Mahathir on Najib’s dismal performance

May 8, 2013

Post GE-13: Mahathir on Najib’s dismal performance

by Zurairi Ar
May 07, 2013

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today he was shocked by Barisan Nasional’s poor performance in Election 2013, and laid the blame on ‘ungrateful’ Chinese and ‘greedy’ Malay voters.

He said there was clearly a “Chinese tsunami,” using a phrase used by Datuk Seri Najib Razak immediately after Sunday’s election results showed BN had fared worse that in 2008.

“Most of the Chinese had rejected the Malays’ hands of friendship … And Dr Mahathir-nstthat was what we call the ‘tsunami’,” Dr Mahahthir (picture) said in a press conference here after Election 2013.

“At the same time, we cannot deny Malays who have become greedy. They all want power without considering the means, if they needed to sell out their race they will sell it out.” He blamed Malay politicians for using the polls just as a means to be elected MP and gain personal benefits, instead of a way to form a government and defend their race, religion, and motherland.

Dr Mahathir also accused DAP of inciting hatred towards Malays in its campaign for Gelang Patah, which had then spread to the Chinese all across the country contributing to BN’s losses.

The former Prime Minister expressed concern that BN component party MCA will not be participating in state and federal cabinet posts, which he claimed will mean no representation for the Chinese in the government.

“Do we forget about them altogether or do we find some candidates? … If there is no Chinese representative, the situation will not be good for government and country,” he said.

Claiming that forming multiracial parties is not possible and a coalition of racial parties is the best way for Malaysia, Dr Mahathir warned that BN will break down if MCA withdraws.

UtusanBN chairman Najib had today dismissed polls data showing an urban-rural divide and defended Utusan Malaysia against accusations of racism after the UMNO-owned paper blamed the Chinese for the coalition’s poor showing in the May 5 polls.

Analysts have said data from voting trends showed the outcome of Election 2013 was not simply the result of a “Chinese tsunami” as Datuk Seri Najib Razak has claimed but a major swing in the urban and middle-class electorate that saw Malaysia’s urban-rural rift widen.

But Utusan Malaysia, a newspaper that has represented the right-wing forces aligned largely with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, decided today to publish a number of stories blaming the Chinese for dividing Malaysia.

UMNO’s Utusan Malaysia front-paged today the question “Apa lagi Cina mahu (What else do the Chinese want?) in what appeared to be an attempt to shape the results of Election 2013 as a Chinese-vs-Malay vote.

In Sunday’s elections, BN won 133 out of 222 federal seats, short of a two-thirds majority and worse than in the previous polls.It also lost the popular votes to Pakatan Rakyat (PR) parties, and was bested on the popularity front for the first time since 1969, when it had contested as the Alliance Party.


For federal seats, BN polled 5,237,699 votes to the Pakatan Rakyat parties’ combined 5,623,984 ballots. The three-party pact of PKR, PAS and DAP also surpassed BN in state seats, pulling in 4,879,699 to the 13-member coalition’s 4,513,997 ballots.

Voting data showed urban voters of different races abandoned support for BN with the coalition winning the elections on the back of solid support from rural Malays and voters from Sabah and Sarawak.

23 thoughts on “Mahathir on Najib’s dismal performance

  1. This Mamak is very upset that Ibrahim Ali and Zul Nordin, his Perkasa candidates for Pasir Mas (Kelantan) and Shah Alam (Selangor), were totally rejected by voters last Sunday. He is only consoled that his son, Mukhriz, is Menteri Besar of Kedah, by default thanks to PAS’ inept and incompetent Ustaz Azizan Abdul Razak.

    Hey, don’t blame others. UMNO should look at itself in the mirror and decide whether its brand of racist politics is relevant or not in a progressive Malaysia. If it remains recalcitrant like Mahathir himself, UMNO will lose in GE-14. Reform or perish. More importantly, what will UMNO do to dismal performer, Najib. Will it keep a weak leader as party President and Prime Minister?

