GE-13:Tengku Razaleigh will defend Gua Musang

April 16, 2013

GE-13: Tengku Razaleigh will defend Gua Musang

by FMT Staff


In politics, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has set many records. And today he set yet another one. At 76, he is the oldest candidate to stand in the coming election. He was nominated by Barisan Nasional to defend the Gua Musang seat which he has held for nine consecutive terms.

Tengku Razaleigh joined UMNO in 1962 and his first outing at the hustings was in 1969. That year, he won the Ulu Kelantan Barat seat (now Gua Musang) by beating a PAS candidate. He moved on to the parliamentary level in 1974 and since then has been the MP for Gua Musang. He set up the Semangat 46 party in 1989 after Umno was declared an unlawful party by the court.

He later rejoined UMNO, but did not hold any government post. PAS veteran Wan Abdul Rahim Abdullah is likely to take on Tengku Razaleigh in Gua Musang.

Wan Abdul Rahim will be leaving the comfort of his Kota Baru seat to putWan Abdul Rahim Abdullah his political career on the line as he will be going after a giant in Malaysian politics. But Rahim, 61, said recently that the time was ripe to cause an upset in Gua Musang.

Last year, according to PAS insiders, Wan Rahim was on the verge of retirement after three decades of active politics. He told his associates he felt he was getting old and needed to concentrate on his family commitments.

However, the PAS leadership, cognisant of his value as a strategist, managed to persuade him to fight another round.mThis has fit in with the party’s decision to take the offensive – instead of relying on defensive tactics— in keeping Kelantan. Hence, the move to pit Rahim against Tengku Razaleigh, affectionately known as Ku Li.

PAS is expected to bank on the Prince’s uncertain political allegiance. He has actively supported PAS on the issue of royalty payments for petroleum.

Following is the list of BN candidates for Kelantan:


1. Tumpat: Mansor Salleh (Umno)

2. Pengkalan Chepa: Datuk Dali Husin (Umno)

3. Kota Baru: Datuk Mohamad Fatmi Che Salleh (Umno)

4. Pasir Mas: Che Johan Che Pa (Umno) (new face)

5. Rantau Panjang: Ghazali Ismail (Umno) (new face)

6. Kubang Kerian: Anuar Safian (Umno)

7. Bachok: Datuk Awang Adek Husin (Umno)

8. Ketereh: Tan Sri Annuar Musa (Umno)

9. Tanah Merah: Datuk Ikmal Hisham Abdul Aziz (Umno)

10. Pasir Puteh: Tuan Mustaffa Tuan Mat (Umno) (new face)

11. Machang: Datuk Ahmad Jazlan Yaakub (Umno)

12. Jeli: Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed (Umno)

13. Kuala Krai: Tuan Aziz Tuan Hamat alias Tuan Mat (Umno)

14. Gua Musang: Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (Umno)

State seats

1. Pengkalan Kubor: Datuk Noor Zahidi Omar (Umno)

2. Kelaboran: Wan Hanapi Wan Yaacob (Umno)

3. Pasir Pekan: Nik Noriza Nik Salleh (Umno)

4. Wakaf Bharu: Datuk Mohd Rosdi Abdul Aziz (Umno)

5. Kijang: Zaluzi Sulaiman (Umno)

6. Chempaka: Wan Razman Wan Abd Razak (Umno) (new face)

7. Panchor: Che Rosli Hassan (Umno)

8. Tanjong Mas: Kanidy Omar (Umno) (new face)

9. Kota Lama: Tan Ken Ten (MCA)

10. Bunut Payong: Mohd Fakhrurazi Abdul Rahim (Umno) (new face)

11. Tendong: Datuk Hanafi Mamat (Umno)

12. Pengkalan Pasir: Tuan Anuwa Tuan Mat (Umno)

13. Chetok: Aimi Jusoh (Umno) (new face)

14. Meranti: Mohd Afandi Yusoff (Umno)

15. Gual Periok: Shaari Mat Husain (Umno)

16. Bukit Tuku: Mohd Zain Ismail (Umno)

17. Salor: Datuk Mohamad Nordin Awang (Umno) (new face)

18. Pasir Tumboh: Mohd Shamsul Mohd Yusoff (Umno) (new face)

19. Demit: Wan Mohd Nazi Wan Hamat (Umno) (new face)

20. Tawang: Mohd Zain Yasim (Umno) (new face)

21. Perupok: Datuk Mohd Zaidi Sidek (Umno)

22. Jelawat: Datuk Ilias Husain (Umno)

23. Melor: Mohd Othman Omar (Umno) (new face)

24. Kadok: Mohamad Basri Awang (Umno) (new face)

25. Kok Lanas: Datuk Md Alwi Che Ahmad (Umno)

26. Bukit Panau: Baharudin Yusof (Umno) (new face)

27. Gual Ipoh: Bakri @ Mohd Bakri Mustapha (Umno) (new face)

28. Kemahang: Dayang Saniah Awang Hamid (Umno) (new face)

29. Selising: Zulkifli Ali (Umno) (new face)

30. Limbongan: Mohd Rujhan Salleh (Umno) (new face)

31. Semerak: Zawawi Othman (Umno) (new face)

32. Gaal: Redzuan Stapha (Umno) (new face)

33. Pulai Chondong: Halim alias Ab Halim Ismail (Umno) (new face)

34. Temangan: Azemi Mat Zin (Umno) (new face)

35. Kemuning: Eriandi Ismail (Umno) (new face)

36. Bukit Bunga: Mohd Adhan Kechik (Umno)

37. Air Lanas: Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed (Umno)

38. Kuala Balah: Datuk Abdul Aziz Derashid (Umno)

39. Mengkebang: Azizzuddin Hussein (Umno)

40. Guchil: Datuk Nik Sapeia Nik Yusof (PPP) (new face)

41. Manek Urai: Che Jalal Muda (Umno) (new face)

42. Dabong: Datuk Ramzi Ab Rahman (Umno)

43. Nenggiri: Mat Yusoff Abdul Ghani (Umno)

44. Paloh: Datuk Nozula Mat Diah (Umno)

45. Galas: Ab Aziz Yusoff (Umno)

5 thoughts on “GE-13:Tengku Razaleigh will defend Gua Musang

  1. Tengku Razaleigh did right by staying on the issues. His loyalty is first to his state. He knows too that the window has closed on him. We had good times together in the late ’70s. I’ll drink to that.

  2. The return to politics of Tan Sri Annuar Musa after a long period of isolation. Is he a winnable candidate in the league as Dato Seri Mustapha Mohamad (Jeli) and Tengku Razaleigh (Gua Musang)? –Din Merican

  3. UMNO have been the dominant party and in power for too long. They should encourage the forming of a coalition government so that talents of other parties can participate as the governing institution. I am a good friend of Tony Pua. A man of Tony’s background and talent should be running the country as a governing politician.

  4. Those born before 1945 should step aside and allow the younger people to contest. Winable candidate means those who have a proven track record and not those with question marks.

  5. Forming a coalition govt with UMNO Baru-BN is like
    forming a coalition govt with Robert Mugabe and his
    ZANU-PF. Look where this has brought Morgan Tsvangarai !

    UMNO Baru-BN is simply beyond redemption under its present leadership
    and “elder statesman”.
    No coalition or unity govt with UMNO Baru-BN unless they truly undergo reform like Taiwan’s Guomindang.

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