The White House on GE-13

May 9, 2013

The White House on GE-13

Office of the Press Secretary
May 8, 2013

Statement by the Press Secretary on Malaysia’s Elections

The White HouseOn behalf of the President and the people of the United States, we congratulate Prime Minister Najib on his coalition’s victory in Malaysia’s parliamentary elections on Sunday May 5.  We also congratulate the people of Malaysia, who turned out in record numbers to cast their votes, as well as the parties of the opposition coalition on their campaigns, as a vibrant opposition is a foundation of democracy.

We note concerns regarding reported irregularities in the conduct of the election, and believe it is important that Malaysian authorities address concerns that have been raised.  We look forward to the outcome of their investigations.  The United States looks forward to continuing its close cooperation with the government and the people of Malaysia to continue to strengthen democracy, peace, and prosperity in the region.

Mr Press Secretary
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington DC

Who’s going to address the irregularities?

Who’s going to address the irregularities?

Watch this Youtube about what happened on May 8 at Kelana Jaya Stadium, Selangor, Malaysia. Malaysians have shown to the United States and the rest of the world that they are unhappy with the outcome of the Malaysian elections no.13.  Your statement is, therefore, disappointing to say the least.–Din Merican

41 thoughts on “The White House on GE-13

  1. Read this statement between the lines.It mentions “irregularities” and wants the Malaysian authorities to address concerns that had been raised. It is not a complete endorsement of the new Najib administration. But it is too cagey, coming from the champion of freedom and democracy.–Din Merican

  2. Din, I agree with your assessment. Most of the time, the White House and State Department issue pro forma congratulations. But this is noteworthy and unusual, because it mentions the reports of irregularities and calls upon the Malaysia government to investigate and address them, and then report publicly what the outcome is.
    Thanks, Ambassador Malott. I expected more from the Obama administration. Watch the youtube I just posted of the people protest in Kelana Jaya Stadium, Selangor last night. Some 200,000 Malaysians spoke with one voice that they are unhappy with GE-13 election which was rigged by the Election Commission to return Najib and cohort to Putrajaya.–Din Merican

  3. jibby said “don’t worry mr.president and the people of the USA = we will bulldoze all of them under the carpet and inside the closet for dulu, kini dan selamanya will never be recovered? Period! Kapish! Mr. president??

  4. “We look forward to the outcome of their investigations”….. We Malaysians and the whole world is watching the PM’s response !!!

  5. I think it is a fair statement. What do you expect them to say? That there are no concerns whatsoever and they wholeheartedly endorse the new government of Malaysia? Please la.

    From the press statement, it’s clear to me that they recognize and accept the election results. Maybe, just maybe, PKR should too. We need to move on as a nation, quickly.

    Concerns have been raised and they may or may not be valid. Regardless, they need and will be addressed one way or another.

    p.s. In my opinion, we can always read between the lines and see or imagine things that may not even be there.

  6. even if your 1pm naj1b & gang do not address the ‘irregularities’, what is usa gonna do? Send in the calvary? We deserve the 1govt Gerrymandering voted in…

  7. Fmr Ambassador Mallot, here is the opportunity for the US to help Malaysians have a real election, not one bought, not one stolen, and not one that is truly a travesty of the word democracy. The United States prides itself in having true democracy yet pussy foots politically when it comes to Malaysia. The Malaysia that Anwar will bring is one that harmonizes all races irrespective of religion versus one now that is based on bigotry, racism and disrespect for human rights and dignity. Here is a chance for the US to show to Malaysians, that the US can demonstrate true world leadership instead of being hawkish only when there is oil and mineral resources at stake.

  8. 1. Pakatan Rakyat should collect irrefutable evidence that the election was stolen and present it to major entities such as the US government and the European Union.

    2. Then the foreign entities should exert pressure on this illegitimate government for a new General Election to be held, under observation by highly respected election observers such as Jimmy Carter, Mary Robinson, Desmond Tutu etc.

    No pasaran ! (“They shall not pass!”)

  9. Don’t expect Obama to do anything but send these “un-proforma congrats”, that in itself is more than what is expected of the most powerful man, Nation in the world.

    Malaysia is a “piddle” in the ocean where America is concerned, somewhere in the far east I think!!

    What we must do is sort our house by ourself and don’t wait for others to get involved, expect assistance by all means. That is what Anwar is doing, making a statement and soon to follow formally submitting a protest to the “courts’ via the “ec”. Anwar knows that nothing concrete will come out of this move as such he is taking the bull by the horns. All credit to him. So what if he wants to achieve his goal of being the PM, can anyone else fit the bill? He deserves it.

