Pakatan Rakyat stays ahead with GE-13 Manifesto

February 25, 2013

Pakatan Rakyat stays ahead with GE-13 Manifesto

PR GE-13 Manifesto

Pakatan Rakyat has headed off BN by announcing the coalition’s election pledges first for the 13th general election today.

The document, dubbed ‘The People’s Pact, The People’s Hope’, appears to expand on the three parties’ common policies outlined in their Buku Jingga document. Pakatan’s manifesto is available in six languages and can be downloaded from the coalition’s official website. A list of top 10 issues raised, as chosen by Malaysiakini, follows:

1. Shutting down the Lynas plant

Lynas ProjectAs part of the coalition’s environmental sustainability policy, Pakatan pledges to stop the Lynas rare earth refinery in Gebeng, Pahang. “Environmental sustainability is a hallmark of Pakatan’s economic policy,” read the document.

Additionally, Pakatan promised to review the oil refinery project in Pengerang, Johor; halt the construction of damaging dams in Sarawak and reform logging laws.

2. Abolishing the AES

Pakatan argues that the automated enforcement system (AES) for traffic AESoffences has endangered lives and enriched cronies, and thus will be immediately stopped. “Any summonses issued will be rescinded.”

In place of the AES, Pakatan pledges to emphasise on safer road infrastructure, education for road users and warning measures instead of the current punitive approach.

3. Putting the brakes on healthcare tax

Pakatan promises to provide free basic healthcare and thus will stop longstanding plans to introduce a healthcare tax, which the Najib Abdul Razak Administration has dubbed the 1Care system.

4. Promoting media freedom

free mediaThe coalition says it will abolish all legislation that restrict media freedom, including the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 (PPPA). Additionally, it seeks to corporatise RTM and ensure all media organisations practice “media freedom with integrity”.

5. Freeing all ISA detainees

Apart from a thorough review of all legislation which are in conflict with principles of “justice for LL and freedom of the people”, Pakatan promises that its administration will apologise to all Internal Security Act detainees from the past to the present.This is to be undertaken within the first year.

6. Affordable housing

Pakatan says it will build 150,000 affordable homes in the low-cost category Affordable Housing(below RM75,000) and medium-cost category (below RM250,000) within its first term. It will also establish a National Housing Corporation to build, regulate and develop affordable housing.

7. Policing

To deal with rising crime, Pakatan says it will reallocate human resources to increase the size of the Criminal Investigation Department by reducing the General Operations Force and other non-core task personnel. Additionally, Pakatan says it will increase remuneration by 15 percent in stages.

8. Free education, abolishing PTPTN

Describing education as the people’s right and the government’s Education_for_all_UNESCOresponsibility, Pakatan says its administration will bear tertiary education fees and subsidise fees in private institutions. Additionally, it will provide cost of living allowances for students of public institutions in need and abolish the National Higher Education Loan Fund (PTPTN), which the coalition blamed for a rapidly expanding private education industry.

“PTPTN will not be needed when higher education is provided for free to the people.A specific mechanism to overcome the students’ debt dependency due to PTPTN will be introduced to ensure that every student’s welfare will be taken care of,”the document states.

9. Lowering fuel, electricity and water charges

Pakatan’s manifesto argues that the country’s oil revenue should be shared with the people in the form of cheaper fuel prices. As for electricity, Pakatan argues that the country loses RM25 billion annually in the form of gas subsidies to independent power producers, a sum which the coalition wants to channel to the people by reducing their electricity bills.

On highway toll charges, Pakatan promises to take over the nation’s highways, with the “intention” of “gradually” abolishing toll charges.Pakatan said that these policies, including reducing water tariffs, will help reduce the cost of living.

10. Reducing foreign workers by 1 million

Foreign Labour in Malaysia

Pakatan said it will introduce a “comprehensive package” to ensure the removal of one million foreign workers within five years to allow locals to take up the jobs.

