Nurul Izzah takes on Federal Territory Minister

March 24, 2013

Nurul Izzah takes on Federal Territory Minister

by  Wong Choon Mei, Alaa Soleiman, Malaysia Chronicle

nurul_izzahWhen Nurul Izzah Anwar won the Lembah Pantai parliamentary seat in 2008, she became the toast of the nation. Her political enemies from Prime Minister Najib Razak’s UMNO lost no time trying to tie her up in controversy.

Make her life difficult, they certainly did. They also dented her political standing with their accusations. Even so, just ask around the length and breadth of Malaysia – who do the people think will be the first woman Prime Minister of Malaysia or even the first Prime Minister to come from the Pakatan Rakyat Opposition, and her name will invariably crop up.

Why? Well, the combination of reasons most commonly cited are, firstly, Nurul’s political heritage, her intelligence and savvy, an enviable image of being someone you can trust. And of course, there’s her good looks, decorum and fine sensitive features – crowd winners by any account. Many of those offering their opinions would also complete their assessment by comparing her to Thai premier Yingluck Shinawatra.

Yingluck, they are quick to point out, won the Thai premiership not just based her political street smarts and family standing but also because of her undeniable beauty and freshness in outlook. As the Thais hungered for change after long years of political stubbornness and stalemate, Malaysians too may not be unwilling to accept a new face of politics, where a softer and more people-centric approach is central, and finally ending the chapter on ham-fisted rule and despotic tactics by yesteryear strongmen like Mahathir Mohamad and Lee Kuan Yew.

New politics and the era of change

Be that as it may, this year, Malaysia will hold its 13th general election and Nurul’s most immediate challenge will be to defend her parliamentary seat won against all odds in 2008.

The daughter of Malaysian political stalwart Anwar Ibrahim, she will turnRaja Nong Chik 33 this November. Nurul is expected to face the Lembah Pantai UMNO chief, Raja Nong Chik, a man who at 60 is not only twice her age but old enough to be her dad.

Ironically, the political roller coaster and grind that Nurul was put through the past 5 years have prepared her well to face UMNO’s contender for the Lembah seat. Nurul is not fazed by Nong Chik, who is also the Federal Territories Minister. She gives back as good as she gets.

At a ceramah (political rally) held at Kampung Baru, the proudly Malay enclave in Kuala Lumpur near to the Petronas Twin Towers, Nurul minced no words telling the crowd that they had to reject UMNO and its ‘sore loser’ ways if Malaysia was to be ‘saved’ from further economic harm and social damage.

“The SOP (standard operating procedures) of the UMNO-BN is to blame the Opposition when things don’t go right. 15 years ago, it was Anwar Ibrahim. They labelled him an American agent, a Jewish agent and now it seems, he has become a Sulu agent. Please don’t be influenced by their madness, think of the future for the future of your children,” Nurul told the small but enthusiastic crowd that had braved a steady drizzle to hear her speak on Thursday.

“And (this can be seen again) in the context of Wilayah Persekutuan, 10 seats were won by PR – DAP, PAS and Keadilan (in the 2008 election). The people chose DAP, PAS and Keadilan. This is a clear indictment. UMNO in 1969 could not get a majority in Selangor. Kuala Lumpur was under Selangor. Of 28 seats, only 14 were won by the Alliance and the rest they lost. And when they lost and came under pressure, they thought of the concept of Wilayah Persekutuan.”

She also hit out at Nong Chik, who has been accused of devising dubious means to oust her and covertly padding up the Lembah Pantai electoral roll with BN supporters. Pointing out Nong Chik’s unelected status as he did not stand in any election in 2008, but was appointed a Senator by Prime Minister Najib Razak, Nurul exposed the FT Minister’s background and why he was able to get so many development programs going.

“The Minister doesn’t even need to get elected… who gets all the contracts in Kuala Lumpur. Check a bit. Who has such absolute power … no need to get approval or budget. He can even kick out the Mayor and replace his own sidekick,” said Nurul.

“Let me tell you about Geng Rosmah. From their Island & Peninisular days, 3 close friends Shahrizat Jalil, Rosmah Mansor and Raja Nong Chik, their friendship has lasted till now. This is why all they can announce so many development projects and activities.

To the delight of the audience, Nurul went on to lambast her Lembah Pantai predecessor Shahrizat Jalil, whom she won the seat from and who has been embroiled in the RM250 million Cowgate scandal.

