GE-13: Our choices are shrinking

April 28, 2013

GE-13: Our choices are shrinking

by CT Ali@

Malaysia is no different from any other country. There is not one country free from some quirks and habits that defines their people and their politics.

We are each the product of our past, present and what we want for ourselves in the foreseeable future.We have to live with what we have today and move forward from there together or we can do it at odds with each other.


We are now trying to come to terms with the fact that race, religion, nepotism and money politics are all here to stay. It is now a matter of degree.

To what extent will we the people allow our political leaders to indulge themselves in an orgy of race, religions, nepotism and money.A cesspool of undeniably putrid corruption and contemptible arrogance and decadence that will even surprise Sodom and Gomorrah…or worse?

Do not expect these politicians to police themselves. That will be foolish of us. Do not expect the Police to police themselves, that would be foolish too.Speak OutWe must have two strong political entities  – one in power, one in opposition to police each other with us hovering over them.

Remember it takes a thief to catch a thief and politicians themselves will best police other politicians, though of course if they were all to collude then we will find ourselves in a raging Sungai Pahang in the rainy season up the creek without a paddle.

This is not possible you say?The merry go round of political musical chairs in Malaysia is only tempered when we the rakyat tell these politicians that enough is enough.

Leave the politicians to their own devices and I will be so bold as to suggest that the return of the prodigal son has more adherents within Pakatan Rakyat than within UMNO. For after all “ashes to ashes…dusts to dusts: We are from the earth and to the earth we will all eventually return!”

When the day is over, all will still be the same. BN will still be UMNO orientated and dominated and Pakatan will still need Anwar Ibrahim to hold it together for now until DAP call in their marker and get their uppance for helping Anwar become PM.

PAS, well PAS will try for Terengganu and be happy with that as hudud in Kelantan and Terengganu will be less messy and cumbersome than anywhere else. It’s more manageable there!

The clock then strikes midnight and all will be well for Malaysia until the morning brings new light to an old problem that will most probably not go away from our lives, not now, not tomorrow, not after the 13th GE. Perhaps never!The mother crab cannot ask her children to walk straight.

Nurul our leader?

Nurul IAWhat then what will our future be? Perhaps Nurul Izzah. But this ‘defection proof’ MP must accept that for her to be relevant to all Malaysians, she needs to defect from PKR.

If Nurul is to be honest she knows that increasingly her strength now comes from the non-Malays. It comes from the many non-Malay professionals who see in her the hope and the future they all aspire to – that only the best amongst us should lead them.

It is Nurul, not Anwar and not PKR that they have put their hopes into. For now Nurul is defection proof – so what lies of the future?How will their votes reach Nurul? Nurul is being pulled left and right. Nurul is being asked to spread herself too thinly, asked to decide on whether her loyalty lies to Anwar or to the people of Malaysia.

She is not yet ready for these choices, and yet ready or not she must find a way to be the change we want her to be.

CT Ali is a reformist who believes in Pakatan Rakyat’s ideologies. He is a FMT columnist.

18 thoughts on “GE-13: Our choices are shrinking

  1. This is a cynical piece by CT Ali. If all politicians are the same–rapacious, corrupt and greedy– and it is only a matter of degree, then why are we talking about change? Stay with the incumbent but hold them accountable with a people watch body equivalent to BERSIH. We can save hundred millions of ringgit having elections by disbanding our Election Commission. CFL, Frank, Tok Cik, Mr Bean (not very active these days), Orang Malaya, your take please.–Din Merican

  2. The manner in which we vote reflects our own concerns or should I say the sins we have committed or the good that we have done. In either case we hope that by voting in a certain manner our interest will be protected. It now all comes down to the qualitative difference between these two groups. I do think that those who sit on the fence are going to make a difference.

    Resorting to a People First campaign is a worn out ploy. From the days of George Orwell’s Animal Farm through the ages to Socialist Governments and later on the government of former Eastern Europe all have the individual as the most important person in the constitution with “We The People” leading the preamble of the constitution. But through hard work and generations that had lost their social standing, standing up for this principle we have now come to the realisation like that proverbial Alcoholic that nowhere in the laws of man does it state that it not okay to be a bit tipsy now and then and giving credence to the other great statement on governance by the Yugoslav opponent of President Tito–I think his name is Milovan Đilas–that societies are not made up of upper class, middle class or lower class, but only of two classes-the ruling class and those of us who are ruled.

