Sarawak: Pehin Sri taunts Abu Kassim’s MACC

April 5, 2013

Sarawak : Pehin Sri taunts Abu Kassim’s MACC

by Hazlan Zakaria@

Abu Kassim2

Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud has today accused the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) investigation of himself for graft as “victimisation”, reserving his cooperation as he believes that they have been “naughty and dishonest”.

“They (MACC) don’t deserve my cooperation because they have been naughty… and they have not been honest,” he said when met after attending the BN supreme council meeting in Kuala Lumpur today.

However, he stressed that he is not afraid of being investigated by the anti-graft body.”Let them victimise me… Let them do what they want as long as they are fair, I am not scared,” said the veteran BN politician.

When asked if he feels that the shadow of the corruption investigation made him a liability to BN, Taib has dismissed the matter. “I am a liability? I won the last election with more than two-thirds majority and they do not care about this thing,” responded the long-time Sarawak Chief Minister.

‘MACC probe has no major impact’

He also dismissed the MACC investigation as not having a major impact on the support of the Sarawakians for him and the BN coalition.NONE“It is out of tune with the local sentiments,” he argued.

Last month, international corruption watchdog Global Witness had released a video expose of alleged corruption in the Sarawak timber industry by hiring an actor posing as a foreign timber investor.

In the expose released simultaneously on broadcaster Al-Jazeera and Malaysiakini, the actor made video records of his conversation with close relatives and self-professed confidants of Taib, who had allegedly offered him land still inhabited by natives and offered to show him how to cheat his way out of paying taxes.

The relatives of Taib were also depicted as being very dismissive of native rights.

Taib has since dismissed the conversations as “normal business discussions” by several individuals who had overstated their importance and relations to him for try and win business from the actor involved.

11 thoughts on “Sarawak: Pehin Sri taunts Abu Kassim’s MACC

  1. MACC please prove Taib wrong ! And show us you are not a dysfunctional organization. Here is your chance to take on the corrupt elite starting from this número uno from Sarawak.

  2. Throw the book at this corrupted CM. Put all your resources together and figure out an angle. There must be a weak link in his armor somewhere. In the US they will use the IRS, ICE (previously INS) and many other law enforcement agencies to nail criminals. When there’s a will there’s a way. The challenge has been put out, what are you waiting for MACC?

  3. Give it to him to throw the gauntlets at this moment. He is a trained lawyer, very sharp, if a little too sharp for his own good and the good of men and women he is supposed to give a better life.

    MACC fast forward the dare, Najib risks losing the second of two ‘fixed deposits’, the first is a cinch, courtesy of Mahathir’s imperious use of extra-judicial power with respect to the issuance of Mycards to foreigners.

    Believe me, every Melanau I have met have shown a unique trait – taciturn and single-minded – they know what they want and go about it deliberately and most times licitly. The only set-back is that, like with everyone in the ambitious crowd, some don’t recognise the boundary line or see the red flags of what are clearly questionable activities until it is too late.

    The ball is in Najib’s MACC’s (I hate to put it this way) court.

    Is this the beginning of the end, at last? Hope not so as not to bring disgrace to the late Tun.

  4. Ha ha ha drphilip – we all know no way that MACC will ever do that.
    They may “open a file” and then go kiss Taib’s hands, feet and whatever else below the waist and call that “investigation”.
    Other lesser mortals will be called up for questioning at 6pm through 6am. And of course, if the investigatees do not “cooperate” they are free to leave…..through the window!

  5. We all know what MACC will do–NOTHING, why because Najib has no b…s to instruct MACC to throw the book at Taib.
    When PR is in PJ things may happen not only to Taib but a host of others.
    If nothing is done then to quote Haris Ibrahim, ABU will go to the streets for a change.

  6. The CM is too confident or perhaps arrogant because he is strong politically in Sarawak – what do you expect from politicians who consistently win votes? However for the MACC to draw such defiant words and arrogant stance from the CM speaks volume for the MACC’s effort in the investigation – I wouldn’t want to degrade its effort. We should only insist on the prosecution of the wrong not persecution.

  7. Have to agree with him, MACC is indeed naughty and dishonest. Why are we faulting him for speaking the truth?

  8. Abu Kassim, here a slap to your stupid n ugly face and please tell your Boss in Putrajaya, he can Fork off, we in Sarawak don’t need him to tell us what to do,he needs us more than we need him or BN for that matter, so here’s a slap to your stupid & ugly face publically and with this humiliation I hereby declare publically that I’m giving your Boss the Finger….Oouch!!!

  9. I think Taib Mahmud said the right thing and what he said has two meanings:

    I) MACC is indeed what he described it to be, and;

    ii) he’s showing Sarawakians his middle finger for keeping on re-electing him despite him being corrupted.

    So Sarawakians, enjoy the insult from your CM and I do think you guys deserve the CM you have loved for sooooooo looooooong….

  10. Sarawakians, since you all love your Chief Minister so much and still have the blues for him, I dedicate this song to all of you… you deserve to have Taib Mahmud rob your state blind…

  11. dr philip
    taib is untouchable.
    what can Kassim do? Give sppeches, thats all. Talk and talk but ikan bilis, watch out.

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