Apply Full Weight of the Law on Sulu Invaders

February 19, 2013

Hishamuddin, Apply Full Weight of the Law on Sulu Invaders

by Mat Zain Ibrahim (02-18-13)

COMMENT ‘The Sulu Sultanate invasion of Lahad Datu.’ This is the term I consider most appropriate to define the standoff between some 100 heavily armed intruders from the now defunct Sultanate of Sulu and the Malaysian security forces in Kampung Tanduo in Lahad Datu.

The intruders have made clear that they are there to stay for as long as Sulu Invaders Incidentnecessary and more of their kind will be joining them to claim a piece of Sabah that they perceive to belong to their ancestors.They have also made it clear they are not going to budge, even when threatened with deportation.

If the first batch of 100 or more can infiltrate into our territories without being detected by our security forces, then their back-up forces can row their boats across easily, without any resistance as well.

There was, without any doubt, a security lapse in Sabah waters. There wouldn’t have been an intrusion of such magnitude otherwise. If we are expecting the Philippines Armed Forces to assist us in preventing them from coming here, we might as well forget it.

If we played them out at the last minute in handing over Manuel Amalilio  the most wanted conman who has allegedly cheated some 15,000 Filipinos of almost RM1 billion, then we cannot expect sincere cooperation from them.

Hishamuddin Hussein

While it is not wrong for some BN MPs to question Senator Nick Xenophon’s role in visiting Malaysia, it is also not wrong for Malaysians to demand that both the Defence Minister and the Home Affairs Minister (above) explain the security lapse in Sabah waters that resulted in the Kampung Tandou standoff.

We have lost Pulau Batu Putih (Pedra Branca) to Singapore due to the carelessness and lapse of alertness by some civil servants. We cannot afford to lose any more of our lands, surrender our sovereignty to criminals or show our weaknesses.

Not so different from Sauk incident

There’s not much difference between the standoff in Kampung Tandou, Lahad Datu, and the one that took place in Bukit Jenalik, Sauk, Perak, in July 2000. The only difference is in the numbers. There were less than 30 in the Sauk incident while there are now at least 100 in Kampung Tandou and more are expected to join them.

If the Sauk case was classified as “waging or attempting to wage war against the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, a Ruler or Yang Dipertua Negeri”, which is an offence against the state, then the citizens can demand the same law be applied to the Sulu invaders.

If our own citizens involved in the Sauk incident can be forcibly disarmed and even killed by the security forces and later charged in the court of law and a few eventually hanged, then the rakyat has the right to voice their outrage should the Prime Minister, who was the Defence Minister during the Sauk incident, treat the Sulu invaders with kid gloves.

Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail, who hails from Lahad Datu, Sabah, A-G Gani Patailand who had about two weeks ago promised to take action on the illegal immigrants in Sabah since that is his state, would be failing in his duty should he not advise the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the Prime Minister that there are provisions in the Penal Code to deal with those armed criminals from Sulu holed up in Kampung Tandou.

After all Gani, as one of the lead prosecutors in the Sauk incident, will surely remember the ingredients needed to prove this case.

However, should there be any intention or attempt to exploit and use the Lahad Datu incident to spin Najib’s profile politically before the impending general election, then they are bound to fail miserably.

Should the actions taken against those armed intruders in Kampung Tanduo be less severe than those imposed against our own citizens in the Sauk incident, then the actions shall be deemed to be a disgraceful, treacherous and cowardly act by the Prime Minister.

24 thoughts on “Apply Full Weight of the Law on Sulu Invaders

  1. Dang,
    if we had another unsinkable submarine to patrol sabah then this wouldnt happen.. wakaka..

    but on a serious note, seriously – do these people entrusted with responsibility to lead (read: home ministry) be serious … hmm, thot not.

  2. Intrusion, Invasion, Insurrection, Illegal Immigrants, Infringement or whatever “I’s” the Goons wanna spin – Malaysian Sovereignty has been Impinged and Imposed upon. Tak malu ke? Simple dramas like that cannot handle, but accidental Epics – like the Xenophon Tragicomedy they stumble into, unwittingly. No class.

