Malaysian Buddhist Organisations: Vote Wisely and Make the Difference

April 28, 2013

Malaysian Buddhist Organisations: Vote Wisely and Make the Difference (04-25-13)

Vote WiselyThe coming 13th general election will be a critical one deciding the fate of the people and this nation. Malaysia’s Buddhist organisations, in the spirit of upholding Buddha Sakyamuni’s compassion and wisdom, call on all Malaysian Buddhists as well as the political parties participating in this election to:

(1) Step forward and fulfill one’s duty as a citizen; to vote in earnest and with responsibility to elect a government that will bring advancement, harmony and equity in serving the people of different races and faiths.

(2) Follow Malaysia’s founding spirit which emphasise on unity and the mutual prosperity of all ethnic groups. Whichever political party that comes into power, the ruling government must assure that the resources are equally distributed and that racial, religious and educational issues shall not be manipulated by political parties as tools to polarise the people.

(3) Encourage religion which has the effect of purifying the society and our hearts. We seek the ruling government to protect the constitutional rights of freedom of religious beliefs, put to a stop the marginalisation of non-Islamic religious education and accord fair treatment to religious development.

(4) Ensure Malaysia shall maintain its status as a secular country, pursues a policy of separation of religion and state. The ruling government must also ensure that the Federal Court is the highest source of adjudication in all matters.

(5) Ensure that the political parties must be genuine in curbing the malpractices within current electoral system, including money politics, vulgarism and abusive language should not be engaged during campaigns.

Politics is everybody’s business as political parties and politicians’ words and deeds affect the social life of the people. Let’s elect an ideal government.

6) Urge the political parties and people throughout the country during the election period to be more action oriented in the decision-making with compassion to curb violence and more wisdom to reduce ignorance.

Vote wisely as their decisions will make a difference. Let’s all be united together to build a better tomorrow. May our nation be blessed with prosperity, happiness and peace.


1) members of Malaysian Buddhist Consultative Council:-

Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia,
Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia,
Sasana Abhiwurdhi Wardhana Society
Persatuan Penganut Agama Buddha Fo Guang Malaysia
Vajrayana Buddhist Council Malaysia

2) Fo Guang Shan, Malaysia

3) Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia

11 thoughts on “Malaysian Buddhist Organisations: Vote Wisely and Make the Difference

  1. How to be moderate: either vote BN negeri and PK for dewan or the other way round………this way fair right?
    Long ago many of us vote like this. We wanted strong local government to keep streets safe and clean and we wanted strong federal to keep economy well. These days things are opposite. Streets not safe, Economic administration unclear. So we reverse and vote BN for negeri and Pakatan for Dewan. How about it? Nice plan huh?

  2. Why only 6 exhortations? What happened to the Noble 8-fold path/truth?
    Perhaps these guys should go for Evangelical training.

  3. Hahahahahaha…..This BN supporter is one great joker……

    Just check out the latin phrases spewed out from Humphery Appleby towards BN supporter…..Enjoy!

  4. It’s time that all of us should reflect which party to vote on 505 is very critical as we need to catch up on our backward approach to a vibrant and strong economic strenght to spur the growth of the nation. UBAH means that cost of living has to be reduced to lighten up citizen’s stress,more efficient police actions to reduce crimes and murders,create a multic racial work force in civil service, cut down red tapes,put MACC and Election Commission under cabinet to be more independent in their line of duty. When transparency and accountability are enforced, we can expect reduction of corruption when savings can be put to help the people. Vote for a party that can make you proud as Malaysians. Compassion and care is all about in buddhism , dialogue is the answer to solving problems.

  5. The basic framework of Buddhist ethics for rulers is set out in the “Ten Duties of the King” (dasa-raja-dhamma):

    1. Dana –– liberality, generosity, charity. The ruler should not have craving and attachment for wealth and property, but should give it away for the welfare of the people.

    2. Sila — a high and moral character. He should never destroy life, cheat, steal and exploit others, commit adultery, utter falsehood, or take intoxicating drinks.

