P Waythamoorthy sells out the Indians to Najib

April 19, 2013

P Waythamoorthy sells out the Indians to Najib with MOU

dato-ambigaOn that November morning in 2007, tens of thousands clogged the major arteries of the nation’s capital. That event would later be heralded as a defining moment of political empowerment.

Heeding the call of Hindraf, these people came from all over the country, braving tear gas, water cannons and police batons in the attempt to highlight their plight.

The authorities’ high-handed response to the protest and the subsequent detention of five Hindraf leaders saw Malaysian Indians, who until then were considered true blue supporters of Barisan Nasional, cast their ballots in favour of the opposition in the 2008 polls.

Much has changed since then and Hindraf’s influence has waned due to the infighting, which forced its top leaders to go in separate directions.

And now, six years after that mammoth protest, the movement’s self-proclaimed leader P Waythamoorthy, who spent several years in self-imposed exile in London, during which he championed the Hindraf agenda and condemned BN in the international arena, has made a 180 degree turn.

He has inked an agreement with BN and called on Indian voters to back Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s administration in the general election, a move which has drawn widespread condemnation.

Detractors are convinced that Waythamoorthy (right) pocketed a handsome sum inWaythamoorthy return for his allegiance but the Hindraf leader claims that he did so because BN is willing to agree to the movement’s terms of uplifting the Indians whereas Pakatan Rakyat ignored them.

‘What kind of message is this?’

Asked how she felt about the latest development, BERSIH co-chairperson S Ambiga preferred to withhold her comment, pointing out that Hindraf is free to enter into political pacts of its choice.

However, the former Bar Council president is appalled by Waythamoorthy’s statement based on the Hindu epic, “Ramayana”.

After inking the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Najib, the Hindraf leader remarked that it did not matter if the nation is ruled by Ravana or Rama.

According to Ambiga, this is a wrong message to send out to the community and children. “I am horrified that Waythamoorthy said it does not matter whether Rama or Ravana rules. This is shocking since Ravana is seen as the embodiment of evil and Rama, the embodiment of goodness.Furthermore, this message is intended for the Indians and the Hindus revere Lord Rama,” she said.

“I am utterly shocked that he is selling this idea that it does not matter if the ruler is good or evil and that it is all right to negotiate with evil. What kind of message is that?” she added.

Uthayakumar: I am shocked

Waythamoorty’s decision has also shocked his brother, Uthayakumar, who also addresses himself as the de facto leader of Hindraf. Speaking to FMT, he said Waythamoorthy only emerged in the picture after the five were detained under the Internal Security Act.

Just before he returned to Malaysia, Uthayakumar said there were some unsual movements, where his brother became more secretive and started creating a group for himself.

“When he came back, I did not want to challenge him because then people will talk that the brothers are battling for positions. But I went to jail, I did not run away, and I am still taking the bull by the horns; the ‘BN bull’ is Hindraf’s number one enemy,” he stressed.

“I always thought that he [Waythamoorthy] was trying to pressure Pakatan. But when he crossed over… that was it. The Hindraf struggle has never been about supporting BN,” he added.

p-uthayakumar1Uthayakumar (left) also revealed that his office is being flooded with phone calls from people who are enraged over the MoU.

Asked what he thought about Waythamoorthy’s comments with regard to the Ramayana, Uthayakumar said that to the Indian poor, it does not matter whether Rama or Ravana ruled.

“Our position has always been clear. We maintain that the Indians should not vote for BN but we don’t tell them to vote for Pakatan either; that is an individual choice as we do not want to be responsible for Pakatan’s non-delivery in terms of the Indians as seen in the states the Opposition controls.

“In that context, whether Rama or Ravana rules it does not make a difference to the Indian poor… but to the country overall, a change in government will make a difference, as there will be better governance, transparency, less corruption, independent judiciary and so forth,” he said.


15 thoughts on “P Waythamoorthy sells out the Indians to Najib

  1. The Indian community get screwed from their leaders be they from MIC or Hindraf. What is the difference between Samy Velu and P Waythamoorthy. These types will even sell their mothers for personal gain. It is well known that Najib will sign documents like the TI-Integrity Pact and this MOU with Hindraf because he knows that he has no intention of honouring them.

