Pakatan Rakyat backs Khalid Ibrahim as Selangor’s Menteri Besar

May 10, 2013

Pakatan backs Khalid Ibrahim as MB, Selangor

by Susan Loone@

Pakatan Rakyat has endorsed Port Klang assemblyperson Abdul Khalid Ibrahim for a second term as the Selangor menteri besar, said PKR Secretary-General Dato’ Saifuddin Nasution Ismail.

saifuddin nasution jelajah merdeka pkr political violence attack 080313He said that in the spirit of consensus, PKR has nominated two individuals amongst its Selangor assemblypersons for the top post to be discussed with its coalition partners PAS and DAP.

“Through PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang and DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng, both parties have agreed for Khalid to be named as the Selangor menteri besar and continue his excellent service in heading the Selangor state government,” Saifuddin (right) said in a statement today.

Earlier today, Selangor PKR chairperson Azmin Ali had expressed disappointment over the nomination process, saying that the party’s top leadership had acted unilaterally and sidelined the state leadership.

Meanwhile, Lim – who is also the Penang Chief Minister – told reporters that he is backing Khalid to be the Menteri Besar because he had led Selangor Pakatan Rakyat to victory with a two-thirds majority in the just concluded general election.

NONEWhen pointed out that he led PKR to a loss of one seat (from 15 to 14) from the previous election, Lim replied that “we are not talking about factional politics”.

Lim was also told about PKR Wanita chief and Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin (left) who asked DAP and PAS not to “interfere” in the issue.

“We are looking at the whole issue in terms of Pakatan Rakyat,” Lim, who is also the DAP secretary-general, said at a press conference at Komtar Walk.

“Let the people decide which is better – Pakatan or factional politics,” he added.

“We will all go into this matter as Pakatan Rakyat, the people voted for Pakatan, not for any individual party,” he stressed.

“The people voted for Team Pakatan, not for Team A or Team B”. DAP and PAS have both sent support letters to the Palace to endorse their support for Khalid.

NONEWithin PKR, its President Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (right) also submitted a letter of endorsement to the Palace without getting the consensus of the party’s Selangor team, which is headed by Gombak MP Azmin Ali.

Azmin, PKR’s Deputy President, has lashed out at practices of “nepotism” within the party over the issue.

Selangor’s delay in swearing in a Menteri Besar – unlike its sister states Penang and Kelantan – sparked controversy that there is a tussle for the position.

16 thoughts on “Pakatan Rakyat backs Khalid Ibrahim as Selangor’s Menteri Besar

  1. I think Azmin is right in what he is suggesting. Let’s not get emotional and start lambasting the poor guy.He is just articulating the fact that the selection of MB should be done by all the Selangor State Assembly men. In all honesty the top guns of the opposition should shut up.This is a process of selection by group of winners who should have a say in their nomination.

    If Azmin is widely supported by all the state assemblypersons of the three parties so be it ‘cos it is their choice and who knows there will be a better team work in place for a better administration. I am not for Azmin and neither am I saying that Khalid is not suitable but he ( Khalid ) has done his contribution and maybe a new change is needed to scale a new height. It may not necessary be Azmin to helm the seat.The top leaders of the three Parties should abstain in voicing their preferences of the MB candidate. What they themselves like not necessarily should be the cup of tea for the Selangor rakyat. If they are so good and correct in their decision we would have already be in Putrajaya.

    We are mindful of the fact that the leaders have years of experience in their engagement of administration and political astuteness but again here we are also talking about having a free and fair unanimous decision in the nomination by a direct involvement “working team” who will be seeing each other in their daily routine activities. These are the people who will be working at ground level and not the party leaders who definitely should not be using their authority to declare their preferences.

    Stop the paternalistic approach and neither it is factional as it is still a process of general consensus. The old wise guy of China- Deng did mention that — irrespective of what color is the cat but as long as it catches the mice , it is a good cat.

    We are all angry with BN Umno – Najib & team for the dirty / dirtiest election but let’s take a breather and think intelligently. Who was the winner in the end?? His detestable schemes and strategies won him the election and a final say!!!!!. What about our opposition leaders? We had 5 years to plan and the partial winning of 2008 Tsunami was a harbinger to what will be the mother of all dirty battles in the 13th General Election.

    We all know and even all the opposition leaders knew about it as it gnaws into their head’s day in day out and even when they are at peace taking a pooh in their safe domain. What did our leaders told us. “Yes it is going to be a very tough and dirty election. Gutter politics eating right into man kind integrity “. Wow!!! Very good foresight and defining analysis.

