GE-13:Dato Ariff Sabri (Sakmongkol AK47) is DAP’s man for Raub Parliamentary Seat

April 1, 2013


Dato Ariff Sabri (Sakmongkol AK47) is DAP’s man for Raub Parliamentary Seat in GE-13

DAP will field Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz, who was once a member of UMNO President Najib Abdul Razak’s inner circle, as its candidate for the Raub parliamentary constituency.

This was announced during a DAP ceramah in Raub this evening by party Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng.NONEMohd Ariff was the Pulau Pemanis state assemblyperson between 2004 and 2008. He served as the Information Chief of the Pekan UMNO division, which Najib still heads today, between 2000 to 2004.

Better known by his blog title Sakmongkol AK47, Mohd Ariff has been an active political blogger and frequent critic of the Najib administration.

He joined DAP in January 2012, along with veteran UMNO member Aspan Alias, creating a dent to UMNO’s constant efforts to portray DAP as an anti-Malay party.

Raub is a Malay majority seat is currently held by MCA Vice President Dr Ng Yen Yen, who won by a 2,752 vote majority. Since the majority is only 8.2 percent of the votes cast, Raub is listed among BN’s shaky seats.

bentong ge storyMeanwhile, Lim also announced that DAP will field Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji, a member of the Pahang Royal house, as a candidate for the Mentakab state legislative assembly seat.

Tengku Zulpuri is an electronic engineering by training and is a businessman. He joined DAP in 2000 and was later appointed as a member of the Selayang Municipal Council.

Mentakab is another Malay majority seat which is currently held by MCA’s Chuah Boon Siong, who won with 2,439 vote majority, well ahead of his opponent from DAP.

Along with Zairil Khir Johari, it is now confirmed that DAP will field at least three of its most prominent Malay members in the general election.

27 thoughts on “GE-13:Dato Ariff Sabri (Sakmongkol AK47) is DAP’s man for Raub Parliamentary Seat

  1. Congratulation.Malays must be seen acceptable by the society where joining multy racial party is way foward.Kita tak mahu orang melayu berasa megah dibawah tempurung umno yang kini telah backfire menunggu untuk ditalkinkan.Wallah hu alaam…Ordinary malays have been side stepped or side line by UMNO because the 2/3 majority obtained by BN since independent have put the ordinary malays in a very disadvantage position in any negotiation with the goverment.We need to educate the malay political leaders that they hold any post in trust and have to respect the decision of the voters.Look at Thailand,Indonesia,Philippine ,uk,US,Japan ,India where the change of goverment were always smooth.UK now is under coalition which proved very sucessful.Kita tak mahu sampai ketahap rakyat marah hinggakan orang buta pun dilantik jadi Presiden.Diucapkan terima kasih dan tahniah atas usaha murni DAP yang telah nampak jalan terhadap multi racial party….

  2. wow,

    something not right here… the so called disarray and disorganized opposition has already publicly naming their candidates at strategic interval and places…. while the incumbent with all the experience, resources and facilities are very busy focusing on,……….. their “manifesto” i suppose…

    Hmmm, some is just not right here – maybe i am viewing it from a wrong angle…

    in any case, congrat n good luck; dato sakmangol@ak47

  3. Sakmongkol AK47 is a much better candidate and I like the way he shoots straight from the hip… honest opinions without the need to be an apologist… a no-nonsense guy and hopefully people like him, Aspan Alias, Zairil Khir Johari will help encourage more Malays to experiment an alternative route to bring progress and development to the community, not having to depend on corrupted ways of UMNO.
    Let us hope that Aspan Alias is given a seat in Negri Sembilan to contest. –Din Merican

  4. Looking at DAP’s announced lineup of Lim Kit Siang (Gelang Patah), Liew Chin Tong (Kluang) Wong Tack (Bentong) Sakmongkol AK47 (Raub) and PKR having announced Rafizi Ramli (Pandan) Nurul Izzah (Lembah Pantai) Azmin Ali (Gombak)… I think BN is having difficulty to awe the voters anymore… these are just 5 candidates!

  5. Dear Ali Ghouse, its not goodbye to Tourist Minister, but payback time,we will unveil all and sundry what she has done and how much she has taken from us,our hard earn cash to enrich herself,her son n cronies, she can try buying her way in, but I doubt that it’ll be enough,people there in Raub are much smarter and more savvy of whom to choose,notwithstanding fraud in this coming GE13,I say Bravo to our citizens in Raub and pls do the right thing. Amin

  6. Good luck Dat Arif, pray you will make it and Tun Oracle will support you. We need people like him in Parliment. BN is having really big problems regarding their candidates.

  7. Here is one simple advice to Sakmongkol in RAUB.

    You should not only win the Mind of voters,

    Make a door-to-door knocks in both Malay and non Malay houses EVERYDAY until ballot time.

    Have solutions to their problems, not just problems for the country.

