PRESS RELEASE: RADIO FREE MALAYSIA to start broadcasting on Monday…MW1359 kHz AM/MW

….with the Anwar Ibrahim interview the authorities tried to ban

Malaysia’s newest independent radio station begins broadcasting on Monday night.  Radio Free Malaysia will be available on Medium Wave at 1359kHz AM/MW each night between 9pm and 11pm local Malaysia time.

The highlight of the first show will be a full-length exclusive interview with the PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim, who, like other opposition figures, has been largely excluded from Malaysia’s mainstream media so far.

RFM represents a ground breaking venture, because it will be transmitted from outside of Malaysia and therefore is not subject to licencing by the federal government. The station therefore aims to be free of the political interferences that have caused Malaysia’s media to become recognised as one of the most restrictive in the world.

“RFM will be free of political censorship by the ruling BN coalition and plans to provide a platform for alternative ideas and viewpoints”, explains founder Clare Rewcastle Brown, who is basing the programme out of the UK.

“It is well known that all press and broadcast media currently operating in Malaysia are forced to unquestioningly support and promote the ruling BN coalition and to denigrate the opposition parties, while excluding them from the chance to put their own policies and agendas before the people”.

“It is unacceptable that Malaysia poses to the world as a democracy and is about to hold a general election, and yet it is only members of the ruling coalition (in power for the entire 50 years since independence) who are allowed to have their voices heard by the people”.

Radio Free Malaysia is a sister station of the existing short wave programme Radio Free Sarawak, which broadcasts on shortwave for the benefit of indigenous communities in East Malaysia.  However, the new nightly programme will operate completely independently on the more accessible Medium Wave band and use only Bahasa.

“A separate team has come together to run this show and their remit is to provide two hours a day of the sort of programming that people have been unable to find on any other mainstream radio or TV in Malaysia”, says Rewcastle Brown.  “Just a few days ago one independent station was forced to withdraw an interview with Anwar Ibrahim from broadcast owing to political pressures.  We do not intend to be bullied in this way and now we can bring people the interview that the authorities have tried to ban”

“Anyone wanting to find out what the opposition policies and arguments actually are will now be able to tune in to our show, which can be accessed on any radio set in Malaysia and find out.  At last people without access to the internet will have the opportunity to make a more informed choice at the ballot box.

It is has also been of widespread concern that mainstream media outlets are being used by BN to spread politically motivated slanders and allegations about opposition figures and their policies, while at the same time refusing to allow them the space to answer the allegations or defend themselves in any way.

“Our short two hour programme provides a very limited opportunity for people who have been attacked in the media to exercise their right to reply.  It is not much, but it is better than nothing and I anticipate that people from all over Malaysia will be intrigued to be able to tune in for the first time to the opposition’s response to the barrage of attacks they have been subjected to.  We intend to punch above our weight, because we are providing a much needed service unavailable elsewhere”, said Rewcastle Brown.

The programme will also focus on stories, which have so far been the subject of a disgraceful blackout in the regular media, because they are judged inconvenient to BN.  Only the more free on-line news platforms have been allowed to give proper coverage to such matters as the Scorpene submarine contract scandal; the corruption scandals involving the Chief Ministers of Sabah and Sarawak; the murder of the model Altantuya; the so-called ‘cowgate’ scandal and numerous other cases of corruption and controversy involving those close to the BN government.

These matters are waiting to find a place on Radio Free Malaysia, so that a wider public can be made aware of the issues that have been suppressed in their regular newspapers and broadcasts, which are subjected to total censorship by ‘News Controllers’ answerable to the Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture, say the producers.

Claire Rewcastle Brown“We would certainly be very pleased to also do interviews with any BN figures of significance who are willing to appear on our show”, confirms Rewcastle Brown.  “However, they will not be getting the deliberate soft ride they are always accustomed to from the licenced media.  We will ask tough questions about tough subjects, which as the people in charge of making decisions for the country they ought to be answering”.

Rewcastle Brown confirms that she will not be determining content.  “There is a team of Malaysian producers and presenters who will be running Radio Free Malaysia, we are merely operating out of the UK in order to avoid censorship.”.

Radio Free Malaysia will also be operating a call in line so that listeners can take part in the show the toll free number is 1-800-815-309 and callers will be able to leave messages and their number at any time of the day.

