Lahad Datu Incursion: Our Leaders have failed not just Sabahans

March 5, 2013

Lahad Datu Incursion: Our Leaders have failed not just Sabahans

by Din Merican

Yesterday afternoon, my wife and I had tea with a Semenanjung (West Malaysia) man with his wife who is a Sabahan lady. He was seething with anger over what is happening in Lahad Datu. Come to think of it, I am now not sure if he was angry or was just expressing utter disappointment in the state of our country.

sulu lahad datu soldiers

 Our tea conversation started with our worry over the high incidents of street crimes and the failure of the Home Ministry to curb it. It is now almost a daily occurrence that someone gets snatched, slashed and snatched, and crashed and snatched even in locked cars at traffic lights. This is manifest that the Police have failed in upholding their pledge under the Police Act – the protection of life and property.

 Then the topic became more heated when my friend’s wife, the Sabahan lady, said that our leaders have failed us in more ways than one. She said Malaysians in Semenanjung  no longer feel safe within the borders of the country, and,as a Sabahan, she is now petrified that her home state can be so easily “invaded” by a ragtag army from Southern Philippines.

Hishamuddin-The Bird Watcher2

She recalled that some three weeks ago, the Home Minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, expelled an Australian Senator Nick Zenophon because he was a threat to the national security of the country, but defended the presence of the Sulu gunmen as somewhat of a peaceful delegation. And now what has happened?

Zaid HamidiShe then asked rhetorically – Where is our Malaysian army? Where is our Malaysian Navy? Where is our Scorpene submarine? We spend billions in defence and we can’t even ward off a rag tag unsophisticated group of criminals from across the border.

It is meaningless for Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi (left) to appear on the front page of national newspapers dressed in army fatigues, whereas we have allowed one hot spot in Lahad Datu to expand to Sampoerna and Kunak. And yet our Ministers say it is only 3 locations. ONLY?

We were then joined by another couple from Sabah, the husband is a former Policeman turned private sector lawyer and the wife a former magistrate in Sabah. Both of them were very certain of whom they hold responsible – our government leaders. All were very sympathetic to the policemen who were killed and their families. “We grieve for them but their deaths could have been avoided if the politicians had taken things more seriously and are not busy politicising this matter” said the lawyer husband.

He pointed out the multiple crimes committed by these Filipino criminals – illegal entry, bearing and using firearms, kidnapping, murder etc etc, all these latter crimes punishable with capital punishment. He mocked our Foreign Minister, Information Minister and all government Ministers for falling into the trap of characterising these criminals as the Sulu Sultanate army. They are not even recognised by the Philippines Government and yet we are ever too eager to treat them as if they are a legitimate army.

 On the night the 2 Policemen were killed, the country’s InformationRais Yatim Minister, Rais Yatim, was on national TV at the Malaysian Film Festival receiving an award of his own creation, insensitive to the fact that the nation’s security personnel are battling their lives for the country.

There is a news blanket on what is happening in Sabah whereas entertainment programs continue to lull the public into complacency, into a false sense of security oblivious to the fact that the security forces are facing clear and present danger from this highly explosive situation.

When 911 happened in New York, all TV stations in the USA made live reporting hour by hour as if the whole of USA was under attack. The incident received worldwide attention and sympathy. Here in Malaysia, we have an invasion-type criminals terrorising the state of Sabah, and yet our leaders make it appear as if it does not affect the country. Is Sabah a hinterland of no significance to the Federation of Malaysia? What does being part of a federation mean if the Federal government cannot protect Sabah as part of its sovereignty? This is the central issue in this incident.

“It is also a mistake to keep on harping about these criminals being Sulus” said the Sabahan wife. “Just as Malaysia is a multiracial country that we are proud of, Sabahans too consist of many indigenous groups including Malay, Chinese,Kadazan, Murut, Bajau and Sulu. Thus, focusing on the Sulu will isolate the Sulu people to feel uneasy and forced to take sides” she said. In Sampoerna, it was the Sulu community that disarmed the infiltrating criminals. So, there are good patriotic Malaysian Sulus just as there are patriotic Malaysian Indians, Chinese, Kadazan, Murut and others.

