The Economist on Malaysia’s Election

May 10, 2013

Malaysia’s Election

A dangerous result

After a tainted election victory, Najib Razak needs to show his reformist mettle

17 thoughts on “The Economist on Malaysia’s Election

  1. Nah.., the flur is non-viable. Ketuk also no use. Lu Tolongisms are impossible to eradicate. It’s a life-long addiction.
    What/who-ever he decides to make up the cabinet pun ta jadi..
    Btw, the sepet MCA must stay away from that – lest they be labeled ‘Ter-anjing pelarian’.
    Suggest the Chinapek quota be given to gangsta speaking Tycoons, who own gambling licences. The Indians can take the rest.. Banglas – perhaps the Human Resources.

  2. The first reform he needs to prove is GOVERNANCE; out with CORRUPTION immediately and SHOW to mean it and SHOW it FAST.

    Would he? nah….he’s a Notthingham Univ. Economist, how could he? From Univ Malaya might be better.

  3. Anyone noticed “Better Nation banners” have increase in the web? and more money spend.

    After another BRIM, the situation wont change. Take Penang, happily the people collect and forgot from whom?

    This seemed intentional to educated ra’ayat.
    The ra’ayat had educated themselves by social network power.

    Convincing these days is by ACTION and not PREACHING. Unlike long before, we get bluffed easier, youth these days want to sight JUSTICE and not be preached justice.

  4. “Mr Anwar claims that fraud cost him the election. On May 8th he and followers staged a big protest rally against the result. His claim is almost certainly an exaggeration. Still, the bitterness engendered by the vote will persist. “National reconciliation”, which Mr Najib sees as the way to heal the wounds, looks a way off.”-The Economist.

    How is Najib going to implement his “national reconciliation” if the Opposition and supporters feel that the election was far from clean and fair? Anwar will go back to the people to explain why Pakatan did not get to Putrajaya. He would say to them it is due to massive fraud. So the government public relations machinery must now focus on countering Anwar with facts and figures which are available at the Election Commission website. Will they do that? Yes, using cybertroopers to spam everybody who do not toe the official version.–Din Merican

  5. I beg to differ, Dato.

    Looking at the majority margins for the ‘afflicted’ seats, i don’t think the establishment can actually convince anyOne that it’s free and fair, no matter what data they conjure up. Not when the dull dinners and ceramahs are attended by bunches of non-locals, looking for freebies handed out indiscriminately. Only their most blinkered supporters will believe them.

    You see, the hogwash EC and ‘Bangla’ meme was implanted way before those idiots could finger it. So were the blackout routines and mysterious late ballot boxes out of nowhere. The remain facts. It was particularly damning when everyOne experienced the delibly indelible ink. Nothing.., like experiencing it Oneself. All have been studiously documented by the social media and disseminated at light speed.

    Having lost the Information Battle, the goons will lose the War of Perception – and let’s face it, they also lost the popular vote and are now ruling as the Minority. It’s no longer ‘Ini kali lah!’ It’s ‘Bila lah?!’

  6. I really wonder what he means by National Reconciliation? is this another term recommended by some foreign public relations junkie, at the cost of tax-payers?

    read at least the first sentence here:-
    ”After spending 27 years in prison, on his release Mandela pursued a policy of reconciliation between black and white in South Africa. Many of the apartheid laws were repealed in the early ’90s, but a few of the apartheid era laws are controversially still on the books….”

    if Najib from Nothingham University is contemplating the above form of reconciliation then even Anwar will be happy. BUT FIRST clear and prove that there wasn’t fraud and cheating at spiel in the GE13!

    Economist reports should be taken with a pinch of salt.
    not all that glitters is Gold

  7. It does not help to single out the Chinese to attack. Although they are not bumiputra, they have lived there long enough and sank roots in the country. They and their children and grand children will live there.They should be respected and treated like any other national of the country. You need an opposition party to keep you in check. Try to love them too.

  8. BN can try to disprove Anwar’s argument all they want but if the two clowns at the helm of EC still retain their post, it will just be efforts down the drain.

  9. Dato’,

    You are asking the government’s PR machinery to fight Anwar’s argument with facts and figures from EC’s website. How can they do that if the government is still in a state of denial that it’s not Chinese Tsunami despite being presented with facts and figures from that website itself?
    That’s UMNO problem. Kalau tidak mahu terima kenyataan, itu bukan masa’alah saya.–Din Merican

  10. I will never accept him as the legit Prime Minister of this country – never. I will tolerate for the next 5 years but I will not actively participate in any reconciliation efforts from this illegitimate government – you cheated me and now you want to reconcile – go fly kite.

    I will actively support BERSIH and SUARAM financially and in physical participation and hope to put things right in 5 years…

    Najib can be what he wants to be, I do not recognise him. I can accept a loss if a game is played fair and square but if you cheat me, I don’t have to recognise you as the winner……

  11. I wonder whether Madam Pu (Yingluck Shinawatra ) has won over the urban young Bangkok voters so long after her brother ruled based on the votes of the poor rural voters.
    Anwar & PR have won this election,Economist should know this.

  12. I agree part of the work is in using facts and figures and in part in coming to gather in bipartisan manner, where parliment would be august for all not just one block. Now it still did not win hearts, BN Ran openly a divisive campaign.The red hawks within BN are there probably sharpening their knives. As long as they are around and no remorse is shown for taking this divise stance, where there is hope for Transform. Najib is goner for sure and so is Muyhddin, in fact with M coming in and Anwar using demonstrations , i can also see portending disaster. Cooler heads and need to get in fair play quickly , but i fear the looming disaster

  13. I am surprised the GE voter turn out did not exceed 100%. Perhaps more than 20% did not cast their votes. If there were less ‘absentees’ the statistics could prove that there really were illegitimate voters. In any case the higher than 80% voter turn out was unusually or unnaturally high for any GE.

  14. hello! national reconciliation starts not with a racist blame the chinese statement, from none other than your 1pm himself! why should i help to further prosper this nation govern by crooks in the highest post? and by the way, najib’s fbook popularity came infamously from C4’d Altantuya, unsinkable subs, bighaired fatmama’s rm24mil diamond ring, TBH’s death, caught with pants down with a singer in PD…not an ounce from statesmanship.

  15. Guys & gals,
    There is no way we are going back to business as usual envisaged by najib. He can have any campaign he wants. John Major have had his back to basics campaign. Tony smashed John Major 5 years later. However, is BN going to play clean? Nah! Hence, if there is a crossover to Pakatan, do so now. You have my blessing. But do it clean

    It doesn’t matter anymore.

    It was the outside who hijack Shinawatra’s power when he won it fair & sqaure. That’s the difference

    We will harrass Najib till he mampus. That’s my promise.

    If the Tory’s back to basic campaign can’t save John Major, you think Najib can meh

  16. I read a comment by a Malaysian complaining about Bridget Walsh, a foreign professor from singapore management university reporting on the Malaysian election. The comment’s sole basis is that the professor is a foreigner. How narrow-minded is that Malaysian commentator? He is worse than the Chinese Communists who closed China’s door to the outside world. I hope the rest of you folks are not like that person.

  17. If Malaysian media practice self-censorship, then people within the country would have no choice but to read foreign media to find out what actually is happening in the country. Economist for what is worth is still considered a high quality publication which is widely read and respected in the educated circles.

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