Lahad Datu: This is War, Real War, Get It

March 5, 2013

Lahad Datu: This is War, Real War, Get It

Free Malaysia Today Editorial

LahadDatu-Hishamuddin2-Reuters-540x374Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein (left) cut a sorry figure against the background of the mini “war” that erupted on the “battlefield” of Lahad Datu. When the shooting started between the “invaders” and Malaysian security forces, Hishammuddin made a fool of himself when he remarked that not a single shot was fired in the tense standoff. A firefight has broken out and there were already casualties and yet the Minister was in blissful ignorance.

Hishammuddin was the man in charge of the Lahad Datu war theatre and should have remained on the ground from day one to get instant field reports about the gunfight. He failed to do that and the country was kept in the dark at the outbreak of violence.

For a few hours bits and pieces of news reached the outside world and we read of mounting casualties on both sides. There were even reports that the “invaders” have called for reinforcements. It appeared that our security forces were in for a bashing.

Two Malaysian Police commandos fell at the hands of enemy snipers in the first exchange of gunfire and 12 terrorists were gunned down. Some escaped to the seas (have our submarine sunk?) but the rest are still holed up in the village. They are digging in for a long fight.

Now Hishammuddin has gone down to the ground and has issued an ultimatum to the militants to surrender or face “drastic action”. Perhaps he has drastically changed his stand and realises that Malaysia is dealing not with tourists but real terrorists and invaders.

While Hishammuddin was twiddling his thumbs for weeks trying to figure Najibxout who are these uninvited “visitors”, his cousin, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak (right) was busily fighting his political war against the Opposition and did not bother to issue a public statement about the attack on our sovereignty and territorial integrity. He did not take the first flight out to Lahad Datu to assess the situation.

The whole country was perplexed over this long silence from the man who should have taken charge of the situation from the outset. He finally spoke out about defending the sovereignty of the country on the day the fatal shots rang out. It sounded rather hollow.

Everyone has been talking loudly on the need for decisive action to evict the invaders but not Najib. Hishammuddin must have whispered into Najib’s ears that those intruders are actually nice people who must be treated with kid gloves. Cousin, give me more time, nothing to worry. Now, Najib is making loud noises and even suspects that the Opposition has a hand in this diabolical plot (same old diversionary tactic).

Spinning out of control

ZHWhen the sovereignty of the country is threatened, the man who should take centre stage other than the Prime Minister is the Defence Minister. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (left) should be in the thick of action but this Defence Minister was playing a bit role. Was he peeved that the army was reportedly sidelined? Is there a “turf war” between his ministry and the Home Ministry?

Zahid was ready to call out the army to crush civilian protests, but did not move heaven and earth to dislodge the real enemies in our home.

The invaders are said to be descendants of the Sulu sultanate, who are fighting to reclaim Sabah. That gives it an international flavour because the Philippines has long laid claim on the state and it had been a thorn in our side for many decades. The Malaysian Foreign Ministry should have come into the picture to find out from Manila whether it is still pursuing the claim. If the Philippines has not dropped the claim, then the army of the Sulu sultanate will continue to bug us.

But Foreign Minister Anifah Aman (right) is reportedly in the dark over the LahadPARLIMEN / ANIFAH AMAN / KIMANIS Datu flare-up. Hishammuddin, Hamidi and Anifah should be key players but the trio were never seen together co-ordinating a joint response to one of the gravest threats the country is facing.

When the country is “invaded” all the political masters and all the heads of the three branches of the Malaysian Armed Forces – the Royal Malaysian Navy, the Malaysian Army and the Royal Malaysian Air Force – should step out on the podium and reveal to the nation their war plan. But the stage was empty and dark most of the time.

Anwar Ibrahim (recent)All Malaysians have a stake in the security of the country. People want to know what the government is doing to repel foreign invaders. The prime minister and his ministers must reassure the public that the country they call their home is safe and sound.

When Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim (left) floated the idea of convening a special sitting of Parliament to discuss the Lahad Datu crisis, Najib should set aside political differences and adopt a common stand. But he is unlikely to come down a notch for fear Anwar may get the credit, especially when the national polls is getting nearer.

Now the situation is spinning out of control. The invaders meant business when they vowed to fight to the death. Casualties are mounting, with more policemen killed. Unconfirmed reports have also emerged that more militants are arriving on our shores. The terrorists have thrown down the gauntlet and the Malaysian Armed Forces can do no less than to pick it up and face them head-on. This is no phoney war. This is real war.


16 thoughts on “Lahad Datu: This is War, Real War, Get It

  1. The Prime Minister and his colleagues in Home Affairs and Defence have let Malaysians down very badly. It is War, Get It . Those invaders are not tourists. So far they have killed 8 Police personnel.–Din Merican

  2. Where’s the lamb chop? No Lamb Chop? Send the lamb chop to the Sulus, they’ll be very happy and will leave us alone Hisham.

  3. And even as this crisis unfolds, with the nation’s integrity and honor at stake we find our ministers going about their business smiling and having a good time resplendant in their finery.