  10. Ambassador Mallott, sorry but however much is written between the lines, I don’t expect any American president to give two hoot to one tiny nation “somewhere north of Australia” – and it produces ONLY 800,000 barrels per day of….

  11. Dear Ambassador Malott,

    The Obama Administration needs to be informed by knowledgeable people like yourself about why support for a democratically-elected and legitimate Malaysian Government is vital to US interests in this region:

    1. It is the right thing to do and in keeping with the American creed of government “of the people, by the people, for the people”

    2. Malaysia is a vital ally against Mainland Chinese expansionism in the South China Sea region.

    3. A legitimate Malaysian regime, with PAS as a component party, will help to moderate Islamist forces in Malaysia. This has been shown by PAS’ participation in the Pakatan Rakyat coalition and the subsequent strengthening of the moderate Islamist wing within the party.

    4. The BN coalition has erected a system of semi-apartheid and institutionalised racism and racial discrimination. The USA has elected an African-American as its 44th and 45th President. It is an utter shame that in 21st century Malaysia, the question of having a Malaysian of Chinese descent as its Prime Minister (or even the Chief Minister of certain states) is out of the question. We should contrast this with neighbouring countries such as Thailand (which have had many Sino-Thai Prime Ministers) and the Philippines (President Corazon Aquino is of Chinese descent).

    5. Malaysia, under the BN regime, has meddled in the internal affairs of neighbouring countries such as the Philippines (in Mindanao). This is not in keeping with the good neighbour policy of ASEAN.

    Thank you for your support of democratic, reformist forces in Malaysia.

  12. Look, the US is no longer our largest trading partner, nor even the largest investor. They have abandoned Malaysia for greener, more lucrative and cheaper pastures. PRC has filled the gap and will continue to do so for decades to come, unless she self implodes.

    Being the a nation who touts itself as the Land of the Free and Brave, the US continues with a foreign policy dictated by it’s own selfish interests. It is no great shakes whatever Big Brother says, but what Big Sister says, or doesn’t say – is what we should pay attention to.

    That’s One of the reasons, the term ‘Chinese Tsunami’ is a most idiotic and oxymoronic term – and in a way, it’ll come to pass – economically, at least. So much for Jib’s intelligence.

    Tell me, who actually ‘funds’ the Lynas Protests? It ain’t the Greenback.. It’s time to realign our Realpolitik, and no longer see the West as our conscience and savior. It’s time we get our notions of what Democracy actually means in our little corner of this woe begotten planet. And it isn’t UMNOfied version of false, cynical and ossified SNAFU.

    I foresee a Taiwan-Korean form of Barking but Vibrant shoe-throwing democracy. AnyOne wanna to wallop me? Carry on..

  13. What does it matter? EC will never clean up the electoral roll, these postal votes, are they trustworthy? The act of adding phamtom votes for recount has been in practice since the 90s, since the kutty’s era. This was told to me by a counting votes ‘officer’ who was paid RM100. It’s easy, fast, super effective. Either we have REALLY clean fair & free elections or we don’t. We will never have CFF elections bcos the perps are in power & they call the shots. If we demand the NRD clean up the list first, that is the first step. Will they do it? Never.

  14. That’s strong diplomatic language which says in other words the United States is disgusted with the way elections in Malaysia have been conducted. The Obama Administration has too much on its plate right now to want to care about a third world country tucked in an obscure corner of Southeast Asia that few Americans could point to on the world map. It is after all a moderate Muslim country run by a coalition of multiethnic parties committed to keeping a lid on Islamic fundamentalism and extremism (read: PAS).

  15. This is OUR war and we will fight it with or without outside support. One thing is clear though GE 13 has put “all the irregularities” under spotlight and for everyone to see. Our immediate focus should be:-
    1. to gather all evidences on the flaws/defects/irregularities that took place in all the 30 questionable seats and fail for electoral petition within 21 days after the GE results are gazetted.
    2. the immediate resignations of the EC Chairman and his deputy plus the whole EC TOP Officers is a MUST before any meaningful rather than a cosmetic reforms can be achieved!
    3. “one person one vote” must be upheld

  16. “We note concerns regarding reported irregularities in the conduct of the election, and believe it is important that Malaysian authorities address concerns that have been raised. We look forward to the outcome of their investigations.”

    Who’s going to address the irregularities? Wan Ahmad?

