Khairy Jamaluddin–The Government Spinner?

May 11, 2013

Khairy Jamaluddin–The Government Spinner?

Racist UmnoUMNO Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin has been given the task of improving the Barisan Nasional (BN) government’s image abroad and his first job was to soft pedal the angry reaction by UMNO politicians towards Malaysian Chinese in the aftermath of GE13.

The government spokesman to the international media also attempted to put some distance between Utusan Malaysia’s rabid anti-Chinese rhetoric and the ruling party, saying that Utusan’s editorial stance does not reflect the views of UMNO’s top leadership.

In an interview with the Singapore Straits Times, Khairy, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s son-in-law, also said that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak will roll out a 100-day programme to speed up existing programmes to reduce crime and corruption, and cap the cost of living.

“These are the top three issues that weighed heavily in the urban swing,” he said, adding that Najib will continue to improve the public sector and economy, and expand civil liberties.

Following BN’s poor performance in the polls, where it lost the popular vote for the first time and where it failed to regain the economic powerhouses of Selangor and Penang, many UMNO politicians lashed at the Chinese for voting in large numbers for the Opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

The Chinese were called ungrateful and gullible while Najib and other BN politicians dismissed the idea of a rural-urban divide.

BN only won 133 of the 222 federal seats, down from 140 when AbdullahNajib helmed the coalition in the 2008 elections. This time around, it also lost 31 more state seats across 12 states although the coalition got back Kedah.

Khairy said that Najib was not blaming the Chinese. “He was stating a fact that many Chinese voted against us but he did tell the BN MPs that we are not to blame any community,” he said.

In the longer term, Khairy said, the government will set up a National Unity Consultative Council to work on issues like education without affecting the status of vernacular schools.

Most analysts have come out to say the rural-urban divide was a major factor in the BN vote slide, with a major swing among the multiracial urban and middle-class electorate against the ruling coalition.

“There were differences between the low-income and the middle-income areas, as well as between the urban and rural areas,” pollster Merdeka Center’s chief Ibrahim Suffian said.Ibrahim also said that several constituencies had shown marginal BN victories that reflected a tight competition between BN and PR.

32 thoughts on “Khairy Jamaluddin–The Government Spinner?

  1. My gosh, never come across anyone offering himself to be given a cabinet post. No doubt he is an intelligent guy but first he must clean his own party and change its mindset and try to reduce money politics within. Any way he was reprimanded by its own disciplinary panel 3 years back. And what did he do when his father in law was PM? It is a bit too late now to be a savior or its spokesperson unless he is trying now to manoeuvre into the good books of PM. It is better he leads a revolt to rid of the corrupted leaders who are aplenty.

  2. so here lies a born again glibber…a ministerial post perhaps this time soninlaw? your 1pm naj1s, instead of backpedalling and have soninlaw ‘covering’ him, just announce whatever and be anak jantan about it…and krishame, repent or the next crash might be from 10,000ft! (sympathies only to the poor crew).

  3. UMNO (must be with agreement of the big bos) showed the May 13 film to selected Malay audience (even students in Universities) to incite hatred while kicking out the press. Immediately after 508 GE13, Utusan blasted Chinese tsunami (despite evidence to show otherwise), and the UMNO big boss supported the view of Utusan. Now the PM wants to PM of all races (inc the Chinese). As Usual, UMNO spat on you, then they behave as if nothing has happened.

  4. Sorry for going off on a tangent but that old crow, Tengku Aziz has been extreemly quiet. Wonder what he will come out with?

  5. Remember that people’s power caused Marcos to fall hard.
    Khairy cannot, dare not and has no capacity to answer Three Ultra High Value Questions to the people.

    1. What has been done to the HUGE money leaked from the system by inflated mega projects, mega procurement, mega splashing in GE13
    2. How has those money returned to the people
    3. When will the return happen?

    Ask Khairy to have an open live telecast forum with the learned people and not with the rural folks.

    Khairy will ‘die’ with no answer and make Najib look bad. Already he has no post in the cabinet.
    This is how Najib will spent this pawn having seen him won big in N.S.


  6. Fast fwd. All effort can speed up reconciliation effort as no answers can appease the people’s Three Ultra High Value Questions.

    Khairy being Pak Lah SIL cannot answer why Pak Lah comparative ‘cleanliness’ without splashing people’s money can secure more seats….yet Pak Lah has to go.

