Pakatan Rakyat: Guarantee our Territorial Integrity and Security


March 4, 2013


Any leader of any country must defend his nation’s sovereignty and the security of his people. Failing to do so is a grave betrayal of the people’s trust in its government.

Therefore, Pakatan Rakyat urges the present national leadership to do that which is required of them, to defend our land and never to compromise the safety of each and every Malaysian, and the test of those principles is ongoing in and around Sabah’s Lahad Datu and Semporna with the escalating violence brought by armed foreigners.

In Lahad Datu two of members of our security forces have lost their lives, while the latest acts in Semporna have claimed six of our men in uniform. We express our sincere condolences to these men’s families and may God bless them for they have given the highest sacrifice for a grateful nation.

Pakatan Rakyat calls on all Malaysians to show unreserved support to our security forces, both the police and military. And pray that they remain safe while defending our nation and its people from harm.

Pakatan realises the recent incidents in Sabah raise concern and fear, but we urge the public to remain calm and not to act rashly and hurt their fellow countrymen.

The coalition takes this opportunity to restate its confidence in the capacity and capability of our security forces to protect our country’s sovereignty.

We are disappointed with the weak leadership show by the Federal government whose responsibility is to keep Malaysia’s security intact. While we are convinced that national security transcends political divides and all citizens must support the security forces’ efforts, it does not abrogate the federal leadership for its lax treatment of the whole affair.

This leadership has failed to pass accurate information quickly so that the public is aware of what is happening, an error which has caused rumour-mongering to be rife.

We understand that the government is investigating the leader of opposition to over the armed intrusions in Sabah. We would like to state categorically that Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim is in no way involved with the escalation of violence in Sabah nor the cause of it.

The Sabah intrusion is now into its fourth week (Day 23) — fourth day of hostilities — and the Federal leadership appears not to have a clear plan to overcome the violation of our sovereign territory, or to stop any further intrusions.Instead Putrajaya is irresponsibly trying to avert the eyes of the people from its own role.

It is time the Fderal government realises its jobs is to defend and protect Malaysia, its people and the warriors on the frontline.

Pakatan urges for an immediate meeting between the leadership of our coalition and the Prime Minister, Home Minister and Defence Minister, followed by a special sitting of Parliament to discuss the intrusion.

We strongly demand Putrajaya stops finger-pointing at others especially Pakatan Rakyat and never to betray the trust of the Malaysian people.

Anwar with Hadi and Kit Siang

Leader of the Opposition

PAS President

DAP Adviser


Setiap pimpinan mana-mana negara sekalipun bertanggungjawab mempertahan kedaulatan wilayah negara, keselamatan rakyat dan anggota pasukan keselamatan.

Kegagalan mempertahankan kedaulatan negara dan keselamatan rakyat merupakan satu pengkhianatan serta menodai amanah rakyat. Justeru Pakatan Rakyat berhasrat mengingatkan pimpinan negara agar tegas mempertahankan kedaulatan wilayah negara dan tidak alpa memastikan keselamatan setiap rakyat Malaysia, terutamanya di Sabah ekoran dari insiden pencerobohan sekumpulan bersenjata warga asing di sekitar Lahad Datu serta Semporna. Setiap inci tanah Sabah dan keselamatan rakyatnya wajib dipertahankan.

Pencerobohan di Lahad Datu telah mengorbankan dua nyawa perwira negara manakala insiden terbaru di Semporna pula mengorbankan enam nyawa perwira negara. Kita merakamkan ucapan takziah buat keluarga mereka dan rakyat Sabah serta berdoa moga roh mereka dicucuri rahmat.

Pakatan Rakyat juga mengajak seluruh rakyat Malaysia untuk tetap teguh mendokong pasukan keselamatan, samada dari pihak polis atau tentera. Kita berdoa moga mereka kekal selamat serta bersemangat mempertahankan negara dan rakyat Malaysia dari ancaman penceroboh.

 Pakatan Rakyat sedar keadaan mutakhir di Sabah sememangnya menimbulkan kebimbangan, akan tetapi kita menyeru agar orang ramai tetap bertenang dan tidak mengambil tindakan terburu-buru atau menyebarkan berita-berita fitnah yang boleh menimbulkan keresahan. Pakatan Rakyat ingin menyatakan dengan jelas keyakinan kita terhadap kecekapan dan kebolehan anggota pasukan keselamatan. Mereka pastinya dapat menjalankan tugas dengan profesional sekiranya diberi kebebasan bertindak tanpa sebarang campurtangan politik.