    Celaka betul! They can’t act forcefully or even lembekly, because the Supreme Dalang holds all the cards and probably instigated the clueless Sultan Solo to send his rag-tag machais to kick up a fuss. Look, this ain’t just a simple Crime – this is Blackmail on an International Scale! Give them a coupla of Millions from the slush funds (with a lil help from Amalilo kitty), and they’ll disappear as quietly into the night – as when they first Penetrated our not-so-virgin shores.

    Remember also. the ape-men standing beside the HM (in the middle photo) and the Dalang never received a single penny (er.., kickback) from the Amililo Fiasco. Apparently they forgot the measly 10%.

    Mentioning the AG’s name was totally unnecessary – it’s his kin we’re talking about (both the Suluks and the Ape-men). And Tian Chua surely realizes that Immigration only acts on unarmed illegals. Nothing need to be said about Customs. as long as contraband Rokok is not mentioned.

  3. Saya baru bercakap dengan kawan saya Dr Ibrahim Saad, bekas Duta Malaysia ka Philipina dan bertanya dia apa yang berlaku di Sabah.

    Dia berkata,salah kerajaan kita,kerana kita mungkir janji untok membayar wang pampasan sabanyak $5.3 juta ringgit 9 warith Sultan Sulu yang di iktiraf.Dia yang terlibat dengan perundingan itu dan persetujuan itu ditandatangi oleh kesemua 9 kerabat Sultan Sulu dan di daftar di mahkamah tinggu kepuluan Sulu.

    Perjanjian ini jugabdi luluskan oleh kabinet kita dan dia tidak tahu kenapa wang tidak di bayar.

    Sabelum ini kerajaan British yang membayarnwang pampasan ini kapada mereka sabanyak $5300 ringgit satahun dan salepas Sabah memasoki Malaysia ,wang itu dibayar oleh kerajaan Sabah.

    Keduanya apabila kerajaan menubohkan RCI di Sabah untok menyiasat kes pemberian IC kapada pendatang haram, mereka menyebarkan berita di Sabah bahawa keraayatan dan IC yang di berinkapada oreng Philipina dan Indonesianakan dintarek balek.

    Tujuannya ialah untok mendorong mereka berhijrah ka Malaysia Barat untok menjadi penggundi hantu dikawasan yang PKR menang dengan majoriti sadikit.

    Sebab itu sekarang ini di golf kelab dannresturant ramai sekali orang dari Sabah menjadi keddy dan pelangan.

    Berita ini juga tersebar di Kepuluan Sulu dan menyebabkan kaum kerabat Sultan berasa marah sebab kita mahu mengusir raayat Sulu yang sudah menjadi raayat Malaysia dan tinggal di Sabah.

    Dato Din,ini lah penjelasan Dr Ibrahim kapada saya.


    Mari kita pisahkan isu pencerobohan terhadap negara kita dan isu pampasan .

    1. Pencerobohan adalah salah dari segi undang-undang mana mana negara dan Pertubuhan Bangsa Bangsa Bersatu (UN Charter).

    2. Malaysia berhak mempertahankan kedaulatan dan integriti jajahan kita ( nasional sovereignty and integrity).

    3. Ini bermakna kita boleh menggunakan ketenteraan untuk mengusir atau menghapuskan mereka mereka yang telah mencerobohi negara kita.

    4. Jika ada perjanjian , sepertimana yang saudara sebut didalam perbincangan dengan bekas Duta Malaysia ke Filipina , kerajaan Malaysia perlu melunaskan hutang tersebut. (sila beri rujukan) .

    5. Sila rujuk kepada mereka yang pakar didalam perkara ini seperti Datuk Hamzah Majid (bekas Duta) dan mengapa isu tuntutan Filipina terhadap Sabah belum selesai. — Din Merican

  4. 5.3 mil? Boy, the spin is getting ridiculous! And the timing way off.. wrt to (?) PKR.
    Why? The Suluks talk and walk funny. Besides, you can smell them more than a mile off.
    But i’d heard something along those lines too. Basically, it’s Blackmail, plain and simple. Only problem is that the sum Not delivered, sounds odd – and it happened during Dalang’s time. What about the accrued interest?