 On the other hand the country’s leaders from Semenanjung seemed Shafie Apdalignorant in not involving the TYT of Sabah who is a Sulu, or for that matter the Sabah UMNO Chief Shafie Afdal who is also a Sulu, in seeking a resolution to this problem. The best asset available in Sabah are not used, instead the Semenanjung Ministers are busy posing for photographs!

Then the lawyer husband made an interesting comment that this incident would not have happened in the time when Dato Ramli Yusuff was Police Commissioner Sabah and Brig-Gen Yasin was Army Commander Sabah. I asked him why he said that. He then narrated a fact unknown to most Malaysians that after the Sipadan hostage incident in 1999-2000, Dato Ramli became Commissioner Sabah from 2001- 2004.

Ramli Yusuff

At the request of the then Chief Minister Chong Kah Kiat, Dato Ramli (above) formed a special Task Force with the Army Commander of Sabah to rid the state of illegal Indonesian and Filipino immigrants. Hundreds of thousands illegal immigrants were driven out of Sabah. Ramli was so successful that the then State Government of Sabah awarded him the Dato’ Pahlawan Sabah for truly taking care of Sabah’s territorial borders.

 But little did Dato Ramli realise that he was digging his own grave by doing that because those whom he drove out of Sabah were not just illegal immigrants. These were illegal immigrants issued with NRIC masterminded in a BiroTataNegara (BTN) project to secure Sabah votes for BN. This is now revealed in the on-going RCI on the NRIC issue. It is a surprise that neither Chong Kah Kiat nor Dato Ramli are asked to give evidence in this RCI.

 So, for doing that “good deed” for Sabah, Dato Ramli was summoned back to KL on a lateral transfer as CPO Pahang. In 2006, when Dato Ramli became the Director CCID, he was aware of the fragile coastal line around the Tanjung Labian area. To prevent illegal human traffic and arms flow, he conducted an aerial survey over the area called Den Haven in Tanjung Labian in full uniform escorted by 4 other uniformed Police personnel. For doing that, then IGP Musa Hassan and A-G Gani Patail charged Dato Ramli for unlawfully using a Police Cessna for personal use. That was how insidious A-G Gani Patail behaved towards Dato Ramli in order to bring him down.

 Dato Ramli was protecting the Sabah borders and yet he was charged justA-G Gani Patail because A-G Gani Patail (right) couldn’t find enough things to charge Ramli for in that infamous RM 27Million Cop Story. After that, no Commissioner Sabah dared to do a similar aerial survey and that explained the intrusion into the Sabah borders that we see today undetected by our security forces.

 Life has a strange way of turning a full circle. Today, we know that Dato Ramli was cleaning up and saving Sabah while A-G Gani Patail, a Sabahan, was and is preoccupied saving crooks and criminals close to the corridors of power. Today we know some truth, not all, but some truth about how the NRIC project in Tun Mahathir’s time and perpetuated by other BN leaders have proven costly to Sabah.

 We mourn for the loss of lives of our security personnel. They are indeed heroes and should be honoured as such. Malaysians should be united in that. However, we cannot absolve our leaders for the mistakes they committed in causing these losses.

map-sabah-intrudersWe cannot forgive the Home Minister Hishamamuddin Hussein, the Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi and the Information Minister Rais Yatim for all their bungling acts. Ultimately, the buck must stop with the Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak, and the government of the day that he leads that has caused our sovereignty to be trifled with and our territorial integrity violated.

As we approach GE-13, the likes of Dato’ Ramli and other former military leaders must come forth to seek election as the people’s representative. These are the people whom we can trust to protect our country and our sovereignty when our current leaders have failed not just Sabahans but all Malaysians!

Look, Who’s Talking Now

40 thoughts on “Lahad Datu Incursion: Our Leaders have failed not just Sabahans

  1. Now that you brought it up, I don’t think I see an outstanding candidate for Home Minister among PR MPs. Ramli for Home Minister? Got my vote and I suspect many others will. AND if he contest in Selangor, he can flush out the illegal citizen votes with just eyeballs..