    3. Pariccaga — sacrificing everything for the good of the people. He must be prepared to give up all personal comfort, name and fame, and even his life, in the interest of the people.

    4. Ajjava — honesty and integrity. He must be free from fear and favour in the discharge of his duties, must be sincere in his intentions, and must not deceive the public.

    5. Maddava — kindness and gentleness. He must possess a genial temperament.

    6. Tapa — austerity of habits. He must lead a simple life, and should not indulge in a life of luxury. He must have self-control.

    7. Akkodha — freedom from envy, ill-will, enmity. He should bear no grudge against anybody.

    8. Avihimsa — non-violence, which means not only that he should harm nobody, but that he should try to promote peace by avoiding and preventing war, and everything which involves violence and destruction of life.

    9. Khanti — patience, forbearance, tolerance, understanding. He must be able to bear hardships, difficulties and insults without losing his temper.

    10. Avirodha — non-opposition, non-obstruction, that is to say that he should not oppose the will of the people, should not obstruct any measures that are conducive to the welfare of the people. In other words he should rule in harmony with his people[1].

    integrity, honesty, etc … the Buddha said a liar can do anything….so choose candidates who are truthful.

    Thanks. You are describing an unusual leader who possesses buddha-like qualities. None exists in Malaysia at this moment. Tunku Abdul Rahman, whose mother is Thai, is the closest, but even then he hashis own weaknesses. After all, Tunku is a human being like the rest of us.

    Politics is a Machiavellian kettle. We have to choose candidates who can work for our country and must rely on our laws and our justice system to deal with the dishonest and corrupt among them.For that reason, we must have a truly independent judiciary.–Din Merican

  6. Yes, Mr Merican, an ideal leader would have to possess all these qualities. However in this day and age it would be difficult to find such folks. However, we have some good promising candidates too who aspire to some of these ideals and who wish the rakyat well.

    I lived in Thailand before and I saw how the rakyat there respect the King of Thailand because of his good virtues and noble qualities.

    Master Cheng Yen, the founder of Tzu Chi in Taiwan used to say: No self interest, no disputes. There are millions of people volunteering in their organization …. all over the world. How could a tiny frail nun do that?
    Because of her virtues . even though she is a not a politician but she has done so much more than what most politicians in the world through her unselfishness, compassion and wisdom and leadership qualities. All because of her sincerity and purity of heart.

    If people believe in God, Allah or whatever name they call it, they would live an honest life and do things conscientiously. Arent they afraid that He is watching down? I truly feel that most people who lie and cheat so callously don’t believe in God, they are in fact mocking their Creator. Dont you think so?

    All material things when we die we cant take with us. We can only take our karmic energies and memories. If one does bad things, the karmic energies will not be erased and memories also cannot be deleted. It is not worth it. As in the final moments of our life, one will have to die with regrets and remorse if one lies and cheats… as can you lie to oneself in one’s final moments? I really dont think so….

    If we keep thinking that we cant take even a single strand of our own hair with us when we kaput, there is no need to amass so much like an insatiable hungry ghost with no idea of what peace and contentment is. It is not worth all the bad karma one is doing lah…….

    If one meditates and have experienced peace of mind, all the material things dont really matter much anymore as they are actually burdens and we become slaves of all these material things…. CONTENTMENT IS THE GREATEST WEALTH, the Buddha said.

    Honestly, i think only very sick insecure people want to amass so much wealth so unscrupously and deceptively. Amassing wealth itself is not a sin or anything but amassing it in deceptive manner – must be an act of some mental problem…. as there is no more feeling of conscience, moral fear and shame … they cant feel for others or feel shame…

    anyway, i have written too much already. hope there is wisdom around and we would not hv to suffer more fools and nonsense. wisdom can solve many problems…..

    thanks for your interesting blog …
    and may we all good rakyat of malaysia prevail on 5 may for our highest good as most malaysians are so nice and mild and dont deserve rotten eggheads as leaders in our beloved country.

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