  2. Mahathir said Najib performance is worse than Abdullah.Actually UMNO only won 88 seats in 2013 and after Najib spend billion or ringgit tax payer money.There is no doubt Najib has to resign.

    In order to regain more support,I am not suprised Najib will used more radical approach to justify his continued stay as PM.
    Hamid, UMNO will decide whether Najib remains President of UMNO and Prime Minister. Failure to change by reform could mean total rejection by voters in GE-14.–Din Merican

  3. Dato,Its is clear from tjs Taiwan TV news report that during the crucial 10 minutes (at 1,55 in the video) black out,BN seats increased from 57 to 97,PK only increased from 35 to 37 ,!Clear case of cheating!!!!!!!

  4. The rejection Zulkifli Nordin and Ibrahim Ali clearly reflected the maturity of the voters. One salient fact this time round is: Malaysians will have nothing to do with extremists. But for me one of the saddest episodes is the rejection of the two Saifuddins, one from UMNO and the other from PKR. Youth, however, is on their side – there is a lot they can contribute in the future as we phase out greedy ossified xenophobes incapable of adjusting to the reality that there is only so much filth that the people can ingest.

    The UMNO Saiffuddin brought much-needed breath of fresh air from within UMNO’s ranks. Parliamentary sessions will be diminished by the absence of these two men and a few more thoughtful heads from PR, especially from PAS.

    Brace ourselves for more negotiated under-the-table multi-billion ringgit deals and a runaway national debt.

    Thanks and no thanks.

  5. Despite him badmouthing LKS, LKS still won by a huge margin. Maybe he ought to look in the mirror and think that he could be the reason people are voting against BN.

  6. “Hamid, UMNO will decide whether Najib remains President of UMNO and Prime Minister. Failure to change by reform could mean total rejection by voters in GE-14.–Din Merican”

    Sounds great to me. Don’t reform.

  7. How come no sembah and no cium tangan of the Agong when lesser mortals like Mahathir and UMNO Ministers have their hands kissed and di sembah like they are demigods?? Why the departure from age old tradition? What changed?

    The country’s federal constitution of 1957 is clear on the issue. State ceremonies are to follow Malay and Islamic tradition i.e. Malay trappings. Why is there a need to make an issue of a regal custom that has survived the ages that predates the coming of the religion of Islam? Why not just arrange for a teh tarik with the Agong and exchange documents. Forget about the handshake. It is a western custom.

  8. Let them checkmate each other. Meantime we should be cheering them on into self oblivion. Less headache all round. But just be prepared to deal with whoever takes over.
    Drive a wedge between Team Che Det and Team Bijan. If they split maybe one team will join PR. Then call for a motion of no confidence and maybe form the new government.

  9. The cheating was planned to get 2/3 majority – this was why they have been saying that they are confident of getting 2/3 majority prior to GE13. Due to large voters turnout and voting against BN, they were shocked that their evil plan did not materialise. You can see the sullen face of Najib during the election night. One thing is clear, the national mood prior to the election was all against BN and yet BN expects to get 2/3 majority. Why? The reasons are obvious. Dr. M may be disappointed with this planned performance.

  10. Dear Sir,   When Mahathir lost in 1969 Election to PAS Rawa Yusof, he blamed the Chinese for NOT voting for him. Mahathir is stupid. If you lose you blame yourself. Find out WHY people don’t vote for you.


  11. I avoid using profanity.
    But this time I want to say that:

    Dr Mahathir should just shut the fu*k up !

  12. Bean,
    I thought kissing the royal hand is an english royal custom. What talk you? I like orang malaya idea. Anyway who can forget what happen long long time ago

  13. Will PM Najib continue to do the biddings of this man who has controlled half our lives and is more Malay than the Malays? If PM Najib does then he goes the way of Paklah.

    TDM has only grand illusions of himself and what his legacy will be. He has managed to twist arms to secure one victory – an MB post for the son. Will that suffice – no way.

    So for Malaysia to move ahead and for the PM to promote his grand vision of “national reconciliation”, he must silence the voice of this one man (never mind deny him the democracy which he denied us for 22 years) who continues to sow discord among the gentle Malays and others. I say gentle because it is not the trait of Malays to call others pendatang, ungrateful (term just used by an MIC man to describe the Chinese for voting PR), etc.