    Selangorian should think. The second batch of Sulus landed with plainclothes, they could have made it all the way to KL….

  2. Yet another reason why the present government should be changed. But could the incident in Sabah be a reason for the government to declare emergengy and suspend GE13?

  3. Din, thank you so much for this. So very clear, so very insightful, so very passionate.

    I knew very little about Sabah before this happened. Even now, I do not fully understand the history – or what is going on. But I do believe that when the so-called Sultan of Sulu uses military force, it is wrong. The “invaders” should be arrested, repelled, and killed if necessary.

    But as you said, it clearly has revealed the incompetence of this government. I was shocked that Najib said nothing for days and days after his country was invaded. And when he spoke, it was only to blame his opponents.

    As you so wisely pointed out, the Government stupidly expelled Xenophon as a “threat to national security.” But now they have a REAL threat to national security — and look at their incompetence. It is really so unbelievable.
    Thanks, Ambassador Malott. I myself do not understand what is happening outthere in Lahad Datu and Soemporna.I have to rely on my contacts there for some ground news.

    The Lahad Datu incursion is a disaster and does not give us Malaysians any confidence in the Najib Administration’s ability to handle a crisis. For more than two years since 2010, I did not criticise Najib because I had a brief conversation with him at 2010 Malaysian Open Golf Maybank marquee during which he told me that he wanted to make Malaysia great again.I took his words seriously and gave him ample time for him to do it. He has failed me. Of late, I have grown tired of his empty promises and flip flops, and now I am very critical of his leadership. This Lahad Datu thing is the proverbial last straw for me.–Din Merican

  4. With their unending desire to sit permanently in Putrajaya by giving out blue I/C to illegal immigrants in Sabah for exchange of votes ,we have almost reached a stage of real danger of what is happening now in Sabah. It should not have any compromise when foreigners with guns and motars moved into our country to claim that Sabah as their land. Our soft touch with those with guns have backfired that caused the death of our police. As a first stage of defence is to attack before peace talk. All Malaysians forward their condolences to the bereaved families of those who died in defending the state.

  5. The former IGP stopped air surveillance of the area. Dato Ramli and his military counterpart were charged from misusing Police aircraft. We have to thank him for this stupid action. Now he is talking.–Din Merican

  6. Din.Today at 7 am,our army just started the operation.They use the fighter jet to bomb the area.I dont know wheather this is the correct approch.?

  7. This is truly a point for opposition party PKR to rise up to the nation about the failure of BN goverment. Since its a big credit for the oppisition party, we cant deny this probably a strategic planning by the politicians to win the election.

  8. Din, unfortunately the leaders are willing to trade the country for their benefit. As PM Najib is waiting for the right time to call for election …. Even more **** hitting the fan. Will the people make the choice of sending these incompetent so called leaders to pasture…. As the current leaders remain in power even those put to pasture are posturing for lime light.

  9. There are more to come after this incident. Malaysia has to consider the loyalty of those Sulu who carries the Malaysia blue ic, illegal and legal likewise. What do we do to them? Revoking their citizenship or whatnot?

    I am surprised to know that many of the Sulus have established themselves in the civil services and are deeply rooted in the systems. This complicate things as policies not flavouring them would always be compromised. This is just natural as Malaysia political system are race based.



    I disagree with the comment that we should expel/revoke the citizenship of people of Sulu descent. Malaysia, especially Sabah, is made of people of diverse cultural and racial descent.

    On this occassion, the aggression and criminal acts are by the Filipino Sulu. That does not mean that we should punish our own Malaysian Sulu brothers and sisters.

    The Sampoerna incident where the Sulu villagers overpowered the Filipino Sulu gunmen shows we have equally patriotic Malaysian Sulu.

    There are bad Sulu people just as there are bad Chinese, Indians, Malays, Javanese, Bugis, Minangs, Ibans, Kadazans and Bajaus. if we single out and expel because of race alone, then we will be expelling the whole people of Msia.

