Lahad Datu Standoff: The Buck Passing Game has started

March 1, 2013

Lahad Datu Standoff: The Buck Passing Game has started

by G Vinod@

PARLIMEN / ANIFAH AMAN / KIMANISIs the Foreign Ministry in the dark on what is happening in Lahad Datu, Sabah? One may make such assumption judging from the responses from its bosses.

Asked on the update of the siege at Lahad Datu, Foreign Ministry Deputy Minister A Kohilan Pillay passed the buck to Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein.“Please refer to Hisham. I’m not handling that part,” he said.

Queried on how are the negotiations going with the Phillippines, Kohilan said he could not reveal details as it was being handled by his boss, Anifah Aman.

“I cannot comment when my boss is pursuing this. Besides, Anifah is in charge of the ASEAN region,” said Kohilan, adding that he is dealing with Europe, the US and African nations.

When contacted Anifah, who is also Kimanis MP, also said that the matter must to be referred to the Home Ministry. “It’s being handled internally by the Home Ministry,” he said.

On the negotiations with his Filipino counterpart, Anifah said, “It’s handledLahadDatu-Hishamuddin2-Reuters-540x374 by the Home Ministry. I’m just the conveyor of message between both countries,” he said.

About two weeks ago, hundreds of armed men, claiming to be loyalists of the Sulu Sultanate in the Southern Philippines, landed in Lahad Datu and refused to leave the area.

The group claimed ownership of Sabah, citing historical links between the state and the Sulu Sultanate before the arrival of British in the Malay archipelago.

Yesterday, local media reported that the armed men had fired shots but claimed it was merely to warn the Malaysian security forces from approaching closer.

Meanwhile local residents informed FMT that they started hearing gun shots starting 12 noon today. Unconfirmed reports also stated that some of those involved were injured in the shootout. Police, however, refused to comment on the matter.

13 thoughts on “Lahad Datu Standoff: The Buck Passing Game has started

  1. The Chinese has a saying, “it’s easy to invite a guest to stay in one house but not easy to ask them to leave when time”.
    All these are our own doing.

  2. Malaysia is not longer a sovereign nation with it’s King & citizens as it’s subjects but now a company owned by UMNO & its elites/cronies while its BN component parties are its subsidiaries….”.I am not aware & not in charge, please see my Boss”.
    What a disgrace !!. We need to Ubah Kali ini lah.!!.

  3. Guys & Gals,
    It’s very educational to watch the whole series of Yes Minister/Prime Minister. Whatever has been transpired still happening around the world. Maggie Thatcher love it. Do watch how Jim Hacker, the PM tries to avert crisis in St George island while the foreign office bureaucrats doing whatever possibly means of preventing Hacker to do it. Like I say, I prefer Jim Hacker to be PM of Malaysia instead of weasel called Najib

  4. Sabahans said its karma of TDM. What goes around CAME around. We support their fight against Manila and now we are getting back.

    They are born fighters. Our military/police who has less experience against guerrillas who are familiar with those terrain. EMsians often said Peninsula military not as good as their rangers.

    On another thread, more than half million MyKad issued. Now those residing can be instant army and police for sulu sultant.

  5. When contacted Anifah, who is also Kimanis MP, also said that the matter must to be referred to the Home Ministry. “It’s being handled internally by the Home Ministry,” he said.

    On the negotiations with his Filipino counterpart, Anifah said, “It’s handled by the Home Ministry. I’m just the conveyor of message between both countries,” he said.

    This is a cross border incursion into Malaysia by a paramilitary force staged from Filipino soil and it is a matter for the Home Ministry?? Doesn’t make sense. Unless Malaysia was told earlier that it is our internal matter since they have no control over these insurgents. What crock !

  6. Anifah says it is a home affairs matter. Then why refer it to his Filipino counterpart?? An errand boy for the Home Minister? It doesn’t pass muster.

