More Cash for Us, if we vote UMNO-BN

April 7, 2013

More Cash for Us, if we vote UMNO-BN

by Aidila Razak (04-06-13)@

BN Blues

The atmosphere was electric at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil today as BN told Malaysians that it will dish out more cash if the nation votes them back into power.

In its manifesto launched tonight, BN said the Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) welfare aid will be gradually raised from the current RM500 to RM1,200 per family, for households earning less than RM3,000 a month.

A raise was also promised for low-income single individuals, making it RM600 from the present RM250, BN chief Najib Abdul Razak said to roaring applause by 16,000-odd BN supporters at the stadium in Bukit Jalil.

In the event telecast live on state television, Najib said these payments will also not be one-off payments, but be paid out annually. But Najib was quick to point out that this is “not vote-buying” but “targeted subsidy” for the needy which will benefit the whole economy by boosting private consumption.

“We have economic basis for this,” he said.The 1Malaysia book vouchers (BB1M) will be raised by RM100 to RM300 and aid for schoolchildren raised by RM50 to RM150.

Malaysians could also look forward to car prices being reduced gradually by 20-30 percent and a cut of broadband Internet fee by 20 percent, with guaranteed bandwidth.

The 31-page manifesto also promised to benefit Sabah and Sarawak residents by implementing a one-country one-price policy, while working mothers will benefit from the setting up more 1Malaysia childcare centres, among others.

It covers a full array of issues – from reducing the cost of living, improving urban quality of life, housing, health, public transport, development, economy, education, security and safety, environment to women.

‘We love BN’

BN supporters, who arrived in buses from all over peninsular Malaysia as early as six hours before the event started, were in very high spirits, singing and dancing to patriotic songs.

bn manifesto launch 2013 ge13 orang asliWhile most put the ‘We Love BN’ and BN flags in their goodie bags to good use, some blew into the noisy vuvuzelas, making the event seem like a football match or a concert.

So excited were the mostly youth attendees that the secretariat had to threaten to confiscate the vuvuzelas.

“This is a very important event, not a place to blow trumpets,” the crowd was sternly told. The crowd roared their support when asked by the emcee if BN would take Selangor, Kelantan, Kedah and Penang.

bn manifesto launch 2013 ge13 more children“For those from Gelang Patah, let’s bury (DAP veteran leader) Lim Kit Siang,” the emcee said to loud cheers.

The participants turned hushed as a video honouring the security personnel who fell in Lahad Datu was shown.

But all rose to their feet and broke into an emotive rendition of ‘Inilah Barisan Kita’ as Najib and wife Rosmah Mansor arrived soon after. Also receiving thunderous applause was former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who attended with his wife Dr Siti Hasmah Ali.

Salient points of BN manifesto

Within the next five years, BN  is committed to:

  • Increase BR1M to RM1,200 for families (from RM500) and RM600 for singles (from RM250), to be disbursed yearly
  • Increase 1Malaysia book vouchers (BB1M) to RM300 (from 200), and school assistance to RM150 (from RM100)
  • Revise National Automotive Policy and gradually reduce car prices by 20-30 percent to improve competitiveness of local cars
  • Increase the numbers of Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia (KR1M)
  • Sell 1Malaysia products at petrol station and hypermarkets
  • Set up 1Malaysia clinics in high-density residential area
  • Set up more 1Malaysia childcare centre for working parents
  • Reduce broadband fee by 20 percent with guaranteed bandwidth
  • Implement ‘one country, one price’ policy


Martin Jalleh’s Response to the UMNO-BN’s GE-13 Manifesto

Martin Jalleh's Response to GE-13 UMNO-BN Manifesto

Pak Kadiaq speaks about UMNO Money Politics

29 thoughts on “More Cash for Us, if we vote UMNO-BN

  1. So what happen to the myth that giving more doles will bankrupt? Hantu pun lu, Tuhan pun lu…..You win liao lor

  2. Sad isn’t it? Our politics, especially money politics, make us a bunch of cynics. To think that we can be persuaded by small bucks to vote in favour of one coalition and reject the other boggles my mind. It was unthinkable many years ago.

    Our values and ability to distinguish between what is right and wrong have been destroyed by our 4th Prime Minister who was able to remain in power for 22+years because he used money politics.That today we can be bribed to put corrupt, incompetent and racist politicians back in power shows that we are ourselves corrupt. Malaysians, where is your pride and sense of self worth? –Din Merican
    Thanks Loess74, Government is not about morality; it is about stability. That is cynicism at the highest point.

