GE-13: Pakatan will take Putrajaya, 8 states

March 31, 2013

Pakatan will take Putrajaya, 8 states, says DAP’s Karpal

by Athi Shankar (03-30-13)

PRU-13Pakatan Rakyat will wrest control of Putrajaya and capture eight states in the forthcoming 13th general election, predicted a confident DAP supremo Karpal Singh.

Sensing a strong surge in public support, the DAP national chairman said Karpal SinghPakatan was on the right track to capture the federal government with a slight majority.Besides retaining its current four state governments, he said Pakatan should add Negeri Sembilan, Johor, Perlis and Perak to its list after the polls.

But he cautioned that Malaysians could always kick out Pakatan if they were dissatisfied with its deliverance.“I think Malaysians can expect a new government after the election. A change of government was long expected in the country anyway.

“In democracy, it’s the people, not political parties, who own the government. They can always vote out Pakatan after five years if we fail to perform,” he told reporters here.

Karpal also called on DAP members to stop speculating on the party candidates and their seats.He revealed that the four-man committee, established by the party central executive committee (CEC) to make final decisions on candidature, had not met.

christmas_santa_clausThe four-man committee consisted of Karpal and his party deputy Tan Kok Wai, secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and Ipoh Timur MP Lim Kit Siang.

On his own constituency, Karpal hopes that the party would allow him to seek re-election in the Bukit Gelugor federal seat for the third time.He aslo hopes Bukit Gelugor constituents would vote him in to parliament again.

BN is speculated to field a lawyer Teh Beng Yeam from MCA while Parti Cinta Malaysiais is also expected to field a candidate in Bukit Gelugor, which encompasses Seri Delima, Air Itam and Paya Terubong state seats.

Formerly, Karpal was a three-term Bukit Gelugor assemblyman between 1978 and 1986. He was also a five-term Jelutong MP between 1978 and 1995 before losing in the 1999 general election.

24 thoughts on “GE-13: Pakatan will take Putrajaya, 8 states

  1. It is politically correct to say , no wonder Najib is worried sick about GE-13. He knows his UMNO-BN will be rejected by the people and his political career will end soon. He will,therefore, be the first unelected Prime Minister to be kicked out of office by the people, and UMNO members will force him to step down as party President. The nation will rejoice because Rosmah can no longer be in charge. Mahathir will take the first flight out to Argentina. Eureka, my friends.

  2. Cart before the horse stuff.
    Putrajaya or 8 states are not done deal yet. Rural malay voters still a huge question mark , plus Sabah and Sarawak???

    This is the thing about PR and its supporters, they think all they need to do is show up on polling day and report to Putrajaya the next morning.

    PR leaders like Karpal and co should focus on selecting really top candidates instead of blowing bubbles. Put forward credible, really credible candidates this time. Dont select half wits, cari makan or etc types this time round.

    Anyway, I hope Karpal is right. My gut feel is BN to take Putrajaya. Kedah will fall. Perak will go back to BN. Selangor 50/50 … to close to call. Only Pg and Kelantan will go back to PR … but reduced majority. As for Lembah Pantai where I vote, Raja Nong Chik will beat Nurul by 2500 to 3000+ votes.

  3. Naturally, prior to the battle, the leader is expected to lift up the morale of the followers by giving some good predictions about the outcome. Realistically, Karpal is only hoping against hope and he knows what he says can’t be true.
    BN will definitely retain Putrajaya with an improved majority from the 2008 results. All the current four PR states with the exception of Penang will revert to BN and Kelantan with a small majority.

    That’s your opinion. Let us hope it is based on facts, not a hunch.–Din Merican

  4. Is that good or bad psychology to tout the prospect of such a major victory? I think PR leaders should act more modestly and continue to work the ground nit trumpet counter factual victories!
    Johan, sheer arrogance on the part of Karpal Singh and the DAP. –Din Merican

  5. I fully agree with Karpal Singh’s prediction which is very much similar to Sakmongkol AK47’s state-by-state constituency-by-constituency analysis… Ini kali lah!

    It was only in the last 2 months that PR’s confidence in NS and Johor states were boosted… fixed deposits do not return much dividends Jib, didn’t they tell ya?

    I also hope that Tun Mamakutty keeps on ‘campaigning’ for BN – its good coz he is not converting any new voters or fenceseaters but losing those Chinese and Indian voters who have been with BN all along.

    I also hope BN continues to depend on the likes of Zul Nordin, Ezam Nor, Hassan Ali, Redhuan Tee Abdullah, Zahrain Hashim, Muhammad Faisal Moideen, Ummi Hafilda Ali, Papagomo, Ibrahim Ali and Tan Keng Liang… to fight their cause! The more these people speak, the more votes BN will lose….

    INI KALI LAH! I have ordered a crate of the best Cabernet Sauvignon bottled by Greg Norman Vineyard on standby…

  6. At the moment, it’s all about hype, bravado and throwing the gauntlet down. Nothing less can be expected, given Najib has scurillously and disgracefully dragged out the election issue. And Pakatan is surely poised to take over the reins of Government? I mean, only the insane will vote back in UMNO/BN with Najib/Muhy/Kerismudin – a Government of Thieves – at the helm!