  17. Bean,
    You are right although they enjoyed all the songs/parodies in comedy court. First thing they will say…..Hey, you guys can speak english. Next, it’s damn funny, dude.

    To be very frank, the electoral rolls around the world especially in USA has been very messy. Else, how come Al Gore can lose to George retarded Bush. But then the difference is the EC in Malaysia is cheating in a very blatant way.

    Yeah, the taiwan langs has the cheek to say that Malaysia owes this political awakening to students flocking to studying in Taiwan varsities.

    Don’t expect Kerry to be like Kissinger pressuring Ian Smith into giving up Rhodesia. Forget it

  18. The next move will be for PM Najib to response to the comments raised by the White House State Dept. It would be appropriate for PM to state that we’ll sort things out according to our ways. No UFO is required. Our highly experienced Tun Dr Mahathir could easily come up with great ideas.

  19. I like Obama, and yet I don’t thunk he can and will lift a hand to intervene in Malaysia. Why? Look at our neighbor Thailand under the Demicratic Party in the previous government. Thai troops used citizens for their sniping practice. The US said nothing and perhaps had done nothing as well. The Thais are key allies in the Sino-US confrontation. So the poor Thais can wait. We in Malaysia will have to fight for ourselves.

  20. take the communique for what it is instead of interpreting whats written between the lines. whatever you people may be thinking, EU and US have their hands full creating jobs and increasing trade with PRC at the risk of becoming future financial dependents of China. PRC is buying whatever it can lay its hands on in the EU and US.
    if the big Panda wakes up and crawls over to Bolehland, Big Brother or Big Sister have to think thrice before intervening.
    a country divided during peacetime will not win a war against an enemy because it is not united in its soul. Americans are strong because of this.
    would the malaysian chinese stand against invading PRC and the malaysian indonesians stand up to invading Indonesia? the Indians you can forget because they fight only among themselves, not unlike the malays.

    our big brother is telling us to refine our democracy by throwing out the incompetent Erection Commision (the Viagra of umno) which would make our government institutions stronger and competent, unite the races and create ONE MALAYSIAN IDENTITY. united we can always win. take Mr. Obama’s advice seriously, investigate the irregularities and if neccessary call for new clean and fair election.

    if all the bees in the world die the human race will perish after four years said Einstein(?). PRC is already experiencing this problem, apple trees have to be manually pollinated. do we want to go the same way?
    a responsible government of the people and for the people would preserve bio-diversity, reduce monoculture and STOP LYNAS.

  21. What?? You guys expect the United States to do what?? Thousands of civilans, old men, women and children are being murdered in Syria by a mass murderer and they didn’t do anything to stop, you expect the U.S. President to give the Najib regime a public spanking for doing what they have been doing for years now (albeit on a much lower scale). What’s the point of drawing red lines when they get crossed all the time and you’re not prepared to do anything?? It would only show how weak the United States is. Same goes in the case of U.S. foreign policy towards Malaysia.

    Look here. There is nobody fighting and dying in Malaysia. Nobody starving. There is just a bunch of corrput leaders who view the elections as an opportunity to get at the the spoils of office and for those who already have them to re-distribute some. There is no armed militia going around shooting civilians for practice.

    Malaysia is still a good country to live in and make a living – and you have the freedom to go with it.

  22. For years Malaysians have been cheerleaders, fanning anti-American sentiment demanding that United States stop playing the role of policemen of the world. Now you want them to step up to the plate. Make up your mind.

  23. Orang Johor said “From the press statement, it’s clear to me that they recognize and accept the election results. Maybe, just maybe, PKR should too. We need to move on as a nation, quickly.”
    To think that we will move on with another 5 years of ” business as usual”. Just imagine 5 years of continuing:
    1.0 Another 5 years of rampant corruption, plundering, looting.
    2.0 Another 5 years piling the national debt ( Najib succeeded in increasing by 50 billion a year in the last 4 years with Badwi’s mandate)
    3.0 Another 5 years to put up with NST, Star, Utusan Meloya, TV 3 suku, TV 1 Malaysia, Mamak Kutty, Rais Yatim, Sex VCD etc..
    4.0 Another 5 years of putting up with questionable judiciary, PDRM, SPRM and sloppy Civil Services.
    5.0 Another 5 years of mediocre Educational Institution
    6.0 etc…

    Unless something is drastic is done to ensure fair and free elections Malaysian it will not be just another 5 years. The country will forever be under the clutches of UMNO Baru – forget about removing them through the ballot boxes.

