Barisan Nasional GE-13 Manifesto: More Goodies for Malaysians

April 7, 2013

Barisan Nasional GE-13 Manifesto: More Goodies for Malaysians

by Bernama

BN Manifesto 2013

KUALA LUMPUR: Transformation of the entire nation for the better, reaching out to all levels of society – this is what the Barisan Nasional manifesto for the 13th general election really amounts to.

From drawing a massive RM1.3 trillion worth of investments and creating 3.3 million new jobs with better incomes to harnessing the full potential and capacity of people with special needs and taking proactive steps to better care for the environment, the pledges in the document stand out in one major aspect.

And what’s that?

NajibAll the promises are realistic and can indeed be fulfilled by a government led by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak that over the last four years has shown its capability and capacity to deliver on all the commitments it had made earlier.

In introducing the government and economic transformation programmes (GTP and ETP) during his term in office, he has ensured that these produce the desired results, and this is the foundation on which he can readily assert that all the 2013 election promises can be fulfilled.

This is a first-ever for an election manifesto in this country – chockfull of specific projects, programmes and actions that encompass every aspect of the people’s lives. The 32-page manifesto contains more than 150 commitments, most of them with specific projects and programmes.

This is in sharp contrast to the opposition manifesto released recently, with DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng conceding that it only comprises general policies, directions and targets.

Lim papered over the lack of details by saying the Opposition “can’t put every detail in the manifesto, otherwise it will be too thick and people will not be interested in reading it.”

The BN, however, has managed to present a comprehensive manifesto that has all the particulars that the electorate would really want to know; in other words, commitments are spelt out in terms of specific projects and programmes that are realistic because the BN has been delivering on similar commitments over the past four years.

What stands out in particular in the BN manifesto is Najib’s insistence that “we must never leave anyone behind” in the national discourse and in pursuing the national agenda.

He urges Malaysians to judge the BN on its merits, saying: “Please join my colleagues and me in fulfilling our potential towards developing a country that we can be truly proud of.

“A country where the weak are protected, those in want assisted, the strongest protect, the young are loved, the elderly valued, those in need are attended to, and those with potential given opportunities to bloom.”

Some of the headline commitments to be realised over the next five years should the BN be returned to power:

* Increasing the value of BR1M to RM1,200 per household, book vouchers and schooling aid payments.

* An automotive policy that will gradually reduce car prices by 20 per cent to 30 per cent and make the national cars more competitive.

* Lowering broadband charges by at least 20 per cent with guaranteed bandwidth.

* A host of consumer-oriented measures to help ease the cost of living.

* Greater focus on dealing with the pronounced urban shift, including creating a new ministry and providing quality public housing.

* Building a million affordable homes and assisting the poor and lower income group in rehabilitating their homes.

* Quality healthcare for every Malaysian, discounted prices for specific medication for Malaysians with special needs, and palliative home care for the aged and terminally ill.

* Bus, rail and taxi terminals in all towns and cities as well as ensuring more efficient bus services.

* Expansion of the highway network, constructing the Pan-Borneo Highway.

* Compelling service providers to ensure quality mobile phone service and reliable wireless access.

* Implementing the 21st Century Village concept to spur rural transformation and bring the rural community into the mainstream of development

* Create 3.3 million new jobs, of which two million will be in high-income sectors.

* Work towards achieving a per capita income of RM45,000 by 2020.

* Implement a transformation programme for small and medium enterprises.

* Reform the tax structure that is more broad-based and gradually cut personal and corporate tax.

* Enhance the effectiveness of the bumiputera agenda by having a stronger support system and creating more business opportunities.

* Having policies that are fair and equitable to all races.

* Improving the education system so that it is among the best globally.

* Developing further the thinking skills of students, enhancing performance in mathematics and science studies and making English a compulsory pass for SPM.

* Bring about a Police omnipresence so that people feel safer and more secure.

* Have greater women participation in the national decision-making process

* Programmes to nurture quality leadership and creativity among youths.

* Gazetting all native customary land and provide more income-generating opportunities for the indigenous communities.

* Appoint a Minister to deal with non-Muslim matters.