    Najib thinks money is everything and in dealings with characters like Samy and Waytha, he is probably right. These guys can be bought. He also knows that he cannot deal with Ambiga in the same way. But then as they say, suckers are born everyday. The Indian community has its fair share of suckers who can duped by their leaders. Good luck with the MOU.
    I am sure your comments will get the attention of Tok Cik, Semper Fi and Mr. Bean soon. Thanks for your input although it contains a racial slur on the Indian community. Let me say to you that Samy Velu and this Hindraf fella were exceptions. I know a lot of very decent, extremely intelligent, hard working and honest Indians in Malaysia.–Din Merican

  2. Uthayakumar is the force behind Hindraf but the lieutenants are trying to hijack the ship and they are achieving personal gains. This is poor mans politics with full stomachs.No unity, divided we must to enrich oneself. It seems like only a true gangster can contain the poor marginalised Indians . We blame the others and the govt for our failures always. Any hardworking person,with reasonable common sense , can be successful in Malaysia . The only way the Indians can go forward is to work hard, safe the money, and get their children educated. Now coming back to the issue of Ramayana , the good overcame the evil.To say Ravana or Rama it does not matter is is foolish and misleading for are we not seeking the Truth in life. Uthayakumar you started it now go forward and finish it well, otherwise you will set a poor example to Hindraf and the Rakyat.

  3. Rama vs Ravana? Good vs Evil?
    Wah..! Like that also no difference ah?
    These flurs have been chewing on too much Bollywood chewing gum, that they forgotten Makkal Sakthi and all that. Perhaps this Waytha-thing got infected with the post-Modernism virus which is worse than the H7N9 flu hogging PRC at the moment. Apparently contracted it in London while waiting to see the Queen.

    I was once told by an Indian Brahmin in Uttar Pradesh, that the greatest torture that can be inflicted on his fellow Indian is to tell him to shut up and stay still. Is that true?

  4. It is the small number of Indians who, fall into the category represented by this” 1/2 Value” & P Waythamoorthy. This set of Indians do take the front-line and at the same time take the “first fruits” in terms of positions and more importantly financial gain, leaving little or nothing for the general Indian people. The rest of us would only go 1/2 the distance, being good arm chair critics (like writing in this blog) not willing to inconvinence ourselves. So who is to be blamed for the position of the Indians-without execption the whole of the Indian population.

  5. Money,money,money, it’s so funny, in a rich man’s world, ooh ho,ooh ho, waytha’s on the way there,oh ho, Hindraf’s is so funny, in the rich man’s world, sorry ABBA ,waa cilok your lyrics,Luu tolong Waa, Waa tolong Lu maa…Oouch!!!

  6. I don’t think Najibullah was making any racial slur at all. It would be a sad day if Najib or UMNO or BN still win

  7. If Waytha and his Hindraf has no impact on the Indians community than why Najib signed the MOU then? Najib must have weighted Waytha or it’s another ploy to divide the already united Indians, which is going to contribute significantly for PK coming GE13.
    Najibullah is right suckers are born everyday. In this scenario Waytha Hindraf followers will be the suckers while personally Waytha gained and for Najib it just another day of politicking.

  8. The statement “it does not matter whether Rama or Ravana rules” – ITS SIMPLY STUPID. ITS WRONG – TECHNICALLY. It saying CHOOSING THE WORST OF TWO EVIL DOES NOT MATTER..IT CAN’T BE…IT SIMPLY DON’T MAKE ANY SENSE…

    Its not just that he betrayed his cause, HE MAKES ABSOUTELY NO SENSE…

    In all my experience running things, when the issue is the people and NOT the job, the work, these kinds of things happen. Stupidity and illogic rules and the work or job get washed down the drain..In these cases, the only choice really is simply to get rid of the person – no ifs and buts, no more chances, no more excuses.

  9. It’s clear that whoever rules the Indians will continue to be marginalized and suppressed. They will be poor and nobody is going to help them.
    The statement is crystal, “whether Rama or Ravana rules it does not make a difference to the Indian poor…”
    So who does Hindraf really represent? Indians or Waytha? It’s clear that Waytha hijacked Hindraf for his personal gain.

  10. True character emerges in the heat of pressure and the greed for wealth. People like this are sheep in wolf’s clothing.

  11. Najib was singing “How much is the doggie in the window” when he saw Waythamoorty in London last year while accompanying Rosmah on her shopping spree. So now we have Waytha “woofing” to Najib’s tune.

  12. Waytha, what a name? why not Gastropoda? at least it sounds more tamilish.
    by saying that it doesn’t matter whether Rama or Ravanna rules, Waytha is saying he cares two hoots about what happens to malaysians and Malaysia but he cares only for himself and the indians. what kind of indian chauvinistic pig is he? these kind of people are not even fit to mention the name of Gandhiji.

  13. May I share a verse which should guide all Muslims (and for that matter all decent human beings)
    “Do not accept anything that you yourself cannot ascertain.You are given the hearing,the eyes and the mind in order to examine and verify” Surah Bani Israel (17) Verse 36 The Quran.

    Good luck to all those who indulge in conjecture.

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