UMNO needs comprehensive and radial transformation, says Muhyiddin

May 11, 2013

UMNO needs comprehensive and radial transformation, says Muhyiddin

by Bernama

MuhyiddinUMNO needs to undergo a more comprehensive and radical political transformation process in the face of rising challenges over the years, said UMNO Deputy President Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

He said for UMNO to become a more dynamic, inclusive, visionary and sacred Malay-Muslim political party, it should be more universal in its struggle without forgetting the objectives of its establishment.

Hence, he said middle class and young Malays whose outlook and thoughts were different from that of the earlier generation, who laid the foundation and shaped UMNO’s direction, should be reached and engaged.

“The middle class Malays, who are urban dwellers, are the pillar of UMNO’s new strength. By getting closer to them, the party will get an injection of new spirit and ideas to further strengthen its struggle through the passage of time,” he said in a message in conjunction with UMNO’s 67th anniversary celebration here, tonight.

Muhyiddin said to ensure that the rejuvenation process in UMNO would evolve faster, more opportunities should be provided to the younger generation, professionals and middle class Malays to be more active in the party.

He said not only their entry into UMNO should be welcomed, they should also be prepared for bigger roles and eventually lead the party in future.

Muhyiddin also stressed the need for Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties to spearhead a larger process of change to ensure they were accepted by all races in the country.

“They need to be more sensitive in building a more cohesive party and strategic cooperation with UMNO to ensure that the BN would get stronger support from the people.”

As BN Director of Election, Muhyiddin registered his appreciation to all BN machinery and party supporters, who worked tirelessly to ensure UMNO and BN’s victory in the just concluded 13th general election (GE13).

Muhyiddin said the next five years before the 14th general election would be crucial for UMNO to determine its survival as a sacred Malay party.

“In this short space of time, each level of the UMNO leadership at the national, state, divisions and branches have to do self-reflection and take corrective actions to ensure that UMNO will continue to uphold its struggle to protect the religion, people and our beloved country,” he said.

He also urged UMNO members to remain loyal to and support Najib to enable him to lead the country and the party. – Bernama

16 thoughts on “UMNO needs comprehensive and radial transformation, says Muhyiddin

  1. Look who is talking. He personally needs to transform himself from ” Malay First Malaysian Second” to “I am Malaysian”. If he can’t do that, he should just keep quiet. Nobody will support a loser like Najib who lost GE-13 if not for massive cheating with the connivance of the Election Commission.

  2. What’s this about a “sacred Malay party”?
    Is this blabbering, poor translation, speaking in tongues or a neologism (see wiki)? Like Mampusia. More ammunition for the non-UMNO Islamist!
    The flur truly hasn’t figured out what most middle-class, urbanized, well-informed voters want.. True agrarian, peasant mentality la. Their current meme is: “Takkan UMNO hilang didunia..”

  3. Betw devil and deep blue sea; do we have a choice when najib gets the boot?

    YES we have a choice. Nullify GE13. Keep going to court non-stop. What reconciliation do we want? BN robbed our rights and want us to say ok next time dont do again? SORRY man. No forgive No forget No reconciliation !

    Muhidin talk rots. wants to buy sympathy for he knows Najib will be booted. He is Team B man….. Muhidin-Mukriz.

  4. He is 65. He cannot wait for another 5yrs for BN to fall.
    He has to see Najib out asap so he can at least be PM one term and then declare ill health. Guess who will be DPM when he becomes PM?
    The Mahathir machinery is working overtime inside UMNO Baru now to stage Najib’s fall and along and along with Najib would be the Khairy chap who upstaged Mukrize and sad to say Hisham has to pack and few others.
    This is the vision flashing across my mind. Of course it might be wrong vision.

  5. How is the BN govt. going to function when they are going to take the 5 years to revamp the umno party ? It will be status quo for the country which is liable to be bankrupt, soon.

  6. For once this guy talks sensibly.But that comprehensive and radical change must include the removal of top most 5 Umno leaders namely Najib,Mahyuddin,Zahid,Hishamuddin and Shafie Afdal.Short of that Umno will just remain the same.

  7. “He said for UMNO to become a more dynamic, inclusive, visionary and sacred Malay-Muslim political party, it should be more universal in its struggle without forgetting the objectives of its establishment”

    How can you be universal if you are fighting for a specific group? I don’t think moo understand what “inclusive” means.

  8. This is a Bernama edited piece. It would be more useful to read the full text.

    Muhiyiddin, despite his right-wing leaning, is not an idiot having climbed this high in UMNO from backwaters of Johor. He clearly knows UMNO’s symptoms and what the result UMNO wants to see.

    In managing his portfolio, he has shown the same ability to talk the talk BUT he can’t walk the walk. In Education, in Trade & Industry, in Agriculture, he has always been able to say what UMNO constituent want to hear BUT when it comes to execution, HE ALWAYS FALL QUITE SHORT.

    Muhiyiddin team are savy political operators, not national policy heros. All this talk is about going for the top job. Not actually making the fundamental changes. Its about at best marginal change in order to get that job…

  9. The GE was fraudulent and the government illegitimate. UMNO is now ruling Malaysia with guns. No different from communists and fascists. It doesn’t matter who heads UMNO and what sweet little nothings he says. Until the rule of law is reestablished in this country, UMNO has absolutely no incentive to reform.

  10. Reconciliation does mean anything to Malaysians when actions and change of mentality are not the main ingredients in this respect. The crowds in Kelana Jaya stadium and Penang show the strongest support to the opposition and we can expect even bigger Tsunami in the next election if UMNO still holding the old concept of divide and rule attitude. Without equality in the policies and not accepting the trends of what the people aspire today as practised by UMNO , we can expect to see the demise of BN in a short span of time. Another aspect of the results of voters support to the opposition, the high cost of living is another issue that voters have been mumbbling that caused partly in swing of support to the opposition. The failure of 1MALASIA as advocated by Najib does not bear fruits with so much emphasis without being seen by people on a platform. The tawdry results in this election will give more space for other political parties to move up the ladder in the 14th. election.

  11. The Cantonese have a saying for this UMNO Baru fratricide:

    “Kwei tar kwei” —– literally, “ghost beat ghost” (or devil beat devil).

  12. We have seen how much the word “transformation” has been abuse ever since it was introduced to BN by the Bario Medicine man who brought the term from Shell. This car salesman himself has been transformed from a son of a Johore Ustaz to a corrupt UMNO Baru politician who has been “greasing” his way up the rank .

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