  24. If a group of Malaysians (in the racial ratio) were to kneel in front of the UN office in New York to seek help, this would be featured in news around the world. Such exposure would certainly put a lot of pressure on Najib. Desperate but effective.

  25. Bean,
    As the standard after Friday prayers they should all go protest in front of the US Embassy demanding the US police the election in Malaysia.

  26. What are you guys on? Meth? LSD? Peyote-Mescaline? OD’ed on Tongkat Ali?

    No One cares how we run our business, rotten as it is. The whole world is in a mess. The UN can’t even settle the FUBAR in Syria, Somalia is in shit-creek, Myanmar is tanking and they are arguing over who becomes the next DG of WTO – Mexico or Brazil.

    So wake up, from your wishful hubris – Malaysia is a very small dot in the wider scheme of things! If any of you have god/gods, go pray.. That might be more useful, than all the schemes and visions you guys hallucinate in.

  27. P.S: Sorry Dato, your candidate from Indonesia didn’t even make it to the quarter finals of the WTO posts.

  28. Dear Mr Bean

    Did you forget US intervention in the internal affairs of Honduras (then) and
    Venezuela (now)?

    Or the in-the-background support of French and UK forces in Libya?

    It is just a matter of whether or not the USA, as a superpower, chooses to do so.
    And whether it wants to support legitimate, democratically-elected governments in the Third World (or reactionary regimes and kleptocracies).

    Of course we Malaysians have to struggle for our own liberation from the present
    UMNO Baru-BN kleptocracy. But outside pressure from the USA and EU
    can help.

  29. This shows how skillful the United States government is in diplomacy. Whoever is in control of the government cannot have qualms because this one single statement had addressed the needs of both parties.

  30. Can OBAMA teach Najib how to raise approval rating?

    A new Pew Research survey finds President Obama “continues to hold a substantial advantage over congressional Republicans in public regard. Obama’s job approval is back in positive territory at 51%… By comparison, just 22% approve of the job Republican leaders in Congress are doing, among the lowest approval rating for congressional leaders from either party in 20 years.”

  31. 1. Mr Bean :
    USA is already intervening in Syria civil war i.e. giving of “non-lethal” aid.
    And USA allies such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been arming the
    anti-Assad forces for some time now. Do you think Qatar and Saudi Arabia would do this without US “encouragement”?

    2. Dr CL Familiaris:
    Let me remind you of the term “battle for public opinion”.
    In this case, it is a “battle for international public opinion”
    World leaders (including the Obama Admin) need to be made aware of the
    illegitimacy of the UMNO Baru-BN regime because of this stolen election.
    And to be made aware of the strong support of the Malaysian people for
    Pakatan Rakyat.
    Of course big nations and the superpowers act in their self-interest.
    What I am pointing out is that support for a legitimate regime in Malaysia is congruent with the self-interest of the USA.

    P.S. As for Malaysia not being on the radar screen of the foreign policy elite in the USA, this is not correct. The USA needs all the “Muslim” allies (Muslim countries) it can get in the struggle against radical Islamists.

  32. “The USA needs all the “Muslim” allies (Muslim countries) it can get in the struggle against radical Islamists” — Phua

    As far as Syria the U.S. is in a serious predicament. It does not want to arm its future potential enemies. The opposition is being supported by radical Islamic elements.

    Precisely for the same reason there is no U.S. interest in seeing Islamic radicalism and extremism (read: PAS) take roots in moderate Muslim Malaysia with stable ties to the United States. That notwithstanding it has come out with the strongest of diplomatic language against the Najib Administration in cautioning the regime that it would be in its long term interest to take note of mounting popular opinion against some of its policies.

    The White House and U.S. Senate are under the control of the Democrats who are never known for being strong on foreign policy.

  33. “As the standard after Friday prayers they should all go protest in front of the US Embassy demanding the US police the election in Malaysia” — semper fi

    Yes. UMNO Youth and PAS would welcome that ! The U.S. would be accused of interfering in the internal affairs of Malaysia as has been the case each time bandana clad, skull capped men in salt and pepper beards took to the streets! Mahathir would jump at the opportunity of being their cheerleader.

  34. The US has better ties with Indonesia, UAE, Qatar, some N. African republics, Saudi Arabia and Turkey – in terms of rallying against the Ragheads – worldwide. Malaysia is a bye-word for them, except when it comes to intelligence gathering, strategic businesses (including Petronas) and geography.

    Our hubris is only from the perspective of wishful thinking. If ASEAN and PRC has a hands off, non-interference policy, the UN has an aversion – unless there’s genocide, by which time it’s too late.

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