    Obviously they do not care or are ignorant that people have died, among them brave soldiers, and a real threat is at our doorsteps.

    Perhaps they are revelling at the stupid and inept response of the cousins who are failing in their duties on a daily basis. Makes them look good in comparison.

    Our cabinet obviously is made up of self-interested creatures whose preoccupation is acting only when there is something in it for them.

  4. Dato’, don’t ever say war. War means we recognized the intruders as combatants of a state. Captives will have to be treated as POWs and cannot be put on trial as murderers.

    But of course a country can use whatever means including its armed forces to face off an intrusion.

  5. This is a mishandling of a serious intrusion. It just tells that the PM and his relevant ministers are not prepared for a serious situation like this.

    Even our IGP was clueless announcing 3 times that everything was over and the situation was under control, only to encounter deaths every time. The leadership’s attitude was bad and this caused the death of our commandoes.

    In such a clear advantageous situation, a good quick decision would not have caused any blood shed from both sides. But our leaders were dilly dallying which made the rakyat puzzled with the mishandling.

    This is not the time to politicize and blame others, but that was what the leadership were busy doing. Desperately trying to gain political mileage. We now know to whom this blame should clearly go to.

  6. Kawan saya di bukit aman beritahu saya,kita baru di langgar oleh 200 plus orang Sulu dan hanya 40 orang sahaja yang membawa senjata.

    Apa yang belaku dalam menghadapi musoh ini amat lucu.Planning di bawah amat tidak terator..Siapa yang perlu ambil arahan dari siapa.Adakah Panglima Angkatan Tentera mengambil perentah dari IGP.Takmpernah berlaku jika dalam peperangan.
    Atau ada kah mereka mengambil perentah dari Hishamuddin atau Zaid Hamidi.
    Hishamuddin berkata pendatang Sulu ini merupakan pendatang haram.Jadi mereka hanta polis commando v69 untok mengawasi mereka dan bukan untok menyerang.
    Hari ini kita menggunakan jetnjet untok mengebom penceroboh ini.Tapi mereka melapor kapada Media Manila yang roket roket yang di tembak oleh jetfighter tidak mengenai target.Is meletop hampir satu kilomiterndarimkem mereka.

    Ada kah ini disengajakan atau radar kapalterbang kita tidak boleh di pakai.

    Jika ini lah real war,kenapa macam cerita labu labi.

  7. It is time you guys stop politicsing the issue. True. There have been some blunders, even confusion in the initial stages. But now that they have brought in the military (including the RMAF – where’s the Navy?) and appears to have straightened their act, as Malaysians we should all rally to the support of the government — the liberal media in particular.

  8. The opposition should stop making political capital out of the blunders committed and demonstrate their support and loyalty to the cause — which is the defence of the territorial integrity of the country.


  10. Msia needs to reassess our relation with sulu. Why are we still paying cessation (or rent in their point-of-view) to a kingdom that has been dead hundreds of years ago due to spanish and american colonizations, the very events that created philippines? Are we recognizing the philippines or the sulu kingdom?

    Race sentiment should not be the reason to create potential territorial legal implications. Demographic-wise, sabah is already a big mess already.

  11. Jamal, your point would be valid had the government shown more competence from the beginning. It’s too late now. Even with lipstick and perfume, a pig would still be a pig. This is a war. The sooner we treat it as one, the better.

  12. It’s unanimous that the BN government is incompetent in dealing with the situation.Blame must squarely be on Najib Razak,Hishamuddin and Zahid Hamidi.

    It’s diversionary tactic to assign blame on others especially on opposition politicians is a normal modus operandi for this irresponsible government.

    But what to expect,if they can C4 a woman without mercy and didn’t have a tinge of guilt,a few more of our security personals killed will be of no difference to these heartless guys.

  13. The three Hon’ Ministers went on a ‘ tour ‘ around the outskirts of Lahad Datu, the first time they came to know about this remote Village, Kg Tanduo – yeh, they went as Tourists !
    On sighting the beautifull beaches as they flew in the Helicopter, they suddenly realised they had forgotten to bring their fishing rods…..

    Only three weeks later after 8 deaths of security personnel did they realise it was war, real War……

    What do politicians do ? Save that they are always on a tour…..

  14. Our PM and the 3 stooges are too busy playing politics, and probably very preoccupied with siphoning their loot before the bn collapse.

  15. I think Hishamuddin’s lack of background on security matters is really his downfall.

    All the missteps helming the MInistry of Home Affairs and needing his boss, the PM to save him countless times goes to show he either 1) doesn’t have the mind for this job (its way different from running finance, education, agriculture, trade, etc); or 2) he’s just sheer incompetent.

    I’m just curious of all people why Hishamuddin? Its tradition, that a PM “in-waiting” always goes on a tour in the Defence, Education and Home ministries prior to taking the mantle..

    Former PM Mahatir did it, so did former PM Badawi, current PM Najib did it, and of course current DPM Muhyddin is the Education minister.

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