  3. Din,

    That video episode of ‘Yes, Minister’ is a polished piece of entertainment, and l enjoyed it. But entertainment is all it is. It is not a university tutorial in public ethics. Perhaps developed countries can afford to have a morally detached view of government practices, as demonstrated so well by Sir Humphrey Appleby in ‘Yes, Minister’ but the price is too high for developing countries to ape.

    Indeed, most developed countries have a high standard of public morality. Northern Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, to quote just a few, have remarkably high standards of governance.

    We in developing countries have an even greater need for honest leaders to husband our meagre resources wisely in order to generate higher productivity and growth. Bribing voters with tax payers’ money will increase our National Debt, not our productivity.

    Moral bankruptcy will lead to national bankruptcy.


  4. the road to a bankrupt Malaysia is truly charted: majority of the voters can be easily bought for loo$e change. Dubious aliens made citizen in exchange for votes.
    My genuine sympathies to the future Msian gens.

  5. Money, money, money and more money. So where are we going to get the money? Print, print and print like in US, UK and Japan? Is that all there is to run a country? What about our children, our children’s children?

  6. It’s sad that some people can actually be bought into this. Instead of teaching Malaysians to not be dependent on crutches, Najib is encouraging them to be dependent on handouts and if I may also add, to become beggars. Najib’s hypocrisy is also astounding especially when he says Pakatan’s ideas will bankrupt the nation while copying the very same ideas he reviled.

    I’ve also noticed that with Najib it’s just “I, I and I”. There’s no “we” with him. I guess he really is modeling himself as Obama and he’s actually running an American style presidential election.

  7. Give a man a fish, he will consume it in a day. Teach him how to fish, he will probably survive for a lifetime. So give the rakyat RM500, he will probably spend it in a day. So what happen after that. To the recepient of the BRIM, that RM500.00 is just like a lightning that lights up the dark sky. It brightens up the dark sky for a moment.

    Government which is concern witk the rakyat’s welfare must formulate policies that will enhance their welfare, their ability to stand on their own two feet and not be dependent on such handouts.

    In developed nation, blue collar workers are earning as much as , if not more than professionals with university qualifications. Last week my daughter called in a plumber to replaced her hot water system and 2 shower taps. The hot water system costs AUD 360.00 while the two shower taps cost AUD 30.00. The labour charge was AUD950.00. It took the lone plumber only 4 HOURS to complete the job.

    My daughter is a chartered accountant and her gross pay is AUD200,000 PER YEAR, which works out to only AUD 547.95 A DAY [8 hours work ]. Compare that to the plumber, who is better off?

    BN has been given a chance to run the country for over half a century and if majority of the rakyat are still in need of handouts, then probably it’s high time we should use our votes wisely.

  8. I shudder to think of what the future lies for my children and grandchildren with the political leaders that desperately want to hang on to power at all costs. The road to Greece Cyprus Italy have been laid. By the time it his the country it may be too late to turn the clock back. Are the rural folks not fully exploited by the leaders?

  9. I agree with you Din. Yesterday I met by chance a top MIC man . We discussed the current political situation. Najib is working hard for his own survival and not carrying the party along. There is too much of promises and vote buying which sicken the right thinking BN members but they are being squashed by the corrupt leaders. The only solution is for them to vote opposition in the national interest. How effective , it is to be seen. As Academic says moral bankruptcy leads to national bankruptcy.

  10. Din.
    I shares our concern but dont worry,Mahathir and Najib will be voted out by the younger generation who want o get id of race politic and corrupted leader.

    You wait until Najib announce BN candidates,I can assured you there will be a civil war in UMNO,A lot of sabotage will happen by the division chief who didnot get nominated.

    Najib was also vary desperated.You listen to radio klasik.Every hour ,every day,He had to use his dead father,Tun Abdul Razak,to campaigh for him.

    Ha ha ha.

  11. Gee! With that kind of cash incentive, I will definitely vote for BN, even if they field a senile bed-ridden retarded member. Where do I mark my CROSS?

    Oh yes! I wonder how much more money BN will give me if I :
    a. sell my parents
    b. sell my wife and mistresses
    c. sell my in-laws
    d. sell my children
    e. pledge to sell my grandchildren and their children
    f. sell my pet dogs and cats
    g. sell my soul
    h. sell my organs
    i. sell my limbs
    j. sell my pet dogs’ and cats’ offsprings, including those yet to be born
    k. sell my neighbours and their family members

    Damn! Give me more money! I will bend over now immediately for UMNO and Barisan!

