Tunku Aziz: Farewell to Hypocrisy

March 2, 2013

Tunku Aziz: Farewell to Hypocrisy

by Tunku A Aziz @http://www.nst.com.my

tunkuazizI AM not a gambling man but, just this once, I will bet my shirt on Pakatan Rakyat ever getting to within a thousand miles of Putrajaya, the “castle in the air”, which has occupied their waking hours since they tasted the sweet fruit of their freak victory in five states in the 2008 general election.

Putrajaya will be a different story. It will continue to be for years to come nothing more than a gleam in their eye, an object of their heart’s desire that will be out of their reach.

Pakatan, for all the veneer of political sophistication, is essentially an odd assortment of desperate quixotic political adventurers, lacking both experience and expertise of what it takes to govern effectively a complex nation.

The Democratic Action Party (DAP), for example, has been too long in opposition.Its thinking about Malaysian society is by design skewed towards chauvinism.

Multiracialism, the public face of the party, is merely part of a carefully laid long-term strategy of deception to allay the growing Malay antipathy towards what they see clearly as a dyed-in-the-wool Sino-centric political cell dedicated to weakening further the position of the Malays.

DAP recognises that ambitions for control of this country cannot be achieved without massive Malay support which continues to be elusive.

For all their entire mighty roar, Pakatan is a paper tiger chasing its own tail. Just how fragile the fabric of Pakatan unity is can best be judged by the regular exhibition of histrionics and the unbelievable political theatrics that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is credited with introducing to the otherwise staid Malaysian scene.

Unity of purpose is reduced to the lowest common denominator, and Karpal Singhexpressed in such elegant turn of phrase as “Hudud, over my dead body” that today is associated with Karpal Singh, and for which he will always be remembered by the adherents of Islam in the country.

We are being treated, with regular monotony, to incessant unedifying squabbles over issues that range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Mutual suspicions have taken deep roots, and mutual exploitation follows naturally, eroding further the already unstable foundation of the DAP-PAS marriage of convenience.

The public quarrels over the allocation of seats in the next general election are not a pretty sight. In any analysis of the state of their relationship, unquenchable greed, with generous lashings of barefaced cynicism, is one discernible, overarching element that comes to mind.

Greed for power is what so far has kept the quarrelling Pakatan tribes of religious bigots and rabid revolutionary socialist ideologues from descending into a full-scale fratricidal orgy.

Having had the dubious privilege of feeding from the same trough with them, and seeing them operate at close range, I am not at all sure that we can entrust the future of our country in their grubby little hands. I am not convinced of their ability and, equally important, their wisdom to run a country that is still, in nation-building terms, a work in progress, a nation in the making.

It is not a job for the shrilly, strident ideologues, particularly those with a blinkered, distorted vision of national unity, of whom there are many to be found in the serried ranks of the Pakatan leadership line-up.

One other thing that worries me about the DAP is their attitude to questions of national security and law and order.As an example of their attitude, let me relate this little incident. On April 25 last year, I received an email from DAP headquarters in these terms asking if I would be attending the Dataran Merdeka sit-in. I replied to the effect that, “I am in principle opposed to street demonstrations”.

As readers may remember, Dataran Merdeka had been declared a prohibited area and, therefore, anyone joining a demonstration there would be breaking the law.

Breaking the law is anathema to me and I was shocked to read a response from the party’s most senior member and mentor in which he said, “delighted to participate in the sit-in. This may be the beginning of a Malaysia spring”.

This, unfortunately, is not an isolated sentiment; this is clearly on their political agenda when they urged thousands upon thousands of people to come out in support of a demonstration that they knew to be illegal, hoping it would lead to similar developments as in Egypt and other Middle East countries we saw unfolding on our television screen.

The sad part about it all is that the incitement to break the law of the land that could, as it did, lead to violence was encouraged by party leaders who, as members of parliament, were lawmakers.

In a perverse sort of way, I am glad this happened when it did as it confirmed my growing suspicions about the party.I made up my mind that the time had come when I had to say farewell to hypocrisy.

.Pakatan Rakyat, for all the veneer of political sophistication, is essentially an odd assortment of desperate quixotic political adventurers.


