The real enemies of state

February 18, 2013

The real enemies of state

By S Vell Paari, MIC Strategy Director

Anwar with ZenophonWhen I arrived in Kuala Lumpur from Perth two days ago, the first SMS that I received upon switching on my mobile phone was that Australian senator Nick Xenophon had been detained at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) and was awaiting deportation for allegedly being an “enemy of the state”.

The enemy of the state claim, to me, was bewildering.Setting aside his scheduled meetings with Anwar Ibrahim and certain NGOs, wasn’t he and the delegation representing all the political parties in Australia scheduled to meet with the Election Commission and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz as well?

When a senior Federal Minister of Malaysia and the Election Commission could see fit to schedule a meeting with Senator Xenophon, where is this security treat?

Let’s be frank, Senator Xenophon is not an independent observer, he is aligned to Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat but have not our leaders like Xenophon been critical of foreign countries and their policies. Were this leaders considered a security threat and deported when they arrived in those countries?

Dr Mahathir Mohamad during his tenure as Prime Minister made variousTun M threats against the US and Australia, was he ever deported during any of his visits there? Even recently he made statements against the US and Hilary Clinton but when he went there to receive an award, he was not deported for being an enemy of the state.

It took three BERSIH rallies before we realised that it is best to give an approval in the case of the Himpunan Rakyat, where everything proceeded peacefully and with praise for the police.

Similarly, we should have just allowed Senator Xenophon together with the delegation to carry out their visit, hold their meetings, state their views and return back to Australia, without drama.

By choosing to deport him, we have turned him into a hero. By deporting him, we have given the world an impression that we have something to hide.

Just two weeks ago we had a similar group from Europe who came to look into the government’s control over the mainstream media and their statement was not favorable to the government, which was aired by certain mainstream TV channels and online media.

The real security threat

What about George Soros? He visited Malaysia to launch his book. This man was accused of attempting to destroy the Malaysian economy and to bring Malaysia to its knees to beg IMF’s help. But was he deported as an enemy of state?

It is these sort of double standard approaches that brew disaster for Barisan Nasional.For example, recently about a 100 rebel fighters from the Philippines landed in Sabah fully armed. And the Home Ministry is still figuring out how to deal with them. Is this not a major security treat? Were they deported?

I think it must have been Xenophon’s V-neck T Shirt which is the cause for the security threat. Ibrahim AliThe greatest security threat to Malaysia is Ibrahim Ali.

All his racial rants are targeted to stir racial tension and violence. But no action has been taken. Ibrahim fits the tag of being an “enemy of the state.”

We are dealing with a new generation of Malaysians who are well aware of their democratic and constitutional rights and are exercising it. So either we learn to engage Malaysians or be prepared to be disengaged by Malaysians from Putrajaya.

While we preach to the rest of the world about sensitivity, tolerance, freedom and democratic maturity, we must first learn to heed our own advice and show to the world and especially to the true citizen of Malaysia that our country does not only possess first world infrastructure but also first world mentality.

Let us not become our own enemies of the state.


23 thoughts on “The real enemies of state

  1. Hello tamby,

    Suddenly we are downgraded to Pariahs!
    Imagine all our students in Oz are call Pariahs.
    Developed nation by 2020?

  2. Listen up. Let’s stop this enemy of the state bullshit.

    It has been set up to embarass the Prime Minister. Of course, he will play along with it in public. But in private he is stomping and pulling at whatever hair he has left. The rest has been plucked away by his significant half.

    The truth is it is to give the impression that nobody is minding the store aptly named ‘The Cookie Jar’. The beneficiaries of such cookies (perceived to be) are now having to weigh what would happen if there is a change of ownership. For decades they have been made to feel insecure. Their heightened sense of insecurity would drive them to vote for the status quo.

  3. Though these are generally good comments by Vell Paari, people like him should not be given space here. Vell Paari is one of the beneficiaries of the crony system through his father and MIC. His involment in the murder case of an Indian actress is also one of these NFAs under the corrupted regime of BN. Now that he is trying to be a winnable candidate in BN, Malaysians should not forget his crooked past just because he suddenly can see what Malaysians have been experiencing under this evil regime. Unless he goes through a fair judicial process, we should not entertain him.

  4. Send Ibrahim Al Kataki and his Perkasa and Rela people to deal with the Sulu insurgents. Bijan claimed that they are the second bastion of defence after the Armed Forces. Clearly the Armed Forces and Police cannot be relied upon to keep our borders safe. Imagine 100 fully armed Sulu soldiers landing in Lahat Datu.

    What have the Rear Admiral have to say now about the Scorpene submarines or is he still waiting for the Portuguese armada to sail into Melaka and take Malaysia from the rear?