    You opposition leaders think that you are so good and must have a say in everything then please tell me how in the freaking hell did you guys allow the cheating in the general election to be easily in place. It was a blatant low level cheating. In fact the lamented loss of 30 seats due to cheating makes us all look like idiots. We are not a novice going into the game. Yet we are so engrossed with catching Nepalese ,Bangladeshis, Myanmarese, Pakistanis and Filipinos but we forgot about the simple cheating by Umno BN and their cohorts . Where and what was the uniformed procedure taught to our groun troopers on how to react.Apart from the individual party workers playing their role to educate the public and their small role in policing the voting we also have NGOs constant warning messages of having clean and fair election with ABU team running around telling the rakyat who to vote and what to do.Was it enough?

    We hear our opposition leaders of the three parties voicing out “enough is enough” but do we really understand the word “enough” to have a nation wide procedures for our “ground troops” to help deter and avert the electoral fraud. Looking at all the actions and post election feed backs, it looks we are not capable to even have a simple check mate to the electoral rigging.There was no forthright plans and general consensus from the the three opposition parties to formulate an action plan which shall help to stamp out the cheating and place fear into BN Umno and their partners in crime if they are attemps to do so .

    The opposition took for granted that the people power will overwhelm and negate any cheating but sadly they forgot the basic rules of survival “always be alert and be more than prepared”. Post election actions of going into rally from city to city might help to alert the cause but… ?????? the saying goes that “crying baby gets the milk from the mother” but unfortunately this crying will not stir the step mother (Najib’s Umno).

  2. Tak puas hati buat sidang media. Tak boleh bercakap dengan pihak yang berkenaan sahaja ke? Rakyat Selangor rata-rata mahukan Tan Sri Khalid semula. Zuraida patut belajar dari Lim Guan Eng macam mana nak bercakap dan berfikir sebagai ketua. PKR menang bukan kerana PKR tapi kerana PR. Sedar-sedarlah.

  3. Let’s get one thing straight, we the people of Selangor want Tan Sri Khalid as our MENTERI BESAR ! We did not vote for individual candidates , we voted for PR as an united front ! If Azmin and gang think selfishly of their own power , greed and ego , think again ! We have enough of that from BN ,thank you ! You all messed up Seminyeh and Kota Damansara ! Do I need to say more ?

  4. Time closer rank closer and move on.
    Azmin has equal important role in PKR
    Despite BN playup water issue, why would Selangorians voted for Pakatan? If not for clean corporate governance WHAT THEN?
    Remember BN did all they could under and above wanting to take back Sgor at all cost; Selangorians rejected and among Selangorians are also BN supporters who must have also votes Pakatan for State, IMHO.

  5. Despite long essays, dissertations, tomes (like above) and heck, even novels written about the expectations of the Opposition – it would seem to me, that there is a tinge of anarchism among the most senior of their ranks.

    If the dep prez of the second largest party is seen to dissent against his prez and leaders of the other coalition members, it shows that they ain’t really ready to grow up. If so, he should run against her the next party elections – and he’ll lose his cojones in the process. I just saw the video footage this morning and the body language is like that of a weasel (binturong, perhaps).

    If Azmin was true to himself, the party and displayed some maturity, he should have held this PC without a whole bunch of tough looking Indians lounging at his back, looking incredibly menacing. Cronies?

    Maybe PKR will do better without these hard-core elements and reveal a softer, maternal image? I wonder whether this fella’s majority is gonna get slimmer in future.

  6. It should be TEAM PAKATAN. I think Zuraida is ABSOLUTELY wrong. She is behaving like a TYPICAL UMNO leader than TEAM PAKATAN member. Such stupidity and arrogance will ensure that the people of Selanagor will think twice before they vote for Team Pakatan.

  7. Khalid and Anwar from late Gen X.
    Azmin from early Gen Y
    We are moving into early Gen Z voters; those born into affluent Malaysia, tech savvy and have nothing doing with anything not of social networking. Kampong politics soon evolve to Kampong social networking in Peninsula. EW still much real kampong like.

    Azmin’s from early Gen Y is close to late Gen Y which is more open for amalgamation than their post WW2 and Gen X elders.

    I bet Azmin can champion the amalgamation. If he succeed, then he might take the helm over from Annuar.

  8. Hey PKR, what is the problem? I fail to see why Azmin Ali has to voice out his concerns so publicly. His concerns as reported seem so trivial. Nothing to do with meritocracy, competency, transparencies, etc. but pure and bull shit UMNO-kind politics.
    Talk about the rubbish collection problems, give me a break. If not for the constant sabotage by BN and BN cronies like Syabas and Alam Flora, Selangor would have forge ahead like Usain Bolt.
    Why fault Khalid Ibrahim and his competency? What the rakyat expects is for all of you to back Khalid in his battle against the “evil empire”!!!
    The MB post is not only PKR’s for the asking.

