Najib, the Reconciler, defends the racist Utusan Malaysia

May 8, 2013

Najib, the Reconciler, defends  the racist Utusan Malaysia (o5-o7-13)

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has defended today’s Utusan Malaysia front page report that asks the question “What more do the Chinese want?”

“You blame Utusan but you don’t ask about the Chinese papers,” Najib said during a press conference in Kuala Lumpur today.


Najib said that Chinese dailies produced similar types of news, before abruptly leaving the press conference venue. He was speaking to reporters after chairing a two-and-a-half hour meeting with newly elected BN representatives at the Putra World Trade Centre.

Najib also said the Chinese community were “taken for a ride” by the Opposition and were under the impression that their votes could trigger a change in government.

“I do not blame them. But we need to tell them that they were taken for a ride, similar to the Sept 16 claim,” said Najib, according to, in reference to Pakatan Rakyat’s failed attempt to entice 30 BN MPs to join them in 2008.

‘BN made urban gains too’

Najib also dismissed suggestions that the election result had exposed a “urban-rural” divide, pointing out that BN did make some gains in urban seats.

On claims that foreigners had voted on Sunday, Najib said this was ludicrous as it would take 100 jumbo jets to fly in the alleged 40,000 foreigners said to be brought in to vote BN.

“Has anyone seen these jumbo jets landing? Yet, whatever we say is a lie, what they say is the truth when in reality it is the opposite,” he said.

On the integrity of the electoral system, Najib said Pakatan were in two minds over the system – supporting it when they won, yet are sceptical whenever they lose.

“If we could manipulate the system that way, do you think we would have allowed (the losses) to happen?” he asked.

PAS: Do not stoke racial sentiments

Meanwhile, PAS Secretary-General Mustafa Ali has reminded politicians and the media not to stoke racial sentiments that may create unrest.

“There should not be anyone pointing figures at any race because they are not satisfied with the 13th general election results.PAS urges all, including the authorities, to do their duty to protect the citizens, rather than condone provocation from irresponsible groups, which will stoke racial sentiments.What happened in the 13th general election is the rejection, in general, of BN by all groups.This is the reason why BN is defeated in the popular vote, for the first time in the country’s history.”

Mustafa said according to the Election Commission (EC), it is clear that 5.623 million voters or 49.96 percent chose Pakatan Rakyat at the federal level, while 5.237 million voters or 46.53 percent supported the BN.

He said only irresponsible people would see the rejection of the BN from a racial aspect.

17 thoughts on “Najib, the Reconciler, defends the racist Utusan Malaysia

  1. His tones before and after the elections are quite different. I’m afraid history will not judge him too kindly. I also find it is amazing that BN members tolerate such a leader. A moderate UMNO member should try to replace him in the next party election.

  2. There comes a time when civil strife happens when those who cling on to archaic euphemisms and doctrines that pander to their narrow parochial base come head to head with their own kin who have transcended the barriers.

    Jibs has aligned himself to the conservative extremes of UMNO, led by the nose by Perkasa types. Saifuddin and Khairy are on the other side of the fence and although we can take some comfort in their moderate views, they do little to mitigate their bosses incoherence and paranoia.

    This internecine conflict will rear it’s ugly head in the run-up to the UMNO elections, to be held at the end of this year. While most are expecting the right-wing to triumph, i think cooler heads will prevail. Even an irredeemable racist toad like IbraLi cannot function without the backing of his Chinese friends. Much less Deputy Sheriff, whose cabal is getting leery of his racist inclinations. Of course we are all aware of Jibs and FLOMs predilection for cronified glamorous tycoons of dubious ancestry and their own unshakable delusion in their god-given, if not manifested, destiny.

    The immediate anxiety is that the spark that ignites a conflagration, can happen with the most innocuous of circumstances – like an accident when the chicken of a local, bigoted UMNO Chieftain is accidentally run over by an oblivious Chinese high school student riding his bicycle – somewhere in the boondocks. Why did the chicken cross the road?

    Whatever the scenario – the Opposition must make a point to rebut and reproof the racist baiting that rabid UMNO hacks are so intent upon. At times like these, a blustering, immature, confused and hysterical “Re-conciliator” is the most dangerous of all predators. His back is against the wall and a cornered rat is awfully dangerous.

  3. The way I look at this saga is that Najib and his party look at the Chinese as sojourners and not nationals of the country. Besides, chinese are takers and not givers. First, what the country has done to make these chinese feel that Malaysia is their home. Secondly, Chinese and Indians contribute to the well-being of their society, assuming they are given equal opportunities. Reflect on these two issues.

  4. That is how it is. Before the election he asks for non bumis to help him win, and promises schools, scholarships, and the sky. Now the election is over, he shits on the non bumis as if the losses were solely created by non bumis. UMNO have in the last 55 years and by charter represents only the interests of bumis. It is a non inclusive political entity that by charter segregate and discriminate against non bumis. The same segregation applies in MCA and MIC. If Malaysia is to truly be united, we need to abandon these organizations that cannot truly serve the needs of Malaysia. Utusan could not have printed such racial baiting without the nod from UMNO, and the resolve of the non bumis against UMNO and BN will only strengthen.

  5. I thought that Saifuddin guy that lost would revive Umno into a much more dynamic party, throwing away the old dead woods, bringing in more sincere and more knowledgeable Umno to the forefront but alas he lost,his breed is what is lacking in Umno, coz for a moment there, my thoughts on Umno being an opposition party was real, but then again I lost.So ,never mind folks, we must concentrate and work even harder in GE14, and by my calculations, the old dead wood of Umno, would be dead and gone and I gave him another 3 more years, and if Allah SWT. is listening and seeing what’s going on down here,he’s probably take that senile dead wood sooner than I figure..Oopps…Oouch!! and hoping.

