GE-13: Victory is Sweet when Election is Clean, Free and Fair

May 3, 2013

GE-13: Victory is Sweet when Election is Clean, Free and Fair


Friends” of Barisan Nasional (BN) have committed an election offence by flying in voters from east Malaysia to key states in the peninsula, says senior lawyer Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan.

ambigaAmbiga, who is the co-chair of polls watchdog BERSIH, also said such flights were “very suspicious” and pointed out that it was usually Sabahans and Sarawakians working in the peninsula who have to fly back home to vote in the Borneo states, and not the other way round.

“It’s an offence under 20(6)(b),” Ambiga told The Malaysian Insider late last night, referring to the Election Offences Act 1954.

The prominent lawyer pointed out that under that section, voters may be ferried to their polling stations across the sea, but that such transportation must be provided to all voters.

She noted, however, that since such flights were provided by “friends” of BN, it was likely that the flights were only for those voting for the coalition. “You’ve got to give it to everybody. That’s the test. You can’t be selective,” said Ambiga.

UMNO Secretary-General Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor acknowledged yesterday that voters were being flown in to the peninsula, but stressed that the flights were sponsored by “friends” of BN as part of the party’s “get out the vote” campaign for Election 2013.

Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said yesterday that overAnwar and Kit Siang 40,000 dubious voters, including foreigners, from Sabah and Sarawak have been flown in since last week to key states in the peninsula like Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

The Prime Minister’s Office has denied Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) claim that it is involved in flying in Malaysians and foreigners to the peninsula to vote in Sunday’s polls.

National carrier MAS has also denied allegations that it is deploying chartered flights to transport phantom voters.

Ambiga urged BN to disclose the full list of voters who are being flown in to the peninsula and where they will be casting their votes in what is considered to be the closest election since independence.

“They should just come clean and tell us the whole story — who they are, their names, where are they are supposed to vote and would they have objections to people interviewing them,” said the former Bar Council President.

“Are these west Malaysians living or working in east Malaysia? Why is it they’re in such large groups only in certain areas of west Malaysia?” she added.

tengku-adnan-01Ambiga also dismissed Tengku Adnan’s claim that such flights were normal practice during elections, saying: “Planeloads are so unusual.”A whopping 28 per cent of Sabah’s population, or 889,000 people, are foreigners who mostly come from the Philippines and Indonesia.

The Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on illegal immigrants in Sabah, which began last January, has revealed testimonies by Filipinos and other foreigners on how they received blue ICs within just a few years of arriving in Sabah and subsequently voted in elections.–


24 thoughts on “GE-13: Victory is Sweet when Election is Clean, Free and Fair

  1. Expect clean, free and fair election on May 5 is a pipe dream. The incumbent wants to win, and win big, at all cost. This is not democracy; it is plutocracy. The Election Commission is very blatantly partial by ignoring complaints.

    Why the need to fly voters to Selangor? I know you know the answer and I need not add to it. Go out to vote on May 5 and hope that the most deserving candidates win. If there is massive electoral fraud, we will be regarded as another Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, Barisan Nasional does not care. Winning is everything to them.–Din Merican

  2. We can still beat the BN in spite of the 40,000 “foreign” voters. There are enough locals to counter this, ALL registered, PLEASE come in to vote. This is your last chance. God bless Malaysia.

  3. It is undeniable to say all along, EC is doing the dirty tricks to support BN. For the past few days when reports confirmed that advance polling voting slips were diverted to Putrajaya to Kajang . Again, an army personnel voted twice in the army camp. At the election is moving closer, the opposition warned that many Indonesians and Filipinos who, we believe, are the instant blue I/C arrived through MAS from Sabah & Sarawak to participate in the election. Are those really Malaysians working in Sabah and Sarawak? From the outlook, BN will not win without such dirty methods to overcome the support given to the opposition.

  4. Calling on all registered voters. May 5th is a day where Malaysia future rest heavy on all all voters. The DAP is right when they called out to all voters to “do or die, now or never”.

    Let its also be a birthday gift for murdered Mongolian translator Altantuya, whose date of birth is May 6. Let it be the day that justice be served for all the unjust.

