little luxuries. They don’t think in terms of racial superiority.

    This election is all about getting rid of a bad government. If you don’t know this, then it’s about time you woke up from your sleep, Rip van Winkle!!

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