The Election Guessing Game: Najib needs Divine Help

March 28, 2013

The Election Guessing Game: Najib needs Divine Help

by Jeswan Kaur@

A nation’s election is a litmus test that reveals the aptitude of politicians; but for Malaysia, elections have become a ground for politicians to make false promises, cheat and engage in corrupt acts.


Not only that, Malaysia might just be the one and only nation where politicians treat elections like a circus, hopping onto different bandwagons as and when timing dictates.It is also in Malaysia that politicians dastardly underestimate the rakyat, treating voters at their whims and fancies.

Najib needs divine helpAnd after 55 years of independence, leaders of this beautiful country continue to disrespect the 28 million Malaysians as is being done by the current unelected Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak who is busy keeping them in the dark about the status  of the 13th general election.

Despite repeated calls for Najib to declare a date when the next general election will take place, he remains indifferent and irresponsible towards the rakyat, contradicting his claim of having the rakyat’s best interest at heart.

Judging by the Premier’s refusal to announce the election date, there is little reason for the rakyat to be convinced that the leader who keeps proclaiming that “people first” is worthy of their trust.

The election guessing game is wearing everyone out but Najib continues with his nonchalant stance.Even the call by political analysts that Najib should follow the move by his Australian counterpart Julia Gillard to declare elections earlier has fallen on deaf ears.

Either arrogance or desperation seems to be Najib’s current preoccupation, so much so that he has forgotten his duties and accountability towards the rakyat when it involves the nation’s fate.

Rakyat must make the right choice

The election hide-and-seek that Najib is taking pleasure in must teach the rakyat a lesson – that there is little the people can expect from a politician who continues to belittle their anticipation of the coming general election.

Two months ago Deputy Higher Education Minister Saifuddin Abdullah hit the nail on the head when he remarked that waiting for the announcement of the 13th general election is “unfair for all parties” and is a “lesson that must be learned by all”.

“An ideal situation is the US system where it (election date) is stated in the datuk saifuddin abdullahConstitution. Everyone has no choice but to follow the date.In the Malaysian context, it is too late for GE13 but we may be able to do something for GE14. It is bad for investors, tiring for politicians, and unfair for the rakyat if the wait is too long.Our system and Australia’s is almost the same. The date for election is not fixed by the constitution but by the government. In this case, Gillard announced it early and we should follow suit,” Saifuddin had said.

Two months later and Najib continues to play Russian roulette in determining the country’s well-being.

Najib, BN lacking confidence

Using its position as the Federal government, the Barisan Nasional coalition continues to yield the upper hand by delaying the general election date; Malaysia serves as a classic example where the BN government witholds information on when the elections will be held.

The never-ending guessing game being played by the Najib leadership in sharing the election date with the voters is also a sign of the BN administration’s faltering confidence in facing the coming general election, slated to be its most challenging thus far.

Speak OutBN’s lack of confidence is not the rakyat’s concern – what bothers the people is that the continued delays in announcing the election date will only cause them hardship when it comes to applying for leave to vote or serve as election monitors to ensure the elections are held in a free and fair manner.

In this respect, Najib who is also BN chief is on a wicked ‘mischief’ when with each passing day he refuses to disclose the election date; it is his desperate tactic to deny the opposition Pakatan Rakyat alliance ample time and opportunity to do their homework in preparing for and facing the 13th general election.

At the BN supreme council meeting which Najib chaired in January this year, the Premier had said that the distribution of seats among BN component parties and the list of candidates for the 13th general election had almost been finalised.

But on the pretext of buying more time, Najib claimed that the selection needed further scrutiny to make sure the candidates were of the right choice, not just from the aspect of capability but acceptance in the constituency they would be contesting.

“We will decide and make the announcement. There are some views that we need to discuss but have not made any decision yet.

Asked then of the possibility that Parliament would be dissolved simultaneously with the Johor state assembly on March 21, this was what Najib had to say:

“We will know when the time comes. We are still guessing, never mind go ahead and guess. I like this guessing game.”

While the rakyat keeps wondering when the 13th general election will finally take place, Najib continues to shift gears in placating the people, trying all means possible to “buy” their trust.

