NPC Newsmaker Program: Turning Point in Malaysia: Will the Ruling Coalition Finally Lose Power?

From National Press Club

WASHINGTON, April 23, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — On May 5, Malaysians will vote in their 13(th) general election since gaining independence in 1957 — and for the first time, the outcome of the election is in doubt. Disenchantment with the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition, the growing influence of online media and an explosion in the number of young voters (20 percent of the electorate is under 30 and eligible to vote for the first time) could propel the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coalition to victory.

At a National Press Club Newsmaker news conference on Wednesday, April 24, John Mallott, the former U.S. Ambassador to Malaysia and one of the foremost experts on Malaysian politics, will analyze the forces at play that could make this election an historic turning point for a significant U.S. trading partner and military ally.

While the opposition currently enjoys a slight lead in national polls and a dominant position in online media, the ruling coalition controls the mainstream media and has prevailed in all 12 previous elections. Concerns about electoral fraud are high — international observer delegations have routinely criticized Malaysia’s Election Commission for its handling of previous elections.

The ruling coalition has been plagued by a series of high-profile corruption cases and widespread criticism for poor handling of race relations, including requiring non-Muslims to abide by strict statutes of Muslim law. The opposition coalition controls five of Malaysia’s 14 states and territories and has established a record of building surplus budgets, attracting foreign investment, improving social services and promoting equal citizenship rights for all ethnic groups. But it has also been hampered by internal conflicts over application of Islamic law.

Some observers maintain that a change in government would be destabilizing for Malaysia, while others contend it’s crucial for bringing about the reforms necessary for Malaysia to function effectively as a pluralistic society in a globalized world.

This National Press Club Newsmaker news conference will take place on Wednesday, April 24 at 2 p.m. in the club’s Zenger Room on the 13(th) Floor of the National Press Building, 529 14(th) St., NW, Washington, D.C. 20045.

SOURCE National Press Club

19 thoughts on “NPC Newsmaker Program: Turning Point in Malaysia: Will the Ruling Coalition Finally Lose Power?

  1. For now I’m sure they are losing their sanity. Not a day pass without Najib or Muhyiddin making stupid remarks. It’s quite shocking when I heard Muhyiddin said don’t topple the government. Hello? It’s called an election where you get to choose whoever you think fit to govern. To think he’s the Minister of Education. Oh boy…

  2. Singing Power to the People
    Power to you and me!
    Come 55, we give 1000watt
    to shock BN till it roast to charcoal powder.

  3. No NO No way will BN lose power , it’s has been said that BN government are using all the dirty tactic and trick , how can BN loose power then , but I doubt what happened in 2008 where Pakatan could take 4 state namely Penang, Kedah, Perak and Kelantan ,it has been a mistery what was really happened .

  4. There is no shame with the caretaker government to blatantly abuse mainstream media to their benefit. I can only pity the Malaysian’s journalist, bullied and denied from reporting the truth. Their opinion and thought repressed. NST and The Star is a lame excuse for a paper. Not worth the paper it is printed on. I want a fair media, reporting without political bias on mainstream media and my right to voice out my opinion on these media. I do not want to go online and hunt for the truth everyday, I want to pay 2 ringgit and get my news on the paper so I can read my paper and drink my teh tarik at mamak stall in the morning. Lets vote for a fair journalism.

  5. Its a good coincidence that IRONMAN 3 will screen on nationwide from April 26. Will this have a subtle impact to tech savvy new voters to favor CHANGE ?

    We are living in the year of real mini drones that can flotilla an aerial campaign instead of using advertising airships or hot air balloons or expensive coppers by our airforce. How about replicas ironman suits with party logos.

    Expect the unexpected for this campaign. Our melayu are ever so imaginative; be them UMNO, PKR or PAS. PAS can come as Green Lantern. UMNO as THOR and PKR as IRONMAN 3………….expect the unexpected public relations.

  6. this unelected prime minister who was shoved down our throats through party politics and conspiracies, whose four year reign was full of conpiracies, intrigues, corruption and crime fitting of a movie thriller reveals his weaknesses and incompetencies by trying to BUY malaysian votes. what a shame and slap in the face for decent malaysians!

  7. Fantastic. The NPC will give its focus on the Malaysian GE13. And for it to say the results can go either way illustrates the democratic freedom we enjoy here in Malaysia. Just hope that whatever the results are later, they will be accepted as the free democratic choice of the Malaysians without any sour grapes rating away the negatives. Whoever wins the GE13, Malaysia and Malaysians will never be the same again – the winner will have to make the changes which the majority Malaysians desire.

  8. They will not let that happen guys ! Simply because they got too much to lose. These are white collar criminals you are talking about whose charge sheet should be a mile long. There is enough evidence to have their passports impounded in the first week of any new administration.

    The Malays appear divided but not necessarily down the middle.

  9. Hold on to your sarong folks! What the statement from the NPC says is that for the first time a BN victory is in doubt i.e. something we have always known. It does not say an opposition victory is imminent.

  10. Yes, the BN will lose power. Don’t ask me how, my gut feeling is penetrating deep into my bones that BN is in a state of panic. They are using fear mongering to make people afraid to come out to vote. The bombing incidents might be part of the oursourcing plan of the BN.

  11. talk about politician are to serve ….maybe dress as maid or butler may please voters… tried in PRC………. how about dress as nurse?

    Apr, 23, 2013 | This newsletter is sent at 4am Beijing Standard Time (GMT+8).

    Got it maid, or an airline’s flight of fancy?
    A CHINESE budget carrier is planning to dress its female flight attendants as maids and their male colleagues as butlers on some flights, a move that has attracted both praise and criticism online. Spring Airlines…

  12. Well Bean…..sad thing is it…..Why can’t Malaysia melayus as bold as singapore melayus…..They kick out UMNO….Even Tunku was extremely shocked…..Tunku gave singapore melayus free land in Johore, they refused to come……Guess why UMNO so damn afraid of DAP

    DAP the most principled political party in Malaysia……Guess what! Malaysia would have been richer than even Japan itself……If only the Malaya melayus see that

  13. looes, why u so stoopid One-ah? Still living under the durian tree-ah?
    DAP can’t win, much less rule Malaysia on it’s own. They can only help, as we all must.

    Wake up! Grow up! What’s the use of barking about principles, when ain’t got no power. Just like a kap-cai with a 20 inch exhaust or a BR1M-fire pastor!

    Sorry, couldn’t help it, Dato.. The fella’s so blur, that my digestive tract – er.., bloats.

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