    We need to draw a distinction that these are foreign criminals and should be treated as such- put them down once and for all and chase them back to where they came from. The Malaysian Sulus should not face the brunt because of these foreign criminals. Let us be clear on that. But if you advocate that, then we will have to expel the TYT and UMNO VP Shafie Afdal! — Din Merican

  10. We need a political party who would at least try to create a level playing field for all. Regardless of race, colour or creed. Malaysia a truly Asia formula that is fair and just to all. Malaysia as Truly Asia is more than just word to attract tourists. It has deeper meaning, one that outshine the stupid 1Malaysia which is mere slogan to advance certain group agenda.
    BN is finished. Those who vote BN come GE13 are partners in crimes and should be branded as TRAITORS.

  11. Thank you Pak Din Merican for this insightful piece. It has surely shed a lot of light. May I suggest that you arrange with you web administrator to ensure that this piece stays amongst the top items for much longer than the usual time. Do not let new stories to push this down the page too soon. It deserves greater longevity on top of the page. More people ought to be able to read it. On my part I will send the link to this story to my contacts.

  12. The more interesting issue is Mahathir is already blaming Najib for starting the RCI on Sabah, Najib, probably through Rosmah, blames Mahathir for this mess. Come GE, it will be interesting how the friction will play out…

  13. correct me if i’m wrong but i do think that some one will try to take credit from this incident. based on the situation- perhaps 1malaya piem will take the credit to make sure that his party will still rule 1malaya…! that’s the fact!

    this incursion by sulu is just a psychological tool for his party continue to rule ..I think that in the next few days or’ll see that that he will be portrayed as 1MALAYA HERO!


    Perhaps we need to uncover there sinister plot behind this event? what do you say?

  14. With the army finally making its move, the Lahad Datu episode will be over quickly. What is more crucial is what comes after this. There are hundred of thousands of Filipinos in Sabah including those who have already been given Malaysian citizenships as well as legal and illegal immigrants. Those who are already citizens courtesy of Project IC are here to stay. Those who are illegal should be rounded up and send back like what Dato Ramli did.

    What is of concern is the reaction of the Filipinos in Sabah after the army clear-up of the Lahad Datu invaders. Before this incident can develop into a prolonged security crisis, a ‘hearts and minds’ campaign should be implemented especially targeted at this community. At the same time our authorities must be extra vigilant. Intel gathering by PDRM and army must be stepped up in Sabah instead of wasting SB manpower snooping members of the opposition parties and NGO activists.

    It only take a couple score of dedicated zealots to start committing terrorist acts not only in Sabah but reaching KL and Putrajaya.

    God save our beloved nation from violence and incompetent leaders.

  15. This incident could have happened some time back too but there must be a specific reason for it to happen now. What is sure is that they must have a valid reason to do what they have done. This problem could be related back to the negotiations taking place during the formation of Malaysia but the manner they do it is of course totally illegal because they armed themselves.

  16. Where have all our policemen gone?

    I will tell you where they have lepaked everyday. I was at a hotel one day and a sultan was having some business or meeting at a 5-star hotel for half the day or longer. Accompanying him were top police officers each trying his best to impress the sultan with his groveling.

    Outside the hotel were other police personnel and outriders hanging around. In total I estimated about 100 people were assigned to service the sultan. This is only one incident on a typical day. There are many VIPs who were also entitled to such kid-glove treatment every day.

    If you are on the street on any day, you would encounter and hear sirens screeching and outriders forcing motorists to give way to the VIP’s convoy.

    Now you know how the police force is being deployed everyday. The police force is there to serve dignitaries and the elites and not to be bothered with the problems of crime besetting ordinary citizens.

  17. Imagine the descendants of Chief Sitting Bull now on a warpath to claim back their ancestral lands from the PALEFACES in the USA !!! Sulu descendants are better off negoiating for tracks of land to set up “reservations” like American Indians rather than the stupidity of reigniting claims for a sovereign territory , which was never theirs in the first place . Even the Philippines does not recognise the so called Sulu sultanate !!