Jeswan Kaur is a freelance writer and a FMT columnist.

25 thoughts on “The Election Guessing Game: Najib needs Divine Help

  1. Speak Out, Guys. What is really happening, my friends? Why is Najib running scared? He is right now the most powerful man in Malaysia and as a student of our 4th Prime Minister, he should know what should be done. Delay in holding election is inexcusable.–Din Merican

  2. Dato,

    the list is not ready yet and i gotta hand it to PR for out pokering BN. PR has effectively neutralized the ‘element of suprise’ inherited by the incumbent by suggesting different date of disolving states under their watch.

    now bad turns to worse and will become utterly ridiculous – the EC insist on the same date for GE 13 (for both MP & DUN) and the onlyway to achieve this is to follow NS auto-disolving date. NS can not follow the other state date or the federal date simply for the fact that its time line has expired…. but rest assured, ridiculous justification is just waiting to be blurted out by the respective parties…

    this is the result of too much politiking by the incumbent, period. they just didnt do their homework and currently is looking for a dog to justify their excuse (the dog ate my homework)

  3. He has war within,UMNO,without with PKRand now theSuluks. Buying time or confused! He works hard but others see it as to no avail. Or is he getting crafty like the evil kakak/crow and planning some mischief for the Rakyat. Don’t try any tricks because it will backfire and put the country into further bankruptcy threshold . Got to work within the legal Chief.

  4. Speak out Dato? No can do.
    Who knows what’s happening in the convoluted neuronal debris that is Jibs-Flom Mind-Meld. Even dPM is flabbergasted-disgusted and the Cabinet is suffering terribly from menopausal hot flushes and dryness in them, there parts..

    Obviously, Fear is the over-riding factor, but it’s also the difficulty in putting together a credible, professional candidate list with all the hoary warlords beserking or running amok. Biasa-lah.. The insiders seem to think that he will announce the dissolution later today, but i wouldn’t hold my breath, lest i asphyxiate. Dissolution of any Abomination is intensely painful and in his case suicidal. His Cowardice is couched in pretend Magnamity, which fools no One.

  5. Najib is suffering from ED Erection Dysfunction. Needs more Tongkat Ali from the Perkasa guy son of Ali. Lost his cojones having sowing his wild oats once too many and now Che Mah Chot has squeezed them with her Kacip Mah Chot.

    Decision, decision, decision. Guess he’s not one who can make decision. Cakap bergegar gegar but when it comes down to real decision. he shies away and hope things will go away. Many call it deafen ing silence but it’s really running away from exercising leadership. Far cry from the late Tun Razak.

  6. The EC hasn’t finish preparing the postal votes would be my guess. Bersih is such nuisance and now they have to work extra hard to ensure their master’s victory.

  7. MahJib..opsss.. sorry Najib keep playing the safe game…

    New UMNO Motto..”Berhati hati Di Pilihanraya”

  8. Din,

    We can’t criticise the PM for his timing – if he isn’t breaking any rules.

    On the contrary, I think we should give him more rope – as he is doing a grand job in hanging himself.

  9. Didi,
    Well either UMNO greater than god almighty, else it should be mampus by now.

    Najib has lost the chicken game. Perhaps, Najib should play the Nash’s SO LONG SUCKER game…….Hahahaha

  10. Najib is obviously in trouble. He has time to go cycling and can’t announce GE? Mahathir is contradicting himself dealing with him. Its clear, he is waiting for something to get resolved. Likely part of it is Sabah situation and part of it the candidate list. There could be other reasons but whatever it is, he is obvious up in his neck in crap and PR is selling the stink all over..

    Its actually consistent with his track-record – screw-up when the going get tough. It happened when he was in Sports, it happen when he was Education. He technically should have lost his seat in Pekan.