11 thoughts on “Pakatan Rakyat stays ahead with GE-13 Manifesto

  1. This manifesto does not promise the rakyat the moon. The 10 objectives can be achieved if corruption is gotten rid of. Public spending should be designed to boost productivity and enhance national competitiveness. That means we must invest in quality education for all our citizens. We have also to protect and house our people and promote clean environment. –Din Merican

  2. It look like a step closer to Putrajaya.The Manifesto is not something that cannot be understood by the common people.Now BN is reworking their Manifesto to at least match that of Pakatan.As in the past BN thinkers lack the ideas.They will just “celup” the ideas ,records it to become BN Manifesto…..

  3. Oleh kerana Makchik pengundi Selangor, Makchik telah mengamati dengan teliti manifesto.
    Sebiji sama dengan 2008. Cuma wording lain sikit.
    Kalau yang 2008 dulu manifesto tak satu yang ditetapi, masakan yang ini boleh jadi.
    Nasib baik Makchik tak ibu tinggal. Kalau tak Makchik tentu join them bawa kerajaan Selangor ke court. Dahpun menang. Tak lama macam-macam tuntutan lagi akan dibawa ke court.

  4. This is as populist as can get. Implementation will be a bitch! But best of luck.
    Besides the free higher education, i think what is more pertinent is a Proper education policy as Buku Jingga’ed. English as second language. Mothers tongue as Third. Period.
    Besides Medical and Health issues, concentrate on the unequal access and distribution.
    Besides increasing the Household Income, make sure the Inflation rate is controlled.
    Review and shift Lynas, not close it down. Make sure the environment is protected and the land-grabs are adequately compensated, not blanket ban.
    Sell off Proton and drown the Bukhary other monopolies.
    Adopt a more laissez fare attitude towards business-entrepreneurship and disband over regulation by bureaucratic nonsense.
    And so on..

  5. i think one special one off tax should be imposed on all those companies that had monopoly through privatisation. And their monopolly of the market should not be permitted. eg. tel. electric, gas, tv, cars and essential items like sugar etc.

  6. All the ill-gotten wealth stolen from the rakyat by the elites, their cronies, and family members through lop-sided deals and plain thievery will be returned to the national coffers. That should take care of the national budget for at least 5 years.
    And any wrongdoings by same elites punished to the full extent of the law. No exceptions. Even the Tuns and Tan Sris. Let them eat croissants while they are in SB.

  7. Good of you Din to allow Makchik, the Nasi Lemak seller’s comments here. At least we can show her stupidity. We can laugh and at the same time bash her.
    She’s just plain bodoh taksub BN Makchik. She so stupid that Umno will not take or pay her as a cyber-trooper.
    But I must say, for a Nasi Lemak MakChik, her English is good. Maybe read too much Harlequin Romance or Chick Lit books.
    She’s a romantic who loves Umno, that’s it.
    Bagus Makchik kat sini. You are harmless.

  8. The main issue in healthcare should be financial
    protection for citizens against huge bills from major medical procedures,
    extended hospitalisation and from long term care of elderly, or seriously disabled loved ones.

    Also need to look at these from the supply side and demand side.

    And important matters like how to raise sufficient funds for the above,
    pool financial risks, manage these funds, prevent waste/fraud/abuse, control costs.

  9. Lest we forget that UMNO “grand manifesto” which was there for umpteen years but never been fulfilled and will never ever be fulfilled in our lifetime i.e to ensure that the Malays got the 30% of the wealth cake of the country.

    Will Mak Cik bring UMNO to court as well??

    Frankly this is something achievable for that long period BN is ruling the country.We are no where close to 20%.Even with this figure Mahathir,Mokzani,Mirzan,Daim,Syed Mohkhtar,Taib Mahmud and a few more crony owned a lopsided high percentage leaving the other Malays with much much less.This so called New Economic Policy appeared to be crafted out to favor some elite Malays.Its a sham,and Malays are fooled till today.Hidup Melayu!!

    We were at par with South Korea and Singapore in the seventies.Even in football we are a formidable force feared by S Korea.Singapore was no where then.Our Mak Ciks made a bee line to woodland to do shopping then.Things are cheap in Singapore,and our currency was stronger.What has happened to us under irresponsible BN and BN leaders.Yes the rich are getting super rich,filthy rich.The rest of the Malays are left to shout Hidup Melayu for them.

    So Mak Cik go on sue the Selangor Goverment,but be fair Sue BN goverment as well!!

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