Pak Kadiak: Smartphone may cause trouble in GE-13

February 28, 2013

Pak Kadiak: Smartphone may cause trouble in GE-13

by Hazlan Zakaria@

Pak Kadiak and SmartphoneA veteran media practitioner believes that the common smartphone, and its more than common capabilities, may cause trouble in the 13th General Election (GE-13), if authorities are not prepared for it.

“This coming election may not be as smooth if the people involved in the process do not pay attention to the power of the smartphone,” said blogger and veteran editor A Kadir Jasin at a forum on the changing landscape of media in the face of the upcoming general election in Kuala Lumpur today.

“In GE-13 things can be complicated and go wrong if you don’t preempt. Unless you can ban the smartphone, there may be problems,” he argued.

Kadir said that this is because all sorts of rumours, chit-chat and false news Pak Kadiakcan be conveniently spread on the devices which can lead to low voter turnouts or crisis situations. He warned that a single picture of an alleged unverified incident somewhere going viral through smartphones may cause untold problems at the thousands of voting centres nationwide.

His views of the ascendancy of smartphones were shared by fellow forum panellist and The Star Executive Editor Wong Sai Wan, though with a different tack.

Instead of believing that smartphones are key to chaos, Wong said that they are the kingmakers of GE-13 which he argued will not be won by issues or debates but by a single picture of a political personality doing something controversial.

Ku Li

“Much like the photo of Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah which cost Semangat 46 quite a few votes,” recounted the senior journalist. The 1990 photos of Razaleigh, popularly known as Ku Li, allegedly wearing a headdress with a the Christian cross on it caused a stir in Malaysian politics and brought down his hopes of victory in that year’s general election.

In GE13, either side may use this method and use the smartphones’ instantaneous means of information transfer to great effect, said Wong.

‘Info spread more effectively via handphones’

The viral nature of smartphone information transfer and its possible use to stir chaos or win elections, whether in a dirty way or not, is supported by findings made by the third member of the forum panel, Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA) journalism doyen Syed Arabi Idid.

During his speech, Syed Arabi  said that information is spread more Mahathireffectively via handphones rather than through newspapers or even radio and television.

He cited a case on the passing away of a prominent personality, when he said that most people found out about it almost immediately from handphone calls and word-of-mouth.

The almost instantaneous speed of information transfer available via gadgets in the numerous hands of the public has led to a sea-change in politics and campaigning, as instead of controlling its flow, even governments are at the mercy of social media and handphone-wielding members of the public.

Experts stress that information now is no longer for mass distribution but for individual consumption.

25 thoughts on “Pak Kadiak: Smartphone may cause trouble in GE-13

  1. One of the craziest things I have ever read. Ban the smartphone?? Was Kadir joking?
    Ambassador Malott, you can’t blame this guy. He wants to be back in favour with the present regime. –Din Merican

  2. Pak Kadiak, you will be joining the Malaysian Hate List soon, together with Madey, Katak Ibrahim , Acuan Tee, Shari Moo and many more of Bee End & The Gang.
    All these guys are really the Nut Head Leaders that Malaysia ever had.

  3. I think KJ has finally flipped it. I suppose that’s what happens when you get to buy commercial assets and businesses owrth zillions for $1, in a crony deal. What is it with these BUMNO/BN politicians and cronies? They keep making the darndest statements and shoot themselves in the foot. Is there anything in the space between their ears? Lol!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  4. Ha..ha..ha

    Old fellas try to be relevant…talking about modern gadgets but the jokes are on them…pity the audience.

    Cant agree more wt Ambassador Mallot!

  5. Ha Ha Kadiaq bawah tempurong.
    Why focusing only on the negative? Smartphones can also assist both sides in garnering votes by alerting the voters on voter fraud and other happenings at poll station. If you have nothing to hide why worry about smartphones. Its when you have sinister motives that you are afraid of exposure.

    Kadiaq is living in the past. He’s reliving the times when he was the scribe for Mahathir. When Mahathir farts, Kadir will announce to the world. Mahathir sneeze and Kadiaq will sneeze 3 times. Sudah lah tu Kadiaq, your time and style of writing is over.

    Malaysians are now more educated and with the internet and the “smartphones” the flow of information is instantaneous and accurate. No more “editing” and spinning and inputing personal opinion. Malaysians get the news as it happens without the likes of Kadiaq doctoring the news. Guess Kadiaq, you are no longer relevant just like the print media. You have become a dinosaur, so please keep your thots to yourself. No one believe your spin anymore.