    Come next Sunday that is how all of us are going to vote. Each one is more interested to protect our nest and hopes that all the other issues related to good governance will be kicked further away down the road from us. After all it is only recently that two leading economists in the United States came to the conclusion that before we experience negative GDP growth the national total debt should be closer to 100% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and not what the IMF had prescribed. In the past the general assessment was that anything beyond 60% was already a red flag.

    Whatever happens next Sunday my hope is that those returned to Putrajaya will rule this country in accordance with the constitution “We The People” will be able to exercise greater control of our lives based on wages that will allow us to make the decision on what kind of subsidies we want to give our children so that they too will able to gain their rightful place in society and preferably a better place than what we have earned.
    Well done, Thumb Logic. Those who have yet to read Orwell’s Animal Farm should do so and to be followed by his 1984, As literary political fiction and as dystopian science-fiction and a classic novel in content, plot, and style. Public choice theory is founded on the principle that we act on the basis of our self interest, not on some utopian vision. –Din Merican

  3. I get the impression that CT Ali is frustrated looking at our current political situation which made him write in this manner. In some ways it is understandable why this “cynical” piece should not be dismissed at first glance – or else it would not find its way in Din’s blog. Just look at our politicians – pots calling kettles black – who seem to differ only in matter of degrees in all subjects close to the people’s hearts.
    But I disagree with his suggestion for Nurul to defect from PKR to remain relevant. She needs PKR more to stay relevant than the latter needs the former now. The PKR provides her the required platform without which she is irrelevant – her personal “shine” will be dulled by the current lead players of whatever other political parties to which she would defect.

  4. Nurul’s stands on political issues are well-known and I would categorize her as a “liberal” – hey she plays her guitar well too, when she sang for charity at the Esplanade in Penang 2 years ago… I just think she needs one or two more terms as an MP and perhaps as a Deputy Ministerial post and later Ministerial post before she is ready for the PM… in another 10 years when she’s 42…. Nurul is tough because the circumstances made her so… her father’s imprisonment the “baptism of fire” when she joined the “Reformasi” movement to help free her father and fight injustice. She is what she is today because the system made her such… in a way, we should thank Mahathir, Pak Lah and Najib coz w/out them she might not even be in politics as she told us during one of our the tarek sessions during the recent campaign, she has always wanted to be an engineer….

  5. For ONCE please let us turn 360deg to Malaysian brand of SOCIALISM for the people and by the people. Belum cuba belum tau, sudah cuba, jadi harimau of ASEAN!

  6. CT Ali is neither cynical nor frustrated.He has come to realise that the anchor to Pakatan Rakyat, Parti KeADILan Rakyat, is full of Orwell’s Animal Farm types. They ride on the reformist bus but are essentially UMNO types as typified by Azmin Ali, who seems to be able to control Anwar Ibrahim. The Parti Rakyat arm of PKR is full of misguided socialists who are still unable to break away from Dr. Syed Hussin Ali.

    All said, with DAP and PAS as strange bedfellows, Pakatan’s ability to govern Putrajaya is a major concern to many Malaysians and foreign investors. I have been told by my fellow sikhs, Gurmit Bhullar and his sister Santokh Kaur in Kota Kinabalu and Kuching respectively that it is difficult for Pakatan to take Sabah given factional fighting within PKR, and Sarawak, thanks to the C,M is firmly in BN’s hands. This means that GE-13 will be won by BN. The question that remains unanswered is : by what margin?

    Hope for change are diminishing by day by day and May 5 will confirm if this assessment is true. In the meantime, I can’t blame CT Ali for his disappointment.

  7. What is Malalysianised Socialism?
    Vouchers for food, vouchers, books, all remain and spend only in 1Malaysia stores
    1Malaysia stores must be cheaper than MYDIN, TESCO, CARREFOUR GIANT.
    This is a combination of US Food Stamp and Spore NTUC.
    Consumer index measure base on 1Malaysia store which MUST sell daily necessities including bicycle, cooking oil etc.

    Abolish all univ fees and JPA scholarships.
    Make GCE A level English compulsory independent assessment to replace MUET.
    Emphasize maths, science, english and BM.

    Meanwhile have GST on non-daily use items esp semi-luxury goods onwards; higher salary earners pay GST la.

    State people’s representatives must be qualified people who understand social issues and economics, and no more politicizing race and religion.

    Parliamentarians must have minimum masters degree, have held senior management positions before.