  11. as a young voter, this election date guessing is real pain in the ass..still remember around this time last year that the PM go around the country and ask his imported audience ” are you ready for election”..i thought it really happened because i am planning to get married on may last year…but it almost pass one year mark and the GE13 still not called for…guess our Prime has constipation problem, it feel like you want go to toilet but once there nothing happened…

  12. The PM is now on political death row, waiting for the day of execution. With the old Doc dangling the hangman’s noose for all to see with his public statement, which seems to appear more regularly, and the RAHMAN prophecy, PM is trying to delay the day of reckoning, hoping for miracle. However, for a person in political death row, even the Agong cannot grant clemency or pardon.

    Whatever it is, in less than 60 days, the day will come, as sure as the sun will rise from the east in the morning. Najib has definitely created history, unfortunately it is one history which i believe even his late father will feel disgusted.

  13. “He’s right now the most powerful man in Malaysia” – Dato Din

    I always like this phrase. Well, he really is supposed to be the most powerful, but, he’s however, only ‘half the man he used to be’. So how? To make that decision is so similar to a leap off the cliff into the unknown. He’s got to have his hands down there, feel again for himself that his testicles are still intact, and still agonise…….. What mental torture. Horrible must be the feeling.

    Somebody post The Beatles “Yesterday” please. I don’t know how to do it.

  14. The jibgoh regime has just signed a RM 4.2 BILLION arms deal, and looks like more MEGA spending will be on the plate before the dissolution of parliament. We poor malaysian rakyat will be burdened with more and more national DEBT.

  15. Najib is waiting so that the whole of Malaysia could go to the polls, altogether. It would be a waste of publis’s time and money to have the poll separately within states. The MB of Selangor, last time said he wants to dissolve, after Chap Go May and recently change to 21st April, or something, when the state legislature dissolved itself, automatically. After-all, there is a grace period of 60 days for the EC to hold election. As I had said before, it is also a good thing for the Rakyat, that the longer it is delayed, more dirty linens, from both sides, would be washed in public.

    By right, the terms of office for an elected government, must be stretched throughout the whole 5 years that the Rakyat have voted for. The Rakyat do not want to be short-changed. We should instead come out with a law, to fix the dates of GE. So the Rakyat know for sure, when we must go to the polls, every 5 years. No more waiting game and no more unnecessary divisive political campaigns or ceramahs for almost 2 years, running up to election which we do not know when.

    The gomen and the opposition too, must not be indulging in divisive politics, all the time. They should instead work together to bring progress to the country and it’s people.

  16. C’mon guys, Najib can still sit on his laurels as Parliament expires only at 30 April, beyond that he has another 60 days before election is held. Further than that the law says Najib can prolonged another 30 days , thus Malaysians can wait for at least another 3 months from April 30th, before Najib finally decide to call for the election. In any case however, if he’s still undecided, which is unlikely to happen, The King then will temporarily take over the reign under the advisory of the Military, Police and the Administrative (MKN), in cases of emergency, war or disaster…So let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best.

  17. Guys & Gals especially RD & the gang……..A simple honesty will do

    When are we going to have election? Why this guessing game unless there is a sinister plan cooked up? Which is the trait mark of UMNO? Even the symbol also like Satan

  18. Anybody reckon Najib might, out of desperation, time the election to co-incide with May 11/12th and, blackmail the rakyat with racial riots/clashes (infamous May 13) if we do not vote Umno/BN? They can hype-up the issue on all MSM and engage Umno/Perkasa thugs to create dissent before actual elections day.

    Thanks Hang Jebat.

  19. Dear Dato Din,

    Two things regarding the PRU 13:

    1. The uncertainty of the date. When we achieved Merdeka, our Constitution inherited a weird Westminster convention, where the PM decides when to dissolve parliament and call for new elections. We aped the British in this. It was also convenient for the sitting government. But it can be costly convention. The UK (and many other Commonwealth countries) have realized this, and opted for fixed terms and predictable elections date. Except Malaysia.

    2. Peaceful transition of power. One of the three basic principles (and blessings) of a democracy is the peaceful convention of the transition of power to reflect, and respect, the decision of the people as expressed by the elections. Any person or party that incites fear of violence or civil unrest associated with this democratic transition violates a basic principle, and a sacrosanct spirit, of democracy and does not deserve to be in the democratic arena.


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