    Bet Pak Lah is sniggering to himself for TDM blaring refers: Only ONE way out that Najib must be replaced to quench people’s anger. Najib falls, Hisham goes along. 2 birds fall with 1 stone.

    All these natural progression fall into TDM agenda like god send.

    The rest, we can imagine: The Muhidin, Mukriz, tag team, then Muhidin health ‘fail’ and the rest is history.

  7. Dato, KJ is young and pliable and he is been distanced by Nagib. Being sidelined he is trying hard to survive in the sludge. Hopefully he gets some breathing space. We are awaiting for some positive good governance. Will BN change or stick to gestaporism. Ala mamak kutty. I see the latter.

  8. One thing you have to give credit to Najib’s administration is that it is very focussed on Public Relations. Only a few days ago, Nazri Aziz talked about changing the public’s perception about UMNO and corruption. Measures that are being considered include changing the name of the coalition ‘Barisan Nasional’; a rebranding exercise without removing the tainted product.

    They cannot even transform themselves, so changing public’s perception is all that they can try to do. Wonder which foreign consultants and how many more hundreds of millions ringgit of tax-payers’ hard-earned money are going down the drain under the newly appointed Chief Spinner.

    Oh yes; which politicians/cronies will get the contract as the local agents for the foreign consultants?

  9. The role is analogous to being the make-up artist in the UMNO/BN movie production. To really make a difference, it has to be in policy. KJ has ASKED to be a Minister this time – the reason being that Mukhriz is now MB in Kedah and no longer a minister.

    KJ is an UMNO/BN ideology believer – not even the original Tunku/Onn vision but Mahathirist. He just differs on the methodology. The problem is that Mahathir see him as a threat to his legacy and does not trust him to be in position of power – just like Razaleigh, Musa Hitam, etc. So he is relegated to providing the packaging not policy.

    So long as Mahathir is alive, KJ will still be relegated to packaging and given that he fundamentally don’t differ that much with Mahathirist on policy, he can’t make substantial change even on the perception..

  10. National Unity Council? What for ? Najib spoke about national reconciliation on ‘winning’ the polls and the next day he gave the signal to bash the Chinese. Now he is PM fior all Malaysians again. They have born-again Christians un the US and we have born-again PMs. Anyone for that ?

  11. what kind of image do they want to project overseas? Overseas observers know just as much as insiders these days because of the internet and social media. No more gimmicks to deceive overseas people.

  12. Typical Malaysian government style. Style over substance. Who cares about what’s going on inside but just keep on feeding feel good news to international media as if they are idiots.

  13. He’s a good candidate as foreign minister. He reminds me of Portillio. We know what happen to Portillio in the 1997 GE

  14. Do not waste money and time to polish you image overseas. They get all their information from their Embassies abroad. We may have to have a Malaysian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

  15. Khairi’s trumpeting has shown up 1 thing! Najib has no one with calibre, no cabinet minister, who can speak up with any credibility! End of UMNO and BN

  16. Weather’s too hot to mow the lawn. Cow-grass growing into the drain..

    Yup KJ-SIL, would make an okay Foreign Minister – at least better than the Nerdy Herdsman – who imagines that Kimanis is a microcosm of the world. WP is so short woefully short of talent (and English), that even an Oxford/LSE grad won’t make much difference. Perhaps, with all the work he has too do, he’ll stop reminiscing about “Dreams of The Fourth Floor.”

    Smart as he claims to be, there are seriously infinitely more Ivy Leaguers and Oxbridge fellas sitting on the opposition benches. Anyway, some of us Baby Boomer UM-ers, are still around – watching and laughing at all of these geniuses stuffing their feet into their oral cavities.

  17. So Khairy has been given the task of buying hugely expensive lipstick for the same pig again. 2008 deja vu.

  18. Next bersih please. People Power. No need to spend people money for people power. Each would tapau. They come voluntarily because they believe in one common cause.

    Only Bersih people can come. Orang kotoh can also come to be cleanse but can they? They are just trojans.

    We are blessed with social networking. Unfortunately the rural folks in EM are like us 50 years ago, buy into GBapa kg politics.

    Its a whole different world and BN still hope time will stand still for their racialist separatism ideologies of divide and rule. Well, its a British legacy handed down to TDM and patronized by MCA, Gerakan and MIC and GE13 saw them falling like flies.

    Khairy is in a loosing corner. He outsted Mukriz and that is remembered by TDM. He has no pos in najib cabinet and hardup for one. Everyone unsure of him and all remembered the KKK of Pak Lah’s time.

