Former UMNO Treasurer sued for cheating, deceit and forging documents

February 27, 2013

Former UMNO Treasurer sued for cheating, deceit and forging documents

by Hafiz Yatim@

Sixty British investors through Fiscal Capital Sdn Bhd have filed a RM12 million suit against a firm owned by former UMNO Treasurer Abdul Azim Mohd Zabidi for cheating, deceit and forging documents in the purchase of six telecommunication switches.

The investors had approached the Chambers of Kamarul Hisham and Hasnal Rezua and had filed the suit on February 20 at the Kuala Lumpur High Court. Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin, in a press conference today, said the investors had lodged a police report on October 5, 2011, but they complained that action had been slow.

She claimed that they only started investigations last month. Zuraida said the matter had been brought to the attention of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and also Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Mukhriz Mahathir while they were in the United Kingdom, but there had been no progress.

Lawyer Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin said the matter has been fixed for case management on March 21.NONE He, along with partner Hasnal Rezua Merican, said the Police have sent the case to the Attorney-General’s Chambers but he got to know that the A-G had returned the papers to the Police.

“We cannot understand the slowness of the authorities’ action despite a police report having been lodged more than a year ago. Following this, our clients have asked us to come out to exert pressure,” he said.

The investors, through Fiscal City Sdn Bhd, named Doxport Technology (M) Sdn Bhd, and its directors Abdul Azim (left), Gurmeet Kaur and Sivalingam Techinamoorthy as defendants. Abdul Azim is also the chairperson of Doxport Technology.

Complaint to House of Lords

The victims had also complained to British politicians including Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, who will bring this matter up at the House of Lords next month.

Lord Ahmed, who was not present, said in a statement that a number of British MPs have been aware of the background to this unsettling case for several years, where British citizens and investors have made serious allegations involving misappropriation of funds.

“I have personally raised this issue with senior members of the Malaysian government. As the investors have stated to me, their demand is non-malicious and plain. They are seeking natural justice to take its course and any alleged perpetrators brought to book,” he said.

“I appeal to the executive and its representatives to continue to support and facilitate the due process, which is in the interest of Malaysia’s international reputation as a reliable hub for inward investment and trade,” he said.

Statement of claim

According to Hasnal, the investors had invested US$4 million (RM12 million) since 2008, to purchase the switches and have a stake in Doxport Technology.

The plaintiffs claimed that they had paid RM6.9 million for the purchase of the switches and another RM5.8 million to purchase the stake. The six switches were then purchased and placed in Phnom Penh, Hanoi, Saigon, Singapore, Manila and Hong Kong.

They claimed that since the switches were in operation it had generated revenue and that the investors should have received the return for their investments, for helping purchase the switches.

The investors claimed Doxport Technology had made false representations, based on fraudulent documents. They approached Lord Ahmed and also the British High Commission over Doxport’s failed business.

The plaintiffs further claimed that the defendants had made a misrepresentation to them resulting in them to suffer further economic losses.

Hence, the defendants are seeking RM6.9 million which they had fork out to purchase the switches and another RM5.8 million for the stake in the company along with general, aggravated and exemplary damages.

21 thoughts on “Former UMNO Treasurer sued for cheating, deceit and forging documents

  1. it is good to speed up the investigation and get over with it. it is affecting the reputation of the country.

  2. Malaysians are known for being fraudsters. In the ’80s they forge passports, produce counterfeits including credit cards. They are crooks big time at home. Internationally they are making an impact.

    The AG? Well, the law requires that he finds prima facie evidence before he could prosecute a case. If he cannot find sufficient evidence from the investigation papers submitted to him by the police, the law says it will be a waste of taxpayer money to proceed. The problem here is that the AG applies different standards depending on who is involved. Not to mention he prosecutes cases to punish rather than win a conviction and would oftentimes do away with the need for prima facie evidence. Just some evidence will do. If there is no evidence, fabricate some.

    The justice system in Malaysia is made to serve the powerfully connected and those with deep pockets who are guilty as alleged.

    So what’s new in this case?? Malaysia is a rogue state. It always is, has always been and will always be.