* Public disclosure of contracts to enhance transparency in government procurement.

* Compelling MPs and state assemblymen to sign the integrity pact.

* Ensuring a fair mix of all races in the civil service and government-linked companies.

* Improve the quality of the civil service through, among others, talent development.

* Expand the urban transformation centres to all major cities and towns.

* Seek a seat on the UN Security Council so that Malaysia can play a prominent role in regional peace and international security through the government’s policy of moderation.

* Allocate space for green lungs within major cities, revitalise rivers and streams, further promote renewable green energy resources, and modernise waste disposal and management.  – BERNAMA

22 thoughts on “Barisan Nasional GE-13 Manifesto: More Goodies for Malaysians

  1. Enough of your bullshit, Najib:

    1) reducing my broadband by 20% will bring it down to RM150 – 30 = RM120 or equivalent to USD40 for a mere 2GB… Taiwan is only USD30 for 10GB….

    2) when PR said reduce car prices, you said it will bankcrupt the nation, now you say you want to reduce car prices?

    3) after 55 years you plan to get a minister to oversee the non-Muslim affairs? No need, just put Ibrahim Ali, Zulkifli Noordin and Dr Redhuan Tee Abdullah under Sedition Charges…

    4) more courts to trial corruption cases? Just put a professional to helm MACC and make it report direct to parliament and give him an annual budget, no need to be involved

    5) build 1,000,000 affordable homes in 5 years? You know you can say anything…. you continue to pretend you care for us, we will continue to pretend we also like you, deal…

    6) we are not looking for best education system in the world, we just want our children to be educated and employable and grow up as useful citizens like we all grew up in the 50s, 60s, 70s….

    As to your question as who do we trust – Anwar, Hadi or you? – I dare you to ask to a crowd not entirely your party members – like the crowd at the Psy Concert in Penang… ada berani?

  2. Anyway Najib, I think you should be charged for plagiarism and violation of intellectual property rights of Rafizi Ramli for cut-and-paste of his manifesto….. seriously, with all those Pemandu and whatever consultants you pay millions of our taxpayers’ money to, you need to cut-and-paste Rafizi’s manifesto? God help Malaysia if you ever get re-elected….

  3. Our reaction to this BN Manifesto 2013 is first, how much does these pledges cost taxpayers over the next 5 years of reckless spending. How does Santa Claus Najib propose to pay for them, more taxes and more borrowing to finance the national budget.

    Second, apart from making it mandatory for ministers to sign the integrity pact (a useless piece of paper that can only please Paul Low and his associates in Transparency International, Malaysia), there is no mention of fighting corruption in this manifesto. We can, therefore, expect business as usual for politicians and their cronies. Boleh sapu lagi.

    Third, 3 million jobs in 5 years? More civil service jobs since our graduates are unemployable by the private sector?

    Fourth, making civil service more effective. That won’t happen unless he downsizes the civil service starting with the bloated Prime Minister’s Office. Make it more multi-racial? Perkasa and the racist Mahathir will say No. It will remain the province of Ketuanan Melayu.

    Anyway, a political manifesto is not a legally binding document. It is a mere statement of intent. It would appear that Christmas has come early to Malaysia and we must thank our Santa Prime Minister for thinking of us.

    We must also show our gratitude to Barisan Nasional and vote them back to power. To that I say, God Help Malaysia because at the rate we are spending money and borrowing to finance our fiscal deficit, Malaysia will be a bankrupt nation by 2020.

  4. Hey Najib, your mentor Tun Mamakutty once said, “Melayu lekas lupa….” so can I ask you how come you didn’t mention in your manifesto how you are going to trim the ballooning cudget deficit running out of control and not to mention how to manage the national debt now standing at RM540 billion….