    PM Najib was too quick to use the term “Chinese tsunami” even before the vibrations of his call for “national reconciliation” had died down immediately after accepting victory for BN. Does that make sense?
    BN leaders must realize no Malaysian needs be grateful to the Government for what it does for the rakyat – it is the bounden duty of the people-elected authority to spend for the benefit of the rakyat NOT to enrich self or cronies.

    The Prime Minister must silence once and for all voices which call for racial intolerance / violence (Ibrahim Ali, Papagomo, MD Sharizad, etc), promote disharmony thro religious preaching (Zul Nordin), etc. Apply the laws across the board and don’t be selective (maybe here you need a more level-headed Home Minister to assist him. Maybe rope in a non-BN man like Zaid Ibrahim?).

    Beware, Mr Prime Minister! The daggers are out for you as there many Brutuses within your UMNO and BN generally (and maybe, just maybe. within your own family for selfish reasons) ready to do the biddings of the ONE who creates monsters out of man.

    May you keep your PM’s seat intact for the next five years!

  14. Bean, maybe Golbatok Singh is standing solidly behind him. How to bow deep, or maybe he has extra gas and bowing deep will result in breaking wind. Anyway he’s anak Pahang not Anak Kedah.

  15. Why doesn’t Dr M retire, enjoy his immense wealth? I guess once the wealthy reached a certain threshold, it’s no longer abt the billions, but about POWER & CONTROL over the “belum bangun” masses. When ppl are economically disadvantaged, ignorant, illiterate, desperate & live in abject poverty, they hv no resources to fight back. Maybe it is their fate to remain like slaves to the system. You can’t help any of them. They r helpless & will readily vote 4 u when u throw in RM500 once every 5 years. That’s a bargain, only RM500 every lima tahun to hold on to power.

  16. I DON’T BELIEVE for one minute, Mahahir did not see the result coming..Every indication, suggest that top UMNO leaders KNEW the result was going to be exactly what it is..

    The fact that Mahathi feign shock is CLEAR SIGN HE WON’T MOVE ON NAJIB.. Najib’s job is safe but Mahathir is not going to help him keep his job. THAT Najib has to do himself and Muhiyiddin, on his own, does not have what it takes to take Najib down..It may be another bruising battle for Najib but he should survive, just beat up even more by UMNO later this year.

  17. Din.
    After we finish fighting in GE 13,today the fight just started for the UMNO leadership election which is due this year.
    In fact Mahayuddin and his army started it much earlier,before the nomination date.
    The slaughter all the Najib boys from PMO who contest in the GE.
    During election,they slaughter one of Najib general,Ali Rustam,who lost to Unknown PKR candidate.Ali Rustam suppose to contest in UMNO election as VP then Najib will promoted him to take over from Mahayuddin.

    Let have fun to watch the fight in UMNO.

  18. our pathetic leaders from umno-bn refuse to take note that the malays, chinese and indians voted against corrruption, abuse of power and sheer incompetence in governance and NOT against the Malays.
    Mahathir is set on inciting the malays against the chinese and divide the country. the attempts of the opposition and NGO’s in bringing the people together has become a thorn in the backside of the ultra-umnoputras who are bent on continuing their dominion over Malaysia to rob and rape for as long as they wish.

    the last time malaysians voted for the opposition the chinese got whacked in 13th May ’69.
    is the same planned for 13th May ’13? the way Mahathir and Co. are baiting the chinese since this election seem to speak for it.
    Mahathir is a cheapskate politician thriving on the naivity of the likes of Ibrahim Ali.

  19. True lah, Hamid.
    This Pendek Rustam terror Samy Value glamour style. Until Shah Rukh Khan also became Datuk! Anybody knows what’s the going price for a Datukship in M’cca nowadays? Just send in your CV to your local UMNO, MCA or what not pondok, with a cheque and wait for response. Oh, btw, please hire a Merc S-350, before you go for the interview..

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