    Perhaps Hamid is doing a good deed (unwittingly), by warning PR about where the warm bodies needed to fill up the empty ghostly names are coming from. AirAsia and Firefly watch anybody? No wonder the security in LCCT is airtight! Spiriting in live coals and kicking out Greeks.

  5. falkland was once part of argentina , the brits annexed the island as part of the queens kingdom… The two nations went to war over it…The rest is history… In sabah,s case , the brits conditionaly agreed to pay annual fees to the sulu sultanate for occupying certain parts of north borneo an agreement that was fullfilled at the aftermath of sabah/sarawak/malaya/singapore combining to form malaysia…., the documented agreement between British North Borneo and the sulu king states that BNB will remit a specific amount of fees to the sulu king which in todays value was meagre and emphasis must be given to a clause found in the sealed agreement both parties agreed upon , the mentioned of a limited time frame … In view of this , the sabah state treasury in the early 80s decided to pay in full to the heir of the sulu sultanate all outstanding balance that was due which amounted to tens of thousands of ringgit

  6. As for our ATM is on State 1 Zulu and awaiting directive from Putrajaya…so just hope our government can stop this bloodshed by negotiations as on TV media….But I believe negotiations from us will not made them leave. Moreover I believed in action and counter-strike is the best solution…

  7. And this happens when our new Ambassador to Manila only recently took up post ! Territorial integrity is a matter of fundamental importance to any nation. And yet the issue is being handled lackadaisically !

  8. 100 armed men claiming to be soldiers of the Sultan of Sulu occupying Lahad Datu is an ACT OF WAR. There’s nothing to negotiate. Which part of the word WAR that the Home Minister, Defence Minister or PM doesn’t understand? Malaysia, you are under attack. Drive these instruders out of Lahad Datu unless Malaysia wants to cede Lahad Datu to The Sultan of Sulu.

  9. UMNO Baru-BN trying the “rally round the flag effect” trick?

    i.e. stirring up nationalism in Sabah and the rest of Malaysia (against
    the supposed “invaders”) to gain political support from the masses.

    First, we need to determine if these are really invaders

    P.S. Argentine military dictators tried the same trick by invading
    the Falkland Islands/Malvinas as their popularity was declining.

  10. Looks like all this time BN fellas does not honor what they had promised. Janji tak pernah ditepati. Tak pernah Bersih, Cekap Dan Amanah macamana Nak jaga kedaulatan Negara.
    Kemaluan ini amat Besar dimata antarabangsa.

  11. CONTEST for SABAH ?

    Hmmmm…….hum-yi-fan-shan……….dead fish return to live.

    PRC forced to rent out HK for an royalty amount for 150 yrs.

    If Brit really rented Sabah from Sulu chaps, then its acknowledge Sulu chaps own Sabah.

    However contradiction is can Brit grant Sabah merdeka when there is an on going tenancy agreement with Sulu? Then only Sulu can grant Sabah merdeka right?

    Federation Malaya Merdeka-ed bcs all Sultans own the states except the 2 straits states Pinang and Melaka which were ceded into Malaya.

    So the onus is on Sulu sultan to produce tenancy agreement and see if Sabah sovereignty is from Sulu. Having said that then the challenge is Sulu has to validate its existence and not some fairy tale kingdom. This brings into the definition of what the Philippines recognizes within its archipelago of islands and atolls. The defense treaty with US will need to be examined in defining territorial protectorate. 5 parties Sulu-Brit-Philippines-US-Msia may be called upon just to establish a border definition.

    If the Philippines recognizes that Sulu includes Sabah, then the Philippines has claim of Sabah over Sulu and the defense treaty with US covers Sabah. This gives thoughts for Philippines unilateralism on the SCSea issue.

  12. Matthew,
    Some more no money being paid to China….Anyway, Sulu folks can’t do much……no money no firepower…..But then the question is why Malaysia didn’t send in the calvary……..Why Why why

    Time for Malaysia armed forces to listen to this song

  13. The South China Sea issue can be traced to the messed up by the foreign/ Western Powers, imperialists and the colonizations (Japan included) when China was weak and Asia fell. As Asia rise, Asians should learn on how to establish new order, pointless going back the old rules divided and misled by foreigners.

