GE-13 Results: Obama Administration gets Petition from Malaysians

May 12, 2013

GE-13 Results: Obama Administration gets Petition from Malaysians


Malaysians have complained to the White House’s online petition site about election fraud in Election 2013, drawing more than 222,000 signatures within a week to become the site’s second-most popular issue, according to the Associated Press.

Obama and NajibUS President Barack Obama’s online petition page requires just 100,000 signatures for an official government response. According to AP, the Obama administration’s “We the People” site was started in 2011 as a project in open government for the Internet age.

Though clearly intended for US citizens, the guidelines on gathering online signatories remain broad enough to hearten activists overseas who — frustrated with their own governments — hope to raise the international profile of their cases, according to AP.

The site does not ask for one’s nationality.Individuals only need to be 13 or older and have a verified email address to create an account to initiate a petition or sign one.

The White House has said it will give equal treatment to petitions from overseas.The US government has not yet responded to the Malaysian petition.

Any hopes for US condemnation of the election results evaporated this week when the U.S. State Department recognized the polling results, while acknowledging allegations of irregularities, according to AP.

The petition “spoke out the dissatisfactions to the international communities successfully,” virologist and the petition’s apparent organizer, Kuan Ping Ang, said on her Facebook page as reported by AP.

Barisan Nasional (BN) won last week’s polls but lost the popular vote stakes to Pakatan Rakyat (PR).BN won just under 47 per cent of the votes while PR parties scored over half of all votes.

Malaysians protest over GE13 results in Kelana Jaya

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and PR parties have organised two mammoth rallies – in Petaling Jaya and Penang – this week to protest the election results which they claimed was rigged.

PR parties have complained about irregular voting patterns, suspicious handling of ballot boxes and other issues with both DAP and PAS mulling election petitions to contest the results. PR officials say they are disputing up to 29 election results and the rallies, which began in Selangor last Wednesday, is set to continue with the next one in Perak today.

13 thoughts on “GE-13 Results: Obama Administration gets Petition from Malaysians

  1. In the first hr of that petition, 100k signed on 6May
    A month before 55, a few institutes of Asian studies in PRC started serious mining GE13 progress for Msia has few huge loan from PRC and few mega deals not forgetting PRC has gotten investment deeper into Indonesia. The >500s of Msian dual operating in Msia and PRC will think thrice in favor of relocating to Vietnam and Indonesia.

    After the petition to WHse, the increased racial ranting is truly in favor of Pakatan. What more can Pakatan ask when BeEnd shows its true color.

    Well done BeEnd, keep your ranting coming on. Truly it affirms your ultra ability to contradict.

  2. Who is not frustrated. 53% Malaysian are. To think that it will another five years of “Business as usual” as far as Umno Baru is concerned. Indeed indications so far shows the next five years will be far worse.
    Can any sane Malaysian bear another 5 years of:
    – rampant looting of national coffers by corrupt BN politicians, public servants.
    – worsening racial polarisation .
    – continue to deterioration of educational instituion
    – PDRM remaining as a bully and UMNO watch dog
    – SPR continued to be manned by fraudsters
    – Corrupt judiciary and AG
    – escalating crime and deterioration of public safety
    – piling up national debts
    – escalating cost of living and taxes.
    – continuing insult by BN media- STAR, Utusan Meloya, TV3 Suku

  3. Do not waste your time. The US cannot and will not help us because we do not have strategic value to them. We know what is wrong. Our institutions of government have ben emasculated and we should fix that first before investing more money into our future.

  4. Why didn’t this low grader just propagate every non bumi household to also now give up 60% of their home to those forever handicapped no shame bumi like himself? Oh, my business? Give 60% to lazy no shame bumi like this so called hakim? Ever heard of scorched earth?

  5. I do accept as true with all of the ideas you have introduced on your post. They are very convincing and will certainly work.
    Nonetheless, the posts are very brief for newbies. May just you please lengthen them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.

  6. Beijing and Shanghai have the safest main streets in the world (IMHO), You might now see the cops but they see you through CCTV hidden inside traffic lights. Now you can imagine why cops are all over within 5 minutes of an accident (along main roads and not the back lane which are lined with dubious KTV and what naughts happening away from good sights). No muggers are said to patronize main streets at night as CCTV are infra-red.

    Since owning an amateur BB rifle is a crime. unsaid reportings of catapult shots have been reported to flick off glassy buildings’ windows. Such are protest of presumably young people. As the saying goes People Who Lives In Glass Buildings Must Behave. Hail stones shower in cluster, not singular. Just wait for catapults with better velocity to crack them windows; most which are quite deep away from the fences.

    Signs of youth frustration?

  7. The Obama administration won’t give out any response until the political division of the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur completed its investigation and advise the white House what to do. Another channel for Malaysians to vent their frustation is to write to the Foreign Relations Committees of the US Senate and Congress respectively. However, in the final analysis, there is not much the US government will or can do for Malaysia. Malaysia is so far freindly to the USA, despite Dr. Mahatir made some anti-American comments which could be irritating and not damaging. Malaysia is still on the friendly list of foreign countries which the USA could not afford to criticize in the open.

  8. At the end of the day, we remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends! – Martin Luther King Jr

    President Obama, VP Al Gore or Ambassador John Mallott, they are friends of Malaysia. And as Mr Martin Luther King Jr had correctly put it in perspective more than 6 decades ago, these people will remain silent!

  9. Frankie,

    Your words are marked.
    OTOH, some American channels might take up this cause i.e. Human Rights and so Bersih 4.0 must take off. If not, some countries might just thumb their nose to invalidate America’s differentiation democracy policies.

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