  5. i just dont understand it…

    how did they totally missed it esp when they have the benefit of foresight, i mean afterall they did present it after PR.

    here is my bone of contention, the BN manifesto is akin to a “maggi mee/mi segera”. it is purely a nonconceptual approach where once the GE is done n dusted this manifesto purpose of existence will not equate to that of a toilet paper.

    dear BN,
    may i remind u, a single term can not exceed 5years but usually the GOM of the day would run close to that. so with that in mind, the manifesto should atleast cover close to that single term. it is all jumbled up, mixed up btw short or long terms goal but a majority is just focusing on the short term of perspective. which is which?

    but the greatest irony of it all; is subsidy. it is being promoted by the very political entity which repeatedly highlighted the need to remove ‘mentaliti subsidi amongst the malay. now, just how do we catagory BR1M… is it a subsudy? will it be done annually? it is in the manifesto.

    just how much are those con-advisor getting paid?

  6. My wife, after having just read my last comments I posted above and she shouted, “hey honey, you screwed up, the budget deficit and the national should be addressed in the annual budget and not in an election manifesto”.

    But it wasn’t there either in the annual budget, dear!

    “Then we better go pray tomorrow and ask for mercy on Malaysia…” she answered.

  7. If Najib were to state in his manifesto he’ll remove Hishammuddin Hussein as Home Minister, I think it would probably swing the voters than this entire list of promises…

  8. In all Third World Countries the Rights and Responsibilities of citizens only exist in the Constitution, Laws of the Land and Election Manifestos. In reality we are only required to fulfil our Responsibilities.

  9. Abdul Kadir is right. All UMNO/BN is doing is Extending their Corruption to ALL Malaysian.. This is just money politics EN MASSE…They have not only Given Up on Themselves, they have Given Up on Malaysian…

  10. Guys & Gals,
    Do you know why I keep mentioning that all of us must watch the whole series of Yes Minister/Prime Minister. Najib is trying to do a “Jim Hacker”. Meaning he wants to be everybody. He wanted to have all qualities. Just watch Yes Prime Minister Series 1 Episode 2, you will know why
    Kindly watch Anthony Jay’s Yes Minister………Manifest means clear & O means nothing…….Hahahaha, Nothing is clear…….That you have it BN manifesto…..nothing is clear


    Biar Seluruh Malaysia Makan Rasuah, Biar Semua Saling Benci Mencaci, Biar semua jadi macam UMNO/BN (tapi mereka lebih kaya, dan lebih benci membenci)

  12. What written is only good for the paper and all to read only. Haven’t it been the same all along. And what happen after every election? THE SAME. The only thing different is Malaysia is poorer. The cheats and corrupts laughing all the way to the banks. And again the voters are the FOOLS.
    Those who votes BN are cheats+corrupts=FOOLS.

  13. Now everyone can be en feed? Yeah right! a bankrupt nation by 2020 from the looks of it…and all those monies to be spent? More corruption, leakages, over priced goods etcetc, more harap pagar, pagar makan padi bit for duh 1Team, duh1apanama & family…and all those heavily subsidised cronies.

  14. there is nothing new in this manypesto that was not said before and forgotten in the last 55 years. against all odds,even if Najib, the Oxford educated prime minister, wants to do it he has no leadership qualities to see it through. his lembekness will be abused by those in umno just like his ‘better’ half.
    dream on malaysians you are being sabotaged and held captive by your elected leaders. blame yourselves, you would one day.
    if the opposition presents a similar manifesto then we can hope that they’ll do everything to implement at least SOME of it. but not umno-bn who only think of their own pockets. umno-bn will not turn into a new leaf after this election;
    same procedure as every year!!

    Correction: Najib did not study at Oxford. He went to went to the University of Nottingham, where he received a bachelor’s degree in industrial economics in 1974. -Din Merican

  15. More partisan propaganda from Bernama. Under the Act that established Bernama, it is supposed to “seek for and present complete, objective and impartial news” and “report truthfully and fairly, without prejudice to public and national interest, the views of all sections of the population of Malaysia.”
    Bernama has failed for years to carry out its mission to be objective and impartial. We all take that for granted and expect it. But it is worth pointithat it out from time to time, as an example of the government-controlled, or more precisely the UMNO-controlled media in Malaysia.

  16. Malott,
    You see when such things fester longer & longer, it would become big that it has become unstoppable. Else, How could Nixon resigned under pressure from the vocal so called minorities even Nixon has won with a landslide majority

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