    In September 2008, Khairy called for the reversal of the policy, citing that the policy had failed and only caused burden to students.(Wikipedia). An oxford graduate making this recommendation? Shame on Oxford for producing this oxymoron. Instead of devleoping the malays, he wants to lighten their development to the stage whereby only elites rules. Come on, for someone who did high school in Spore and univ in Oxford, this is too shameful,

  19. Khairy is a dirty opportunist in sheep clothing. Just put him with PKR Azmin, he will bleed.

    Khairy strive on ruralistic politics. Come to Selangor, sure mati.

  20. Pls read “Malaysia:Failure of US to subvert the election and installation of proxy regime” .Listen to all views and choose the best. 39:17-18 Al Quran. salam

  21. “Khairy said that Najib was not blaming the Chinese. He was stating a fact that many Chinese voted against us but he did tell the BN MPs that we are not to blame any community,” he said.

    After blaming the Chinese Tsunami in the most blatant racist manner, Najib did not blame the Chinese. Huh?

    New Minister of Spindoctoring, the “richest and most unemployed/unemployable multi-millionaire MP”, BUMNO/SCUMNO Youth Chief KJ has hit the ground running with his new portfolio, after having been put in cold storage by Najib for the last 4 years. The last time Grossemajib pressed the PR Spindoctor button, the Malaysian Taxpayer got whacked for RM159 million – Apco Israel RM100 million, FBC Ltd RM55 million and Josh Trevino RM4 million.

    You can bet that this time around, we will see a new Genius Book of Entry achievement by KJ – probably RM200 million. I mean, is there a cheaper way to make Hitler look like a composite of Mandela and Mother Teresa?

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  23. Anakbangsamalaysia,

    Why don’t you ask Najib to stop “terhegeh2” going to the Americans? Go take some meds for you paranoia.

  24. If young voters are voting PR instead of UMNO, then as head of UMNO youth, why is KJ not held accountable for loss of touch with this segment of the voting population?

  25. Once again Khairy who? Oh anak Jamaluddin Bakar, no wonder. Who the hell he thinks he is? Even his clan members (minagkabaus are clannish) don’t care two hoots about him.
    This is the Khairy that led the demo in front of the US Embassy without full facts and information. Screaming and shouting and now an MP. Guess that’s what it takes to be a BN MP. just like his friend that Bung Guy and the sexist other MP.

  26. Khairy, what can I say, a bigger ass hole than that mamak dato that threw the Proton down the North Pole and pollute it forever, when someone thinks he’s better than us folks than he’s asking to trouble, that Pakcik’s shop selling rice ,well he knows better what ills the country and malay people as a whole, Khairy, with his rhetoric thinks he knows much, actually .nada, Nyet and Ziltch

  27. I remember this Khairy – dio tu oghang Negori kan? Dari Rombau…

    I remember this Khairy – he was the first to jump up in parliament to defend Shahrizat Jalil in the NFC Feedlot scandal! He even went on to give excuses that buying those luxurious condominiums using the money mean for making the country self sufficient in beef was OK and coined the term “an escrow account which is not so much an escrow account” that another Oxford grad MP Tony Pua had to gently put him in his place….

    I remember this Khairy – he was the one who worked hand-in-hand with the UMNO blogger PapagGomo and helped accused the 15-year-old son of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng of molesting a fellow schoolmate who later, from a worldwide internet investigation, was found to be a world chess champion based in HK who has never been to Penang nor knew the poor teenager son of the CM. Kahiry also teased Guan Eng of wanting to turn Kampung Buah Pala to Kampung Buah Dada! Low taste!

    I remember this Khairy – he ended up with shareholding in a comapany ECM Libra and apparently bought the shares with a loan of RM9million from a friendly source… haha!

    I remember this Khairy – he had a football outfit named Maya which many claimed to be named after an actress who was rumored to be a favorite! That actress had to be quickly married off to some mathematics teacher expat el pronto but of course marriage was short lived.

    I remember this Khairy – he called internet savvy people who were not pro establishments berok!

    I remember this Khairy- he offered not to contest in Rembau to defend his MP seat. Now he has won, he has offered to be Minister?

    Khairy – to me, you have no credos!

    Oghang negori kato, satu Malaya pun dah tahu perangai kau tu… buek apo nak cubo bohongkan apo yang sebonarnyo?

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