Sehingga kini, kita merasa kesal dan kecewa dengan sikap kepimpinan negara yang tidak mempamerkan kewibawaan dan iltizam dalam menyelesaikan masalah ini. Pimpinan negara juga gagal menyalurkan maklumat tepat, cepat dan telus serta memberikan penjelasan terhadap apa yang berlaku kepada umum sehingga menyebabkan khabar angin tersebar luas.

Pakatan Rakyat menggesa supaya isu ini tidak dijadikan arena tuduh-menuduh dan sewajarnya kepimpinan negara memberi tumpuan kepada isu keselamatan negara serta tidak mengalihkan pandangan rakyat dari kelemahan mereka. Sewajarnya mereka menyedari, keutamaan adalah demi mempertahankan kedaulatan negara, keselamatan rakyat dan perwira negara yang bertungkus lumus di perbatasan.

Pakatan Rakyat menuntut agar segera diadakan satu sidang khas Parlimen bagi membincangkan isu pencerobohan ini serta demi untuk mendapatkan gambaran sebenar insiden yang tercetus di Sabah. Kita juga berhasrat mengadakan satu persidangan meja bulat di antara pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat dengan pimpinan kerajaan dalam usaha untuk mencapai muafakat bersama berhubung isu ini.


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5 thoughts on “Pakatan Rakyat: Guarantee our Territorial Integrity and Security

  1. 1) The federal government misread the Sabah situation as is now admitted by Mahathir;

    2) Nazri even downplayed the seriousness of the affair;

    3) Hishamuddin is just too incompetent in his job;

    4) The army should now immediately be tasked to handle the situation.

    With all due respect to the brave men in the police who have sacrficed their lives, their leaders in PDRM have better experience dealing with unarmed civilian protestors in the streets of KL, targetting them with water cannons and tear gas. Real life situations do not turn out like TV 3 drama Gerak Khas where the good guys clobber up the bad guys and come out unscathed;

    5) the army has a long and proud history of active involvement and peacekeeping roles in combat zones, including overseas;

    6) by the way, where did Khairy Jamaluddin of UMNO Youth go? He proudly announced at the recent UMNO General Assembly that they would defend this country on the beaches, in the sea, in the air and even on the streets….or was it just hot air?

    The other critical question is, is the government aware of the longer term implications and repercussions to Malaysia should there be a prolonged stand off in Sabah?

  2. To understand the issue Man must have a sense of history. Malaysia Unplugged Uncensored has all ther dates you need to understand the issue. We all know thew answer and still we keep asking the question.

  3. Frankly, I am really ashamed to be malaysian…..Everytime during lunch, chatting with singaporeans who constantly go for military reservist, we kept talking what possibly could have done if it happens in singapore

    They will do it tactfully but decisively. SQ117 hijack only lasted 8 hours. Tekong Island incursion lasted only 3 days. Plus whenever Indonesian navies trying to play funny in singapore navy, all hell broke loose without any firing of course

  4. “is the government aware of the longer term implications and repercussions to Malaysia should there be a prolonged stand off in Sabah?” – Orang Jauh

    The consequences of the Project IC have already exploded in our faces. The right question that need to be asked is whether the government is prepared for a prolonged crisis in Sabah which might even spread to the rest of the country.

  5. DSAI,Najib is desperate and desperate men uses desperate solutions, Tausugs are just his moving piece to check mate you,as far as I’m concern,you’re Dead meat,did you ever see this coming,coz most of your advisors only give political advise to you,I or we the commentators see it from a different angle,obviously mine is the extreme,prove me wrong and you’d forever deserved my respect but not my loyalty,I’d vote on who is more capable and listen to more advisors,not your current bunch,they may be good at political thingy,but too conservative in others,did you see this coming??? And the stupid mamak is slowly hinting that you have a hand in these,I use to have so very much respect for him,then I met and join him riding,he’s one slick Mother Forker,I’d go into his brain and the way he thinks, like a thief in the night,I’ve known him when he had his first girlfriend ( while engaged to Siti hasmah) and even now how he plans and scheme his ways speaking to those stupid enough to listen to him,you too DSAI has a closet which you’d rather keep close and so has Azmin,but I guess not as bad as Mahathir’s,when skeletons jump out of his closet,they instantly turn into Zombies…Before GE12,I pass a message about Eskay thru my friend to tell you thru your pol sect about what Eskay is up too,well I knew quite sometime ago that the msg didn’t get thru to you,so much to say with so little time left,does a leopard really change it;’s spot,are you able to really lead PR,I’d like to think so,but Azmin,he’s a different kettle of fish,don’t take river fish coz they smell of mud,where he comes from the mud is filty,I dare you to correct me if I’m wrong,b4 I reveal somemore,maybe next time with some Chianti & a lovely moonlight with Samba in the background,BYO partner….Oouch!!!

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