There is no such thing as Revenge 

Nurul also shared a glimpse of how her life was affected by the 1998 persecution of her father by the then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who sacked and jailed Anwar on false charges of sodomy. Anwar, who has denied sodomizing his wife’s driver, was acquitted in 2004 after serving 6 years in jail. Sad to say in 2008, Najib and his wife Rosmah Mansor were accused of rehashing a similar scandal against Anwar.

“Former IGP (Rahim Noor) hit Anwar until his eye swelled, he was handcuffed, and hit repeatedly. But that night, an ordinary policeman with low rank helped to wipe the blood from him (Anwar). So there is no such thing as revenge That is what separate us from BN. To Dato Seri Najib and to Hishammuddin, you don’t know us at all,” she said to loud cheers from the crowd.

 From their response, the crowd which was 90% Malay seemed willing not only to hear Nurul out but to support her. And this is a significant development. Despite inroads made by the Opposition, the Kampong Baru area is still basically an UMNO enclave. Many of the residents have relatives who are in some way or other connected to the ruling party but the rapport is clearly dwindling. Like Malays around the country and who form the predominant electorate, those in Kampung Baru appeared willing to let their guard down and move towards a society where there is less racial prejudice.

In his prime, Anwar had been the darling of the Malay community until his career was derailed by Mahathir’s sodomy charges. As Nurul had said in her speech, since then Anwar has been tarred by various accusations that he was pro-Israel or would sell out the Malays to the Chinese should his coalition ever win the federal government. As his oldest daughter, Nurul too has felt the impact of such rhetoric aimed to create disaffection amongst the Malays towards Anwar and his party.

For example, when Nurul wrote a 3-part essay Malaysia or Malay-saja (Malaysia or Malays only), the UMNO press including Malay rights extremist Ibrahim Ali attacked her for not ‘defending’ her own community, even demanding that she be charged for Sedition and treason. However, they were not able to shake her.

“We believe in justice, in reforms. We want reforms to the system in the country, an A_G (Attorney General) who is fair. Let those who are guilty be punished by the courts, let those who are guilty be sent to the lock-ups, let those who are guilty like Ibrahim Ali be punished but don’t let him be free to sow hatred in Malaysia,” said Nurul.

BR1M proves BN’s economic failure

Nurul vs Nong Chik

A first-term Member of Parliament, Nurul also attacked Najib’s prized cash aid scheme of doling out RM500 to each household that earns less than RM3,000 per month. The BR1M scheme has been called an election goodie by the Opposition but the BN has promised to make it a recurring annual affair.

“Think 55 years of BN rule, 60% qualify for BR1M, imagine how many are poor. 40% earn less than RM1,500, 60% earn less than RM3,000. That statistic alone shows BN has failed us as Malaysians,” she said.

Warning of economic doom, the Lembah Pantai MP ended her speech by calling on the crowd to support the Pakatan Rakyat coalition in its quest to win the federal government.

“Kali in bantu kami sampai ke Putrajaya (help us to make it to Putrajaya). I fear in GE14, it might too late. Bankruptcy or worse can befall our country.”


29 thoughts on “Nurul Izzah takes on Federal Territory Minister

  1. I bumped into YB Nurul Izzah back in 1999 at the Manila Airport when she was ushered (with her mum) through the customs apparently to be driven to Malacanang Palace to meet with President Josef Erap Estrada.

    She had then come to Manila with her mum to seek international intervention when her dad was charged for corruption and sodomy and showed up with a black eye in court.

    I believe she was then just 18 or 19 and was fondly referred to as Miss Reformasi…

    I said to my wife at the airport, put her through such a horrible experience is at such a young age is like “a baptism of fire” – she will be ready for PM by 35!

    I am glad to see Nurul Izzah Anwar has actually developed into a fine young leader with very down to earth values and mannerisms… I hope she will be Malaysia’s first lady Prime Minister….

  2. meanwhile, In Penang, Lim Guan Eng promised Anwar, in case anwar loose in the coming election, Guan Eng will appoint anwar as the Mayor of Georgetown.
    asked the reason for such appointment, Guan Eng reply ” we dont want to waste such a talent like Anwar. He’s good at kasi saman. So as Mayor of Georgetown, he can kasi saman everyday as he wish and can help us to increase our income for the tunnel project…… as long as he dont saman kita balik ok la

  3. Just because Nurul Izzah is young, beautiful, charming, charismatic many are already endorsing her as the future PM. Didn’t Malaysians learnt their lesson? Roll back to the year Tun Razak died and everyone was clamouring for Najib to take over and he was fast tracked only to become the most disappointing PM yet.