  5. My friend just came back from touring S.Korea. He was so encouraged by the Korean tour guide to remind all Malaysia to return on time to vote. He witness a crowd of 20 tourists (no sure of their nationalities) were holding banners at a tourist attraction, urging Malaysians to return home to vote.

    Wait till you heard the jokes on Rosmah, the Koreans have. It’s so embarrassing. The other good ones was using Airasia to transport troops for war.

    Malaysia GE13 has gone international. Non-Malaysians are concerned for our future. So, what say you Malaysians…”do or die, now or never”.

  6. The kleptocratic ruling regime is not willing (i.e. afraid) to allow
    international observers to come to certify that the GE
    is “free and fair”.

    If observers such as Jimmy Carter, Mary Robinson, Desmond Tutu
    can do so, then UMNO Baru-BN can claim they really do have the
    mandate of the Malaysian people to rule the country.

  7. Selangor has a long list of dubious voters and the areas where they are Polling stations in these areas should be monitoredDo they have the manpower?

  8. Din, I can’t agree with your cynicism. old chap. When your PM and Opposition Leader say it would be clean and fair…you’d think one would expect they mean it. Now we see some just lie…it’s sickening. Appears some are no better than those in Zimbabwe.

    Syed raises a right question…who is responsible for enforcing the law? I assume there would be recourse to the courts post election?

  9. If the election result gives paper-thin victory to the winning party, I expect the court will be very busy indeed and life to ordinary Malaysians will not be the same.

  10. I do not think these dubious voters will be sent to all the polling stations. There is no point for them to send these voters to polling stations where Pakatan are quite sure of winning with big majority. Fro example these voters will not be sent to Subang Jaya and other P.J areas.

    These voters will be sent to critical areas like Lembah Pantai, Port Klang , and Putrajaya. As such all the critical areas need to be identified for close monitoring so the resources could be effectively mobilized to those areas .

  11. Dear Dato Din

    I still recalled seeing you in action campaigning for Hannah and Gwo Burne in SS19 Subang Jaya in late Feb 2008 during the 12th GE. My wife & I enjoyed your brief ceramah.

    You did well to put your message across to the audience even though you had almost lost your voice! During that time, the fight was relatively easy, the punching bag was Pak Lah and if one put any candidate in urban seats, you would have won.

    For this GE, Anwar made the brilliant choice by having Wong Chen running for the Kelana Jaya parliament seat. Wong Chen who is articulate and intelligent will be a fantastic lawmaker MP and policy maker. He will win handsomely.

    This time around my feeling is that we are so close and yet so far away from seeing a desired change in federal government. How is PR going to get the coveted 20 federal seats from Sabah & Sarawak? This is next to impossible with the ingrained political patronage system in the rural pedalaman. Coupled with multiple corner contests, at best PR can only wrest 10 seats from the Borneo states. PBB will still rule Sarawak and to a lesser extend Star and SAPP would be able to extract disproportionate political favours on the weight of some Sabah federal seats under their pockets.

    BN will still hang on to power come 6th May and there will be no public holiday for us next Monday. Johor would be a disappointment to most of us as the purported second tsunami originating from down south is not happening as our Malay and Indian brethren are comfy with the status quo. It will be a slim 10-15 seats majority to the BN in the final tally for Putrajaya. This should further hasten the birth of 2 party system in Malaysia.

    And the virtual and self fulfilling electioneering and politicking continues……….. Thanks Dato for allowing my post.
    Teh, I agree. It is tough this time around with a consummate politician at the head of UMNO-Bn, not the sleepy head Badawi. Furthermore, Najib and friends have learned from the 2008 general elections; they have enjoyed some top cybertroopers to fight via the social media. Even foreigners are impressed with his economic transformation ideas, thanks to the efforts of Senator Idris Jala and his team at Permudah. I believe that they will be back in power on May 6; the question is how big will the margin be. –Din Merican

  12. Friends of BN? Mana ada.. Ku Nan?
    Only golfing partners, cronies and business interests. Sabar.., Husam will whup you black and blue.

    The Battle Vs Hantus is not so much in the urban seats, except in marginal one’s like Kelana Jaya, Kelang, Setia Wangsa, Lembah Pantai and in more marginal ones in Selangor. Watch the seats in Semi-urban Johor, Pahang, NS, Perak, Selangor.

