Mahathir: Today’s Undergraduates are greedy ingrates

March 30, 2013

Mahathir: Today’s Undergraduates are greedy ingrates

by Bernama

The greedy attitude and complacency with the prosperity achieved by the country are making the present generation of undergraduates to be ungrateful for the facilities provided by the government to them, said former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today.

mahathirs-up-yoursHe voiced this concern as there were irresponsible groups who were exploiting the situation to influence the undergraduates to do negative things to go against the government.

“The government had been providing numerous facilities to the undergraduates from before. The previous undergraduates who had enjoyed the facilities had been very grateful but the present students are too comfortable and even look at these facilities as a normal thing that the government does for them. This drives them to be greedy for more facilities.

“The comfort and greed have made them blind to the financial limitation of the country in giving them the facilities in order to ensure that the country is managed properly. This is aggravated by the lies spread by certain groups who promise to give free education and many other things,” Dr Mahathir said.

He said this when delivering his keynote address in the programme “Together With Statesman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad” entitled “Undergraduates and Graduands Inheriting National Leadership” at Universiti Teknikal Malaysia, here.

Also present were his wife, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali and Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam.

More than 10,000 undergraduates from public and private institutions of higher learning in the state participated in the programme.

Dr Mahathir said an undergraduate must be wise in evaluating what was good or bad based on the wisdom that they had instead of their emotion and desires.

In order to be an excellent leader, the undergraduate must learn to be close to their leaders and understand them. Meanwhile, when asked on the claim that certain groups tried to create chaos during the 13th general election, he said the opposition would try to create chaos so that the people would have doubts about the general election. — Bernama

28 thoughts on “Mahathir: Today’s Undergraduates are greedy ingrates

  1. Undergraduates don’t trust the government. Why must they be grateful to corrupt and greedy leaders? Billions of ringgits have left the country. They are not too stupid as they can see and think for themselves. Mahathir is the biggest rogue our country has seen. The former Prime Minister should learn to shut up.

  2. University Teknikal? What’s that? Another useless degree mill producing undergrads who can’t even qualify to work in Sime Darby?

  3. I know that he’s good at political strategies or mind games, but the problem is the smart ones amongst us knows he’s stupid to think that we ( urbanites ) are stupid and have stopped listening to him but now even those less informed or really stupid amongst us knows that he is the stupid one.How low can he go…Oouch!!!

  4. How is wanting to improve the country and making it better be considered ungrateful? So I am considered ungrateful if I want a level playing field for my non-malay friends in getting scholarships or entering universities? I am an ingrate because I refuse to accept the rampant corruption?

  5. Dr M,the guru of Black and White and No-Grey,is now in his final struggle,he is a very pitiful man,he must still be wondering why only rather stupid people hang around him.I pity this brilliant man for his stupidity.

  6. Dr M dishing out crap again, mate get used to it lots do not agree with the current BN that it, nothing to do with loyalty, greedy etc. In fact the BN is greedy wanting to hold on to power for 55 years and longer. BN is greedy with Feelot, PKFZ and the litany of pillage. BN is is greed personified and i really want to see you and tell that

  7. Was this senile old man behaving like what he is now advising the students when he was an undergraduate. Ask his fellow students. He was a racialist, rebellious, arrogant and always anti the leaders. Why did he write that letter to Tunku then? Oh dear Dr M may Allah guide you along the straight path.

  8. Mahathir, you speak the words of illusion and distraction and nobody believe in you anymore. Your craving for power and greed are so obvious and you sold our nation’s pride and dismantle the unity that took us decades to build. We see you throught the scumbag that you are.
    Your Palestinian cry is your distraction so that you can carry out your scheme for self interest.
    Your Bersih, Cekap & Amanah are just another of your bullshit illusion to the Rakyat.

  9. I agree actually but its the pro-gov that are THE MOST GREEDY – they dream of being Daim, Mahathir and his children even before they get a job..All they talk of is “cable” and learn the hypocrisy speeches even before they stepped out of school…

    Those who are pro-mahasiswa are greedy for success by carving out something of their own..Their audacity is to dream to be BETTER than Mahathir and his kind..BUT that is what young people do, will always do and no single person has the monopoly to tell them no..

  10. Dear Voters,
    We must never vote any state or federal rep with such attitude. It’s a disgraced to the office they hold and people they represents. How dare them. They forget who voted them to office. Who allowed them the authorities and privileges they now robbed to claim their own.

    Does anyone have excess to the vows they pledge before the Agong and have they posted here for all to seek the word “gratefulness” imprinted. And which part made them deserving of the wealth they have corrupted.

    Having said the above. The voters must take full responsible for the demised of this nation for it’s the voters who allow/sell their rights for handouts and goodies which too are corrupted.

    Time to claim back our rights. The rights which we have sold. Let GE 13 be remembered as The Voice where Malaysian of all creeds, colours, races and religions come together to reclaim what have been robbed.

    The Destiny of this nation belong to its people, MALAYSIAN not BN or whoever so claimed.

  11. ” Where the hell is Pak Bean “. – looes74

    Either busy sleeping on his deaf ear after a late night or just busy doing what sir lancelot does best … :).

  12. ” Undergrads don’t trust the government “. – lawan tetap lawan

    Exactly. What has the government done to earn the trust of the ra’ayat – let alone the undergraduates. Aside from enriching himself, his sons and his cronies what has Mahathir done to earn the trust and gratitude of the ra’ayat and the undergraduates? Lets now take a look at some of the things we have learnt , not only of this government but also this traitor , thief and penipu called dr mahathir mohammad.