    What about Zahid Hamidi? Are our Armed Forces equipped to handle these kind of incursions? It’s not just a couple of armed men, 100 armed men, almost several platoons. Imagine if these armed men had taken over the airport or radio station in Kota Kinabalu and start broadcasting the news that they have taken over Sabah.

    What happened to the Social Visit Pass issued to West Malaysians that clearly say good for a stay of 90 days. Not valid for employment.

  5. Orang Malaya,

    We now have 2 cases.
    1. Buy more Scopenes to overcome intruders
    2. Scopenes have just proven their obsolescence !

    OR…..we need an aircraft carrier !

  6. The single biggest security threat to this country is UMNO/BN – how can they dilly-dally over 100militant from Philippines JUST BECAUSE IT FEAR LOSING THE VOTES OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS IN SABAH?? Mahathir and UMNO/BN sold out our country soverignty and now we have militants and conmen who can seek refuge and even hold our govt ransom.. What is everything else compared to this for threats?

  7. Did I hear people say “Scorpene”? Last I heard, Zahid just sent a letter by ordinary airmail to DCNS to ask for spare keys to start the engines of the subs. His assistant is still drafting the letter to the US for the launch code of the subs’ missile. Maybe, they will hear back from these parties by Easter.

  8. If I am one of these soldiers, I wouldn’t be so stupid to stake my life for Najib or Hisham or any of these BN goons who wouldn’t give a hoot if I get killed in the line of duty. These 100+ people are armed with real weapons. One bullet can kill, not water cannon la. Our soldiers are smart! And do you see any of our high-powered Barisan leaders at the site leading negotiation? No, they are sitting at their cosy office in KL barking orders!

  9. erh………seems the sultan of Sulu had issued Datoships to Malaysians. As there are many ‘sultans of sulu’, seems Datoships can be photoshopped too. Does anyone knows or have seen this happened?

  10. Both Minister of Defense and Home Affairs Minister should resign to be followed by an official inquiry into the incident and how it is being handled by our government. There is an incursion into Malaysian territory by armed men from the Philippines. They should be rounded up by our army. You don’t negotiate with the enemy of state.–Din Merican

  11. yup! Why negotiate?….it goes to show how spineless our Home Minister and Defence Minister are…. The standoff between our security men and the lawless bandits clearly is a security threat and the only option is a show of fire power…. Our soldier boys are itching for a fight so let them loose and have a first hand experience in a real combat situation instead of warming their barracks with fingers on their scrotum

  12. This so-called ‘border incursion’ only involves about a few scores of marauding bandits out to terrorize the local population for food and sex. Time to send Gen (Rtd) Tok Cik and his Merry Men to round them up.

  13. TDM should be proud that the invasion is from some ppl of Sulu and being handled by the so called Kerismuddin fearing that scorpene would not function or doubting our Angkatan not having the capability of handling 100 armed Sulu.
    Where is the so called Ketuanan or Kelakian when your home is being intrude by this Sulu.

  14. Parliament will be dissolved in April but I don’t think Najib will be ready to call for an election. He has 60 days’ grace period to call for GE13 as allowed by law. In the meantime he must have cursed his stupid cousin’s handling of the twin foreign affairs issues to cause him (Najib) to lose more precious hairs on his sparsely endowed head.

  15. Muthu,

    Long ago Soekarno bought many mini subs from USSR.
    No spare parts so they moored along naval wharf for show.
    “During the period January 1963 to December 1965 Sukarno had a substantial and varied naval force at his disposal but the number of ships actually in an operational state is a matter of speculation. It was known that the Indonesian Navy was reduced in operational efficiency through lack of material, maintenance, and personnel and it was even rumoured that the Indonesian submarines were manned predominantly by Soviet personnel”

    Wonder if subs can outrun Sulu chaps’ turbine speed boats
    Maybe subs good for mermaids in Sempadan to see us trap inside a cage.
    The French sub not completed outfitted etc.

    Maybe would be better to buy one retired aircraft carrier to show off with Thailand and PRC.

  16. Vell Paari and Marina Mahathir should join the Luke Skywalker Club as would-be redeemers of both their fathers’ dire misdeeds. However, I’m inclined to give both a wide berth – until both fathers are no longer visible or audible and therefore can no longer deform the destiny of Malaysia.

  17. looes 74,

    The heart says yes but the mind says no. I fought in the welter-weight division at RMC. Won the prelims but lost out in the final. Great way to pummel your friends into submission. After the fights we would console one another by saying what a great puncher one was.

    The good thing about boxing at RMC then was getting a chance to skip training and classes by feigning sickness due to fatigue and a bloodied face. We would remain warded at the CRS (Casualty Receiving Centre) for a period of time until being shooed off by an irate medical doctor.

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