  6. Dear Malott,
    However, this guy though a BN apologetic, one of the few surviving seasonable folks BN establishment has. We have seen worse

  7. It is like asking U.S. President Obama to ban guns. except for the police and the military. If guns are banned nobody gets to shoot at anything or anybody and there is no violation of the Second Amendment ! Brilliant !!

  8. Very well made manipulated pictures and video has been known to be very viral and rapid in affecting real behaviour but there is no record that negative real events have that much impact on real behaviour. Accidents, disasters etc, does not actually drive people away but rather draw certain people to record and witness. Rallies and protests don’t get violent out of online content instead its triggered by real ones still and in fact handphone tend to be evidences of manipulation in all cases.

  9. Do you depend on MSM for any info? Not me, and I have given up on them ages ago. I believe I’m not the only one but rather one of the millions?

  10. I was watching Al Jazerah documentary on Arab spring in Tunasia and Egypt and they said then smart phone that spread the revolution in both country.Ku Nan today comfirm that UMNO/ BN are losing out to opposition in cyberwar.

  11. Why are the comments to this article so biased? AKadir Jasin is not asking for banning of smartphones… he is smart enough not to come up with such a stupid suggestion. If we read the article again, he is saying , ““In GE-13 things can be complicated and go wrong if you don’t preempt. Unless you can ban the smartphone, there may be problems,”
    Kadir said that this is because all sorts of rumours, chit-chat and false news can be conveniently spread on the devices which can lead to low voter turnouts or crisis situations”. he is just warning about problems with smartphones!

  12. Having trouble using your smartphone, pak kadiaq?

    Are you surprise that UMNO is losing the cyberwar? If you think the resident troll makcik is bad, I’ve seen worse umno cybertroopers than him. Their imbecility and the nonsense they are spewing is so annoying that on the fence voters are being pushed away from BN.

  13. wakaka!!!

    listen, listen (x11)… are u ready for BN?? yes? No!!!!


    it must be getting to him..
    oh, please i really do hope that pak khadiaq’s inspirational and priceless ideas get full mainstream coverage… its only fair and at this rate, PR would running out of ammo, wakaka

  14. BN crumbling, even the flyover leading to Putrajaya are beginning to crumble.
    Sulu intruders fire warning shots and Malaysian soldiers run helter skelter with their tails between their legs. The soldiers should just return fire. First the Sulu came into the country fully armed. Then they refuse to move. Now they fire at Malaysian soldiers. Bijan, what are you waiting for? If afraid send Zahid Hamidi your defence minister. Take the Scorpene submarine, so the Sulus soldiers can’t detect you’re coming. Buzz the Sulus with your MiGs and Sukhois, then send in the Deftech Armored Personnel Carrier.

  15. Kadiaq has gone coo coo on behalf of his master.someone told me that he is now suffering some health complication called Intermitent Temporary Memory Loss…

  16. He surely is desperate, rumah kata pergi,kubur kata mari, still won’t register in his mind that he will meet his maker soon and it’s all done for the materialistic world,what a sad man,he is,I pity him so much that I accidently farted…Oouch!!

  17. Smartphones are only a smart as the persons who use them, so don’t give too much credit to a gadget.

    But maybe Pak Kadiak is right. Smartphones may rule after GE13. If we have a Samsung smartphone contesting against a BN candidate, who would you vote for? I would not hesitate to vote for the smartphone!

  18. Kadiaq was not a beneficiary of the subsidy on smartphones recently, so he’s jealous and taking it out with scary possible scenario. UMNO should have included the warga Emas too in their smartphone subsidy but heck Warga Emas like me need bigger buttons on my phones and bigger screen since eyesight failing, and big speakers, hearing also not great.

  19. I remember reading about what Mubarak’s regime tried to do at the height of the Arab Spring uprising in Egypt i.e. cut off the Internet completely.

    Anyway, even if you cut off communications via the Internet, there is always older technology such as the fax machine (which middle class Thai citizens used to mobilise people and bring down their military dictatorship regime some time back) and the good old photocopy machine (used to promote samizdat in the old Soviet Union days).

  20. As someone said, the smart speaks because he has something to say while the dummy speaks because he has to say something.

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