  3. This is the last thing that BN would want to surface, just before the 13GE. I presume that Najib and his goons in the cabinet will remain silent and wait till the shit hits the fan. This is the government we’ve had for the last 50 odd years.
    Really the blame rests on our shoulders for keeping mum on things like this. The BN goons know this and capitalizing on our weakness. Serves us right, we deserve it.

  4. This guy was the ex-chairman of Bank Simpanan Nasional and UMNO delegates during a party election year will remember his generosity. He was also the chairman of Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd which is linked to the infamous PKFZ scandal. He was also involved in an Ali-Baba share swap scandal in Transquay Ventures Sdn Bhd. Currently he is the UMNO Bukit Bintang division chief. Recent market rumours linked his financially-troubled company, Patimas with a RM160 million biometric contract. … RM160-juta

    A typically potent mixture of politics and business in Malaysia. Police report and a complaint lodged with MCMC over a year ago still no action. I doubt the poor British investors are able to get any redress in a Malaysian court.

  5. Azim Zabidi is a known fraudster and an unscrupulous wheeler dealer. He was involved with Kuala Dimensi in the PKFZ scandal where he and another UMNO man cheated a Cooperative Society over the land which was subsequently sold to PKFZ at a hefty profit. He was former Chairman of Bank Simpinan Nasional.

    Let us hope he pays up and is punished. People like him are a disgrace to our country. There are lots of them in UMNO and these people want to get rich quick so that they can lead the life of the rich and famous.

  6. Azim — who served Bank Simpanan Nasional as chairman from 1999 to 2009, and the World Savings Bank Institute as vice-president from 2006 to 2009 — is also tied up in the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal as the chairman of Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd, the main developer of the trans-shipment project.

  7. Bean,
    Yea! Ask the Japs, they will tell you that in the 80s, many folks especially those from my home town jump aeroplane in Japan. In another word, work illegally. It intensified after the collapse of tin industry. Thanks to Madhater

  8. “I doubt the poor British investors are able to get any redress in a Malaysian court.” — Majid

    No legal redress? Then Malaysia will need a new make-over or face extra legal redress.

  9. Azim was not involved. His Indian parter that pocket the money.He is worth at least RM$200 Million.


    Thank you for letting us know his net worth. Of coz he is innocent until proven guilty. Basically, it is what the New Economic Policy all about. Enriching cronies and Ali Baba business. Getting contracts without proper tendered but were negotiated without tender and given out at prices very much higher than market prices. Just like in the case of Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd chairman in the ongoing Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal, Transquay Ventures Sdn Bhd, etc.

    But in spite of all the proof and in spite of the police report made, why is he still walking free and why has no action been taken against him? This just goes to prove that with all the evidence in the world and how many police reports you may have made, those who walk in the corridors of power are immune from legal action — unless you have gone against the powers-that-be and they want to fix you up for that.

  10. Malaysia is now the capital for scams and fraud. Even the Ozs police had to enlist the help of Malaysians to tackle credit card and ATM fraud.
    Everyday I get emails from Malaysian banks about an error on my account with them. Not just one bank but all Malaysian banks. I don’t have an account with any Malaysian bank. This is definitely a scam. Doesn’t the Police or MCMC investigate these cases? Malaysia has now overtaken Nigeria for these web scams. Way to go Malaysia.

  11. I think I will setup a Clarifying Agency whereby, Investors can use my services to check up on their potential interest,parties,land matters,Govt Policies ect2…and I can do background check for them especially if their partners here have any Political affiliations especially if they are connected with Umno/BN/PR or cronies from both sides or any sides,Undergraound or Upper ground ,well at least they will know the real conditions on the ground and if they still wanna go ahead then,God Bless them, tis their greed that will decide their fate…Oouch!!! and Money…heee3

  12. One thing that you have to admire about UMNO-B is their superb deception ability. Millions of malaysians, esp the innocent rural pacik and macik has been taken for a ride for so long, even foreign leaders has been fooled into believing how great and well governed this country is.

    The IMF chief, Christine Lagarde has recently praised Malaysia on how well the government has managed this country economically, just wonder how she comes to this conclusion, when the risk of Malaysia going out of control with its financial mismanagement of this country is so great. some believe we will be the Greece of asia very soon.