    Some UMNO hacks, were actually saying on nomination day, that the only safe state in the Peninsula is Melaka. Celaka!

  13. ok, after much analysis, my mind is finally made up……… BN need to be truly shaken up this time. Otherwise, they dont learn. So, let’s give PR a chance to govern. The Rakyat has put so much hope into PR, may they not abuse the power…..God help Malaysia!!

  14. Barring unexpected surprises to counter influence the set minds of the majority electorate over the final 2 days before 5th May, the result is likely to bring about one of any two outcomes.

    Where BN wins it is going to be a very marginal one giving them a lot of headache. Where PR wins, it is going to be a fairly comfortable one sparing them the headache. What is certain is that the two-party system is here to stay for good.

  15. Mr Teh @ 12:46pm, your analysis is truly awesome.
    How come, us anti-Establishment idiots didn’t think of that?
    Yes, the problem is Sabah. But Sarawak has hope. Haven’t you heard of the Spirit from the Bario? Or Rev Bolly Lapok, the Anglican Bishop of both Sarawak and SEAsia, CFM and the minions of SIB pastors and Catholic priests who carry that Spirit that Moves to the remotest corners?

    When it comes to cash handouts – 10% goes to the church. And that is why whatever happens in the Peninsula, gets transmitted via the ‘wood-work’ back to the deepest reaches of Borneo. But those UMNOfied idiots are so preoccupied with their ethnic and religious baiting, that they cannot see beyond their nasal cavities. Apartheid does that.

    Also there are several marginal seats in Pahang, NS, Trengganu and heck, even Perlis! Johor at best will provide 12 seats. But who knows? So whatever religion, you belong to Mr Teh, Pray..

  16. The MORE UMNO/BN and their lackey open their mouth on these flights, the MORE SCARY the issue is..First, they dismissed the allegation. Then when there is proof the flights, they IMPLAUSIBLE excuse they are supporters, THEN EC says nothing wrong WHEN THEY HAVE YET TO CHECK ALL THE DETAILS including where the funds come from, who the passengers were..


  17. Election: Clean Free & Fair is our wishful thinking. Some many discrepancies pointed out to the EC had been summarily dismissed, trivialised, or plainly ignored and denied. BTW, Subang Jaya has an increase of some 14000+ new/registered voters. Hopefully, they are all legit Msians (possibly young 1st timers voters) and this might put pressure on the rumored EC reduction of voter’s queueing/streaming. Imagine additional 200-300 voters to limited lines under hot sun or rain…many might just give up and go home! Or worst, Q up but not enough time to vote!

  18. They want to bury Lim Guan Eng in Air Putih DUN!

    Rumors here in Penang are flying that one young billionaire from this state who has a penchant for partying with starlets like Paris H. has offered any registered voter in Air Putih a RM500 for their RM1 bet if Lim Guan Eng loses… this morning Betty Chew and her two sons plus 60 supporters including Jagdeep Singh Deo, shaved bald at a Buddhist temple in protest of police inaction in money politics (read: betting) in Air Putih….

    So this young billionaire who hawked the billions of bonds at 6.7% discount rate with full sovereign guarantee is paying out millions to see Lim Guan Eng ended as Chief Minister?

    Lets see if the people of Penang take the money or keep the CM…
    They will take the money and keep Lim Guan Eng as Chief Minister of Penang. –Din Merican

  19. BN has transformed Malaysia into Bangla Nation (BN). Now Melayu really hilang di dunia and replaced by Banglas. Everywhere you go in KL you find more Banglas working than Malay youth. The only group with most number of Malays are Mat Rempits.

  20. friends of BN deja vu, lah!?

    ‘Partei Freunde’ answered Chancellor Helmut Kohl when questioned about the many bank accounts of his party in foreign banks. that was after the end of his marathon reign of 16 years, he refused to name the persons. a party can only accept donations if the donor is known. that is to prevent people from investing their black money and getting political favours like contracts.

    in a country with an intact, independent judiciary and public institutions, it took only a 16 years one party rule to corrupt its government. what would be the corruption rate after 55 years of umno-bn rule?

  21. 5th of May Election represents the final battle as depicted just as in the Final Battle of Berlin. Even till then, Nazi was still defiant. Just as Najib is so damn defiant that he will win. Can we repeat the history? Sink BN now

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