  4. RNC is short but a long-winded Santa Claus who got Easter mistaken for X’mas. He is effective only to the extent of ‘purchasing’.
    Nurul is an apprentice who is the underdog (pardon the metaphor). She is trying to ‘sell’. She doesn’t have the means to ‘buy’.
    So Lembah Pantai folk actually have a very simple task – to Buy or to Sell their Souls.
    No One can tell. So much for Hope.

  5. Orang Malaya…. I for one didn’t even mention about Nurul Izzah’s physical attractions… I think you have to accept the fact she is an attractive and charismatic lady and we must allow her this advantage, is God-given, we can’t fault her.

    And you cannot compare her to Najib Tun Razak… simply based on the fact both are children of incumbent leaders… compare value and political leadership and intelligence and the ability to assess problem and resolve issues…. NTR is nowhere near this lady esp if you factor in that he is 25 years older!

  6. Besides being young, charming and beautiful, Nurul has demonstrated she is willing and able to take on the bully boys.
    And in the process shown she has the cojones that sadly are lacking even any BN clown you care to name, Najib included. Hell, he didn’t even have the b…s to debate the National Budget, probably the first time this has happened in any self-respecting democratic country, and prefers to let his paid-con artistes to do his dirty work.

    More power to Nurul. Malaysia needs people like her. Not the riff-raff vulgarises that seem to dominate the BN gallery of rogues.

  7. “Sadly, she will be defeated by Raja Nong Chik by around 2500 – 3000++ votes this time.”- Hope

    How do you know that? Are you preparing the postal votes now?

  8. Didi,
    It’s a known fact that BN is planning to use massive postal votes to defeat opposition. The best to counter this is a massive tsunami. Unfortunately some commentators not really helping the cause

  9. Nong chick has the edge, go to sri sentosa and other old klang road area spilling into Lembah pantai via the jalan templer.

  10. After 10 mins listening to her, I think she is speaking nonsense. She is just like her father who knows nothing about economics. She seems to mislead the public about why her father went to jail. She is not telling the truth. Her father was imprisoned for abuse of power by ordering the Police to threaten Ummi Hafilda into retracting her letter. She even accused people of corruption on hearsay. I would not give these liars my vote, GE13.

  11. Hahaha… looks like all the anti-Nurul Izzah comments start appearing in this article… where were all these commentators before this? Must be nervous eh guys…

  12. Dear Looes74.

    “You help me, I help you”.
    That’s correct and it must be practiced in our daily lives in this multiracial country of ours. If you wants the government to help you, you must support the government. If PR rules, that is just what their leaders should be saying too. But you cannot be promising something, when you are not in the position to ensure, whatever your promises can be delivered or not.

    You cannot say it is a bribe, either. A bribe is when you gave to someone without other people knowing about it. Or you give to your supporters only.

    I have never seen this video or heard his ceramah and he is not my ‘beloved’. In-fact, I hate seeing his picture on billboards by the roadsides and those ‘I love PM’ banners. I hate cult among leaders. This will only leads to nepotism, like what is being practiced in PKR & DAP. However, to me, Najib is better than Pak Lah. I don’t support individuals. I support the concept of mutual trust in BN. If someday, the majority accept a non-Malay as PM, I would support YB Wee Choo Keong as that candidate. Or maybe people with the stature of Lee Lam Thye.

    Thank you for the video posting, anyway.

  13. How do you know that? Are you preparing the postal votes now? – Didi

    Dear Didi,

    As a voter of Lembah Pantai, I believe I am entitled to my gut feel.
    Now, just because my gut feel dont really suit your taste bud, you dont need to throw all your lil’ toys outta your pram. The problem with some of you pro opposition lot is your inability to agree to disagree.

    Anyway, I stand corrected with my prediction. And I hope I am wrong cos I like Nurul and I am voting for her … by the way. So, there is no need for you to start foaming at the mouth. Just apply some maturity will do.

  14. Any change in government would make nonsense of democracy, liberty, equality and the pursuit of happniess unless it is accompanied by the retstoration of the Rule of Law, of the Doctrine of Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances. It is not going to come with the turn of a page but we could at least begin to turn that page with the purge of corrupt judicial officers and judges and within the police followed by politicians and their lackeys in the private sector. There can be no end to corruption since corruption is the corollary of power, and where you find one you find the other. Let us at least put the fear of God in all of those who dare think of breaking the law.