    Now we have UMNO goons being sued by the presumably more sophisticated and intelligent investors from Britain, a so called developed country.

  13. Serve the Brits right. Its payback time for the natives who suffered so much under their rule. Any cheating or fraud perpetrated against the erstwhile colonialist power is sanctified by the powers in Malaysia and UMNO has halalkan-ed such action.
    Hence, folks like Zabidi and their ilk are actually heroes in their vocabulary.
    Hell, stealing from their local brethren too is good.
    So, delay any court action. I am sure the Brits will tire soon enough and the natives would have scored again!

  14. Bojangles,
    This joker may start with “Me no speak ingris” speech. Yeah, the natives always won……Mugabe won while Ian Smith lost…..Even at the expense of Zimbabwe misery

    You think this guy will cabut when Pakatan comes into power……What will happen to his wife if he does…….Would it be like this Maria Ozawa’s song? Hahahaha!

  15. What make these brtis so special? Plenty blur sotong msians got cheated by these ‘leaders’ too! heck! Event eh 1pm wife officiated some of the scammers’ official openings! Caveat Emptor applies. $ucker$ do not deserve to keep their hard earned monie$…So what if they are all Brits?? *yawn* Did their Brit PM make it official to the Bolehland 1pm, that thyey want their monies back? All those brit hypocrisies, patronages & welcoming ‘respects’ shown to the 1Bolehlander so called leaders/zultans/diplomats are done & will continue to do for the sake of busine$$ & monie$ & shiok sendiris. Period.

  16. Ini adalah satu contoh terbaik tokoh2 koporat (kea\parat) yang boleh dilahirkan oleh UMNO. Real conmen. Bukan sahaja lanun dinegara sendiri diluar pun perangai lanun masih kekal. Ini adalah kerana lanun2 ini iangat mereka boleh terlepas dari tindakan undang2. Contoh seperti the ECM LIBRA dimana penyamun2 ini terlepas kerana ada kuasa dan sedang menikmati kehidupan mewah dari wang maram tersebut. Malahan angkuh dan biadap.

  17. its hilarious how our society thinks and acts – say what you may of the civil services but one should use your common sense . 1. These allegations do not make sense to me a financial professional :- reasons :
    1. How did this Doxport meet and solicited funds from so many Pakistanis – as mentioned in the article.
    2. How did this company transfer those funds to Malaysia without raising any red flags in BoE.
    3. If Doxport had so collected funds – what was the contract that the 60 investors sign with this Doxport.
    4. There is mentioned that the suit is filed by one Fiscal City Capital which is an investment company – Well ! , this investment company Sdn.Bhd [ Malaysian Registered ] – Did they carry out a Due Diligence before investing .
    5. Now did this 60 person invest in Doxport or did Fiscal City invest in Doxport .
    6. Did Fiscal City only invest in Doxport or are there other investments.
    7. The principle of Fiscal City was arrested and produced in court last year on another cheating case filed by another Pakistani British citizen against him . What role did he play in all this .
    8. Fiscal City investment company – like a venture capital , why didn’t fiscal city stop its investments into Doxport the minute they suspected something amiss , file a legal suit immediately . this should have been done in weeks or months not after years.
    9. British victims have gone to town drumming support and met everybody possible apart from taking this matter to the judiciary ! There is more to this ???????
    10. In my years as a financial consultant – i have come a cross a dozen cases like this and trust me enough Malaysian have got caught up in British housing and Investment scams – I do not remember any Malaysians meeting the British Prime Minister etc . the cases were referred to the courts.

    Having read between the lines , I personally think that there is more to this that just what has been claimed and a suit has been filed – the facts will be known soon .
    Yes !!!!! there is a lot left to be desired from the current ruling party , lets not jump the gun and blabber blindly with everything that comes out …. especially now with the so called GE13 looming . intelligent decisions have to be made . Don’t fall prey to political fist fights , analyse and be conscientious . thats my 2 cents worth 🙂

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    about my presentation subject, which i am going to present in university.

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