Malaysia’s Ruling Party Gets Desperate

From the Huffington Post

By Azeem Ibrahim

Malaysia has in reality been a one party state for over 55 years with the ruling UMNO party winning a string of elections without much opposition. However, with the stellar rise of Anwar Ibrahim, the ruling party is facing its most tightly contested election in its history. In the final days of campaigning in an election which many pollsters now believe the government will lose, it seems to be pulling a number of desperate stunts.

Firstly is the amount of money the prime minister’s office is spending on advertising. Industry experts have identified over 50 million USD in advertising buys by the prime minister’s office alone. Sources say that the amount of money being spent on advertisements exceeds one million, a virtual buy out of all ad space on Microsoft networks (which include Skype and Bing) for the last 10 days of the campaign. On Facebook the PMO’s office, again according to sources, is spending upwards of $200,000.

Last week various websites in Malaysia reported servers being blocked. The popular and independent online news portal Malaysiakini reported that its IP address was being blocked within the country in activities that could only be explained by the deliberate obstruction by local ISPs. The website which reported a ten-fold increase in traffic on Wednesday was subsequently hacked. The Digital Task Force running the website sent out an email indicating the severity of the attack, which was launched immediately after it reported a dramatic increase in online activity and support for Anwar Ibrahim.

During Malaysian elections it is nothing new for opposition sites to be targeted with DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. It appears this year is no different. With a virtual monopoly on the mainstream media, one wonders why the government feels the need to disrupt other forms of communication.

Dr. Azeem Ibrahim is the Executive Chairman of The Scotland Institute and a Fellow at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding.

24 thoughts on “Malaysia’s Ruling Party Gets Desperate

  1. We will see on the 6th of May whether the “many pollsters” as claimed by Azeem Ibrahim are correct. I suspect the bias in favour of the PR is heavier in many of these polls.

  2. Dr Azeem you started the first sentence on a very , very wrong note.
    Since the Perikatan days up till the day before nomination 2013 , the country called Persekutuan Tanah Melayu and later Malaysia was ruled by a coalition of parties . Never was in it’s history, the country was ruled by ONE party.
    You might be highly educated but lack historical sense. You do not need to think American in the Malaysian context because it fuddle your mind! Since your first sentence is not relevant, what came after it is all bull-shit.

  3. Simple analysis ,the result for the coming GE.

    Those Parliment areas that have more than 70 Malay voter,The Vote will eithe go to PAS or UMNO.

    Those Parliment are that have 50% Malay voters,the seat will go to UMNO or PKR.

    Those Parliment ares that have Chinese and Indian voters more than 60 %.The votes will goes to DAP.

    Base on this anaysis,BN will win maximum 100 seats,DAP 40 seat,PKR 50 seats and PAS 30 seats.
    MCA,Gerakan and MIC will lose all the seats.

    People had make up their mind.All the hu ha reported in paper and TV is only an entertaiment.

  4. Salam Dato. With the momentum going for the final push all I can say to all Malaysians get ready to welcome your new government and your new Prime Minister. Insyallah

  5. Did Najib let out a Freudian Slip that UMNO/BN think they may lose JOHOR? No one in PR talked of getting Johor, just Putrajaya…Najib did not say Gelang Patah, or Putrajaya BUT JOHOR…


  6. Hamid. ………. I would think your assessment quite close man. MCA, GERAKAN MIC are irrelevant. They can do nothing about it. We will know soon.

    There are many foreign interests studying so diverse GE. Better go to sleep. On that day we just vote what we have intended long ago.

  7. It won’t surprise me that seeing all the tactics employed by BN falling flat on their faces, Najib will try one final desperate attempt to gain sympathy: he will shed crocodile tears on TV and beg the people not to dump him.

  8. Some of my friends are operating private jets charter and if you need to charter any urgently on 6th May, just give me a shout. We can also cater even on few hours notice. For bigger cargo space, we suggest twin props… Hercules C130 Charlie even……. for quicker getaway, we have Falcon 900 and Gulfstream 550….

  9. Abuhut…. you sound like Najib when he brushed off the UMCEDEL survey because it is not in his favour…. sukar bisa terima hakikat Pak tapi tak apa lah…. let the people decide on 505….

  10. “Malaysia has in reality been a one party state for over 55 years“ – Azeem Ibrahim

    read the sentence properly lah, it says “in reality…” no capito??

  11. Sure they are attacking the alternate media but what the heck it’s the door to door and face to face communication at the last moment that counts- which make the difference. This, UMNO cannot stop and PKR must work their butts off till the end to ensure a big margin . God speed PKR.

  12. p/s and what will bury ’em are all those wastages in sending SMS..up to 4 a day from 016 & 011 numbers…Of course, these sms are paid by the Rakyak’s monies! Pissing me off BIG time!

  13. Huffington Post is a Labor/Liberal/Union/Democrat/Socialist/Communist unprofessional propaganda new paper why even quote from it?

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