    Increase mass social housing ownership 800sf per unit type by bare liveable finishing only and allow NO transfer, NO rental, This example is adapted from HDB Spore. Built them near industry zones to support industries.

    No tax for motorcycle to make transport affordable.

    Free medical services and medication for senior citizens in all public hospital.

    This way No need for opposition, No need EC. Within Government, have better than MACC to check. Opposition becomes MACC as Ombudsman watchdog and whistle blowers. Cases must be solved ASAP and bring into OPEN on website and benchmark resolution progress.

  8. Forgot to add: remove all datuk and tan sri titles. The Tun issued by Agong and is limited by replacement basis. Too many datuk titles on ‘ebay’ that value are lost.

  9. I enjoyed the article. I did not think it cynical at all. CT Ali was voicing his frustration at our meek acceptance that ALL politicians, regardless of political persuasion, are all corrupt to a degree. He is frustrated because he thinks we should have zero tolerance for corrupt behaviour – and I agree.

    Odd though how he switched from being frustrated to Nurul in an instant.

    Nonetheless, I found it fascinating. I find her fascinating. If she has ambitions to be the future PM of Malaysia, then as Hang Jebat poined out, she couldn’t have wished for a better “political formative” years than what she went through during the “Reformasi” period.

    CT Ali is right about the Non-Malays liking her. But, what about the Malays? What do the Malays think of her?

  10. Gurda,

    I think BN might win but no 2/3.Ajib’s job is still safe as he has many supporters in UMNO who are linked to his projects so next UMNO GA, no issue. Mahathir is one person and he may have some people in UMNO who support him but they are dwindling. Najib’s support in UMNO is gaining traction. But the ball is still round till 5/5. We’ll see and expect the unexpected.

    Ini Kali la works both ways for either party to make or break.

  11. Punning the political scenario is acceptable but some weak hearted along with him have lost the war. What a shameless weak earthlings lacking fighting spirit and trying to justify using the historical bed sheets ,which are so thin , to weather the long winter. Fix it with a couple of tequilas and move along you cowards. The battle is not lost or won yet and you suggest to concede ,the unthinkable! Are you thinking like the marginalised people in Malaysia . We have to continuously spread the theory of good governance and the fight for democracy to the people . The spirit of Revolusi and Bersih must be kept alive.

  12. Does CT stand for the newfangled term called cyber-trooper?
    Look, what’s written above sounds like: ‘Be ever so kind to virtue, be to faults ever so blind.’ If you understood it in the very first reading, you’re hot! And must have understood what this flake is trying to say. If not, you’re only human like me. But I’m a naturally cynical and sarcastic fella, and 2 cynics does not a good Singh make…

    Basically, I think his virtue does not permit him to say that Nurul Izzah is whom he lusts after. Am I wrong?

  13. any free and uncensored discussion in the public forum on political issues brings Malaysia closer to a true democracy. I think the country is dragged behind by corruption, big government, brain drain ,racial and religious favouritism. These historical measures have impeded the progress of the country.

  14. ”Nurul Izzah is whom he lusts after. Am I wrong?” – CLF the cynic

    true CLF, my heart missed a beat when he started the sentence with,,,,,Nurul is being asked to spread her…..!!

    on the serious side, yes he is just appealing to the good side of malaysians to vote objectively.
    apart frrom the politicians WE are also corrupted to a certain degree which is of great advantage for the politicians.
    are actually the non-malays appealing to the motherly instinct of a lady to be fair and good to them all, ala Mother Teresa?

    …and what happened to Semper fi, Isa, Kathy et alii

  15. I posted previously here, Ai Tze, about a chance encounter when Nurul Izzah was just a teen… she was with her mother Dr Wan Azizah being whisked away from Manila Airport to the Malacanang Palace to meet up with then Phillipines President Josef Erap Estrada to appeal for help to pressure the Malaysian government to help release her father, Anwar Ibrahim. I told my wife then… what she was doing and what they were doing to her, she will be a tough politician one day…

  16. Reeperbahn, this article is good for reading while doing my stuff on the throne. I’ve met Nurul Izzah and Wan Azizah many many times when they came to the US. Both mother and daughter have a certain charm and personality which is very hypnotic.
    Apart from that Nurul Izzah have matured well and clearly have a mind of her own and have demonstrated that she is her own person and not just the daughter of Anwar Ibrahim. I wish her luck in defending Pantai. She should be given the opportunity to be in government to fully realise her potential.

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