  9. CONGRATULATIONS to Pakatan leaders for making a very good decision to keep Khalid Ibrahim as Menteri Besar of Selangor.

    Khalid Ibrahim maybe more a corporate man and less a politician but he has done extremely well as Menteri Besar of Selangor. Many don’t even think Azmin can polish Khalid’s boots let alone kiss it.

    So lets bury Azmin at the next Keadilan Party elections and give our full backing to Khalid when he faces up with Syabas over the Selangor water matter and other challenges that he may face over the coming years.

    By remaining silent while Azmin was ” wanking ” , Khalid has not only maintained his dignity but also shown his leadership qualities and above all his ra’ayat directed and party focused ” keiklasan ” ( sincerity) . Azmin seems bankrupt of sincerity – an important quality looked for by the Malaysian electorate.

    Azmin seems like a child disappointed because he did not get the toy promised and is showing signs that he is willing to bring down Keadilan and the hopes and aspiration of the Ra’ayat – just because he did not get his toy !

  10. Fairuz,
    What’s there to shut up? PAS got 15 seats, DAP got 15 seats. Hadi Awang & LGE endorsed Khalid as MB. Case close. What’s there to go through the process of getting concensus? Furthermore, Azmin should go home & reflect how he screw up Pakatan chances. Starting with Kedah, NS, Sabah & Sarawak.

  11. Azmin is behaving like Anwar in his early days. Look at Azmins family background and it speaks volume. Power crazy young stalwarts and their backers should realise that they are there because of the Pakatans total strength and not the individual own strength. Stay in line and tow the party line and work hard within the ranks to get the needed recognition.

  12. I am walking in the middle of the road watching from left to right and I totally don’t agree to some elected members of PKR smudging about the issue of Azmin Ali (Vice President of PKR) becoming Menteri Besar of Selangor. Some of us should be sensible in expressing their views who should be the Menteri Besar of Selangor. The fact that that PKR comes under the arm of Pakatan Rakyat and not by any elected assembly member to decide to say ” I want the Selangor Menteri Besar’s post”. By right PKR has “no say” until the final decision unanimoisly adopted by the coalition partners who is more qualified for the post. Other elected assemblymen can’t participate in the selection process. With attitude of such kind, it wil become a time bomb where it will explode with such egoistic behaviour. Coalition partners must watch out those groups that can create chaos and the time will come soon. Transparency, accountability, equality and meritocrity are the main ingredients and hallmark of Pakatan Rakyat.

  13. This is not the first time that Azmin has caused much dissension within PKR. The first time was when Najib said that he wanted Selangor at any cost. Then he went on holiday and on cue there was a rebellion involving Hassan Ali, Choo Wee Keong and Azmin within Pakatan. Azmin criticized Khalid exactly as what he was doing now. This gave the MCCA the license to investigate some Pakatan councillors on weak pretext, and this caused the death of Teo Beng Hock. I hold Azmin for his part in undermining Pakatan and being involved in the conspiracy to blackmail and topple the Selangor government because of his greed for power.

  14. If we can remember correctly, all Selangor MBs are true-bred Selangorians. The Palace is embedded with die-hard tradition. On this point alone, Azmin had better start his grooming for federal; our Sultan is above political appointment.

  15. Okay guys ,here goes, Give me 1 thing that Azmin has done right or successfully for Selangor, just 1 thing, come on anyone??? See, he’ s only manages to make himself an arse hole for saying that Khalid is not good enough, what has he achieved really??? anything significant??? he’s just wants it, big time arse hole who pretends that he can govern Selangor better, better my foot, no track record, no nothing, except that he knows somethings that we don’t about DSAI and has threaten to use it against DSAI, goodluck to him, message to DSAI, throw him out now, at least we cut of the limb that can caused gangerous during GE14, don’t give a damn if he and his cahoots join Umno/Bn, at least we have in Nurul , Rafizi and other smarted PKR MP’s to carry the battle forwards, Azmin is rubbish, PAS & DAP knows it, good riddance to bad rubbish, do it Azmin ,I personnally challenge you to lompat over to where the money is, well at least when GE14 comes, I won’t doubt any of PKR’s contestants anymore, cut out the gangerous limb and be done with it, PKR will recover and will make it a much powerful and honest ally, and I haven’t started on his corruption issues yet, silent but has made him so much money,just check the incoming Highways into P.Jaya and you will see whose hands are in the Jar, don’t be surprise coz it goes right up to the top minus Khalid off course,…Oppps!!!…But true…and Oouch !!! to the makan chili gang.

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