  18. Sabah belongs to the sulu sultan . please address the said issue first. and or get another batu putih verdict and rest the case.

  19. Right, our Leaders have failed not just Sabahans as they are mostly following the former conqueror’s ways of governing the country. They never learned correctly to create new, just follow the past. For peace and progress, Learn from Asian leaders lead Asian rise to the Asian century for better world!

  20. The planes struck at 7.00 am. At 9.30 am, the intruder’s leader spoke to his mates in Philippines over the mobile phone from the strike location to say they are all right.

    This makes me wonder whether :
    a. Did the planes strike the targets?
    b. Did our army detect the mobile phone signals and zoom in on the location?

    If the answers are “no”. Then I shudder to think what weapons our boys are equipped with to fight these intruders. Could it be that years of corruption have channelled all our defense budget into the pockets of politicians, leaving little for real weapons?

    God please look out for our soldiers!

  21. In my mind, the Kampong Tanduo, Lahad Datu Sabah incident was just a ‘montage’ and the bigger picture is more about the fate of Sabah and its people.

    The question that has been lingering on my mind since I first read the report about the intruders is: “Will it remain status quo or will there be a change?”

    The Malaysian Armed Forces has finally demonstrated their prowess and using fighter jets, tanks and artillery they acted to end the standoff after almost two weeks. All the dead from both sides have all been respectfully buried and hopefully, the welfare of their immediate family members that they left behind are taken care of. Those injured are being treated and I hope all parties concerned have learned a valuable lesson from the tragedy. All efforts must now be taken to prevent a repeat of such a tragedy.

    Our Armed Forces have proven their capability once again and I am sure the confidence the people have in them remains unchanged.

    However, our security forces must not rest on their laurels as there is still plenty of unfinished business for them to sort out.

    Their continued presence must still be seen and felt by the people until such time the situation becomes better and the threat is diminished.

    As in any incident that involves two sides, especially those that resulted in the loss of lives, there will always be supporters and dissenters. The authorities must be to handle this tricky situation well.

    This brings me back to the period about 40 years or so ago on how the Malaysian Armed Forces and the government of Malaysia handled the post emergency and post counter terrorism operations fighting against the communists insurgents.

    Overall, development moved from slow to rapid and the pace of modernisation continued. The emphasis then was to keep the country peaceful and harmonious, creating more jobs for the people, create a better economy, building more and better infrastructure, building more schools so that the majority of the young could get an education, improve the transportation service, etc. The rehabilitation process took a very long time.

    The situation is now different with a major event, the General election, looming soon. The trauma that the people, especially those from Kampong Tanduo, Lahad Datu, Semporna and Sandakan and all Sabahans in general went through the last two weeks must be cleared and he fear in them must also be overcome.

    Needless to say, the remnants, sympathisers, supporters and followers of the royal army of the Sultanate of Sulu are now spread all over the state with some hiding in states other than Sabah. Many would probably have gone home. The hardcore amongst them may be planning to retaliate to avenge the death of their comrades at the hands of the Malaysian security forces. This cannot be ruled out.

    A proper heart and mind campaign should have already been planned and implemented and the people

    Flushing of illegals should be carried out not just in Sabah but nationwide and those that have committed crimes must be tried and punished.

    The police and the immigration must be strict in carrying out their duties and overall, the security forces, police and the military, must be alert at all times.

    On hindsight, being an optimist, I saw an opportunity in the Lahad Datu standoff. That incident actually provided an opportunity or a window for negotiations to be carried out with the so-called Sulu Sultan to clear once and for all the impasse and their claim on Sabah. I am not too sure if there were any leaders or senior government representative sent to meet with the so-called Sulu Sultan at a neutral or an undisclosed location to negotiate a deal or any deal.

    Nevertheless, our leaders and politicians from both sides of the divide must now be extra sensitive and be more careful when making statements and they must not politicise this whole incident.

    No leaders or politicians should be pointing fingers at anyone, blaming and alleging anyone as the instigator or cause of the incident. Everyone should start closing ranks from now on and contest the general election pride, a competitive spirit and with dignity.