  15. “Lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu” transalates to pork barrel politics over here. It helps elected representatives in Congress to remain in power but it is practiced with a lot of judicial restraint. In Malaysia it is a flagrant and unbridled abuse of power involving the use of taxpayer money for personal gains. Constituents are openly told they would be punished otherwise as developement would by-pass their constituencies. That is wrong.

  16. “If PR rules, that is just what their leaders should be saying too. But you cannot be promising something, when you are not in the position to ensure, whatever your promises can be delivered or not.” — RD

    Why not?? They are referred to as electoral or campaign promises. We hold them on to their promises. That’s what a promise is. If they break their promises then we boot these professional politicians out of office. That’s democracy. Kapish that?

  17. “Her father (Anwar Ibrahim) was imprisoned for abuse of power by ordering the Police to threaten Ummi Hafilda into retracting her letter. She even accused people of corruption on hearsay” — RD

    A Deputy Prime Minister ordering a law enforcement officer who is paid for by taxpayers to keep the peace, to “investigate a private matter” to stop the harassment deserves to go to jail for six years??

    It comes with the territory.

    Accusing people of corruption on hearsay? If the matter has not gone to court it is necessarily ‘hearsay’ by definition. Which is why we precede with what you are accused of with the word ‘allege’.

    What do you understand by ‘hearsay’? Hearsay can sometimes be accurate and true. It is just not admissible in a court of law; because if it is admissible there would be no end to hearsay and no end to the proceedings. In court you need rules (we know them as Rules of Procedure and Evidence) and the rule here is not to allow hearsay. It does not mean it is untrue or false. It can sometimes be accurate and true. You just have to find another way to prove it.

    Kapish that??

  18. ” Besides being young, charming and beautiful, Nurul has demonstrated she is willing and able to take on the bully boys. And in the process shown she has the cojones that sadly are lacking …” Mr Bo

    “Cojones” is Spanish. Maybe Orang Malaya knows what you guys don’t know?? Orang Malaya, in case you don’t know, resides in LA which would be Los Angeles and not Lebah Ampang.

  19. “Let me tell you about Geng Rosmah. From their Island & Peninisular days, 3 close friends Shahrizat Jalil, Rosmah Mansor and Raja Nong Chik.” — Nurul

    Yep. Both slept their way up the corporate ladder. There was nothing they wouldn’t do for the right price. In their case they don’t have the cojones. What would a guy do with a gal who has cojones like he has?

  20. Mr. Bean hands down for the rebuttal ! Wee Chee Keong and Lee Lam Thye for PM … oh please those unprincipled lot! Sorry would rather go for LGE!

  21. Pak Bean is back……Hurray! When you are going to talking about Daim…….You have known him very well

    Guys & Gals,

  22. “Pak Bean is back……Hurray! When you are going to talking about Daim…….You have known him very well” — Louis IX

    Diam Diam and the boy from Kg. Kangkong teamed up and did themselves a favor? And the rest is history?

    Prior to that he was a struggling developer and walked into my house in his seluaq katok one Sunday afternoon with his mistress who late became his wife who then had a boutique as was the style with sugar daddies, looking for an antique dining set with eight chairs. I only had six. That one?

    Those who don’t know me can click on my name.

  23. That’s sound pessimistic.
    You need a miracle to win? A miracle such as an earthquake at the polling station. Nik Aziz was known to have call for the rain in a stadium, in Kota Bahru. Please ask him to pray for a miracle, this GE13. After-all he holds the key to heaven.

  24. Hahaha Mahathir has warned Jibby that if he loses he has to go … the reporter asked does he has anyone in mind to replace NTR? (Mkini) Me think … it’s his son!

  25. Alkay.
    When Mahathir was PM, he forbade his children to be involved in politics.
    Anwar’s Party, where all the top post composition: wife, dad, daughter, and of-course Azmin. And the post as ‘Anugerah Tuhan’ was self -elected. Heard the other daughter is gong to be field as candidate this GE13. We also have the Lim Dynasty in DAP. Also the Karpal Singh & Sons team. There seems no other merry family political business in the world, other than in PR.

    DAP & PKR party election was also smeared with corruption and manipulation.

    If these practice were of abundance in BN, just imagine the uproar would be.

  26. Didn’t realize the impact DAP and a small party like PKR had on many people … they sure are a threat …aren’t they??

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