    1. Some time ago Zaid Ibrahim said this : ” UMNO has taken the Malays for a ride for too long ” . Why did Zaid say this? As an ex Law Minister, i am sure he knew what he was talking about !

    2. Sometime ago an imam named Hoslan Hussein threw his shoes at some judges in open court. So many want to do the same and throw similar ” shit ” at Mahathir Mohammad and i don’t think they want to do so just to shut his mouth. I am sure it is not difficult to figure out why Imam Hoslan did what he did – it was sheer disgust with the Judiciary. In the case of Mahathir , the disgust is the same lah.

    3. On religion , Irshad Manji told off the National Fatwa Council by saying – ” There is only one god and the job is not vacant “. She said this out of disgust too because the National Fatwa Council and some muftis seem to be playing God . And so is Mahathir – he too is trying to play god – almost thinking that he has been given that job all along!

    The recent sermon prepared by JAWI and read out to worshippers last friday , implied that Muslims must follow their leaders. When the leaders are made up of murderers, thieves, lairs , corrupt individuals and traitors – how does Jawi expect worshippers to ” follow the leaders ” lead? For coming up with this sermon, JAWI deserves Hoslan Hussein’s boots too!

    4. Some months ago Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Aziz said ” nobody is above the law “. If this is true, then how come murderers, traitors, and politicians who are guilty of corruption are walking around free ? Disgusting is’nt it – all this double talk !

    5. And as for the media , a wise man said ” if you don’t read the papers you are UNINFORMED but if you read the papers, you are MISINFORMED “. In this enviroment , are the undergraduates expected to trust and show gratitude to Dr Mahathir Mohammad and the Government ?

    Come on, undergraduates from today and yesterday were never fools . Only Dr mahathir seems to be one for thinking so.

  13. Memerentah dan Mentadbir membawa dua makna, cara dan gaya yang berbedza. Rakyat memberi kepercayaan, mandat dan kuasa kepada kerajaan BUKAN untuk MEMERENTAH tetapi untuk MENTADBIR NEGARA dengan perundang dan moral, jasmani dan rohani yang jujur ikhlas setia dan amanah. Menjadi amanah dan tanggungjawab kerajaan untuk MENTADBIR dan MENYEDIAKAN keperluan rakyat mengikut kemampuan yang dibolehkan KERNA rakyat membayar segala2 kos PENTADBIRAN dan PEMBANGUNAN yang disediakan dan rakyat JUGA BERHAK menegur apa jua kekurangan dan kelemahannya. JAGANLAN TEGURAN rakyat dianggap TIDAK TAU berterima kasih dan TAK TAU mengenang budi. Niat yang baik hendaklah dijalankan dengan cara yang baik mengikut hukum hakam. Yang baik itu datang dari ALLAH dan yang buruk itu datang dari perbuatan buruk diri kita sendiri.

  14. How can beat him in terms of greed? Ungrateful man belittling others, no wonder he almost become the greatest fatwa maker despite his son’s involvement in “sinful” business. But so many bodoh believers easily conned by him.

  15. Someone suggested that Dr M resigned because he knew had he stayed BN would lose heavily in the next GE. Pak Lah won handsomely thanks to Dr M being out. Dr M’s vocal come back is good news for the opposition. Soon he will know how really popular he is.

  16. pay no heed to this greedy old man. the more he opens his mouth
    the lesser the possibility for BN to win.

    we live in a democracy so those studying on government help should be grateful to the people who slog and pay their taxes. the students are not receiving mahashits or umno’s money but what they are entitled to as studying members of the public.
    there seems to be no limit to the shit hurtling out of this dried up arse—-.

  17. Today’s Undergraduates are greedy ingrates!

    True, as a result of “Racial, economic, religious and educational gaps are enforced instead of bridged …. – Elza Irdalynna,

    A product of NEP Dr Mahathir Mohamad himself and BN?

  18. Sinar,
    Don’t play play with Pak bean. He can sue you till you bankrupt……Hahaha, he is damn good at law…..Don’r say never tell you

    Nong nong time ago when I was studying in secondary school, the whole classroom cheered when we heard that Madhater got heart attack. That’s how popular Madhater in my home town. Perhaps, Tok Cik can verify

    Guys & Gals,
    Rafizi’s ceramah

  19. Lets get this right that its not the govt that gave our children’s their rights ,richness and the affluence . It’s the people of Malaysia that did it. He only had the privilege to be their spokesman. He forgot that everybody benefits from the people’s total stop acting like a thug or an along! I don’t know why we even discuss his shit. Soon put him for treason and other corruption charges.

  20. While you guys tembak Octo left-right and center, my advice and encouragement to undergrads – the male species in particular, to Graduate to MILFs, instead of UMNO – as Dustin Hoffman did with Anne Bancroft, err.. Mrs Robinson. Enjoy:

  21. Dr M, please learn from history.
    Educated masses who are underemployed, underpaid etc (some of whom also suffer from institutionalised racism and discrimination) will rebel against those holding the reins of power and responsible for misruling the country e.g. educated, non-white colonial subjects of the British and French empires; educated young Malaysians faced with stagnating and low wages and barely getting by (especially those without financial support from parents).

    You and your UMNO Baru-BN have only yourselves to blame for grossly misruling the country and for losing the support of the young, including young and educated Malays who are no longer fooled by your “divide and rule” propaganda..

  22. At least Mahathir already resigned from active politics, 10 years ago. While those who are old, always sick and cripple still wants to cling to power until death. Many of them have sons, even the whole family into their personal party, as back-up and to look after their back. Worst still, they elected themselves at the highest post.

    If these practice were to be of abundance in BN, just imagine the thunder it will create.

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