Radio Free Malaysia s01e01

The inaugural broadcast of Radio Free Malaysia.

By the way – in what can only be described as predictable, the RFM website was hacked/attacked on the day that the station launched.

March 25, 2013
Radio Free Malaysia launched tonight on MW 1359 kHz, however its online site, which was already under enormous pressure owing to widespread interest, came under immediate cyber-attack.
The Destributed Denial of Service attacks began at around the time the programme went on air and were presumably aiming at preventing people from downloading the online podcasts of the show.  The effect was to slow down the operation of the site for would-be users.
Investigations show that the attacks originated from KL in Malaysia and bore a striking resemblance to similar attacks on the website Sarawak Report last week, which suffered attempts to bring the site down in the wake of the Global Witness film expose of Taib Mahmud, Inside Malaysia’s Shadow State.
The attacks on Sarawak Report originated in Kuching and KL.
Founder of the new radio station Clare Rewcastle Brown said “BN politicians spend a lot of time talking about cyber-warfare and cyber-warriors as if they were a positive thing to be proud of.  In fact cyber-warfare is all about cheating, deception and illegal activities such as hacking and DDS attacks.  I struggle to understand why BN politicians think it is positive to associate themselves with such behaviour, but note that they seem to regard such cheating and misbehaviour as necessary”
The Station has nevertheless maintained its website and is able to report a reasonable broadcast quality for its new programme.

8 thoughts on “Radio Free Malaysia s01e01

  1. All the dirty tactics of the ruling regime will only drive away more voters. Their fear proves that these sharks and jaws do have lots to hide from the public.

  2. But then again, like I say…..UMNO is GREATER THAN GOD ALMIGHTY. It seems that UMNO bound to RULE IN PERPEITUITY…..ONLY IF

  3. Why always the blame on UMNO?
    It could be some else like MIC, MCA, Gerakan, PPP, PBB or any other BN component of parties. If it is a sabotage, it might also be from Hindraf, Perkasa, NGOs or other nationalist groups of people who are against foreign agents, meddling with the internal affairs of the country, they love. It seems every hick-ups are blamed on UMNO. What if there were some technical problems on the broadcasting and to detour the embarrassment, they heap it on UMNO. Or it might also be due to PR themselves, trying to play the blame game.

  4. I am sorry, i don’t trust this lunatic. There must be something wrong with this guy. he might has an interest of his own. It’s not for the nation interest, I am syre.

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