    Politics in the final analysis is all about bread and butter issues or in our local context, nasi lemak Ikan bills issues, or char koay teow issues.

    RAUB is a winner for Pakatan, and therefore i is for Sakmongkol to lose. He must try to visit every household and impress upon them he has two ears, and just one mouth, to win their hearts.

  8. To add…

    Politics is more about winning Hearts than winning Minds. Especially if you are dealing with rural and suburban voters. Logic more often than not goes out of the window during elections.

  9. Ariff is a good person and will be a good representative of the people of Raub, and anywhere else you care to mention. If there is no cheating at the polls he is a shoe-in for the job and I wish him all the best. Malaysia needs more people like him in parliament.

    As for sardonicus Ng, I hope she doesn’t do a bunk for Aussieland. We need to expose all her dirty linen when the time comes and hang her out to dry.

  10. Dato’ Ariff Sabri bin Abd Aziz, a true anak Pahang befits the constituency … but please do not be complacent…hard work, hard work and more hard work!.

  11. Din,
    Last check that Aspan is based in Subang but it doesn’t mean that he can’t stand in Negeri Sembilan. He can be a very good candidate for Kuala Pilah. Of course, if PAS willing to give up Jelebu to DAP, it would be fanstatic. I guarantee Rais would be fried. Anyway Rais has lost that seat when he contested under S46.

  12. To me, Dato Ariff is an asset to DAP.

    DAP should give sufficient elbow room for him to work around the party’s political structure.

    DAP can learn more about the Malay mind than any of the Malay politicians in Pakatan, besides Anwar.

    Although he and Anwar do not see eye to eye on some issues, they should balance each other out as a win-win for PKR and DAP.

    One thing Dato Ariff has to be mindful in Opposition politics: Hold back the tongue a bit longer and remain patient. The one person he should constantly talk to is LGE. I believe both of them will be on the same page on issues facing the marginalised Malays.

    I hope those stupid Chinese in Raub who have been voting MCA all this while, should clear all the cobwebs in their constricted brains and vote DAP’s candidate THIS TIME AROUND. Otherwise they are a bunch of continuing Chinese idiots who will owe an explanation to their future generations for poor judgement.

  13. Yes, it’s an election for Sak47 to lose and for the Lap-mongrel to win.
    Anyway, from what is passing thru’ the grapevine – YY is like a cooked herbal chicken. Not on the List since even the MCA hacks are disgusted with her antics.
    Lok1 is right – and the whole of MoT and MTD needs to be cleaned up.

    Aspan? Yup, he’s also good.

  14. Frank’s suggestion re house-to-house calls will result in Dato spending most of his time in Raub. From the macro viewpoint, it will be better for him to continue his nationwide speaking engagements which will have the national effort.

  15. I think the Sangmongkol and Aspam would stand a better chance of winning if they were to contest in a Chinese majority constituent. Both of then are unwanted or being rejected by BN. Sangmongkol fell out with Najib for not being selected as candidate in the 12th GE for Pulau Manis in Raub Pahang. Aspan was also not selected as candidate, last GE.

    Pakatan would be more credible if they do not gather all those rejected people into their fold.

  16. From the macro viewpoint, it will be better for him to continue his nationwide speaking engagements which will have the national effort.- charis14

    You must be mad. I just hope you are not in any of the tactical team of any of the PR candidates. They all will lose their deposits with your silly idea.

    Do you think voters in Kedah or those outside Raub in Pahang is going to put Dato Ariff into Parliament??

    Secondly, he got to meet his voters in Raub eye-ball to eye-ball and allow them to get to know him in person. The man is from Pekan. This is is first contest in Raub against an incumbent.

    Charity starts at home… Dato Ariff first call of duty and responsibility is to HIS CONSTITUENCY.. …especially this is his first in Raub. His first task is to WIN RAUB, not to help other candidates to win. That can come later once he has established himself well and truly with his constituents.

    charis14, I can’t believe you are that dumb.

  17. I do hope that Dato Ariff will win the election with big majority. Raub people should vote him in to make a change for the better. I also pray that DAP will become a multiracial party for the rakyat of Malaysia. Time for all Malaysian to act collectively, to build up our nation that has lost its shine since kutty took the helm.

  18. I have hopes for Sak AK 47. He’s the right person to dethrone the Makan Angin Minister whose only claim to fame is travelling and spending taxpayers’ money with nothing to show in the end. Time to send her to the cleaners for a thorough wash-up.

  19. Congratulation Dato’ for your nomination as Raub’s Parlimentary seat. I have been following your blogs for almost a year and I observed that your ideas and thinking of national politics are very positive and of ministerial quality. I am sure that the rakyat would gladly accept you as their parlimentarian. We put our hope on you to put the many wrong things of the past right and to create a better Malaysia. The nation also need principled politician like you ~ definitely not the gutter politician. I and also other Malaysians wish you the best and we want you to win particularly this important election.

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