  14. When I was in service I was told to come earlier and work harder when I requested the administration to fill the posts in my Department. I followed that and I was better for it. I was employed by the private sector that payed me 10 time more than what I earned previously. Thank you. Who says we do not have the right people in government.

    I do not have to tell you who I am and where I go to pray.

  15. I was stationed on Bangi Island in 1970 and did some clandestine ops of my own. We would sneak into the nearby Philippines islands to pluck coconuts, hunt animals and spear coral fish. That was until we were stopped in our tracks by a Philippines naval boat one day.

    The standoff nearly ended in a firefight. We in our assault boat with our SLRs and a GPMG trained at them and they with their rifles and gun trained at us. Cool heads finally prevailed and we went our separate ways. I wonder what would have happened had some trigger-happy lads led off a salvo.

    The border is pretty porous. Sulu islanders would travel in their rickety kumpits with goods, mostly cigarettes and trinkets made from sea shells, to sell or barter at the Kudat market. I believe this method of trading continues till today. It’s difficult to stop these people as that is their way of life.

    Once in a while we would waylay the kumpits to check for hidden weapons and clandestine goods. My boys would volunteer for this job as they get to flick some souvenirs for keep. The enormity of the task, however, was simply too overwhelming and we gladly let the marine police to do the honour.

    Forty three years have since passed. The last time I was in Kudat, a few years ago, I still see the same scenario taking place right in front of me.

    Although Kudat’s landscape has changed, the mentality of these simply folks has not.

  16. Yup, the border is porous Tok Cik. Bootleg liquor and ciggies aplenty.

    What is alarming is that they sent in a hundred plus of dunno-whats this time just to Occupy. Not to trade, barter or ruminate politely and temporarily. Now, that’s about making a statement of Offence, Maleficence and Bad Intent. There’s also a whole bunch of ‘stateless’ Sea-Peoples living off the coast of Sabah for millennia, but they were neglected and brushed aside by all three Governments.

    They are not proactive in anything except to point fingers, when the shit hits the fan.

    However, Look at hat happened to our Occupy kids in Dataran Merdeka recently and the horrendous way they were treated.

    The least any Sovereign Government would do is forcible disarmanent and repatriation. This is not a Policing problem. This is a Sovereignty FUBAR, which requires a Robust response. The muddle-headed idiots are being held to ransom – that’s the sole purpose of “Negotiations”.

  17. This Lahad Datu incident has all the HALLMARKS of Barisan Nasional – Illegitimacy, stupidity and treason. What more can you expect from the bunch of monyets parading as Malaysian leaders?

  18. Loos74,

    Calvary? we have meh? Reason why we dont sent in this team is we dont have the biji to take on terrorists. Only 100. or the numbers were played down?

    These are just the 100 recent reported. There have been much much more who have landed over one year or more and WAITING for command to strike. who knows. My opinion is this is only major possible reason the BN fear,

    The invaders must have calculated in advance that the best strike is when GE is about to come on. If we strike, not just LD will see horror but many others parts of Sabah as well for the have infiltrated over the years and on standby.

    2003/4: South Thailand Insurgents came out from no where as phantoms to take on military and police. Hisham is trying to avoid this. He knows we cant fight phantoms…………who has illegal MyKads, created by whom?

  19. Tok cik,
    Perhaps, it’s time Zahid Hamidi considering buying Blue thunder

    Pak Bean/Tok Cik,
    Please don’t bled your nose or get heart attack while watching certain part of the movie……Time to send blue thunder to Lahad Datu

  20. Malaysia is under attack by Philippines but dare not do anything, why?

    1. Philippines is supported by and allied to Western powers, USA and Japan despite latter are their colonial masters.
    2.General Election 13 in Malaysia is on the way, and the oppositions are friends of USA who wants regime change everywhere.
    3.The foreign powers, the imperialists and colonial masters used forces, unequal treaties, unprofessional approaches, canny means subjugated the weak are historical facts. Of course, they don\t agree, but blame you.
    4. Remember the lessons of our Sultans who sought foreign advice on how to administer the country, eventually colonized/occupied by the imperialists before?

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