  7. Almost 1 million foreigners from Suluk and around Southern Philippines were given ICs in the name of Islam and they being Muslim. Now will they not support these intruders. It seems many of these intruders have Malaysian ICs and see how ungrateful they are. Malaysia is a small country. We have this problem in Sabah – foreigners and illegals given instant ICs. We have thousands of Indonesians given the same. Up north here we have Siamese given ICs. Most of these people have dual citizens. Time will come these people will start the same problems. We are finished. Finished, The country is sold to the foreigners by Umno. It all started during Mahathir’s time just for Umno to remain in power. And do we still want Umno/BN to rule? We have a King and Sultans. Hope they intervene before things get worse.

  8. Anything bad that happened in the country is Anwar Ibrahim’s doing,this is included.Going through some Umno cyber troopers comments they try hard to link it.

    The answers is quite simple,it’s the failure of those responsible in manning that our borders are secured.How could hundreds of armed infiltrators settled in within our borders and create a mess out of it??

  9. Pathetic… Just plain pathetic. Two lives needlessly lost. Diplomacy? Since day 1 the damned Suluks have stated their intention of not budging from Tanduo and they intruded with weapons for crying out loud! 3 weeks to resolve?!! Feet dragging is what I call that! I’m no military or police person. But, where were the Air Force? I recall, Labuan has a base. Even if the jets were in the peninsula, they could’ve made the flight fast and easy. What with Mach 2+ jets. They could have munitions ready on their pylons or even air lifted in. A scene pops into my head, Iraq and how the Americans softened the defending Saddam forces. Prior to that, they had SpecOps operators mobilised to recon. At this point, we could’ve pre-empted once the first deadline was reached by having a sniper take out the Head Terrorist on site. Where were our Secretive SpecOps operators? What’s the use of having them train with the best Special Forces of the world and not utilising their abilities? Oh!!… And here’s a funny thing, we gave them like 3 or 4 deadlines!!!… What’s with that?!! After that, where was our Armour? We do have APCs or even light armour right? We could’ve sent a bunch of them in to ‘soften’ the terrorists even more. Back them up with howitzer-like guns. That would make them ‘mulch’. PsyOps to the max. The flyer or hailer thingy just doesn’t cut it dear ‘Sirs’. Then we recon to asess the situation. Then we send in our men to check whether there are ‘survivors’. The terrorists would’ve all fled to the sea by then. Even at that stage, we could’ve halted their retreat. Where were the Maritime Enforcement, the Marine police and the Navy? THREE lines could’ve been set from the coast line and further out. Our weapons system installed on the fast patrol boats, coastal patrol ship and ships would’ve made the terrorists just give up trying to flee. But then, where were all the Sea Forces before the intrusion took place? Fishy…

    On a positive note though, now we can choose to not pay the ‘ufti’ to the damned so-called Sulu Sultanate 😀 we were generous enough to honour our end of the agreement. But, they came intruding with weapons and all. Not right and not good… 😉 Even bringing it to the ICJ, their cause will be futile. I’m a Sabahan and I’ll be the first to tick a ‘NO’ and sign it if a petition to get the peoples voice about whether the people want to be the subjects and governed by this lame sultanate is motioned.

    An evil done has a bad habit of catching up on the perpetrator. Project IC. The ugly rears it’s head. Nice job putting our national security in serious jeopardy and national pride in the gutter. Take action and clean up Pulau Gaya and Kg. Panji and all other security risk squatter areas. Government, allocate a huge sum. Afterall we were able to fund a cosmonaut who only went up there basically as a tourist at the expense of the taxpayers money. For once, make good use of public fund. Go back to Haris and Mustapha’s time and cancel out all doubtful ICs that were given out. That exercise should also include the cancelling out of their descendents IC. Do the research to uncover them. The work done by one Mr. Chong Eng Leong will help a lot.

    Turn in the tides? Let’s make it a Tsunami!!!…

  10. What we had done was not just lost 2 of our commandos, but also killed 10 citizens of the Philippines. I can imagine mass anti-Malaysia demonstrations in Manila and the rest of the Philippines the scale we never seen before. And that’s just a moderate reaction. What about the more radical ones. How are we to face al-Qaeda cells inside the country? Do these politicians know what they had just done? I wonder

  11. if you are the Home Minister in other country….u will have to resign for taking a long time to decide what to do…….just imagine if other part of malaysia is being attack…….can u rely on the Home Minister again…..!!!….most of our neighbour will look so down upon us since we can’t even tackle some 200++ sulus.

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