The Radio Show will also be accessible on-line via podcast at its website

The station, which is operating independently of major donors, has launched a drive for donations via its website. We will not be able to maintain the project unless enough members of the public come to our help to support our costs.  However, we are hopeful and confident that the millions of Malaysians, who are longing for a more free and open media will support us and keep us afloat


Radio Free Malaysia (RFM)

AM/MW 1359 kHz, 2100-2300 nightly


Toll free number: 1-800-815-309


17 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE: RADIO FREE MALAYSIA to start broadcasting on Monday…MW1359 kHz AM/MW

  1. Congratulations Malaysia. You have just joined the exclusive group of countries with “Radio Free”. The very fact that a Radio Free Malaysia was established indicates the real situation in Malaysia. Usually only states run by dictators have “Radio Free….” beamed from outside. In the old days Radio Free… were run by Voice of America or BBC London.
    Aaaaah Malaysia how you have fallen and still falling.

  2. This is the best thing that has happened for the opposition. The playing field is now getting a bit more level. Thanks to Ms. Rawcastle. PR see you in PJ soon!!.

  3. This is what happens when the Government controls the mainstream media. An alternative emerges. I will do my bit to support Radio Free Malaysia if it is not used as a propaganda tool for the Opposition. Gertak em.

  4. Great for Malaysians to have wider variety of free choices – the more the better. We will all be better informed.

  5. kudos to you Ms Rewcastle, at last you realise that to save Sarawak you have to help topple BN in Putra Jaya first. we will definately support RFM.
    I wonder how they are going to transmit in medium-wave frequency from a distance of ~10,000 Kilometres.

  6. There were all praises for BN in Harakah, Keadilan Daily, Bulletin Mutiara, Selangor Daily. The Star and The Sun seems partial enough. Why the need for Radio Free Malaysia. How free do Malaysian really wants to be?
    I don’t like the idea of MatSalleh interfering with Malaysian politics. They too, do not like us to interfere with theirs. All troubles in this world have their hands in it on the sides of the minority opposition.

  7. Great m/s Clare, we are kids waiting for this new toy. Thanking everybody who are behind this RFM. At the same time I am sad we have to resort to this. The communists had radio Suara Revolusi, and now we are like Chins of Burma trying to get solace from the devils voice to seek the truth. Seek the Truth we Must . Yes I will support you!

  8. RD,
    Why are you so afraid of Radio Free Malaysia? What is your beef? You mean what you did during your childhood would be exposed in RFM

  9. looes74.
    I am afraid of lies. Lies from people like Anwar and his ilks. Lies from people like Karpal and Mat Sabu, who first accused Anwar of sodomy in Parliamnet, then the latter, as lawyer, defended him in Sodomy II.

    I am also afraid from racist people, taking advantage in sowing hatred within the various ethnic and faith in Malaysia.

    I am also afraid of foreign agents instigating the minorities to overthrow the majority election government.

  10. RD,
    You mean UMNO-BN or even Najib never tell lies? Oh come on! If you wanna be neutral, be really neutral. Not the ciplak one

    Guys & Gals,
    Anwar struck terror in Johore

  11. I have never trust this sodomite since the day Tun Dr,M brought him into the government. I even hate to hear him talk, ever since. He is the father of all lies, in Malaysia. He lied in 1974 regarding that boy who died of hunger in Baling. He lied of Sept 16th.. That’s more recent.
    Have anybody heard him talk when he was in the government?

  12. RD, its a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea….. lets give the deep blue sea a chance. The devil will make sure the deep blue sea will not be able to do what they did, its their territory and no one else have the ability to do what they had done all these years. Anwar…..forget his past, people change. The way he talked when he was in BN?? If not he wouldn’t be in BN. Don’t you realise, to be in BN you have to have that sort of mentality.

  13. You are right. He sure is a Devil in disguise or a chameleon. He was the main culprit who started the Islamization of schools in Malaysia, when he was the education Minister.

    Forget his past? History shapes the future, they say.

    Apart from corruption, did you know what the opposition accused him, when he was in BN? In Parliament, Karpal & Mat Sabu said he was an adulterer and a sodomite. In fact, Al-Juburi was the name, first given by Mat Sabu. The amazing thing is: Karpal then defend him in Sodomy ll. Please also ask Mat Sabu, what has become of the ‘Tabung Memali’.