    Captain Hussaini Abdul Karim (Rtd), Shah Alam, Selangor

  22. Well said Dato and point taken. My intention was to raise discussion like yours.
    Let it be a reminder to all not to be easily swayed by emotion and allow to be used by opportunists to further complicate matters.
    Always focus on solving problems objectively as commented by Dato.

  23. Pingback: Battlefield: Sabah - Page 5 -

  24. This reminds me of when I was growing up as a young boy in Raub. My class teacher was none other than Yang Mulia Tunku Aziz, as he was known then. There was this classmate of mine who was living with his mother who was also a teacher in another school. The story goes that that every day when he walked to school he would pass this sweet shop. Unbeknown to the owner he would help himnelf to one item or other. He never got caught for almost 6 months.

    Then one day he saw that the owner had left the shop unattended and gone to back to for one reason or other.This boy noticed that Milo Tin that had a elastic band attached that went up and down as the owner of the shop placed his taking for the day in it. He would regularly empty it when it was half full of money. At that time there was some money and this boy quickly lowered the Milo Tin and took RM 10.00 value today RM 100.00 form the Tin. The shop owner just walked in and caught him red handed and called the Police.

    The boy was too young to be prosecuted and was, therefore, sent to the Boy’s Home in KL. At the hearing after the Judgement was given the boy was asked if he wanted to say anything. He said that he wanted to have a word to his mother. He was given permission but the boy said that he only wanted his mother to hear it. As his mother lowered he left ear to listen, the boy bit off a part of her ear. When asked why he did that the boy said that if his mother had corrected him the first time he took sweets form the shop he would not have to face the punishment that he is facing now.

    Moral of the story, we should not sweep or problems under the carpet. They have to be addressed and for that we need institutions that are run on principles and not institutions that are governed by the politics of the day. We may pat ourselves for doing what we are doing today. But in the end water will finds it level and we have to pay the price for our folly. In the affairs of State it is our children and grand children who will pay the price.

    Many bloggers including Dato’ Din have pointed this out. But we seem to be making the same mistakes over and over again. This country must be governed in accordance to the constitution and rule of law if we are to remain relevant in the regional and global context. We need leaders whose politics does not guide their principles but leaders whose politics is guided by their principle because in a democratic system the moment you place that cross on that ballot paper based on your trust of the people you are voting for you are instantly transformed form Master to Servant. I trust that those who are powerful will heed and not continue to believe that those who heed will become powerless.

  25. Bottle up March 5, 2013 at 2:41 pm

    The planes struck at 7.00 am. At 9.30 am, the intruder’s leader spoke to his mates in Philippines over the mobile phone from the strike location to say they are all right.- Bottle up

    Why are you surprised.

    It was an air-show for the Sultanate of Sulu in case they want to buy some jets, we in Malaysia can act as middle men. And the PM knows some people who can speak French and Russian to go to France and get a deal for these Sukhoi fighter jets.

    Who said these bombs were meant to kill those intruders. You out of your mind?? We don’t kill intruders, we negotiate.

  26. Dear Dato’,
    Although I’m an avid reader of you blog, I never had the chance to comment on your posts. However, the recent incursion in Sabah has somehow re-ignites my sense of patriotism for this country.

    I share our Cpt. Hussaini’s optimism for the future in Sabah. But somehow at the same time I could not stop myself from being pessimistic as well. My fear is that this incursion is a pre-cursor for a long, protracted armed insurgency by the Sulu militants.

    I’m aware that we cannot take all of the Sulu people as militants, but in this trying times and in the future, the government should and must take proactive approach to win the hearts and minds of the Sulu people and Sabahan as a whole.

    I have full confidence towards our armed forces. The same cannot be said to the police, however (perhaps due to political interference within the force).

    I know from our long history fighting communist insurgents that our armed forces has the experience and capabilities to counter this threat.

    However, we as Malaysians do deserve better leaders and politicians to lead us. This episode of giving time to the rebels should have not happened if we have a decisive and confident civilian leadership, with no skeletons in the closet.