30 thoughts on “Tunku Aziz: Farewell to Hypocrisy

  1. Tunku Aziz is back with his take on Pakatan Rakyat for Putrajaya. By all means disagree with his assessment. But what is yours is important. Let us hear it. At the end of the day, the voters will decide. It is not impossible that Tunku Aziz could lose his shirt in betting that Pakatan Rakyat might not take Putrajaya. –Din Merican

  2. I long to see this Tunku without his shirt even if it may not be a pretty sight!!! He turned his coat inside out immediately after leaving DAP just because he couldn’t get what he wanted. Another mercenary, that’s what he is….

  3. Bloody sour grapes ! When he was in Opposition camp he was King Tut treated with golden gloves….
    Today this Trojan horse acts as a sothsayer for BN. Dont this scumbag have his own conviction ?

  4. who is the ultimate HYPOCRITE here? its none other than Aziz, the HYPOCRITE.
    suddenly, UMNO corruption is kosher to this hypocrite.

  5. Ask tunku why did he resign as president of Selangor club abruptly. A. Weak mind and self serving person. He did not get second term so is now a cry baby. No one pays attention to him. Except nst. And star. Remember the rejects like tunku, Chandra ,and the frogs try to get some creditablity thru nst and star

  6. In table soccer, although the ball is round, the table can be tilted from the handle, depends who can grab hold of the right handle at the right angle at the right time.

    At most it will be from now till end June. Within these 4 months, voters sentiments can swing about and seriousness may erase BRIM.

    Prediction is dangerously precarious as opportunists kataks are watching so is a kingmaker.

  7. Base on the comments that I have read on Tunku Aziz, he has lost his credibility. So whatever comes out of his mouth will not be credible. He may loose his shirt not like the brave MB of Pahang who is willing to loose his ears and also jumps in the Pahang River. INSYA ALLAH.

  8. He is no less as bad as Mahathir. Ibrahim Ali, “Listen Listen Listen”, butt-shaking burger sellers, cow-head carriers, Ridhuan Tee, Ahmad Ismail etc. etc..His English betrays it – verbose, all display lacks substance and content.

    Why would someone his age, engage in work of shame at his age after a long life quite decently lived to allow himself to end in infamy and shame his offsprings has to carry when he is gone?

  9. What more is there to comment about Tunku Aziz. He does not assess anything; he only recycles his hatred towards DAP and PR through the MSM. A man of his experience should at least dissect PR’s manifesto. Instead he goes on ranting his vitriol onto a captive MSM audience. He is the MSM version of UMNO’s cyber-troopers.

  10. It does not matter who occupies Putrajaya Tunku Aziz. We need leaders whose politics is governed by principles and not leaders whose principles are governed by politics. The Internet Man of the future will learn more and more from what our leaders do in the future and less and less from what they say.
    Internet Melihat Segala Yang Anda Buat.

  11. Din : I will take Tunku on. I am an English size 16. Key conditions are all Malaysia has GE , and based on official results by EC , before frogging exercise.

    You will be the umpire & keeper of shirts.

  12. You go to Kedah and ask about this Tunku fella, you will be surprised that most of the Kedahan does not know him and where does he comes from. Nowadays Kedahan only recognize our present Agung & Tunku Malik.
    So if BN is going to field him for this coming GE, I bet he will truly lose his pants and underware. Anyway I doubt he has the guts to stand as candidate for this coming GE.

  13. One wants to bet his shirt. Another wants to cut off his ears. Sam Vellu promised never to return to his constituency. Whats with these creeps.
    Looks like the gamblers are all out there in or supporters of that putrid party now sitting uneasily in Putrid Jaya.

    Lets see if they at least keep that part of their bargains. Though I wou’t be holding my breath. Especially for this spurned Tunku who is behaving worse than a womam scorned.

  14. tunku who ?
    aah that tunku, the ‘pakar rujuk’ on tv3 alongside hasan ali, ibrahim ali, zaharin, nasharudin mat isa and the likes.
    yes, he is an expert . a level he reached after leaving dap.

