Governments should be colour-blind

May 1, 2013

Social Policies

Time to scrap affirmative action

Governments should be colour-blind

7 thoughts on “Governments should be colour-blind

  1. when a country practices race-based affirmative action it leads to undeserved privileged to certain sector of a protected race and not the entire race. Secondly, it demoralizes the entire society and make those who lose out feel they could do better elsewhere. Look at the ethnic Chinese and Indians who have left the country to find greener pasture. See how the malay race should have advanced more and better.

  2. Happy Labour Day. Your comments on this Never Ending Policy are welcome.

    To me, this policy (NEP) has outlived its original purpose. It was designed in the aftermath of the May 13, 1969 racial riots which shook our country to eradicate poverty and restructure the economy to eliminate the identification of race with economic function, and unify the nation . As the late much respected Deputy Prime Tun Dr. Ismail bin Abdul Rahman said, the NEP was a kind of a golf handicapping system to enable the Malays to even compete with non-Malays and foreigners on an even handed basis. It was not a policy cast in steel as a Never Ending Policy.

    Under Mahathir, it was used as the breeding ground for UMNO cronies to enable him to control them and make the Malays dependent on a nanny state, over which he ruled with dictator-like powers for 22 years. It has now become a New Ending Policy since Najib backed down under pressure from right wing elements in UMNO and their warlords on his New Economic Model.

    The NEP has not actually helped the Malays to compete on their own steam. It is a failed social policy. Educational standards, for example, in our universities have been lowered to accommodate Malays who may not qualify if entrance requirements were stringently applied. So the reputation of our universities has been severely damaged by the NEP.

    Malay capitalism is ersatz capitalism as exposed during the 1998 Asian Financial crisis. Those capitalists had to be rescued via massive bailouts using state funds. Yet this regime still believes in state sponsorship of Malay capitalists like Syed Mokhtar and others.

    The inequities of the NEP are there for all of us to see. It is a policy that has failed. The plight of the Malays remains; they are still the poorest people of Malaysia, dependent on handouts and charity from a very corrupt regime. Those who are now the rich and famous Malays are NEP sponsored members of the ruling elite, their families and friends. It is time for us to abandon this policy and opt for a new system that is not color or race-blind but one that is founded on merit. Meritocracy is the way forward. We have to be competitive in a globalised world. –Din Merican

  3. The surrounding conditions in our social environment that made the NEP introduction a wise move and necessary have not changed especially those in the rural areas. The NEP is not out-of-date but is still needed for our nation-building. Only its implementation needs to be reviewed. We all know the NEP has two-pronged objective which appears to be forgotten.

  4. Din, I would agree that a race-based AA policy has passed it’s Use By Date in Malaysia as elsewhere as the paper finds…in Malaysia, however, it would be fair to have a “needs-based” policy that is means tested , while ensuring meritocracy is the way forward.

    In implementing this, the challenge will be in how we reform our education system to ensure ones potential can be achieved without lowering our university standards…these need to be at first world standards for Malaysians to compete in the global economy.

  5. Let’s put it this way:
    While we cannot expect 100% meritocracy, we eschew 100% mediocrity and media-crazy much more. There is nothing redeeming about the NEP, so long as it keeps the downtrodden slaves beholden to their own insecurities and ethnocentricity. Affirmative policies that enslave their own target group/cohort and seek only to empower the elites are inimical to the survival of the species.

    In the debate of Neo-Darwinism vs God-is-great, blind faith cannot survive the onslaught of evidential reality. Only enlightened faith can. Therefore, to change is divine and remain static is extinction. Comprendo?

  6. Alie,
    The bottomline is NEP has failed terribly. Why flogging the dead horse? Where is the Ah Jib Kor’s tranformation? Becoming Transformer? Becoming Megatron?

    Righto my friend? Time to change! Just like what the flooding did long long time ago as ordained by God himself. You know the story

  7. Dear looes74, I hope when the flood comes cleaning those in Putrajaya and Umno/BN, I hope to add a bit of acid, just to ensure that it cleans the rust too….Oouch!!!

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