  6. With the mandate Najib should rein in the extremist such as Utusan and Perkasa. Both top Perkasa boss lost their bid for election. It indicates that Malaysians do not entertain the likes of Perkasa. Don’t just go after Papagomo, rein in others too. Najib should get the message loud and clear.

  7. “Najib also said the Chinese community were “taken for a ride” by the Opposition and were under the impression that their votes could trigger a change in government.”

    Er if you had not cheated and PR wins, they would have formed the government. What a stupid thing to say. Anybody’s vote could trigger a change in the government. You would have thought somebody who wanted to make Malaysia into the world’s best democracy would know this.

    “On claims that foreigners had voted on Sunday, Najib said this was ludicrous as it would take 100 jumbo jets to fly in the alleged 40,000 foreigners said to be brought in to vote BN.

    “Has anyone seen these jumbo jets landing? Yet, whatever we say is a lie, what they say is the truth when in reality it is the opposite,” he said.

    Could it be because those people are already here????

    It’s going to be a long ride, this one.

  8. First he says the Chinese are the cause of the BN’s travails.
    Then, in defending Utusan, he says its ok what that rag headlined because the Chinese press does the same. So, two Wongs make a right?
    Now he calls the Chinese stupid for falling for the Opposition bait.
    Well, BN doesn’t seem have to dig deep in the pork barrel to come up with such an asinine creature. Its teeming with pejuangs such as him.

  9. Najib needs Utusan to survive.. Perkasa will make inflammatory statements and Utusan will publish it. Perkasa the source…Utusan the distribution channel. You expect Najib or UMNO leaders to make inflammatory statements? At the end of the day, Utusan and the EC are Najib’s fixed deposit.

  10. Firstly, is Najib EVEN FIT TO SAY ABOUT CHINESE NEWSPAPER if he does not read Chinese? The fact is all he did was shoot off a ridiculous excuse.

    The day after he talk of reconciliation and THEN said this. He is upset that what he has done with ETP, unprecedented giveaways in Chinese education did not buy him any Chinese vote and his RACISM showed his ugly head.

    So the question really is what does he mean by RECONCILIATION? Did he mean it or it is simply just a word his elitisim says he should say?

    Its much more likely Najib’s don’t mean ANYTHING when he said RECONCILIATION.. He really has not clue how to even go about doing it. For this year, he needs to win decisively in UMNO election and that means definitely turning right and insisting on “Chinese Tsunami” line – the truth hardly matters.

  11. You trust this idiot to change and to reconcile? Not in a million years, man. He’s simply impervious to criticisms. Foremost, he has no teloq.

    Looking at GE 13 results, the only way to rid off these Bumnos is to realign the electoral boundaries. But it’s easier said than done unless, of course, you capture Putrajaya out-rightly.

    There has been too much gerrymandering in the past, thanks to Al Kutty, that how well PR does in the urban areas is of no consequence to the overall results.

    That’s how cunning this Kerala fox has been and the naive Melayus in Umno have benefited without lifting a finger. Some don’t even know about it.

  12. I am waiting with bated breath on reports that UMNO will “punish” the Chinese for not voting BN. For sure the disgraceful Najib will now have to think real hard how to deliver his “janjis” of his pre-election promises when there are many daggers now pointed at his back and the vultures circling above his head, all under the influence of the greatest manipulator of all time Mahathir. Oops, I forgot, Najib cannot think as his wife does the thinking for him.

  13. This is for real. Words are out that Jibby will “punish” the Chinese and some of the Melayus who are in cahoot with them. Now whatever the Chinese ask will not be entertained.

    Betul-betul bodoh punya Umno. Nak dendam buat apa? Lagi marah lah orang.

  14. Punish the Chinese? Wow, that’s serious!

    No Psy/Sai entertainment? No more White Ang-Paus? Rescind recognition of PRC diplomas and UEC certs? Stop gomen contribution to Chinese Schools? Kick out all Chinese teachers, nurses doctors, engineers and administrators etc from gomen service? Refuse renewal of Passports? Close down all massage parlours and kopitiams? Ban pork? 1000% tax on Mah-jong tiles? Insult their Chinapros ancestors daily? Cancel Chinese New year public holiday? Ban Chinese lettering on signboards? Scrap TV2/TV3 Mandarin news and soap operas? Refuse Bursa listings? Introduce dhimmihood tax laws? Disallow Chinese ownership of Proton cars? Cut off water, electricity and internet to the Chinese? Smart-phones tax of 150% applying only to sepets? No extension of land grants to ‘ungratefuls’ outside of Penang, Selangor and Kelantan? Rename Petaling Street to Bangla-Nepal-Myanmar street?

    I may have missed quite a few.. Good luck!

  15. Wonder what he gonna do to Melayus like me?

    Here are some of the things he may do. Withdraw my army pension. Deny Internet access. Close all roads to my office and house. Get the SB to stalk me. Get the mat rempits to rempit me off the roads and streets.

    Wow, there’s plenty he can do. I have to be extra vigilant from now till GE 14.

    Having said that, is it worth the effort getting rid of an old digger like me?

  16. Najib has made a lot of pre-election promises which he knows he could not fulfilled. So to break on the promise, he has to blame the Chinese for being ungrateful. Haven’t Saravanam, the MIC deputy cued him on this possible course of action?

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