  15. Funny , big talking Aziz has kept mum over the illegal ic scam now in public domain…Thiis humiliating act is not only about breaking the laws of the land , this is about treason of the highest order and yet not a word of condemnation from someone as outspoken as Aziz…. I was raised to respect my elders but for just once i’ll break the taboo and say to you old man shut the fuckin hell-up

  16. I want to hear Kathy has to say about Tunku Aziz and his latest outpourings of hatred about those peole who finally realised he is nothing more than a grumpy old man with a mind slowly and surely turning senile.

    I wonder what has Najib offered him to spit his vile on his former political party which had made me a senator. The man lacks principles and lack decorum. He is disgracing himself each time he opens his mouth

    I will lose my shirt on a bet that Kathy will not say anything bad or negative about this self-conceit old man even if she agrees with the rest on this blog about this irrelevant grumpy old man for fear of hurting a friend who is a relative of Tunku Aziz.

  17. The frog prince from Kedah should bet his underwear and not his shirt. That way we could put up his underwear on e-bay to be sold to the highest bidder and the proceeds donated to charity !

  18. hell hath no furry like a woman scorned….Aziz, its your skirt you meant, not your shirt that you care to bet…..such bitterness hidden in eloquent english…i was almost fooled

  19. If Pakatan gets to Putrajaya,I won’t even bother to take his shirt off his back,coz it stinks to high heaven,anyway cheap shirt,not my taste maaa!!!,his comments will be scan by me on my toilet paper to clean the shit of his back,sheeesh!!! I can find guys like him, a dime a dozen from Umno’s hall of Shame..Oouch!!!! but true

  20. this was rhe same man who took a piss at BN when Najib was unshered in with the famous statement “too much baggage” , he also wrote voluminously about pillage, lack open tender etc. But let see now, he is taking mainly about cohesion, fracture, no mutual agenda save getting power . but this is common with 5 in the making vs 55 years , but they are infants when compared to BN in executing their permanent rape and plunder in the country at all costs. The left moment is feldging and needs to be ushered in simply to help grow , otherwise the right and far right within Bn has no check whatso ever

  21. Tunku Aziz is already so old. Instead of spitting vile remarks everyday, he actually should prepare for the time he is going to meet his creator. Tunku Aziz should do charity works.

  22. This is a free forum, so let him air his opinions. Disregard what he and others of his low mentality have to say, all we have to do is to vote and vote wisely. This former teacher is past his use by date.

    Mr Bean, he would not dare to bet his underwear, because he has no “telors”.

  23. Does Tunku reads your blog? Hope he does and reads the comments on him. Pot calling the kettle black. Besides a show off in his usage of English it’s all hollow. Obviously he is blind to the wrong doings of BN which he was so critical in the past So who is the real hypocrite ?

  24. Tunku watch out where you drink and sulks many eyes are watching you. Anyway it already to late to think of Minister’s position now because your brothers already hinted you that the opposition is going to win 2/3.
    The way you drinks and sulks will win them more votes.
    Wake up! They are changing your drink to cheap JD.

  25. So much has been written and spoken by this Tunku and about this Tunku. But it is that that has not been written or spoken that is deafening.

    That DAP has chosen to remain silent about Tunku is, I think, a master-stroke. It was a relationship turn sour … but by chosing not to hang out the dirty linens, by not slinging mud on the departing side, DAP has demonstrated that it has the maturity to show respect for the other side in a ‘divorce’. By being ‘elegantly silent’, all the phlegm that Tunku spits out at DAP, has landed on his own face.

    Vell Paari says in politics, you have to speak up, otherwise, you should be a librarian and not a politician. This Tunku saga demonstrates that at times a politician stand to gain points in the eyes of the public by acting as a librarian.

    The same cannot be said of Najib & Rosmah’s elegant silent in the face of onslaught from Deepak and Bala. They acted as librarian when they should be on the offensive … in a legal way, of course.

    This is a good lesson for students in political science, or learning about EQ

  26. I just love to compare what he wrote when he was with TMI and when he was with DAP with what he said and wrote NOW. He obviously has split personalities to put it mildly. We have to admit tho’ – MONEY does do wonders hypocrite or not!

  27. It’s intresting, tunku aziz has stopped talking about corruption, abuse of power, wrong doings etc. or has Malaysia suddenly been rid of these overnight since he switched camps. How much is Najib paying you tunku, any side perks?

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