    We must be ready for the future.

  27. When dealing with armed insurgents, there is only one option; a swift attack with your best troops. Malaysia does have battle tested Rangers and they should have been mobilized immediately. To have called in the police and some military unit is tantamount to giving these terrorists too much face, not to mention, more time and opportunity to exploit the situation. We have seen the results. Unfortunately, the deaths of the policemen and soldiers, although regrettable, is not acceptable!
    Call in the Rangers, make it well known to these “invaders” and they will be running like dogs, with their tails between their legs. This ragtag semblance of an army is no match for trained, prefessional soldiers.
    I cannot understand the underlying reason by the Home Minister to wait and to give them credibility. This only shows that he does not know what to do in a crisis and more importantly, that he is not fit to be in any government.
    The positive side of this episode is that Malaysians now will realize the calibre of the current ministers which we have and during this coming elections, they must not be given the mandate to continue with their fumblings.



    If GE13 is suspended, it is useless as the same worst crooks are still in position of influence. Even with emergency or whatever it is the incumbent Federal and State Governments replaced by IGGG.

    I know it is very tough to take the new role but I am prepared for that for the good of the nation and not talk only.

    read also

    Joshua Y. C. Kong

  29. When Mrs Iron Lady sent the warships to take back those rocks thousands of miles away…her action united the nation. The different political parties stood behind her and almost every nation (believing in own sovereignty) in this world rooted & hailed her action…By Jove, she even got me, a poor Msian student glued to the idiot box for updates. All in total contrast to what is happening to my homeland…and worst, my differing POV in the twitter world had made enemies out of my ‘friends’ and strangers too…
    The Sulu invasion had caused us dearly with front liner PDRM dead, while duh ‘leaders’ procrast1nate, play pol1t1cs and pose for med1a…Sedih tapi Benar.

  30. Very good views by a lot of people .Unfortunately our reporting in not up to date,I mean the Media. We need accurate reporting so the public can understand the situation better. After all we asking is only history an not future intentions! Comecon lah RTM play your part more professionally.

  31. Come on lah RTM play your part more professionally.-Kereshanan Varathan

    They don’t have ears and eyes!!! You should have known that better. Where were you all these years? In Batu Caves??


    You mean Hishamuddin Hussein and Muhyiddin Yassin.

    If you don’t think so, UMNO thinks so. And for your information, they elect the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, not you. You only MPs and ADUNS only.

    Go eat your heart out! There is nothing much you can do.

    You want to vote UMNO out? You lose !!! …. because the Phantom Voters, Instant Citizens from Project IC and Postal Voters will out-vote you 10 to 1.

    Now go and eat your heart out again once more.

    UMNO voters walk on water at every General Election since 1957.

    You lose, and you lose again.

  33. I am prepared for that for the good of the nation and not talk only.- joshuakong33

    What you gonna do? Nothing you can do except to join the followers of the Sulu Sultanate. You got better chance of success because we have a show-off incompetent Home Minister and a scary -cat Defense Minister and a Prime Minister who does not talk about crises facing the country until told to by his fat-mama wife.

    There you go… You can only talk.

  34. We must be ready for the future.- Zab

    What future, tell me?

    The pakciks and makciks , heavily brainwashed by Utusan Malaysia, RTM, TV3′, Ketua Kampungs and Penghulus, will vote the corrupt and crony-infested UMNO-BN back into power at the coming GE 13. They will be supported by the thousands of phantom voters, hundreds o thousands of Project IC created Instant Citizens coming in busloads with blue IC, and thousands of Postal Voters who appear from nowhere in the ballot boxes.

    You can you persuade to come to vote ? Maybe a couple of friends and neighbours, if they have time for you.

    Nothing to prepare and ready for the future. It will be MORE of the same… the same shit of the last 40 odd years.

    I really feel sorry for you for trying to get ready for a future that is of little consequence. unless you are an UMNO supporter and member or member of Perkasa.

  35. And to think that all this time during the Lahad Datu incident, no comment came from the Sabah Chief Minister. Weird.

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