    At this stage, perception is very important and the MSM and blogs will play a significant role. But, guess who reads the MSM and blogs? “Din erican is read by….” Check out

  7. This prediction will be more credible if it emanates from an independent non committed group. Mr Singh I am a PR supporter and I hope you are right but let the others say it not from within.

  8. PAKATAN RAKYAT should not only be thinking about winning GE 13 and taking over PUTRAJAYA. They must be ready and prepared for the challenges PUTRAJAYA will pose when they take over and try to be a better government than BN. Whatever wrongs the BN government did the last 55 years or so must not be repeated. This is what the people want.

    Anyway, I hope Karpal is right.

  9. Hope,
    cart before the horse…? you are telling a Bayi how to rig his bullock-cart??
    they don’t even have a shadow cabinet and they are not fighting over who’s going to be which minister – so your comment is not qualified.

    pure arrogance Dato’? not entirely, as Aliebaba says he is boosting the morale of PR voters by telling them that situation is not as futile as BN wants them to believe.
    I hope Karpal is right.

  10. Right, in democracy, it’s the people, not political parties, who own the government. But many peoples’ minds are not liberated but corrupted either ignorance or illiterates to understand the truths.

  11. Hak55,
    Yes! Next is to tui lam the top civli servants in Malaysia…..To tell Anthony Jay & Jonathan Lynn (the creator of Yes Minister/Prime Minister)….In Malaysia, things can change…..Tony Blair & his lieutenants came into power to smack the omnipotent civli service……..Just enjoy

  12. As as I can see what quality of our opposition that be trusted to run for Putrajaya part shouting everywhere that nobody did good except them . Malaysia don’t deserve this type of “only others doing wrong syndrom ” type be in Putrajaya.
    You can dream on Kapral but we who to choose.

  13. Tebing Tinggi,

    I’snt that whats BN is doing all this while.In fact worse,to Umno Malays will be lost into oblivion without them.

    Common,it’s just cant be right that no one else can manage this country,and manage better than BN.There is no Umno in Indonesia.They have Golkar,and Golkar was actually doing exactly what Umno is doing.Scare the hell out of the people that only Golkar can save the people,more than 90% are Muslim ….Now without Golkar running the country there are definately better off,albeit with initial difficulties .By any account,the initial setback was worth taking.

    There are no Umno or BN in Singapore,South Korea and Japan too….are they any worse than us??

  14. Viewed in a positive light, it’s “prediction”! Viewed in a negative light, it’s “betting”! Both are trying to tell what may happen in future. No wonder nombor 4 ekor and magnum are so popular!

    Well, did anyone predict 8 March 2008, before 8 March 2008?

  15. There’s no harm predicting the best for oneself. We do this so often. Realising it is the problem. There’s where the combined effort of all matters. Let’s translate these dreams into reality. It’s been a long time coming.

    Jibby is off to Mecca to pray for deliverance. He can go to Jerusalem or Vanarasi for all I care. His run-out date is fast approaching.

  16. Many including the bloghost are saying that Karpal Singh is being boastful and arrogance. Isn’t that what many analysts are saying too? Are you to going to tell your team “well guys, try your best, lucky if we get back 5 states…” Go read some stuff from Vince Lombardi about preparing to do battle………

  17. And how come nobody says Najib is boastful and arrogant when he says he will win with 2/3rd majority or when Teng Chang Yeow said BN will easily wrest back Penang?

  18. Najib has gone to Mecca to stone the Devil? Who pays for the trip? And why spend all that money when the Devil is in bed with him??

  19. Karpal Singh has not done justice to the politician in him. He should be swaying sympathy votes from voters by predicting a dismal showing at the polls by opposition minded voters in the hope that they would turn up in droves to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

  20. PM being a Santa Claus for so long and getting people to say

    “I Luv PM”

    Has really done the job for the kampung folks. Me too is engross with it, a lot of wow factor. My big question mark is why it did not happen earlier, like say… during the regime period of 22 years, discount the sleeping years of his predecessor.

    PM could make last two desperate moves, well this time, C4 is not required. The below two would increase a lot of votes.

    One – Mention the word “T A L A Q”, it is long overdue.

    Two – Sack DPM and replace with somebody with a pull factor, of course not Ummi Hafilda (once upon a time a virgin). Perhaps the charming and seductive Khairy Jamaluddin or the bald headed ex-dictator’s son? ( I hate to mention this)

    As for One, the whole nation would be in jubilation including both BN and Pakatan.

    Err… if Pakatan do win, do we get to castrated both EC Chief and Deputy? Just asking.

  21. Being In Australia and listening to fellow Malaysians and ex Malaysians they all say the same thing its “time for a Change” mind this is also being articulated by students from UMNO Melbourne.

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