Musa Hassan warns of Politics of Fear

April 17, 2013

Musa Hassan warns of Politics of Fear

by Ram Anand@

Former Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan has called on politicians to stop “putting fear in people” by making statements about possible racial tension or riots should there be a change in government in the general election.

Speaking at a forum on smooth and peaceful transition of power yesterday Musa Hassanat a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Musa (right) took issue with recent statements by both Wanita UMNO Chief Shahrizat Jalil and former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Shahrizat had warned of a repeat of the May 13, 1969 racial riots during her policy speech at the UMNO General assembly November last year, while Mahathir recently wrote on his blog that DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang would attempt to drive a wedge between the Chinese and the Malays in his campaign for Gelang Patah.

“As leaders, they should advise the people to be calm in selecting a government of their choice,” said Musa, who has been vocal in his opinions since his retirement.For me, that (the statements) is almost like sedition (menghasut),” he added.

He said that the Police Force had warned parties from making any statements that could stoke racial or religious tensions and they should take heed of this advice.

Police Force criticised

He also took a dig at the Police force for its lack of enforcement when such incidents occurred. “The Police must take immediate action. Don’t just make statements. When people do something like that, you stay silent,” he chastened.

hishammuddin-hussein-in-lahad-datu-300x225Musa argued that the enforcement system would need an overhaul should there be a change of government in the May 5 election. “For me, the most important thing that must be eradicated is bribery. All I would say is, if you want to do things in the same way that the current (Home Affairs) Minister (left) and government is doing, then there’s no point. If you want to change, change completely,” he said.

Musa stressed that “change is necessary” for the Force and also revealed he was “very concerned” about current levels of crime in the country.

14 thoughts on “Musa Hassan warns of Politics of Fear

  1. For once, Musa Hassan is talking sense. But when he was the IGP, he failed to carry out his duties. In stead he chose to be the mattress carrier during the Sodomy 1 trials and was the tormentor of Dato Ramli Yusof. He also worked closely with the birdwatching caretaker Home Affairs Minister. Now he is playing politics.–Din Merican

  2. This chap is buying “insurance” in the event of a PR take over of PJ. Although Anwar said that what is past is past and no action will be taken, this hassan chap knows full well that others in PR do not think the same way. Eh you mattress carrier, its too little too late. My advice to you prepare for a long stay in either kamunting or Sg Buluh. Check with Anwar on the conditions. Another suggestion, take along books on Shakespeare but then, at your level of intelligence comic books would be appropriate. however even then it might be a little above your level. Have a pleasant stay!!!

  3. May be he smells something and is on damage control before the inevitable happens. He wants to be in Anwar’s good book before Putraja changes hands. This fella, true to his name, is one cunning musang.

  4. And it all boils down to carma (cari makan).Musa played the game well during his tenure as the nation’s top cop. He’s at it again.

  5. Pak Musa Hassan is a completely different man after leaving the Police Force but is he really a credible person of good integrity? Why quote the incorrigible old man Mahathir and Sharizat’s speech which has been overtaken by events – Najib has clearly assured of a smooth & peaceful political transition if the BN were to be ousted of Putrajaya. Good try Pak Musa – your action could be indirectly seditious too.

  6. Brian @ 10.07am: you took the word “insurance” right of my mouth. I was actually telling myself this guy is buying insurance just in case and when I read the comments, you had beaten me to it, haha!

    I am sure this ex-IGP Musang Hassan still has access to some key Special Branch personnel who are personally loyal to him and thus keep him updated and well-informed with some intelligence report every now and then… and I think these intelligence reports are telling this ex-IGP the most likely outcome of the GE13…

    So, the next best thing is to “buy insurance” and hopefully the new Prime Minister will leave him alone to enjoy his ill-gotten wealth…

  7. Hang Jebat, it is said ‘Great men (and women) think alike,but neither do fools differ’. Choose fools or great?!!!

  8. It’s “Great men think alike. Fools seldom differ”. Unfortunately, great men think differently that’s why they are great. Musa follows what the great Messiah from Kerala commands him to do. No wonder he’s a fool.

  9. In the 60s ands 70 the citizens listened to our leaders and followed their words. But in this internet age the people will no longer listen to what the leaders have to say because of the information overload. They are going to see what they do and are going to do exactly what they do.

  10. Most people in the Malaysian Police and Armed Forces are forced in a way to kowtow their political masters. You cannot achieve your ambitions in your chosen carriers if you did not tow the line. The Kutty Gestapo made sure of it. Dato Jaffar Onn was told to leave the AF after his address in the Parliament in about 1985! Whether insurance or not, at least he has the guts to be clear his conscience, so to speak. Give him the credit. Also , like many us, his ( so called 2 cent worth) is intended to harness mental change for the police in particular and the public in general. Many of the politicians in both the political divide are equally corrupt. You thing they would allow theirs heads to roll. So lets support a voice that is dying to be different, I hope.

  11. @ TL Man
    What information overload..? Information is a function of discretion.
    What is obvious might not be true, but what is True cannot be obfuscated.

    Take the example of a few threads back, when our friend hishamh brought up a pertinent example:
    That Corruption is not inimical to economic growth. I agree with him in so far as the figures show.
    Similarly, slavery is not due to racism as commonly thought, but a function of economics.
    So is Economics at a macro scale Immoral and Impersonal? Yes, for it is what Christians refer as ‘Mammon’ (riches). So microeconomics is the better way for lil folks like us.

    Therein is the Morality of Discretion. Either you have it or you don’t.
    What your eyes see, your ears hear and your nose smells in politics is sheer magic. It is what your mind and soul discern that is important.
    When your head is screwed (no vulgarities please) right and connected to your ‘heart’ discretion is never difficult. Vacillating is the mother of all SNAFU.

  12. Now the fox howls a different tune. Anyway, many politicians are likewise. When will he has a taste of his owned medicines only God knows.

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