    You folks care to join me???

  12. To create 3.3 million jobs in 5 years – that’s 600,000 new jobs per year or 50,000 new jobs per year… but he didn’t say how!

    To build 1,000,000 affordable homes in 5 years – that’s 200,000 new homes per year or 16,666 new homes per month for the next 5 years. He didn’t say how either nor explain why he has to use EPF via Raja Nong Chick recently to finance the buyers…

    To reduce broadband cost by 20%… that means bringing my monthly bill down from RM150 to RM120, okay fair, but still at 2GB? In Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore, its just USD30.00 (approx. RM93.00) for 10GB or 5 times the bandwidth we get and faaaaasssst!

    Reduce price of price by 20-30%?

    Increase BR1M from RM500 to RM1200 and making it annually and not ensuring that same MCA Dato from Kuantan who not get it again (not to mention thousands other….)?

    Best education system globally? Err hello Najib… I hope that doesn’t include using your husband’s recently-launched biography as textbook as suggested by Tun M?

  13. If Ibrahim Ali is nominated by BN against Dato Ramli Yusuff in Pasir Mas constituency, we will all know Najib isn’t serious about reforms. It shall all be mere rhetoric and lipservice only – Tun M continues to rule as de facto PM and Khairy Jamaluddin can go do his Masters in Political Economics in Oxford, possibly have Razak Baginda as his lecturer… coz he ain’t gonna be given no seats to contest…

  14. We need to be realistic. This is Malaysia. And the money that BN is dishing out will see them in Putrajaya after GE13. Lets not be idealistic about democracy, justice and all those other stuff. Its about RM at the end of the day.

  15. BN just don’t get it that we don’t want this short term cash generosity. coffee table talk is we ‘ we want security for self/wife/childern/home’ , stop the blatant corruption (submarine/ planes/ cows, motorbikes etc), don’t practice dobuble standard 1 Malaysia yet show the May 13 film to selected audience, give world class education to our children to enable them to face the world (able to take top places in many world education competition)

  16. Laugh our Heads Off from the following:

    01.but Parts of Me are pretty Awesome…testimonial from a local Ms Z Z and Foreigner Ms Mognolia.
    02.Face it you want me…..from our Multi-tasking last Minister of Women Affairs.
    Cannot continue as All of us are Rolling Down Laughing!!!

    Time is Here ABU
    Hidup Malaysia!

  17. Tun Razak had three bush jackets while in office, and the daughter-in-law now talks about ‘grooming’, looking good in public as is expected of the wife of a P.M., and brazenly hijacks the title of First Lady. She need not go far to learn what good grooming is all about by seeking Dr Siti Hasmah’s views and advice.

    Money politics debases the Malay personality in ways no one could ever have imagined in the seventies, certainly not one like me who saw how Malays helped everyone irrespective of race or religion – there was little money around only muscle strength and goodwill, and this helped in more ways than one to contribute to the popular sentiment that Malays are gentle people and almost always generous to a fault, a sentiment not enjoyed by the others.

    The pursuit of money has changed our political
    landscape, helped in many ways by the equally ambitious wives of ambitious UMNO-BN politicians. It is toxic formula for national decline and ultimate rot.

    Like the comment about man-eating tigers in rural Malaysia: once they have tasted easy blood, they can’t stop, until they are brought down by a bullet. With politicians, there is a less violent solution – use the paper bullet on Election Day.

    No blood, no sweat, no tears, and a new hopeful Malaysia.

  18. Najib is blasting BN ads in cyberspace yahoo,you tube and various sites. What is so unfair is banner ads in Malaysiakini English site which is a site we pay to read. People pay to read because they don’t want to read crappy BN slanted MSM papers. If it is a free site like blogs or FMT or Malaysian Insider I can understand that they need the revenue. It’s the same with Astro a paid station but running Kita Pileh ads all the time. Its overkill. So many people are complaining it’s starting to have a negative effect. PR was offered only measly 10 mins to present their manifesto subject to editorial control by Rais. But Najib presented his manifesto for 60mins blasting on all TV channels. People are starting to feel sympathy for PR as the bullied underdog. Zalim is the word used often.Bully, arrogant are others.

  19. We expect beautiful melodies belching out from birds during springtime and the same applies to the election time when political parties are distributing out goodies and incentives to attract votes to sit in putrajaya. I share the same sentiment twith Uncle Din that money politics make us a bunch of cynics when better offer comes from another party where we are being attracted by that juicy offer.This shows we will be unable to use our thinking cap between right and wrong in our approach to good governance on money politics. Good national policies that are based on transparency, accountability,equality and non discriminatory issues are the main ingredients in good governance. It is undeniable that GST will be imposed soon when goodies are given out to the people .