    Anwar was the instigator of rallies & riots, since 1974. How come he is squeaky cleanse with Pakatan? Surely these politicians are conspiring to grab power and wealth at all cost. This kind of mentality is no good for the rakyat’s well-being.

  14. Dear RD, No hear say please. First and foremost you must have the truth nothing but the truth proof to say or to call somebody is a sodomite or a adultery. A sodomite and a adultery are birds of the same feathers. Almost all countries goes tipsy topsy when the leader is a adultery and corrupt.

  15. Halo nama saya Andrew
    Saya dari Eropa
    Saya menulis surat ini karena orang-orang tidak sopan dan rasis di Malaysia

    Saya telah sedang tinggal di Asia selama 8 tahun
    Bangkok Thailand 5 tahun
    Malaysia Kl 3 tahun
    Saya datang ke Malaysia karena orang-orang Malaysia
    Orang-orang Malaysia di mana sangat bagus dan hormat
    Sekarang orang-orang di Malaysia sangat rasis dan tidak lagi bagus dan sangat tidak hormat
    dengan orang asing
    Sekarang ketika saya berjalan di jalan
    Orang-orang India dan Malaysia adalah saya mengganggu dan membuat lelucon dari saya 24 jam sehari
    Aku tidak bisa tidur
    Sekarang orang-orang Malaysia sangat kasar dan hanya menginginkan duit
    Dan selalu berbicara buruk
    Saya belum pernah bertemu orang-orang kasar seperti Malaysia
    Satu-satunya orang paling kasar saya bertemu di mana rakyat Thai
    Tetapi orang-orang yang paling paling kasar saya bertemu di mana orang-orang Indian
    Di mana-mana aku pergi mereka terus membuat lelucon dari saya
    Dan memberitahu teman-teman mereka, saya melihat seorang pria kulit putih
    Mereka berjalan di sekitar berusaha untuk menjadi seperti orang Malaysia
    Dan mereka selalu menatap masalah dengan saya
    Mereka bukan orang Malaysia
    Hanya 8 % adalah orang-orang Malaysia
    Orang-orang Malaysia adalah awal yang sama seperti rakyat Thailand
    Saya ingin mengatakan hanya karena saya putih
    Tidak perlu untuk mengejekku
    Ya aku tahu aku putih,
    Aku tidak suka orang-orang mengatakan hal-hal buruk dan saya mengganggu
    Saya tahu Banyak orang Asia berpikir orang kulit putih yang sangat lembut dan bodoh
    Saya tidak bodoh aku bisa mengerti apa yang orang Malaysia berbicara saya dapat berbicara bahasa Inggris , Thai, dan Melayu
    Anda dapat membicarakan hal ini lebih lanjut dengan saya setiap saat .
    , Jangan ragu untuk email saya di /
    Saya berharap untuk mendengar dari Anda .
    Hormat kami ,
    Andrew Hogan

  16. Hello my name is Andrew.I am from Europe
    I am writing you this letter because of disrespectful and racist people in Malaysia.I have being living in Asian for 8 years:Bangkok Thailand 5 years;Malaysia Kl 3 years.I came to Malaysia because of the Malaysia people.

    The Malaysian people where very nice and respectful. Now the people in Malaysia are very racist, no longer nice and very disrespectfully with foreigners

    Now when I walk the street Indian and Malaysian people are annoying me and making jokes of me 24 hours a day. I cannot sleep. Now the Malaysia people is very rude and only wants money And are always speaking bad.I have never meet rude people like Malaysians.
    The only rudest people I have meet where Thai people
    But the most rudest people I have meet where Indian people
    Everywhere i go they keep making jokes of me
    And tell their friends I saw a white man
    They walk around trying to be like Malaysia people
    And they are always staring problems with me
    They are not Malaysia people
    Only 8% are Malaysia people
    The Malaysia people are early same as Thai people
    I would like to say just because I am white
    There is no need to make fun of me
    Yes I know I am white,
    I do not like people saying bad things and annoying me
    I know Many Asian people think white people are very soft and stupid
    I am not stupid I can understand what Malaysia people speak I can speak English, Thai, and Malay
    You may discuss this further with me at any time.
    , feel free to email me at
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Andrew Hogan
    Dear Andrew, you cannot generalise. They are good and courteous Malaysians around. It is unfortunate that you met frustrated people.My advice to you is that you should ignore these people. Malaysia is a nice place to visit. Anyway thanks for your sharing your experience with us.–Din Merican

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