  20. To me the most interesting sentence in this article is when Aidila says that the UMNO rally was broadcast on state TV. The opposition is offered 10 minutes; meanwhile a political rally with people holding ‘I heart UMNO’ banners is broadcast in its entirety on RTM, which is owned by ALL the people of Malaysia. It does not belong to UMNO.

  21. Din,
    I am flattered. Anthony Jay & Jonathan Lynn has created these series to tell the world that nothing has really changed. That’s the greatest cynicism towards politics even till now. You see because of these series, the word “spin” comes into the vocabulary. To the horror of that blabering “Academic”, Anthony Jay, Nigel Hawthorne & Paul Eddington was given awarded with knighthoods.
    Not sure about that idiot mentioning that these series are JUST forms of entertainment. Paul Eddington was given the honour to sit on Bob Hawke’s chair…..Ask Academic…..Who the hell is BoB Hawke? Ask CLF, who Bob is? I have mentioned before if Jim Hacker were to stand for PM in Malaysia, I would wholeheartedly support him…….Hahahaha…..Sorry, perhaps, Academic has too simple brain that can’t fathom such profound messages……That took the whole world by storm……Including Peoples’ Republic of China.
    I am extremely tickled by what that blabering baffoon says about Moral bankrupt……

    Be honest! Are you talking about Najib/UMNO/BN?

    Like I say before, Manifest means clear & O means nothing. Manifesto means Nothing is Clear. Watch the whole series of Antony Jay on three parties’ manisfesto…..Where the hell is f RPK? Is RPK still think we are idioits?

    You was born in Guildford. I studied in Guildford

    Guys & Gals,
    Should we be contented by being whiskey priests? Oh yes, should we lie ourselves or let the sleeping dogs lie? Are we really moral vaccums? I guess these questions must be posed to everybody including to the melayus

  22. Oh my… can the kampung folks see they’r being bamboozled? I’m afraid not. Now Mahathir is going around scaring the people what will happen if Pakatan wins.

  23. While you guys hammer the free loading red neck policy above, i’d like to ask a simple question? What exactly is the UMNO policy vis-a-vis Economics? Long term, slow deliberate post-Keynesian or rapid ejaculatory flaccidity, followed by rapid Mellonism or don’t know yet or it depends?

  24. “To me the most interesting sentence in this article is when Aidila says that the UMNO rally was broadcast on state TV. The opposition is offered 10 minutes; meanwhile a political rally with people holding ‘I heart UMNO’ banners is broadcast in its entirety on RTM, which is owned by ALL the people of Malaysia. It does not belong to UMNO.” – Ambassador Malott.

    Broadcasting their events on RTM is not something new. Many times they have disrupted my tv shows showing the UMNO General Assembly. Worse, even TV3 is showing it.

  25. Friends, 80% of Petronas’ oil production sold at 1970 price to 6 crony companies. If these profits were plowed back into the country, we would be able to build 200 more universities, hospitals, schools and electrify all our railways a long time ago.
    If double tracking the railway from North to South is thru open tender (without corruption) the cost for a one way trip from Ipoh to KL would not cost RM45, perhaps only RM25. We pay more because the cost of construction is high thru corruption.
    The cost of buying a Proton is at least 20% higher in our home country compared to what one pays for in Australia or UK.
    In fact everything in Malaysia costs much more, compared to more developed countries dollar for dollar (without conversion).
    Without corruption, the prices of everyday things will cost less. Our wages may be enough to see us thru. WE DO NOT HAVE TO BEHAVE LIKE BEGGARS WAITING FOR HANDOUTS (BRIM).
    Yes, BRIM and the many other handouts are like the lightning; In a
    flash it is gone. It does not really solve the poor man’s problem.
    Remember last year taxi drivers were given RM600 to buy tyres? Before the handout , a 185x70x14″ tyre costs RM185 each. Today it costs RM225 each. Did the rakyat benefit?? You answer the question yourself.
    We don’t want handouts. We want the Government to come up with the right policies to keep prices down; create more jobs for all; be fair to all races; give equal opportunities based on merit; build bridges and goodwill among the different communities; accept one another as Malaysians….NO Bumiputra NO pendatangs!
    So, my Fellow Malaysians, VOTE WISELY !!

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